GOD V3C3: Overthinking Companions

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 3: The End Begins

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Overthinking Companions—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)

“You don’t have to keep your promise. I don’t want you to play with me anymore!”

The elf’s eyes shot open. Blinding sunlight wove through the leaves of the trees, shining straight into his eyes, making it difficult for him to keep them open. It was only after he crawled up that he realized the sun was already high in the sky. How can it be so late already?

He naturally turned and accused, “Bai Saya, why didn’t you wake me up to prepare breakfast?”

However, there wasn’t a single person beside him, only forest and grass. This wasn’t a dense forest, and the trees weren’t all that tall either. It was mostly grass and shrubs. Among the rather empty forest floor, there was only a single white rabbit that paused after hearing the elf’s shout. It stared at him with red eyes before quickly hopping away.

In the entire forest, the only thing that could speak was the elf himself.

It was only at this time that the elf remembered he had already left those two—one who had treated him as a pet, and one who had the same position as him as a pet.

Shooting Star really let me go just like this?

There’s no scheme or trick behind this?

Alan found it difficult to believe. He looked at the bracelet on his wrist. The “heartless demon” had even given this bracelet to him. The elf understood it clearly. Without this bracelet that could disguise him as a human, he would never be able to return to the homeland of the elves. He would only be captured again to be sold.

The other, the “fickle human,” had given him money for his travels. Their money had always been tight. Alan understood this clearly, too. This money should be all that Bai Saya had on him.

“Alan, where are you planning to go?”

Before the elf left, Bai Saya had asked him this. Bai Saya had already persuaded him to stay once. Does he wish to prevent me from leaving again?

The elf couldn’t help but retort coldly, “Home.”

“Oh.” When Bai Saya heard that answer, he nodded. Not only did he not speak a single word to persuade Alan to stay, he even said, “You should go home.”

“Don’t you wish to go home?” Alan couldn’t help but ask. At the same time, he felt foolish that he had actually asked such a meaningless question. Bai Saya had already promised Shooting Star that he would accompany him on his adventures. Of course he couldn’t go home.

Bai Saya shook his head and said, “My only shifu has already left this world. My home is just an empty house now… No, I don’t plan to return home.”

“Going anywhere is better than staying by the side of a demon! I heard with my own ears that you are not Shooting Star’s checkmate. The moment it gets dangerous, he will leave you behind.”

“Checkmate?” Bai Saya asked in confusion, “What’s a checkmate?”

Alan was momentarily stunned. He cried out, “You actually don’t know about checkmates? Has Dan not told you about them?”

Hearing that, Bai Saya blushed and quietly said, “He did say that he liked me, b-but I’ve already turned him down clearly. We’re just friends now, nothing else!”

Alan was speechless. He couldn’t believe that Dan knew, Shooting Star knew, and even Alan, who was an elf, knew, yet Bai Saya who was the person involved didn’t even know what a checkmate was—Shooting Star must have kept it that way on purpose!

“Checkmates aren’t so simple…”

The elf explained what he knew about the nature of demons to Bai Saya. The latter was stunned as he listened, having never before considered such a thing.

“No wonder Dan treats me so well. Even turning him down is of no use. What am I supposed to do now?”

Bai Saya frowned. He was rather worried.

Alan consoled him, “You don’t have to worry. From what I know, checkmates don’t necessarily have to be lovers. Relatives and friends are actually more common.”

Hearing that, Bai Saya immediately perked up. “Then, I should just become sworn brothers with Dan!”

Alan remained silent. He felt that Dan wouldn’t be happy about Bai Saya wanting to become sworn brothers with him, but he likely would not refuse him either. As long as he could make his checkmate happy, he would not mind whatever he was to Bai Saya.

“So, do you understand how serious this is now? The demon race is heartless. As long as you are not Shooting Star’s checkmate, he wouldn’t care in the least about your life. When it comes down to it, he would abandon you without a care.”

Hearing that, Bai Saya smiled wryly and said, “But would others not abandon me? At least Shooting Star wouldn’t choose to run away when he is able to save me. If he isn’t able to save me, then staying behind would only mean dying along with me. Then, I would rather he fled.”

