GOD V2C9: GOD, Part Two

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 9: GOD, Part Two—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby & Minthe)

After everyone finished eating that pot of food cooked from unknown fruits and vegetables and the meat of unknown beasts, Shooting Star cut straight to the point and asked, “So, where should we go now to find your subordinates?”

Dan replied indifferently, “Doesn’t matter where. As long as I give them the signal, they will naturally find me.”

He looked at Bai Saya, who was to the side, and wished to have a discussion with him instead, but once Bai Saya ate and drank his fill, he automatically went to clean up. His light of righteousness he had given off earlier was all used to scrub the pots and wash the dishes. To the side, the elf was currently rubbing dust off of the dragon egg. The two of them didn’t seem to have any notion of how terrible their current situation was, and they weren’t nervous at all either. The only one who was asking questions was actually Shooting Star.

Maybe Shooting Star isn’t that terrible of a companion, Dan thought to himself.

“Then, let’s go to a big city!” Shooting Star immediately shouted. When he saw Dan look at him with a frown, as if he were trying to guess at Shooting Star’s intentions, Shooting Star coughed and said in a serious tone, “Big cities have lots of sources of information. It would help our search for information on the Stones of Original Sin.”

Hearing that, Dan nodded outwardly, but inwardly, he was alert. Searching for the Stones of Sin won’t benefit Shooting Star much. Why is he so passionate about it? Could it be that he also has intentions on the Stones of Sin?

Bai Saya sighed and exposed the truth behind Shooting Star’s “intentions.”

“Shooting Star, don’t be so gluttonous and lazy. We have no money to our name. You can’t always dream of going to a big city to eat at a restaurant and sleep at an inn!”

…Seems like Shooting Star is still a terrible companion. Dan decided not to change his evaluation of him again.

“Who says we have no money to our name?!” Shooting Star didn’t feel embarrassed at all to have his intentions exposed. He even brashly declared, “I have forty thousand gold ducats with me! Forty thousand! No! With the letter opener you took from the dragon’s lair and this dragon egg, heavens, I might be a millionaire!”

Dragon egg… Bai Saya abruptly remembered that he should quickly explain that the egg wasn’t a dragon egg and that they should quickly find a good mother for the egg.

“Shooting Star, that egg…”

“Egg?” Shooting Star looked at the egg in Alan’s arms. When he raised his head and saw Bai Saya’s concerned expression, he snapped, “What? You think I’m gonna eat it? Although it does look really tasty…”

Shooting Star couldn’t help but glance at the egg again. He swallowed unconsciously. Following that, Shooting Star righteously said, “But it’s my pet dragon. Among my list of favorites, pets definitely win over good food, so I won’t eat it. Relax!”

… So, you mean that if it’s not a dragon, you would eat it?

Bai Saya’s face darkened, and he immediately swallowed down the truth about how this egg wasn’t a dragon egg. Otherwise, if he revealed it, Shooting Star might swallow the egg down instead.

“We still have to go to a big city.” Dan was always thinking about proper matters. Even though Shooting Star’s intentions weren’t pure, his thinking was right. If they were to search for information in a small town or village, they could search for their entire lives and still not come up with anything. They had to go to a big city where information was plentiful.

Alan said to Shooting Star flatly, “If we’re going to the big city, then I need your bracelet to disguise myself.”

For some reason, Shooting Star glanced at Dan hesitantly. Seeing that Dan was lost in thought, Shooting Star then quickly took off one bracelet out of a pair on his wrist and gave it to the elf.

When Alan took the bracelet and put it on, he once again transformed into the black-haired, brown-eyed “Bai Lan,” although the elf, who never lied, was determined never to use this fake name again.

“This bracelet is very valuable.” Dan frowned. He had come into contact with many auction items over the years. He naturally knew the value of magical items, especially a magical item such as this one with such great usefulness. It might not even be any cheaper than the value of an elf. Why would Shooting Star have something like this? And it seems to be part of a pair, too…

“Who cares about the bracelet?” Shooting Star cut Dan off and asked, “You should tell us, how are we supposed to find two stones that are only the size of a chicken egg on such a large continent? You should know that if we can’t help you find the stones, my Xiao Bai won’t be willing to hide on the Yisite Continent!”

