GOD V2C8: Stone of Fury, Wrath, Part Two

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 8: Stone of Fury, Wrath, Part Two—translated by Jia Ling (proofread by Minthe & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

“How heavy.” Bai Saya was a bit surprised to feel the weight of the egg.

“The egg is about to hatch. However, it is just too small. I am unable to take care of something so small.”

The dragon sighed. Regardless of how willing she was to take care of her friend’s child, she was forced to face reality and put the egg in the care of others. Unfortunately, although they had formed a friendship, she had not concerned herself with her friend’s family. She also did not know if the latter had other extended family members that could help take care of the child. She had no one to ask anymore either.

“Human, you are male and unable to take care of this child. However, are you willing to help me find a mother for the child?”

Looking at the egg in his hands, Bai Saya’s heart was filled with pity. As Shooting Star would say, he was radiating the light of righteousness everywhere again. The swordsman naturally could not refuse the request because of his morals. He nodded and said, “All right, I will do everything I can to find him a good mother.”

“Good.” The dragon nodded her head and replied, “You can take some things from here as you wish as your reward.”

“How could I…”

Bai Saya originally wanted to refuse immediately. He carelessly said a few things along the lines of, “For the noble mother of this child, it is what I should do.” These were righteous words required of a swordsman.

Sadly, he suddenly recalled Shooting Star’s terrifying appetite. There was also now an elf, another mouth to feed. In the future, should they want to stay at an inn, it was inevitable that they would need another room. These were all expenses…

Upon considering the problem of their livelihoods, he felt discouraged and gave up on the passionate speech that swordsmen always gave after saving someone. With a red face and a small voice, he said, “Then, I’ll just take a little.”

After the dragon nodded, Bai Saya carefully set aside the egg that was in his hands. He started to rummage through the pile of treasure. He picked up a gem that was by his hand, but felt that it was too large and seemed very expensive and precious. He decided against taking it.

After putting the gem back down, Bai Saya suddenly felt a shiver down his back. It was as if Shooting Star were standing behind and watching him.

He then picked up a necklace. Upon looking at it, he realized that it was encrusted entirely with jewels. They shone so brightly that Bai Saya’s heart trembled. It looked even more expensive. He again decided to choose something else, and continued to feel about…


Suddenly, he felt a pain in his hand. Bai Saya raised his hand to take a look and discovered a cut about three centimeters long on his palm. Since the injury was not very deep, Bai Saya did not really care about such a small wound. Rather, he pulled out the offending object that had cut him. It was a small, palm-sized letter opener. It was unsheathed a little and thus was able to injure his hand.

The style of this small object was extremely simple. Even though it was entirely made of a silver metal that gleamed and the carving on top was extremely intricate, at least there were no jewels encrusted on top of it. It should not be very expensive or precious, so he was going to choose this one!

“May I know if I can take this one?” Bai Saya asked the owner of the object very respectfully.

The dragon nodded. She did not seem to care a lot about the letter opener. This made Bai Saya feel a little better. His swordsman’s heart did not suffer too big of a blow.

While putting the letter opener in front of his chest, Bai Saya felt something else was already there. He was confused and pulled it out to have a look. Then, he realized what it was. ”So it was this blue gem. I need to remember to give this to Dan later.”

The blue gem was stained red with blood. It looked very odd… Wait! Stained with blood?

Bai Saya looked at the blue gem in his hand and the wound that the letter opener had inflicted on his palm. He was completely stupefied. He had actually gotten his blood on the gem!

Thinking back, he recalled that Mannen had dripped his blood on the gem and gotten a huge increase in strength. Soon after, he went crazy until he drove himself to death.

This is bad! Bai Saya panicked. I don’t want to go crazy!

The dragon‘s eyes suddenly widened, and she growled, “Could that thing be—the Stone of Fury, Wrath!”

Stone of what? This was the last thing Bai Saya thought before his vision went dark and he collapsed.

It is the Stone of Fury, Wrath.

“The Stone of Fury, Wr… Why are you speaking in Elvish? I don’t understand that language at all.”

Bai Saya was upset at himself that his knowledge of foreign languages was so terrible. However, if Shooting Star were here, he would surely shout, “Hey hey hey! What do you mean foreign language! Elves come from the same continent as you. It should be considered to be a local language!”

Then, just refer to me as the Stone of Fury.

“Oh, that’s better.” Bai Saya replied distractedly.

Bai Saya sat in a stupor for a bit before suddenly jumping up. He shouted, “Where am I?”

I thought you were not going to ask. This is your consciousness.