When he heard that, the elf was shaken. He actually didn’t know how to respond. These words… are fairly logical?

Seeing Alan’s expression, Bai Saya sighed. “In the process of taking revenge for Shifu’s murder, no one I knew was willing to help. Shooting Star was the only one who extended a helping hand. Even though he is a demon, to me, he has a lot more compassion than most humans.”

Alan agitatedly refuted, “The help he gave you was paid for using your freedom!”

Bai Saya used an open gaze to look at him. He said, “But I don’t feel like I have lost my freedom. Alan, do you really feel you have lost your freedom?”


“You zap Shooting Star on a daily basis,” Bai Saya began to recount in detail.

Because he is too disobedient!

“You at least scold him three times a day.”

He keeps trying to bully Yaya, and he always pinches her cheeks until they’re swollen!

“When you’re furious, you would even drag Shooting Star over and spank his butt.”

He keeps telling everyone that I’m his mom. I’m clearly a male elf!

Bai Saya chuckled as he said, “But I don’t have the right to say anything about you. Shooting Star really takes it too far. I sometimes knock him on the head to punish him, too.”


Bai Saya laughed lightly. “I really don’t feel like I’ve lost my freedom. I’m even very happy to be able to journey with Shooting Star.”

The elf found that he could not say anything to refute him.

Bai Saya didn’t mind. He patted the elf’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. I will help you take care of Yaya. In a few days when my body has completely recovered, I will immediately head out to search for the avian village. I will do my best to leave Yaya to an avian in the village to raise. Without your help looking after her, Shooting Star would never have the patience to look after such a young child like Yaya.”

Right, there’s also Yaya…

“If there is a chance in the future, we will seek you out. I wish you the best on your journey.”

Bai Saya sincerely gave his well-wishes to the elf.

The elf remained silent. He knew in his heart that this was impossible. Bai Saya and Shooting Star would never ever be able to visit him. This was because the depths of the forest that the elves resided in did not at all welcome any other races.

This farewell will be an eternal one!

As he returned to himself, Alan was still alone in the forest. He had already lingered here for several days, yet he was still unable to make the decision to hurry home with everything he had. As he had expected, he was still a little worried—of course, he was worrying about that child, Yaya!

I wonder if Bai Saya will truly be able to leave Yaya in the avian village? Shooting Star really didn’t seem like he wished to let her go. Even though he didn’t have the patience to look after a child, he would likely try to throw her at Bai Saya to raise. However, even though Bai Saya was a good person, he wasn’t attentive enough. Would he be able to take good care of such a young child like Yaya?

Will Yaya successfully learn how to fly?

Will the enemy Braids come to attack Bai Saya and the others again?

Will the Stones of Sin, tangled up with the end of the world, bring danger to them again—danger?!

You should go home.

If staying behind means dying with me, then I would rather he fled.

I will try my best to leave Yaya at the avian village.

The elf came to an abrupt realization!

Bai Saya hadn’t tried to persuade him to stay at all. Even though he knew how fixated on his pets Shooting Star was, he was even planning to leave Yaya at the avian village. Moreover, Bai Saya knew that Shooting Star was a heartless demon who would definitely abandon him and flee at crucial moments, yet he still planned on adventuring with him. Don’t tell me…

Bai Saya knows he is in danger?

That’s right! Recently, Bai Saya has been conversing a lot in his dreams with the Stone of Fury, Wrath. The Stone of Fury must have warned him of how dangerous this matter is!

Bai Saya doesn’t want to endanger his companions. That is why he wishes for me to return home and for Yaya to be left in the avian village. He doesn’t want us to follow him. Shooting Star is the only companion he is willing to keep by his side because he will abandon him and flee when it gets dangerous!

Shooting Star, a heartless demon, hadn’t abandoned Bai Saya. The one who had actually abandoned Bai Saya was himself. As an elf, he had actually abandoned his savior in times of trouble. How ungrateful of me!

The one who is actually heartless is me, Alanmishus!