Dan hesitated for a moment and dodged the main point as he said, “I have a way of knowing where the Stones of Sin are, but I can’t tell you the method. That’s a Guild secret. I can’t tell any people I don’t trust.”

Well gosh, so sorry! Shooting Star rolled his eyes at him exaggeratedly. There were only two “people” here, and one of them was Bai Saya. Shooting Star believed that Dan cared for Bai Saya with all his heart, so much that he would even go as far as digging his heart out for Bai Saya. Bai Saya was definitely among Dan’s trusted, so these words meant that the guy Dan didn’t trust was Shooting Star.

Shooting Star huffed, “Whatever. In any case, when we can’t find the stones, remember to help me tie Xiao Bai up and toss him onto a ship heading to the Yisite Continent.”

“Okay.” Dan nodded.

Can you two please not talk about tying someone up and throwing him on a ship right in front of the person? Bai Saya didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

“All right then!” Shooting Star shouted and jumped up. “Then since it’s all settled, let’s rest up and then hit the road. We’ll do our best to quickly reach the big city to eat at a restaurant and sleep at an inn!”

Even Dan didn’t have anything to retort. Even though his goal wasn’t eating and sleeping, by reaching the big city as quickly as they could to search for news of the stones, he could send Bai Saya away earlier. Their goals aligned.

Although they wished to hurry on the road, Dan, Alan, and Shooting Star had already been on the road for thirteen days for the sake of rescuing Bai Saya. They were already fairly exhausted, especially the elf whose stamina wasn’t that great. Therefore, their speed wasn’t that much faster than taking a stroll.

“Heavy, the egg is so heavy!”

At first, Shooting Star hugged the egg stubbornly, unwilling to let go of his future pet. However, after carrying it for a day, he resolutely decided to throw the egg at Bai Saya and even consoled himself by saying, “Even if I don’t carry it, it’ll still be my pet when it hatches!”

Following that, caring for nothing but himself, he hummed a tune and hit the road with light feet and no egg.

In response to such a situation, Bai Saya could only carry the egg and smile wryly. However, the dragon had entrusted the egg to him in the first place, so he carried it rather willingly, without a word of complaint.

“Let’s take turns,” Dan suggested helpfully.

Alan wanted to help too, but after he considered his own stamina, he decided to give up on it. Instead of helping, he might create a problem for the team instead.

Bai Saya shook his head and said, “You all spent so much effort to rescue me and are probably exhausted. Let me hold this egg by myself. I am a swordsman. This bit of weight is nothing.”

Hearing that and seeing how Bai Saya was holding it with ease, as if it were a pigeon egg, the two of them didn’t argue with him over it.

At night time when it was time to sleep, Shooting Star stole the egg away and hugged it as he slept. He claimed that since he was the egg’s owner, a tough job like “incubating” the egg should be given to him. He, the owner, would sacrifice himself and do his best to help the egg hatch!

All three of the others knew that the weather on the Shaosi Continent was sweltering, so hugging a large egg that had a cool surface while sleeping was actually rather comfortable.

Even though they knew the truth, the three of them only shook their heads. None of them fought with Shooting Star over hugging the egg.

At night, when they were discussing which order they would keep watch, Shooting Star just said, “I’m gonna incubate the egg. No time.” Then he hugged the egg, turned around, and went to sleep just like that. Among the three left, Bai Saya immediately chose to take the hardest shift, the middle one.

Moon elves loved the moonlit sky filled with stars, so Alan didn’t exactly want to sleep early. Therefore, he was given the first shift. He dutifully walked around, the light steps common to elves giving him little worry that he would wake his companions.

