GOD V2C8: Stone of Fury, Wrath, Part One

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 8: Stone of Fury, Wrath, Part One—translated by Jia Ling (proofread by Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

With his heart hung up on Bai Saya, Dan did not even bother to find a port to dock the ship. He simply left the boat in the open sea and rowed a small boat to shore. He caught sight of Shooting Star and Alan immediately. They were not searching. One was sitting on the sand and staring blankly, while the other was asleep on his side, dead to the world.

Dan accused them anxiously and angrily, “Why are you here? Where is Saya?”

Shooting Star threw him an unhappy look and responded despondently, “I don’t know! Alan is so tired he can’t move anymore. Other than sitting here, waiting for him to wake, and guarding him all night long… No, it’s still day so it should be guarding him ‘all day long.’ Other than this, what else can I do? Do you expect me to carry him to search for Xiao Bai?”

Upon hearing his words, Dan paced back and forth worriedly. He was too distraught, and this was detrimental toward the mission. He needed to calm down first. Dan worked hard to push down his emotions, and said to Shooting Star, “I will collect information about where the dragon lives from nearby. If the distance is not too far, you should be able to sense your undead pet, right?”

Shooting Star looked at Dan admiringly. This fellow’s brain was not half bad. Dan was actually able to think of the same plan as him!

“You actually still have sailors?” Shooting Star stood up, looking at the group of about twenty people on the cluster of small boats in curiosity. With so many people splitting up to gather information, there was sure to be news soon.

Dan shook his head. “No, almost all the sailors were lost to the sea. These are my underlings from the guild. They are strong at martial arts and were able to just barely avoid falling into the sea with tremendous effort.”

Shooting Star replied without any courtesy, “Your underlings? That’s even better. Hurry and tell them to gather information about where the dragon is living! If this gets dragged out any longer, what should I do if my pet gets turned into dragon dung?!”

In response to the word “pet,” Dan balked for a bit. However, he only creased his brows before turning his head to command his underlings to get to work. Before they could blink, the twenty odd underlings each showed off their abilities, dashing out in various directions, yet not a single one of them repeated another’s path.

“They sure are efficient.”

Shooting Star praised them, unknowingly slipping into a daydream. If he were able to catch more than ten beautiful pets, he could then shout, “Everyone, help me catch an angel.” Then, these ten or so pets would reply with “yes” and speed off in every direction—that would be such a stunning sight!

However, back in the present, Shooting Star realized depressingly that he still only had two pets. What was more, the whereabouts of one was unknown, and he did not know if that pet had been turned into dragon dung yet.

The answer was no.

Bai Saya opened his eyes and was dazed for quite a while. He was not sure where on earth he was. He had just had a dream where he saw a dragon and an electric eel serpent, where the boat nearly flipped, and then…

As he was deep in thought, he subconsciously felt at the surface beneath him and grabbed a large fistful of something. Bai Saya curiously looked at what was in his hand, and his eyes glittered with its brightness. Gold coins!

He stared downward, dumbstruck. He was actually lying on a huge pile of precious treasure! In that instant, a thought flashed across his mind: “This is great! Shooting Star’s food allowance is taken care of!” … No! Bai Saya smacked himself on the head. He should be thinking about where on earth he was right now!

Bai Saya finally collected his wits and did not shrug off the battle between the dragon and the serpent as just a dream. The last memory he could remember was of him falling into the sea, then getting picked up and flown into the sky by the dragon. He did not know how long he had been in the air before he fainted.

In mid-thought, he reached his hand up to hold down his hair, which had been flying about messily. A gust of wind repeatedly tugged at Bai Saya’s hair. As it turned out, his hair tie had fallen off at some point. The feeling of his long hair flying around messily was something he was not used to… Wait, why is the wind blowing so strongly?

And, it smells fishy…

Bai Saya stilled. He slowly turned his head. The thing that was behind him, which he had thought was a “mountain,” was using eyeballs that were larger than a human head to watch him.

With it right in front of his eyes, Bai Saya could even smell the fishy breath of the dragon which had never brushed its teeth before. He stared blankly and felt lightheaded and short of breath. His fate should not be to become food for the dragon, right?

“Do not be afraid.”

Bai Saya paused for a bit. He then heard, “I will not hurt you.”

He started to look around him to check if there were any other “food items” in his surroundings. Otherwise, why would there be a voice?

“I am before your eyes.”

Before my eyes? Bai Saya lifted his head to look at the dragon in confusion. The other party still had not moved. It did not seem to want to eat him.

Without the threat of becoming food, Bai Saya was finally able to calm down. He considered the situation and the words he had just heard. Regardless of how he thought about it, it was just weird.

