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Eclipse Hunter Volume 1: Brothers

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Prologue—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

In the year 2105, countries had fallen into decline. The Earth was split into several hundred economic organizations, and these several hundred economic organizations forged economic alliances for each other’s benefit. Among these was the Sun Alliance, which controlled thirty percent of the global economy, thus becoming the largest alliance in the world.

The Sun Alliance’s leader had so much power that he was widely acknowledged as the world’s uncrowned emperor.

Truth be told, several years ago, the Sun Alliance had only barely risen to being one of the top five economic alliances, but under their new leader’s control, its power increased at a startling rate, expanding and expanding…

It wasn’t that no alliance had thought of quashing this rapidly growing alliance, but that the leader seemed to be able to predict their moves ahead of time. Several times, just before a crisis could strike, the competitor would be preemptively dealt with. It wasn’t just that they were focusing on a few dangers while neglecting others. All those scheming against the Sun Alliance would find at the critical moment that someone had also been scheming against them. Every person would furiously shout that they only had one step left to defeat the Sun Alliance… But against all expectations, they had been defeated before that final step could be taken.

One time. Two times. Every time it was the same. Everyone finally understood that this wasn’t coincidence, it wasn’t divine will—it was “his” control over everything!

Every person who had previously opposed him swore to never do so again.

People said that everything was under his grasp. No scheme or plot could be concealed from him.

His existence in the world was like that of a god’s.

He was undefeatable.

Everyone gave this legendary figure the title—

Sun Emperor.


“However, there is often an exceedingly simple origin behind every great legend.”

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  1. dollyfishe

    finally release <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    thank you for picking it up ^^
    it's been a pleasure to read lots of yu wo works here :D
    (will wait patiently for KNM too hehehehehehehe)

  2. Ecilan

    Wooooo, first update…
    I’ll not read it now cause I dont prepare to cry. If I remember I cry alot at the start of reading this book.

    • dinoj

      LOL same. I think I literally cried through the entire first volume XD

  3. Ori

    Cant wait to read about ah ye all over again XD eclipse hunter was such a big part of my life a few years back

    • guy smiley

      Charles supports the younger brother. Spoiler alert. [REDACTED]’s the older brother.

  4. Charles' number one fan

    It’s here! It’s finally here! But why am I so optimistic? Oh wait, I should be… since every warmth will be precious and every drop of it counts. Welp, I. AM. NOT. prepared for the feels trip yet. ( T – T )

  5. Jasae Bushae

    It will be VERY interesting to see what happens. I had followed the Oddsquads translation which ended like five chapters short of wrapping up the full series. So it will be a treat to see this journey.

  6. Pujachan

    I really am happy to see PR! translate Eclipse Hunter that i want to cry of joy. after for a long time i waited for this, Thank you PR!! may we All be Happy always!!!!!!!!

  7. Blub the Blub

    My love! A classic! I will enjoy you for months to come!

    Thank you PR!

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