He patrolled for quite a while. Nothing in particular happened. Alan walked back to the camp and sat down in his own spot. He turned to survey his companions. Bai Saya and Dan were both sleeping among the grasses. They had spread out, their postures proper. Even from their sleeping positions, you could see their personalities.

Only Shooting Star was sleeping spread eagle. His position made Alan frown. It was true that the pose was unsightly, but he also felt that there was something wrong about it… Wait, his limbs are all spread out? And there’s nothing on his stomach!

Then, where is the egg he was hugging?

Alan immediately looked all around him and saw something white rolling rapidly toward the campfire…


The elf, who was always calm and elegant, gave a high shriek and pounced toward the campfire.

“What’s going on?” Bai Saya jumped up frantically.

“Are we being attacked?” Dan pulled out a knife from underneath his pillow with practice.

The two of them held their weapons in high alert but didn’t see any enemies at all. They looked toward Alan in suspicion. He was currently on his knees by the campfire and hugging the egg to himself, his face pale. He was even trembling.

“Alan, are you okay?” Bai Saya asked in shock.

Alan had been frightened to the point that he felt drained. It took him a long time before he answered weakly, “We almost ended up with egg as a late night snack.”

The elf slowly got his breath back. He told the two of them exactly what had happened. The three of them glared at Shooting Star together…

That guy is actually still sleeping!

Alan glared at Shooting Star coldly. This guy had clearly said that he wanted to incubate the egg, yet he had almost served a late night snack to everyone. He told the two of them, “Go back to sleep. I’ll hug this egg myself. I won’t let Shooting Star do it anymore.”

Hearing that, they nodded. Since Alan would look after it, there shouldn’t be any more problems.

As the others went back to sleep, Alan continued to keep watch, except he had an egg in his arms now.

Suddenly, a faint noise attracted Alan’s attention. He listened carefully. It sounded like something stepping on grass. However, the sound was very faint, so he couldn’t tell what kind of creature it was. It might be just a wild rabbit.

He picked up the egg and slowly stood up, walking in the direction of the noise. Even though the grass was thick, it only came up to his calves, so it wouldn’t keep any large animals from view.

Maybe it really is just a wild rabbit? Alan observed for a while but didn’t spot anything out of the ordinary. He sat down again.

As he sat down, a small breeze blew past. Before he could react, several long objects wrapped around his four limbs and even muffled his mouth. Those lengthy things abruptly wrapped him up tightly, from head to toe. Alan didn’t have any time to react, let alone make any noise to alert his companions.

It had only taken an instant for him to be completely wrapped up. He couldn’t even open his mouth. However, his opponent probably wasn’t trying to kill him, as his nose hadn’t been covered, allowing him room to breathe.

Alan struggled to look at those lengthy objects and discovered that the things that had tied him up were actually the weeds surrounding him!


What was that noise? Alan lowered his eyes but abruptly widened them. The egg in his arms had also been wrapped up tightly by the weeds. The weeds just kept wrapping tightly, with no consideration of the egg’s ability to withstand the pressure. There were already cracks on the egg!

If this continues, the egg will crack open! Alan struggled with all his might, but unfortunately, as an elven mage whose physique wasn’t all that great, he couldn’t even move.

Crack! Another cracking sound came from the egg.

No! Witnessing the cracking, Alan screamed hopelessly to himself, Bai Saya! Dan! Wake up! If you don’t wake up, a life will be lost!

At this time, a red streak shot past him. The weeds that had wrapped Alan up fell down in segments. They had all been severed. Alan, without checking up on himself, frantically parted the grass to check on the condition of the egg’s shell. He discovered that while there were cracks, they did not seem to be too deep. This allowed the elf to breathe a sigh of relief.

Only then did he have time to care about his surroundings. He had thought that Dan had helped him, but when he turned to look, he blurted, “Shooting Star?”

Shooting Star’s face was dark. He held a crimson whip in his hand. He pursed his lips and the crimson whip abruptly shot out once again. In midair, the whip crashed against weeds that seemed to have come to life. He yelled, “Xiao Bai, Dan, get up already, or do you want to wait until you’re all sliced up and won’t ever need to get up again?”