As he thought of that, the graceful figure among the trees began leaping across the branches; however, the direction he advanced in was exactly the same as the one he had taken several days ago when he had arrived here.

“One ugly pig, two ugly pigs, ugly pigs everywhere left and right…”

The out-of-tune singing reverberated among the mountain forests of the Southern Continent. Compared to this song, the songs that the beastmen belted out using their low, coarse voices were works of art infused with wild abandon.

“Shooting Star…”

The singing abruptly stopped. Two golden eyes gleaming dangerously in the dark narrowed at him. A childish voice snapped, “What?”

“If you keep singing, Yaya won’t be willing to sleep.”

Bai Saya looked at the child in his arms rather helplessly. He felt it was very strange. Shouldn’t a child as young as this be more scared of… all this random noise? Shooting Star’s singing definitely ranked high on the list of random noises. Yet Yaya…

Two chubby hands kept waving around with the noise. When there was a heavy beat, her wings would even flap along, and she would use her soft, baby voice to sing things along the lines of, “Won oogly pig.” If this continued, Bai Saya was very worried that Yaya’s language abilities and taste for music would receive lasting damage.

If it came to that, Alan would definitely kill Shooting Star!

In order to prevent a homicide in the future, Bai Saya decided to plan ahead and stop the tragedy before it could happen. “How about you continue to sing after Yaya falls asleep?”

“No!” Shooting Star immediately complained, “I want to sing right now. Besides, Yaya looks really happy. It’s not like she doesn’t like it!”

“Ah, ah, ah! Oogly pig! Oogly pig!” Yaya squirmed in Bai Saya’s arms restlessly. Then, she waved her hands at Shooting Star, her little pink lips jutting out in a pout. She seemed to be very unhappy that Shooting Star had stopped singing.

“See!” Shooting Star gleefully said, “What I’m singing is the very, very best lullaby for babies!”

Aren’t lullabies supposed to coax kids to sleep? But Yaya seems to be even more excited than before? Bai Saya had a huge headache.

“Hmph! I’m going to sing. You can’t stop me! One ugly pig pig pig, two ugly pigs pigs pigs~!”

Shooting Star made it even worse and sang louder than before. Yaya also followed along and loudly sang, “Oogly pig!”

Bai Saya sighed. He stopped arguing over it with Shooting Star. Ever since Alan had left, Shooting Star had begun acting up even more.

Suddenly, a streak of lightning struck from the skies, the dark night momentarily as bright as day. Bai Saya quickly covered Yaya’s ears to prevent the thunder that was to follow from scaring her. After a second or two, the thunder indeed boomed.

Such great thunder out in the open. Bai Saya frowned. Is this a bad omen? Then again, when have we ever had good luck? They had met one misfortune after another. He was pretty much used to it now.

“Bzz, bzz! Ah, ah!”

Yaya had climbed to Bai Saya’s shoulder and was excitedly pointing at the sky and shouting. She wasn’t scared at all. In fact, she seemed to be even more excited than before.

I wonder if it’s normal for a kid to become excited by lightning? Bai Saya, who hadn’t raised a kid before, was at a loss.

Sigh! I’m really not good at looking after a kid. If only Alan were here. Just as Bai Saya sighed, he heard crying. Surprised, he immediately turned his head to look at Yaya, but Yaya wasn’t crying. Rather, it was the other “kid” who was crying.

Shooting Star was on his knees in front of a big tree. He hugged his head and shouted, “Wah! I’m sorry. I won’t ever teach Yaya the ugly pig song anymore! Don’t zap me with lightning!”

Bai Saya looked at Shooting Star speechlessly. It looks like even if Alan isn’t here, just the “aftershock”… No! Just the shock of hearing a little bit of electricity is enough.

“Shooting Star, Alan isn’t here.” Bai Saya smiled bitterly as he walked under the large tree. He clasped Shooting Star on the shoulder.

Shooting Star remained still until he suddenly jumped up like a spring and shouted, “I didn’t hug my head out of fear and hide under the tree just because I heard electricity and thought Alan was still around as that’s really all your imagination since it’s just that I thought the Thunder God had come here and he’s a dangerous god that even a demon like Ice Chess can’t defeat!”