My consciousness? Consciousness should mean the brain right? Bai Saya furrowed his brows. I’m inside my own head?

“Wait a moment! If this is my consciousness, then who are you?”

I am the Stone of Fury, Wrath.

Bai Saya replied with an “oh” blankly. Then, he asked very politely, “Stone of Fury, what are you doing in my mind?”

Because you formed a contract with me. Therefore, I responded to your call and appeared in your consciousness.

“I didn’t form a contract with you!”

Bai Saya flinched in shock. Ever since forming a contract with Shooting Star and selling himself off to become a pet, he had formed a fear of the word contract. At the moment, he had nothing but himself. Moreover, he did not even belong to himself and thus he had nothing to use to form contracts with others.

Your dripping blood onto me is the ritual for forming a contract.

Bai Saya’s eyes widened, and he hurried to explain, “I only accidentally got a cut on my hand, and then picked you up by accident.”

…Regardless, you will be my master till death. I will provide you with power as per your wishes.

“Wait a minute!” Bai Saya’s face twisted. “Can I choose not to be your master?”

Bai Saya had not forgotten Mannen’s end. He did not want to go crazy, nor did he want to die in such an ugly way!

The previous master went mad because he overused his strength. If you use the power given a bit at a time according to my advice, there will not be any negative side effects.

“Is that so?” Bai Saya relaxed. As long as he did not go mad, hurt other people, and then end up dead, all was well.

However, in return, I will require certain remuneration from you.

“What do you want? I have nothing!” Bai Saya shot back quickly.

…Please calm down. I will not request the only valuable thing you possess. I am referring to the letter opener that you intend to sell for money to feed Shooting Star.

“Hahaha… You found out my plans? Oh right, this is my mind. So whatever I think, you will know! Hey R…Roth!”1

Bai Saya touched the back of his head with a stupid smile. He then used the same naming convention used to name Alan to give the jewel Wrath a name.

Please refer to me as the Stone of Fury.

“Oh, Roth, what specifically do you want?” Bai Saya also followed his previous habits, completely ignoring the opinion of the being who had gotten named.

… I require your anger. If you provide me with enough fury, I will be able to return larger amounts of strength for you to use.

Bai Saya revealed an expression of comprehension. As it turned out, not only could he sell himself, he could even sell such a thing as “fury”!

If it is fury, then I should have some to sell? Even though he rarely got angry, with Shooting Star by his side, he should be able to get angry. Bai Saya heaved a sigh. “Roth, must you form a contract with me?”

Upon the drop of blood falling on me, a contract was already formed.

“Then, it can’t be helped. Who asked me to be so careless and get blood on you?”

Bai Saya accepted it with some feelings of helplessness. Forget about anger, he did not even feel a trace of negative feelings.

The Stone of Fury suddenly felt like it had the wrong person. However, the gem did not feel many emotions. It did not exactly have much of a problem with “not having anything to eat.”

I hope that you will be able to survive longer, new master.

Please do not call me master. It sounds really weird…

“Just call me Bai Saya or Saya!”

Bai Saya wrenched his eyes open. He then saw three pairs of eyes: a pair of large and round, shiny golden eyes, a pair of weary sea blue eyes, and a pair of deeply worried purple eyes.

“I don’t want to! I only want to call you Xiao Bai.” Shooting Star said coldly.

Bai Saya jumped up and shouted, “Shooting Star, Alan, Dan.”

Shooting Star hurriedly covered his pet’s mouth and quietly said, “What are you doing, shouting so loudly! What if the dragon heard us?”

Hearing that, Bai Saya then realized that the dragon had disappeared, and he did not know when. They were the only ones left in the cave, as well as the small hill of precious objects.

He wanted to explain the truth to Shooting Star. However, the other person was covering his mouth so tightly that he could not even make a single sound.

“So many precious jewels and treasures! I’ll take a few treasures as compensation for these few days of work!”

Shooting Star’s eyes reflected the light of the treasures. With the gold coins, would sleeping at inns and eating at restaurants be a problem anymore? He started toward the mountain of gold coins…

These few days? Wasn’t I only unconscious for a day?

Even though Bai Saya was very suspicious, when he saw Shooting Star actually stretch his hand out to take some treasure, he immediately shouted, “You cannot take those treasures!”

Shooting Star paused, and his action of taking the treasure really stopped.

Bai Saya pleaded, “That dragon is a good dragon. Shooting Star, do not touch her things.”