By this time, the two of them had already jumped up, but they were a bit out of sorts and didn’t understand what was going on.

“I-is this… grass?” After Bai Saya discerned what was dancing in the air, he was so shocked that he didn’t know how to respond.

A long string of beautiful words flowed from the elf. The dark night flashed with blue lightning, beautiful beyond words, yet also dangerous beyond words. The elf’s beautiful face filled with fury. With electricity dancing around him, he looked both severe and breathtaking.

He growled, “No matter who you are, I will never forgive you for this misdeed of demeaning the value of life, attempting to cut short a budding life for no reason!”

“As expected of an elf. What a waste of words.” Shooting Star picked at his ears and nonchalantly pulled his whip back. He immediately jumped backwards by two steps to prevent himself from ending up as collateral damage. You had to understand that the lightning had them surrounded. Even their own people had lightning dancing around them. If he didn’t scram now, then when was the time for it?

“What’s going on? Could it be that the plants Alan picked for us to eat in the daytime are now taking revenge?”

Bai Saya stared at the lightning intermingling with spraying blood… Wrong! It was spraying grass. This situation couldn’t be any odder.

When they heard that, Shooting Star and Dan slowly turned to look at Bai Saya, who blushed and explained with a stutter, “I, I just heard that, um some plants live so long that they become magical and could turn into monsters to hurt people.”

Shooting Star mocked him, “Then tell me, was it the rainbow mushrooms we ate, or the tofu boiled in the soup that’s taking revenge on us?”

“Um…” Bai Saya was stumped.

At this time, the elf, who had his hands raised high, abruptly dropped them and growled, “Pillar of Lightning!”

Shooting Star paled. Hot damn! He’s even using Pillar of Lightning!

“Dodge now!” Shooting Star yelled as he put distance between himself and his teammate. He would rather face an unknown foe than his own elven companion!

“Huh? Why?” Bai Saya asked in confusion.

It was suddenly as bright as day above them. Dan raised his head to look up at the sky and sucked in a breath. Without a word, he dragged Bai Saya and ran.

A pillar of white blue light shot down from the sky, piercing apart the night. It shot straight down, creating chaos ten miles wide. Those with legs picked them up and fled. Those without legs hopped wildly. All the animals around used their quickest speed to flee.

Alan’s own companions were among the chaotic animals. They ran for their lives, but when the pillar of lightning shot down, the resulting burst of wind knocked them straight to the ground.

After the explosion, Bai Saya scrambled to his feet and called out in a hurry, “Shooting Star, Alan is still over there!”

“Of course he’s over there!” Shooting Star climbed up from the ground and howled, “He was the one who released that lightning pillar. Where else would the culprit be? Don’t tell me you think that an experienced elven mage would get hurt by his own magic!”

“Oh, so it won’t hurt him? I don’t understand magic.” Bai Saya let out a sigh of relief. Shooting Star glared at him, but Bai Saya didn’t mind. As long as our companion is okay.

“Hurry back. The enemy controlling the grass might not have been hit by such a reckless spell.” Shooting Star quickly said, “And Alan just used such strong magic. He must have exhausted his magic. Leaving him there would be really dangerous.”

“Alan is in danger?” The moment Bai Saya heard that his companion was in danger, he shot off with his quick agility.

“Saya, assess the situation first…” Dan didn’t even have time to grab him.

After Shooting Star rolled his eyes at Dan, he followed after Bai Saya while turning and making a face at Dan. “Idiot! If he heard that his companion was in danger but still stopped to assess the situation, he wouldn’t be Xiao Bai!”

You’re right. Dan sighed helplessly and followed behind them quickly.

Shooting Star had hit the nail on the head. Once Bai Saya reached their previous location, he saw Alan kneeling on the ground, breathing heavily and hugging the egg tightly without letting go. Soon after, he saw a figure dashing toward Alan…

“Don’t you dare hurt my teammate!” Bai Saya raised the Sword of Sacred White to meet them.