You rambled so much in a single breath. Don’t you need to breathe? Bai Saya felt helpless. Besides, why would the Thunder God suddenly come here? This excuse is way too flimsy.

“A-anyway, this has nothing to do with that ungrateful elf!”

Shooting Star puffed up his cheeks and turned his head away. It was easy to see at a glance that his embarrassment had turned into anger.

“Got it,” Bai Saya said with some amusement. Seeing how Shooting Star seemed like he still wanted to argue over that point when his face was already red, Bai Saya just stuffed Yaya into Shooting Star’s arms and said, “It’s late. Hug Yaya and sleep. I’ll add some firewood to the fire.”

Shooting Star’s cheeks were still puffed up, and he appeared as if he wanted to continue to argue. However, once Yaya was in his arms, she immediately yanked on his hair. In order to avoid becoming a bald Shooting Star in the future, he could only hug the baby and burrow underneath the blankets. Then, he sang the only song that would lull Yaya to sleep, an elven song that celebrated the beauty of nature that Alan often sang.

Once this song was sung, the boisterous Yaya would immediately fall asleep obediently. At these times, even Shooting Star couldn’t help but be in awe of “Mama Alan” for being so good at parenting!

Bai Saya was also in awe of how well Alan had taught both Yaya and Shooting Star! As long as this lullaby was sung, Yaya would be the first to calm down and fall asleep soon after, while Shooting Star would definitely be the second yawning child.

Even now, when Shooting Star himself was the singer, this habit had not changed. After three minutes of singing, Yaya’s large pink eyes closed tightly, and she fell fast asleep. After five minutes, even the singer himself was now sleeping spread eagle, and the melody coming from his mouth had long since turned into snoring.

Faced with such a scene, Bai Saya smilingly fixed their bed rolls for them and then walked beside the fire by himself to tend to it.

At this time, a rustling sound caught his ears. This was the sound of small branches being stepped on.

Bai Saya rested his hand on the hilt of his sword. He stood up, fully alert, but he wasn’t nervous for long before a familiar voice sounded.

“Saya, it’s me.”

Accompanying the voice was a half demon who walked out of the darkness into the area illuminated by the campfire.

“Oh, it’s you, Dan.” Bai Saya relaxed his guard. He smilingly sat down by the campfire once more. “Thanks for patrolling around.”

“It’s nothing.” Dan strode over and also sat down by the fire.

“But is it okay for you to do this?” Bai Saya asked worriedly, “For you not to leave with your subordinates but to accompany us to the avian village? It might take Yaya a long time to learn how to fly. Won’t this delay your work?”

“Why would it?” Dan instead asked, “If you aren’t going to stay and wait for Yaya to learn how to fly and are just going to leave her there in the care of someone else, then it won’t delay things for long, right?”

“Huh?” Bai Saya asked a bit guiltily, “You already know that I plan to leave Yaya there? Please don’t tell Shooting Star for now. Can I ask that of you?”

Otherwise, we probably won’t ever reach the avian village.

Dan raised his own request. “I won’t tell him, but you must promise me to let me keep on accompanying you, that you won’t leave me behind.”

Bai Saya was taken aback and asked, “But aren’t you in a hurry to search for the Stones of Sin?”

“Don’t look for excuses for me to leave!” Dan, who had always been very gentle toward Bai Saya, stood up abruptly and shouted at him for the first time.

“What?” Bai Saya was shocked still. He had never seen Dan use such a furious expression on him. He didn’t know how to respond at all.

“You didn’t persuade Alan to stay, and you’re also planning to leave Yaya in the avian village. You don’t even care that Shooting Star is a heartless demon who will abandon you—No, it’s precisely because he will abandon you that you are willing to have him stay and are not tossing him away, too!”

Bai Saya opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, he was interrupted again.

“Do you plan to shake me off now, too? Do you consider me to be a demon who cannot accompany you through thick and thin?” Dan’s face had fallen, deep grief in his gaze.


“You have never considered my feelings toward you to be real, right?”