At that moment, Dan also spoke, “Do not take those things. Dragons care deeply about treasures and riches. If they discover that their treasure has decreased, they will definitely catch up to us to exact revenge. We have no ability to counter a dragon’s efforts at vengeance.”

Shooting Star looked at his handfuls of treasure. These things could let him eat many full meals! He was very unwilling and stroked them for a bit. In the end, he still put down these sparkly bright treasures. Even though riches would let him eat huge meals and sleep in huge beds, without his life, would he be able to eat? Sleep was possible, but he would never be able to wake up ever again!

Upon weighing his options, Shooting Star was only able to give up while crying.

“It isn’t like nothing can be taken.” Bai Saya looked at Shooting Star’s pitiful, teary appearance and immediately felt his heart soften for him. Just as he wanted to pull out the letter opener that the dragon gave him, the other person suddenly went from being dismayed to being delighted. He jumped up.

“Dragon egg!” Shooting Star dashed across a hundred meters to the egg. Holding his face, he screamed loudly, “There’s a dragon egg! There’s a dragon egg! I don’t care. I have to take this. I want a baby dragon as my third pet!”

“No!” Dan’s expression changed. Even though dragons cared deeply about their treasures, it paled in comparison to their regard for their descendents. Once they took this egg, there was no way that they would be able to escape the dragon chasing after them.

“I will!” Shooting Star clung on to the egg for dear life with the resolve to never let go.

“You cannot take away another person’s child!” In that moment, even Alan was getting angry. Elves were also a race that cared deeply about their children. He definitely would not allow Shooting Star to do something like stealing someone else’s child.

“I don’t care!”

Like a stubborn child, Shooting Star clung onto the egg and refused to let go. He even had an attitude of “if you come over, I will take the egg and escape.” He had taken to those shiny scales, which were more beautiful and dazzling than gold coins. It was only that the difficulty of catching a dragon was too much. He did not even dare to think about it. Now, he was actually able to stumble across a dragon egg. How was he supposed to rest if he did not bring it with him?!

“Then, you should just take it. However, you cannot touch the treasure.”

Bai Saya spoke calmly. As he finished speaking, he made eye contact with three incredulous pairs of eyes. He smiled and did not explain further.

Dan was familiar with Saya’s personality, as was Alan. The extent of this person’s righteous nature was far more than the demon or the elf. He would not let Shooting Star steal away a child. However, if he was willing to let Shooting Star take the egg, he must have more insider information about the situation.

The elf and the half demon fell silent, no longer objecting. From this, it could be determined that Bai Saya’s trustworthiness stretched beyond Shooting Star’s by the length of many streets.

“Xiao Bai!” Shooting Star looked at his number one pet and spoke emotionally, “I knew you cared about me the most. It was really worth traveling hundreds of miles to come and save you.”

Bai Saya kept smiling stupidly. Regardless, let Shooting Star be satisfied for now. Otherwise, he might turn his attention to the pile of treasure. The egg was entrusted to him by the dragon, in any case.

“Saya, are you really all right?”

Dan did not actually care about the egg. The only reason he stopped Shooting Star from taking it was because he was worried about the dragon coming after them. Out of everyone present, he only cared about Bai Saya.

“I’m fine.” Bai Saya asked curiously, “How did you find me?”

“Bones came to find us, and then led us to you.” By then, Alan was able to refer to Bones, the undead creature, in a tone that resembled praise.

From regular interactions, the elf was now very clear that even though Bones was an undead creature, Bones was much more reliable than its owner, and had a much cuter personality. If Alan had to pick someone he trusted, Bones definitely scored higher than Shooting Star!


Upon hearing praise, Bones immediately climbed out from within Alan’s short cape and chirped happily. It appeared that other than Bai Saya’s shoulder, it had found a new place to stay.

Alan cast an odd look at Bones. Previously, while it was leading the way, Bones had appeared to be a reliable companion. Why does it appear so stupid now?

“Let’s hurry and leave. It was not easy waiting for the dragon to leave to save Xiao Bai. If we don’t leave now, the dragon might return. We’d be doomed, then!”

Shooting Star clung on to the egg. As per the principle that a thief who has stolen something needs to run away quickly, stealing a dragon’s egg meant that he needed to run even faster. Shooting Star pushed everyone to get back on the road immediately, and to not waste any more time.

1 Roth: We originally translated this as “Wrathie” but now feel that a different translation is more appropriate, as Bai Saya’s naming of the Stone of Fury is more giving him a different, common name that’s somewhat of a mispronunciation of Wrath rather than a nickname. We will be going with Roth from this point forward.

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