He asked, carefully, “Were you the one speaking?” However, once he said that, he felt a bit silly. This dragon isn’t human. How could it speak?


Not only did the dragon reply, it also nodded its head. Only the nod caused an earthquake of precious treasure, almost burying Bai Saya under gold.

“You can actually speak!” he shouted in surprise.

The dragon seemed to be amused and replied with, “Did you not know I could?”

Bai Saya shook his head in bewilderment.

If Shooting Star were here, he would definitely throw a punch at Bai Saya’s head. Then, for the sake of his pet, he would once again become a loud and obnoxious explainer.

Dragons are a very wise race. The reason they haven’t become the dominant race in the world is only that there are so few of them. It isn’t because they are less smart. In contrast, few humans would be considered smart compared to a dragon. Just being able to speak is nothing!

Even though Shooting Star wasn’t here, the dragon actually explained for Bai Saya in detail, much more responsibly than a loud and obnoxious explainer.

“The construction of our voice boxes is even more complicated than that of elves. We can speak all the languages in the world. Not only that, when we use our magic, the speed at which we recite spells is so fast that it appears as if we have not spoken at all. This has also led to the misunderstanding that when we use magic, we do not have to chant incantations. It is not so.”

“I’m truly sorry. I actually considered you to be the same as a normal animal.”

Bai Saya blushed. He really needed to spend a lot more time brushing up on his common knowledge. Normally, he did not feel much whenever Shooting Star scolded him, but making a fool of himself in front of a dragon this time made Bai Saya truly want to change. In the future, he should consult Shooting Star and Alan much more.

However, he needed to reunite with the two before he could ask them anything.

“May I please ask, why have you captured me?”

Even if Bai Saya was extremely stupid, he now knew that the dragon was not going to eat him. No one would explain the construction of their voice box to their food, right?

However, there was a possibility that the dragon could have the same ridiculous personality as Shooting Star. He once saw Shooting Star babble while killing a rabbit, “Little rabbit, I didn’t kill you on purpose. However, you should know that the number of unfair things in this world is high. For example, I must eat you and you must be eaten by me,” and other things of the like.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

What? A dragon needs my help? Bai Saya was shocked senseless. Something that even a dragon could not do is not something I could accomplish, right?

Upon seeing Bai Saya’s shock, a trace of amusement actually appeared in the gaze of the dragon. The dragon comforted him, “Do not worry. I will not make you do anything along the lines of fighting the sea eel king.

Sea eel king? Bai Saya thought for a bit before realizing that this was probably the electric eel serpent that Shooting Star had been talking about. He relaxed a bit. As long as he would not have to fight that type of creature, it was fine. His thoughts had been way too off. How could this dragon need someone else to help it fight? It must definitely be something else.

“May I know what kind of favor you want from me?”

Bai Saya had relaxed considerably. This dragon could be described with the words “peaceful” and “kind.” This persona was too different from the terrifying strength it had displayed when it was fighting the electric eel serpent. This led to the knot in Bai Saya’s heart slowly unraveling. He even started to feel indebted toward this dragon who had treated him with such kindness.

“I have a friend. A few days ago, while he was on a boat out at sea, he came across the sea eel king that you saw. In order to save the crew onboard, he fought to his last breath. In the end, he was buried at the bottom of the sea. However, his wife managed to escape. She bore grave injuries to climb this mountain of mine to plead with me to kill that sea eel king. She wanted vengeance for her husband, and to ensure that no other boats would ever be attacked. Then, she died of her heavy injuries.”

Bai Saya’s eyes were swimming in tears. This was truly a couple with both passion and righteousness. As it turned out, the dragon’s act of killing the sea eel king was not just to avenge his friend. He was also ensuring the safety of all future boats. This is simply too touching!

However, he could not stop thinking of the sailors who had fallen into the sea. He felt extremely conflicted. Then, he thought of how it was the sea eel who had appeared first before the dragon rushed over. When it all came down to it, it could be said that the dragon had saved them!

Bai Saya was never one to hold a grudge. The only grudge he had ever held in his life was the one regarding the murder of his shifu. However, after settling the grudge, he was no longer steeped in anger and hatred. He simply followed Shooting Star on his adventures all over without a care in the world. Therefore, now that he knew the truth, he no longer felt wronged and could even start to see the dragon as his savior.

The dragon requested, “Can you help me complete her grave? She is buried in that corner over there. I’m too large and would easily damage her corpse. I could only dig a grave to put her in and pile some earth on top.”

