Eclipse Hunter V1C9: Good Morning, World; I’m An Xiang Ye

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 1: Brothers

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Chapter Nine: Good Morning, World; I’m An Xiang Ye—translated by Trespasserby

“Ah Ye, you have to enjoy yourself today too!”

Ri Xiang Yan vigorously rubbed his little brother’s head. Though, when he saw that he’d messed up his brother’s hair, he hurriedly pulled out a comb and straightened out his brother’s hair.

“Understood!” Ah Ye shouted fairly energetically.

“You should say ‘O.K.’ or ‘Yeah.’ Gēge isn’t giving you an order or anything,” Ri Xiang Yan lightly scolded.

“Understood… Ah, ah.” Ri Xiang Ye suddenly found that he had used the wrong words again. He hastily nodded and changed it to, “Yeah, yeah, O.K.!”

After he responded, Ri Xiang Ye suddenly spotted a familiar figure.

That head of orangey-red, hedgehog-like hair was really too eye-catching. Along with his tall build and rebellious yet lazy manner of walking, there was really no way people would be unable to recognize Ezart.

He yelled, “Ezart! Wait for me!”

The far-off Ezart suddenly stiffened. As he turned his head to look, he unexpectedly saw Ri Xiang Ye. In that instant, the expression on his face became a bit strange, as though he’d just spotted a green chili, which he hated eating the most, in his lunchbox.

Separated by the great distance of half a road, Ri Xiang Ye had seriously been afraid that Ezart wouldn’t be able to hear him and had shouted at the top of his lungs. In this crisp and clear morning, his voice traveled especially far. Almost all of the passersby in the area were startled by the loud voice and looked over with reproach in their eyes.

This idiot! Ezart facepalmed. He felt completely exasperated. He waved at Ri Xiang Ye to hurry up, then continued walking.

Ri Xiang Ye hurriedly started after him, but suddenly halted his steps and ran back to hug Ri Xiang Yan.

“Bye, Gēge.”

Then, he turned to An Te Qi, who was supporting a cup of coffee and casually standing off to the side, and gave him a big hug.

“Bye, An Te Qi-bàba.”

An Te Qi choked on a mouthful of coffee and waved farewell to Ri Xiang Ye. Only after Ri Xiang Ye ran off did the coffee suddenly spray out. Then, with an expression that a dead fish would have, he turned to look at the calm Ri Xiang Yan.

Ri Xiang Yan was unruffled as he explained, “If we’re going to put on a show, then of course we have to be thorough. Otherwise, what if people realize Ah Ye is my dìdi? Also, Ah Ye really does need a father.”

“Is it too late to resign?” The corner of An Te Qi’s mouth was twitching.


The safety came off the derringer, and the muzzle of the gun was pressed against the doctor’s temple.

“What was that?” Ri Xiang Yan coolly asked. He hadn’t even turned his head to look at An Te Qi, his eyes still glued to his brother’s back.

“Nothing. Guns can unintentionally discharge. Be careful.” An Te Qi seemed to have already grown used to this. His expression didn’t change as he drank his coffee.

Ri Xiang Yan watched the two people in the distance. With some worry, he asked, “Doesn’t Ah Ye’s friend seem a little strange?”

“Youngsters nowadays are all like that,” An Te Qi responded as though he were already fifty.

“Really?” Ri Xiang Yan asked, half doubting, half believing. He frowned and spoke again, “What if Ah Ye wants the same kind of strange hair later on?”

Oh! Compared to your brother’s unusual hair, other people’s hairstyles couldn’t be any more normal.

An Te Qi wisely chose not to tell Ri Xiang Yan that his brother’s hair was far more interesting than that person’s “orangey-red, hedgehog-like hair.”

Dark Sun hasn’t even shown a quarter of his abilities.

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  1. Mizuhino

    Thank you again for this! The juxtaposition of the friendship in its early stages next to that from the most recent chapter of No Hero is fun to see.

  2. dollyfishe

    Hahaha that legendary gun on papa An’s head 😂 but the chapter is too short 🤔 or is it just my imagination? I even double check, is there part 1, or it’s the beginning of a volume, but it’s not 😵 oh well, it’s just fine i think 😁 cant wait for shooting star and shuyu ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Volume 1 is just a very skinny book! There’ll be more in store once volume 2 rolls around!

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