“Dan!” Bai Saya finally could no longer stand it. He stood up and halted Dan’s self-pity with a shout. “What in the world are you talking about? I don’t understand at all!”

This time, it was Dan’s turn to freeze. He asked doubtfully, “You don’t understand? Are you…”

Playing dumb? However, Bai Saya wasn’t someone who would play dumb. Perhaps it was because the Stones of Sin were so dangerous that Bai Saya would rather play dumb and make all of his companions leave to escape the danger that might befall them? Dan frowned. He didn’t know which explanation was the truth.

“Pft! Hahaha!”

Dan and Bai Saya were both taken aback. They turned to look toward the only person who might make such a strange sound—Shooting Star.

“What a big idiot!” Shooting Star sat up from his blankets. He was laughing so much he could hardly breathe. He pointed at Dan and said, “Do you really think Xiao Bai is that smart?”

Do you mean I’m not smart? Bai Saya was a bit indignant.

Like a judge interrogating a criminal, Shooting Star jumped in front of Bai Saya and pointed at his nose as he asked, “Let me ask you, why did you let Alan leave and didn’t persuade him to stay?”

“That’s because Alan has always wanted to go home. Even though I feel he is a good companion who is skilled at disciplining you—I mean, raising Yaya—he finally has the means to go home as he has always wanted. How could I stand in his way?”

“Hmph!” Shooting Star didn’t approve of this at all, but this wasn’t the main point at the moment. He continued to ask, “Then, why do you want to leave Yaya in the avian village?”

“Ah…” He still found out! Now I definitely won’t be able to leave Yaya there.

Seeing how Bai Saya felt too guilty to speak, Shooting Star didn’t have the heart to squabble with him over it. He unhappily urged, “Hurry and tell us!”

“That’s because the dragon wanted me to find a good mother for Yaya. Originally, Alan was a good mo—father! But now that he has left, I think it’s best to find a good set of parents in the avian village for Yaya.”

Bai Saya confessed honestly in hopes that his honesty would stop Shooting Star from coming up with too many terrible ideas to exact vengeance on him.

When Shooting Star heard that Bai Saya had secretly wanted to “release” his pet, he shot Bai Saya a glare. His tone was even more displeased as he asked, “Then, let me ask you this final question. Before this, you slept a lot and kept saying that you were conversing with the Stone of Sin in your sleep. Just what did you talk about? Did it tell you something like you have to pay a price to possess it, or that you’ll run into grave danger?”

“Roth didn’t say anything like that. He only taught me how to use his power, but…” Bai Saya rubbed the back of his head and smiled stupidly. “In order to use his power, I need to provide wrath. Since nothing has happened lately, I can’t get angry at all, so I still don’t know how to use his power.”

Shooting Star snorted. Then, he turned to look at Dan, who was stupefied, and asked without holding back, “Get it now? How smart do you think Xiao Bai is?”

You thought he was smart enough to realize that his situation is dangerous, so he’ll get rid of his companions without anyone cluing in? Hmph! You’re thinking too much!

Utterly confused, Bai Saya called out, “Wait a moment, Shooting Star, what in the world is going on?”

Shooting Star flippantly replied, “Dan saw that you let Alan go and also wants to leave Yaya behind. He was worried that you wouldn’t want him anymore either. You know how much he likes you. He doesn’t want to leave you at all.”

I have to watch what I say. If Xiao Bai realizes that he’s a dangerous fellow and could drag us to our deaths, then don’t even mention Dan—Xiao Bai would definitely even chase me away, a heartless demon “who would definitely flee.” All for the sake of not endangering us.

“I see.” Xiao Bai understood and turned to console Dan, “Dan, don’t worry. I was just afraid that your job would get delayed, causing you to be reprimanded again. If you feel that your job won’t get delayed, I wouldn’t ask you to leave.”

“…” When he heard that, Dan looked at Bai Saya speechlessly. So, I was overthinking everything. He had never thought that way?

At this time, for the sake of hurrying back to the “savior he had abandoned,” a certain elf made haste on the road even through the nights.