Bai Saya immediately nodded. He walked in the direction that the dragon mentioned. There really was a small mound of earth there, and it was not very packed. A rotting stench fanned outwards, making it hard to approach. However, Bai Saya did not mind. He walked over and started to use the sheath of the Sword of Sacred White to push aside the dirt. He cared not at all about the stench.

This was a woman who had dragged her severely injured self to seek help to avenge her husband. She was worthy of his respect.

Bai Saya was a swordsman, after all, with plenty of strength. Without much time, he was able to make a proper grave. It was much better than the loose dirt pile from earlier.

Then, he walked over to the side of the mountain of precious jewels and metals to look for something. He found a portrait of a beautiful woman inlaid with multi-colored jewels. After asking the dragon for her name, he used the tip of the Sword of Sacred White to carve her name on it. He then placed it at the head of the pile of dirt as a tombstone.

Should any antique dealer witness this scene, their heart would most likely hurt and ache. This portrait of a beautiful woman made out of jewels was created for OO beauty by XX king. He had specially gathered famous and expensive jewels from all over, and then commissioned the most famous YY jeweler. It was a masterpiece made with skill and quality. Not only was it very valuable, the additional historical significance meant that it was a priceless treasure!

However, in the hands of Bai Saya, it was only a slightly unsuitable tombstone. The various shining jewels made the name hard to read. He could only carve a little deeper, destroying the jewels a little more thoroughly.

“I did not misjudge you.”

The dragon had been observing Bai Saya. When the latter was digging through the pile of treasure to look for a tombstone, it was finally certain that this human did not know anything about the nature of dragons. He had actually dared to take treasure from a treasure-loving dragon in front the dragon. More than that, he had dared to carve on its surface. If Bai Saya had not been brought over by the dragon itself, and was someone who had just wandered in, he would have been eaten alive by the dragon a long time ago.

Bai Saya turned around and asked doubtfully, “What?”

“When I was above the sea, I overheard your conversation with the other humans. You wanted to save those people, right?”

Bai Saya again thought of the sailors who had fallen into the sea. He was unable to control his sorrow. “Yes. If your fight with the sea eel king had been a bit farther away, then those sailors might not have died.”

“I am very sorry. More than once, I tried to lure the serpent away. However, it was too cunning. It refused to follow from the start to the end. I could only try to finish the battle as soon as possible.”

So it was like that. Bai Saya nodded. He completely understood. He then raised his head to look at the dragon. The dragon’s huge body no longer seemed as scary. “When I was out at sea, your strength amazed me. However, the feeling that I now get is one of a benevolent mother. You do not seem terrifying at all anymore.”

“You are not wrong in saying so. I am an elderly female dragon. I have given birth to two dragons. I am indeed a mother.”

“Huh?” Bai Saya balked. So this dragon is female? He had never thought that this dragon would be female. He had thought that animals that were so huge and powerful were usually all male. However, after some consideration, he realized dragons could not all be male. Otherwise, how would they reproduce?

“What about you? Tiny human, are you male or female?”

Male or female? It sounded weird to him, but Bai Saya smiled wryly and replied, “I am a man, which means male.”

The dragon thought out loud, “Male? For humans, I believe that mothers are responsible for raising children?”

“Yes.” Bai Saya nodded. However, he thought about it a bit more. He helped Shooting Star wash his underwear, wash his clothes, catch prey, and earn money to buy food for him to eat… In certain terms, he was pretty much raising Shooting Star.

“Then, this will not work. To be honest, the woman you have just buried left behind an egg. Even though I am perfectly happy to help her take care of it, that egg is just too small for me. The child that would hatch from it would also be too small. I have no way of taking care of it.”

Oh, I see… Wait, wait a minute! What do you mean by leaving behind an “egg”! Humans cannot lay eggs, right? Unless that woman was an elf? However, do elves lay eggs? Bai Saya truly did not know. He decided to ask Alan some other day.

“Why does she lay eggs?” Bai Saya asked, confused.

“Why would she not lay eggs?” The dragon sounded even more confused than he did.

…Never mind! He could ask Shooting Star some other day about which races laid eggs.

If Shooting Star were here, he would definitely be spewing flames and shouting angrily, “Do you take me for an encyclopedia! Didn’t your mother give birth to you, this stupid egg!”

“Then, where is the egg?” Bai Saya was beginning to grow curious about what the egg that presumably a human, or an elf, or a demon laid would look like.

The dragon slightly lifted her right claw. An egg, which was a bit larger than the size of a human head, was hidden in a pit underneath that claw.

Bai Saya was not at all afraid of the sharp claw. He directly went under the claw. Carefully, he picked up the egg and studied it.

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