No Hero V7Extra: The Behind the Scenes Story About Taking Drugs that Cannot be Told to the Young Master

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No Hero Volume 7: The End, the Beginning, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Toward the End Extra Chapter: The Behind the Scenes Story About Taking Drugs that Cannot be Told to the Young Master—translated by Taffygirl13 (proofread by Minthe & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)


[Forbidden From Calling]

“X, there seems to be a slight issue with our channel of communication. If there is anything off about my messages, do not pay them any attention. Do not, under any circumstances, come searching for me in this period of time. Do not call me or the young master either.”

After I sent the message, I relaxed slightly. I could now focus on handling other matters…

Ring, ring~

I picked up the call. The voice over the line could not be any more familiar. “Endelis, did something happen?”

“…Did I not say to refrain from calling me?”

“Should I be listening to your words?”

“If you do not listen to my words, should I be listening to yours?” I angrily roared, “When I typically call you to confirm if you are safe and sound, you never return my calls. Now when I ask for you not to call me, you just have to call immediately. What are you going to do when someone traces your location later? Why must you always ignore people’s advice, not caring at all about the concerns of others?”

The other person on the phone was silent for a long time before finally asking, “Endelis? Is it you?”

“…It is not, I am an imposter. Do not call again!”

I half seriously cut the line. Since X’s temper has never been good, he should get angry at me and ignore me after I hang up on him

Ring, ring~



[If You Keep Disturbing Me, I Will Not Fight You]

After I knocked on the door, a tall figure opened it and leaned against the frame.

“Are you sure you want to do this? When I got your call, I seriously suspected you had been secretly replaced. There was no way it could be that cowardly butler!”

“Please do not speak of me in such a way again,” I sincerely requested. “Otherwise, I may have to…refrain from fighting you ever again.”

“Damn, what a good butler. Even your threats are opposite from other people’s! All right, it’s not like you’re cowardly now. I won’t say it anymore, ok?”

Ezart then mischievously said, “But you know, Ah Ye will explode with fury. I’m telling ya, he’ll explode without a doubt! Man, I’m getting excited just talking about it. It’s been ages since he last blew up!”

Will the young master truly get that angry?

Although I did not wish to see the young master’s hurt expression, I was more unwilling to…

“It is still better than him shouldering all the responsibility himself with an exhausted expression.”

Ezart barked out a laugh and said, “I’m just afraid you’ll become a coward again once the painkillers lose their effect!”

“In that case—may I borrow your tranquilizer ring?” I inquired with a smile.


[If You Keep Disturbing Me, I Will Not Allow You to Pour Me Blood]

“Family Head, I truly do not recommend you to personally deal with this matter.”

Curtis spoke as he placed a cup before me and picked up a milk bottle filled with blood to pour some. “It is fine to leave everything to me—”

I whisked away the cup to keep him from pouring anything.

Curtis stared at me in confusion. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him and he walked over to grab another cup of a different style—the previous one had had a classic and elegant style, while this one was an extremely simple style.

He placed this cup down and once again spoke as he prepared to pour out blood. “Even if it is a confrontation against the Sun Emperor, I can guarantee it would be handled to your satisfaction—”

I took that cup away as well. Then, a third cup with a hand-painted style was placed before me. As Curtis continued to ramble on, I retrieved that cup as well, just as before. My honorable father had said before that a good butler must possess exceptional patience.

Then there was the fourth, six, and ninth cup…

“…All right, since you are so insistent, you may go as long as you promise to stay safe—but please, I request for you to allow me to properly pour you this cup of blood.”

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  1. I'm sick of everything

    Charles is getting better at threatening people.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. kamui

    …I really need to meet some butlers, because at this point I am more than a little curious how they actually behave around their employers.

  3. Mizuhino

    Somehow, this makes the cliffhanger worse. What a tease!

    Thanks for the translation~

  4. Blub the blub

    Charles on drugs is too OP and is really good at making people follow his orders O.O

  5. Andi

    I’m actually rather touched that X got so genuinely concerned. He’s like an aloof uncle who is always traveling around but actually cares about his .. semi-adopted nephew? (despite being generally hard to get a hold of and rarely returning calls) I mean, Charles’ dad did kinda contract with X basically asking him to co-parent with him. “You get the vampire stuff and I’ll handle everything else! Including cleaning and cooking.”

    tsk tsk tsk. Curtis, it only took 9 cups? XD

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • 15B

      I’d like to think that Curtis just waited nine cups to make sure Charles’s intentions were clear, rather than it really being a contest of wills and Curtis giving up at only nine cups.

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