“What’s the hurry? I’ll play with you after I finish off this small fry.” The black shadow broke into a grin and chuckled. “I am so curious which of the original sins you are.”

Original sins? Bai Saya was stumped. Before he came back to himself, the weeds near his feet twisted and shot toward Bai Saya’s limbs. However, he was a sharp swordsman. He didn’t even need to think before he reflexively chopped apart the weeds.

Yet, when he chopped apart some, even more weeds began moving, forcing him to retaliate again.

At this time, the elf’s shriek reached his ears. Bai Saya lifted his head. The black shadow held a long whip and was swinging it at the elf, again and again. Alan, in order to protect the egg, could only lower his body and hug the egg tightly, letting the whip hit him directly.

“Alan!” Bai Saya cried out. He wanted to go over to save his companion, but the moment of distraction allowed the surrounding weeds to grab his ankle. Furious, he swung his blade wildly but was unable to extricate himself right away.

“A whip? Interesting! You dare to use the same weapon as me to hit my pet? You’re asking for it!”

Another figure shot past Bai Saya. Before he reached Alan, the whip in his hands struck out, accurately flying at the black shadow.

It’s Shooting Star! Bai Saya felt relieved.

The black shadow seemed to already know that his opponent used a whip. When he heard the sound of the whip, he immediately turned and swung the whip in his hand as well. It clashed with the crimson whip in midair. Both whips tangled up. Both sides pulled on their whips, not giving an inch.

The black shadow smiled. “You’re pretty good with the whip. Good, now it’s getting fun.”


Shooting Star didn’t feel amused at all. His pet’s body was covered with crimson blood with a silver sheen. That was a color unique to a moon elf’s blood. This couldn’t be the result of a mere whip. An elf, whose physique was poor, would have already collapsed by the time a whip would cause this much blood to flow. There has to be something weird going on with that whip!

Suddenly, the whip was yanked even harder, and Shooting Star was pulled over by the black shadow.

“Shooting Star!”

Bai Saya cried out but couldn’t rescue him in time due to the surrounding weeds trapping him. Dan was also helping him chop apart the weeds and didn’t react in time. Or perhaps, he didn’t want to respond in the first place…

“Aurora Lightning!” Alan extended one hand and shot out a ray of lightning from his palm. It shot straight at that person, giving Shooting Star a chance to find his balance.

The black shadow smiled wickedly. Tons of weeds around them gathered together, stacking layer by layer to block that ray of lightning. Even though charred leaves fell one by one, even more weeds sprouted from the ground, shooting toward Alan like a long spear.

“Oh no!”

Alan wanted to dodge with the egg, but he tripped and fell right to the ground. When he turned his head, he realized that weeds had already wrapped around his leg. He reached out his hand, wanting to cut apart those weeds, but the spear formed from weeds had already reached him, forcing him to twist left and right yet still fail to escape unharmed.

“Where the heck do you think you’re looking!” Shooting Star jumped at the black shadow. He didn’t have time to pull his whip back. Instead, he gave up on the whip and curled his fingers into a claw shape as he pounced on the black shadow.

The black shadow gave a bark of laughter and mocked, “Are you a girl? Are you gonna use your nails to scratch me?”

In the moment the claws were about to scratch the black figure, he finally noticed something wrong. The nails had still been completely normal until just now when they suddenly grew exponentially to reach ten centimeters. They weren’t colorless and translucent like normal nails. Rather, they were—crimson!

Those claws even swung down with a spin and accompanying wind. The black shadow leaped backward. However, he was too late. The claws brushed past his chest. They didn’t hit him directly but were enough to leave three deep claw marks.

By now, the other hand had also reached him but not in a swinging attack. Instead, the five fingers closed together into the shape of a spike, piercing straight toward the black shadow’s heart.

Ruthless! An excited grin broke out over the black shadow’s face.

Shooting Star had wanted to pierce the guy with one strike, but he abruptly stopped and turned, jumping to the side. Both claws shot out, cutting apart all the weeds entangled around Alan’s neck.

