Update: February 2015

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February Chapters
  1. No Hero V2C8: Voice by Voice, the Hero Hears the Prayers
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C4: “The Betrayer of the God of Light—The Black General”
  3. No Hero V2C9: Conflict Arises, the Selfish Hero
  4. Kill No More VS ½ Prince V1C1: Chapter 1
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C5: “The Battle Declaration from the Light—The Alarm that the Demon King Set Forth”

Happy February, and happy Chinese New Year! :) Here’s our tentative schedule for the month. We’ve only listed our main series, Legend of Sun Knight and No Hero (2 chapters each~~~), but you never know when you might see a random chapter pop up for one of our other series, haha. Don’t hold your breath though, because February is quite a short month, so we’ll just be promising our main series. We’ll probably see more of our other series next month! We’ll edit this post if any new chapters suddenly decide to grace us with their presence.

Each chapter of LSK brings us closer to the end, ahhhh! (But never fear, there’s 39 LSK after that). Still, quite a lonely thought. :’) (PS. Any guesses about the Black General’s identity?)

No Hero reaches the climax of V2 in these chapters. Enjoy the ride!

ETA: We’ve added a character page for Kill No More to introduce readers who don’t know Kill No More to the series. You’ll be seeing some of these characters in the Kill No More x 1/2 Prince crossover we are translating. The crossover is set early during Kill No More and post-series for 1/2 Prince. If you read over the character page, it will be a suitable crash course for the short story. ;) This crash course is written by Lucathia, so if you see that there are similarities between what is written here and what is written in her livejournal, don’t be alarmed. :’D;;

ETA: A message from EvlNabiki looking for some help with Papermoon scans! Click the read more to find out more.

ETA: We’ll be releasing chapter 1 of the Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince crossover this month!


Update: January 2015

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January Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C3: “The Game of the Demon King—Role Play, Part One”
  2. Romance RPG V1C2: Part Two
  3. No Hero V2C7: In the City, the Hidden Hero
  4. Dominion's End V1C1: The Red Meteor Shower
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C3: “The Game of the Demon King—Role Play, Part Two”

Welcome to January, to 2015! Here’s to another year of novel translations! Our main projects at the moment are Legend of Sun Knight and No Hero, which means regular releases for these two series every month. Our other projects are side projects. We’ll release chapters for these series a bit more sporadically, so you might see them one month but not the next month. For example, no ILT this month!

We’re splitting LSK V8C3 into two halves because the chapter was quite a monster. Here we thought NH chapters were long! Anyway, we’ll be releasing Part One in a few hours. Enjoy~.

We have a new epub for LSK v7 thanks to Aoinezumi! You can grab it over here.

Any New Year’s resolutions? Yu Wo hopes to publish seven books!

Update: December 2014

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December Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1Prologue: Prologue
  2. Romance RPG V1C1: Part One
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 16: “Knife Blade Part One”
  4. Dominion's End V1Prologue: Jiang Shuyu
  5. No Hero V2C6: At a Loss, the Hero who must Sacrifice Others or Himself
  6. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C2: “The Sword of the Demon King—The Silent Eagle"

Now this is an early update, yes? We have a different deadline this month, so we’re posting early to make it in time for that deadline. And as a holiday special, you’ll see that we are releasing chapters for a few new series this month! We do not plan to have regular releases for these series just yet, but we thought we’d release some teasers to give you a feel for the series we have in the works.

The first series is Illusions, Lies, Truth, of which 2 volumes are out so far. The first two volumes of the Illusions series are titled “Human Doll Contract.” The story is set in Taiwan. Our main character possesses a strange left eye that lets him see things he shouldn’t be able to see. He returns home one day and finds out that he suddenly has an extra sister! The story is in 3rd person, but the prologue of volume 1 is in 1st person (and doesn’t feature the main characters). You’ll see some familiar faces in this story! ILT is a current work of Yu Wo’s. We don’t know how long the series will be yet.

The second new series is Romance RPG. It is only one volume long, one of Yu Wo’s very first works. It is a completed work featuring a foul-mouthed main character who ends up playing a very real simulation game. A romance one, that is.