Shooting Star threatened fiercely, “Xiao Bai, I’m warning you, you’re not allowed to give my little angel away!”

Bai Saya anxiously said, “B-but we don’t have anyone who can take care of Yaya. No matter how much you like Yaya, you’re not willing to look after her all day long, right? I’m not great at looking after a kid either. It’s not suitable for Yaya to stay with us.”

Shooting Star lifted his eyebrows. He confidently said, “Don’t worry, our nanny will return soon enough.”

“Our nanny? Do you mean Alan? He has already left for home. He won’t ever return. Shooting Star…”

Bai Saya wavered. Although Shooting Star always gets electrocuted by Alan to the point of yelping, deep inside his heart, he must still hope for Alan’s return?

“He’ll definitely come back.” Shooting Star hummed.

Bai Saya sighed and shook his head. “He won’t.”

“You actually don’t believe me!” Shooting Star grew so angry that he began shouting.

“No, it’s just that Alan really wanted to go home. I don’t think he’ll ever return.”

Shooting Star frowned and said, “Then, let’s bet on it!”

“Never!” Bai Saya immediately said with great resolve.

“But you don’t believe me?” Shooting Star stared in disbelief at his stubborn pet.

Bai Saya scratched his face and admitted, “Whether or not I believe you is one thing, but I’ve never won a bet against you before. So no matter what, I won’t make a bet with you over it.”

You don’t believe me, yet you also claim that you’ll lose the bet? Shooting Star felt completely powerless. Just how does Xiao Bai’s mind work?

“It’s up to you whether or not you believe me. In any case, don’t you dare give my little angel away! Even if you do give her away, I’ll immediately snatch her back!”

Bai Saya could only sigh. It seems that the only way to complete the dragon’s wish would be for me to try to do my best as a good father. However, he really felt that perhaps even Shooting Star would be better at the job than he was. At least Shooting Star could sing the elven lullaby and also knew how to cook, while he didn’t know how to do any of that. At most, he could only help hunt and tend to the fire.

“Then, where should we go now?” Bai Saya asked helplessly. If we’re not planning to leave Yaya in the avian village, then we don’t have to go out of our way to search for it anymore, right?

Shooting Star rolled his eyes and snapped, “Nonsense! Of course we’re going to the avian village! Did you forget that my little angel Yaya doesn’t know how to fly yet?”

“Oh right, Yaya still needs to learn how to fly. I almost forgot.” Bai Saya rubbed the back of his head a little embarrassedly.

“Idiot!” Shooting Star scolded as he burrowed back into the warm bed roll. He even gave a content sigh before he mumbled, “I’m going to sleep. Remember not to wake me too early, since we can’t travel too far anyway. It would be a disaster if Alan isn’t able to catch up and gives up chasing after us!”

“Alan won’t come back.” Bai Saya was certain of this, though he didn’t dare to bet on it.

“He will.” Shooting Star buried his entire head in the bed roll. A muffled voice came from it. “Because Alan is just as smart as Dan, so he’ll definitely come to the same conclusion as him. Then, he’ll do everything he can to hurry… back…”

In the end, only muffled snoring could be heard from the bed roll.

Bai Saya looked at Dan in confusion. The same kind of conclusion?


Even though he had been deemed “smart,” Dan really didn’t feel like he had been praised.

Although Shooting Star had already asked Bai Saya not to wake him too early, Yaya, who was in his arms, had little care for what time it was.

Once the first streak of sunlight in the morning hit the little angel’s soft cheeks, she immediately opened her large, pink eyes and twisted back and forth. When she discovered that Shooting Star wasn’t paying her any attention, she puffed up her cheeks and used her two little hands to yank Shooting Star’s red hair. Unfortunately, the latter was fast asleep and didn’t at all care about how much his scalp hurt.

Evidently, the gravity of becoming bald far paled to the importance of sleep.

Receiving no response after putting in so much effort for so long, Yaya was both tired and frustrated. Her mouth wobbled, and huge drops of tears fell from her pink eyes. Finally, she wailed at the top of her lungs.