The third new series is Dominion’s End, Yu Wo’s newest work. This is Yu Wo’s take on the end of the world. This story is in first person. As mentioned once before, Dominion’s End is the story of how a family of three siblings deal with the end of the world using the help of the middle brother who is a time-traveling woman who has lived through the end of the world once before. It’ll make more sense when you read it, haha. We don’t know how long the series will be yet, but it might turn out fairly long. Yu Wo has been very excited about this story. If you adore sibling relationships and family, this is all about that.

In addition to our new series, we will be releasing a new side story for Legend of Sun Knight, “Knife Blade Part One.” It sure has been forever! Knife Blade details Laica Metal’s training days and is actually the first side story bundled with the manhua that is a two-parter. We’ll be releasing Part One. Part Two will come later!

We’ll be releasing one chapter each of our regular series, No Hero and Legend of Sun Knight. Lots of exciting things to come in both series~.

Last of all, thanks to ListeningDaisy, we have a PDF of LSKV7 that you can grab over here.

Happy December!

Update: November 2014

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November Chapters
  1. No Hero V2C5: Publicly, the Hero in need of an Identity
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V8Prologue: Crusading Against the Demon King
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C1: “The Enemy of the Demon King—A Hero”

Hey everyone! Here’s the November update. This month brings us the beginning of LSK V8, the last volume of LSK! We’ll be releasing two chapters of LSK, the prologue and chapter 1. For NH, we’ll be releasing one chapter, another long chapter. The word count of this one chapter isn’t much less than the word count of both LSK chapters combined~.

Meanwhile, we are slowly adding project pages for our new projects. (Have we mentioned yet that we would be translating Romance RPG. Well, we are!) We’ve recently emailed Yu Wo asking permission to translate these series, and she has given us her consent. :) Each of our new projects are either short — Romance RPG is only 1 volume long — or are just in the beginning stages. Illusions, Lies, Truth and Dominion’s End are both two volumes long at the moment. They are kind of like side projects for us, so we won’t be promising regular updates for them at this time. But look forward to them! We already have a few chapters of each translated but would like to stockpile on more before we feel comfortable. If any translators are interested in helping with translations, do give us a shout. We’d love to have you join us~.

Also, we’ve been waiting on releasing Knife Blade, Metal’s side story, since Yu Wo hadn’t posted it up online just yet. Now that she has, you’ll see it from us very soon. :)

Yu Wo’s newest release will be Dominion’s End volume 2, to be released on December 1, 2014. You can view a promotional video for it here, and you can view more details about the novel here. (You can even download a free wallpaper!) The artist for Dominion’s End is Wu Ling, who also did the art for Female Warrior. Yu Wo seems to be working on No Hero volume 9 at the moment, so that is probably what we will see next from her.

So far, our menu is organized based on what series we released first. (Thus, 1/2 Prince is on top, followed by LSK). Should we keep the menu like that, or should we alphabetize it? Let us know your thoughts!

Update: October 2014

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October Chapters
  1. No Hero V2C3: Make Your Choice, Besieged Hero
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V7Extra: “When the Sun Knight and the Judgment Knight Have a Falling Out, Follow the Sun Knight's Commands – Unless the Sun Knight Has Not Upheld His Duty.”
  3. No Hero V2C4: Under the Wailing, the Hated Hero
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V7Epilogue: Character Introductions

We’re finishing off volume 7 of the Legend of Sun Knight this month! That means, there’s only one volume left of the main story after this. There’s still 39 LSK of course, a 3 volume spin-off detailing the 39th generation, and we are most definitely translating it. Now that the chapter titles for volume 8 are no longer spoilerish about the identity of the Demon King, and we’re close to publishing v8, the chapter titles have been added to our chapter list. Take a look! :D

This month, we bring you another two (very long) chapters of No Hero! You’ll get to know Ah Ye and Charles even better~. (C4 has a very awesome and hilarious scene~)

AkaiiRia has started a French translation subgroup over at PR! International. They already have a few chapters up from 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight! Super exciting! :D

Have a great October! Are any of you dressing up for Halloween?

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