At this time, Bai Saya, who had already been up for a long while, heard the crying. No longer able to pay attention to sparring with Dan, he hurriedly rushed over and lifted Yaya up…

“Ahhhhh! My head!”

Bai Saya’s mouth dropped open.

Only then did he discover that Yaya’s two chubby little hands were tightly grabbing onto Shooting Star’s hair. Because Bai Saya had lifted Yaya up, and Yaya still hadn’t let go of Shooting Star’s hair, even Shooting Star had been pulled up. The point of contact was naturally his poor scalp…

Since everyone had already woken up, this group of people who had decided yesterday that they would depart later today, ended up eating breakfast earlier than the day before.

As Shooting Star swallowed his food, he asked, “Xiao Bai, last time, Braids said that the possessors of the Stones of Sin can sense where the others are. Since you’ve already used the stone’s power, you should be able to know where the other people are, right?”

Bai Saya nodded. As he fed Yaya, he answered, “I can. There are two other holders on the Southern Continent. There’s one to the northwest, which should be located within the western Weisite Continent. There’s also one to the far north.”

“There are two more holders on the Southern Continent? One of them should be the Stone of Indulgence that came to ambush us last time.” Dan abruptly stood up and shouted, “Could it be that the Stone of Ego already has a master, too?”

“Huh?” Bai Saya held the little spoon he had been using to feed Yaya. After staring off into space for a moment, he openly admitted, “I can’t tell which stones these two hold.”

“So, this means that with Braids, Xiao Bai, and that unknown fellow, there are three holders of the stones on the Shaosi Continent? Why is everyone gathering here?” Shooting Star tilted his head. With an expression that implied things were extremely bad, he yelled, “Don’t tell me that the apocalypse is beginning here?”

That would be terrible! Shooting Star hurriedly urged, “Hey, hey! Finish eating already. We have to hurry and get Yaya to learn how to fly. Then, we’ll immediately leave the Shaosi Continent for… Xiao Bai and Alan’s homeland, the Yisite Continent! You just said that the north and west both have one, so that means only the Yisite Continent doesn’t have any, right?”

Bai Saya nodded.

“Hurry and eat!” Shooting Star wolfed down his food. He was beside himself with worry. “If the end of the world is gonna start here, then doesn’t that mean I’ll have several fewer days to play? No way! We gotta hurry and get Yaya flying. After she learns, we’ll quickly flee to the Yisite Continent.”

Bai Saya was in disbelief as he said, “If the world really were ending, you’re still only worrying over playing a few days more?”

Shooting Star didn’t feel there was anything wrong with that. He said as if it were a matter of fact, “Of course, what else? Should I cry and wail until the end comes?”

Bai Saya thought about it and felt he was right, but he still reprimanded him a bit. “At least, you shouldn’t be playing!”

“It’s the end of the world, and you’re still nagging at me about playing…”

Dan speechlessly ate his breakfast. Saya, what you hold in your hands is a stone that involves the end of the world, yet you’re here feeding a kid and arguing with your companion. You don’t at all realize the danger you’re in. This kind of conduct, compared to Shooting Star who is only thinking of playing, is in no way any better…

“All right! I’m full. Let’s head to the avian village!”

After swallowing the last piece of meat, Shooting Star jumped up and shouted.

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    the end of the world 🤔 is it that serious? The stones bring the end of the world? Why is yu wo stories all revolve around the end of the world?
    HP has long tian who wants to destroy the world if he cant live. LSK has the demon lord who wish to destroy the world. NH & EH both has sun emperor who wont be hesitating to destroy the world. Magical exchange (and romance rpg) has the evil angel who will always think of a way to destroy the world. DE is already the end of the world. ILT… is maybe the only one which dont have this (yet) 🤔🤔

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      You have to have high stakes to make things exciting and push people to actually take risks! Otherwise, you would have boring stories about people like me: a person who only goes to lab, home, and the grocery store when there’s sales. The most exciting it gets is craving fried chicken after reading NH/EH and then making a late trip outside for a midnight snack.

  3. KT

    I knew Shooting Star was up to something when he told Alan to read last chapter!

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