Alan, with one hand around the egg, used his other hand to hold his neck. He coughed violently. Distinct, red strangulation marks could be seen on his neck. If Shooting Star had been any later, Alan’s neck would probably have been snapped by the weeds.

“Heh! I knew you cared for this companion of yours.” The black shadow jumped backward. After he found his footing, he touched his chest. He was actually a little scared. He hadn’t thought that Shooting Star would have this up his sleeve. He had almost met an unexpected demise.

Finally, Bai Saya and Dan managed to escape the weeds, running over to protect Alan.

Seeing that Alan wasn’t in grave danger, Shooting Star immediately turned and glared at the black shadow. He growled, “Duh! He’s my pet. Even if I kill you a hundred times, it wouldn’t make up for his life.”

“Pet?” The black shadow was stunned. It hadn’t crossed his mind that the elf would have this kind of identity. He was a freaking lightning mage. Wasn’t making him a pet and not even putting any restraints on his magic way too dangerous?

Suddenly, Bones burrowed out from who knows where, hooking the Crimson Snake Whip back onto Shooting Star’s hand. The latter grabbed the whip with one hand and put his other hand on his waist, angrily shouting, “Bastard, not only did you wake me up in the middle of the night, you damaged my dragon egg and even hurt my Alan! Haven’t you ever heard that beating a dog means you’ll have to answer to its master?”

You’re treating me as a dog again! Alan was angry but also felt something else he couldn’t name. He kept being rescued by Shooting Star. Even though Shooting Star’s mouth always infuriated Alan, he wasn’t truly angry, not like how he had felt in the beginning.

The black shadow smiled strangely, his voice sounding quite excited. “Hehehe! You even have an undead creature? Interesting. Your team is interesting! I’ve truly found the right entertainment.”

Dan spoke rather calmly, “You mentioned original sin earlier. What is that?”

The black shadow said with disdain, “You playing dumb with me? You obviously know what I’m talking about.”

“Playing dumb, my ass! You’re the one putting on an act, giggling freakishly like a pervert!” shouted Shooting Star.

He really couldn’t stand it anymore. The spell of sunlight burst out from his hands, immediately illuminating the entire place.

The black shadow was naturally no longer a black shadow. A man was currently squatting on the ground. A long whip of thorns wrapped around one of his wrists. Silver-red blood dripped from the thorns.

The man had a head of bright orange hair that was braided into countless small braids. His turquoise eyes gleamed with the wickedness of a wolf. He didn’t look amiable at all and was even wearing the tight, black clothes of an assassin. No wonder he had been a dark shadow just now, hidden against the backdrop of the night.

“Not only are you a pervert, you’re even a pervert who doesn’t wash his hair!” Shooting Star deliberately made a disgusted expression.

“How do you know I don’t like washing my hair?” Not only was the person who had been mocked not angry, he even had on a curious expression.

“Duh!” Shooting Star sneered and said, “I don’t believe that a guy like you would have the patience to braid your hair like that every single day! Maybe you even used your whip to force some girl to braid them for you!”

Braids giggled for a good long while. “It was three. I used grass to hold three girls’ feet, forcing them to stay still to braid my hair. How does it look?”

“What? You actually forced girls to help you braid your hair? Unacceptable! Shameless!” Bai Saya gripped the Sword of Sacred White. Before the other three could react, he had already raised the sword and rushed out.

… It’s just braiding hair. Is that so offensive? The other three thought to themselves.

Braids still had a weird grin stretched across his face, but he didn’t move at all. He just had the grass around him surge up and shoot toward Bai Saya.

“What strange magic.” Bai Saya chopped apart the plants with frustration. Even though, as a swordsman, he wasn’t afraid of these plants, he was held back because of them and was unable to attack.

“Magic?” Braids jumped up exaggeratedly and howled, “My ears must be playing tricks on me? You said magic? Let me tell you, I’m a warrior. I don’t know shit about magic!”

“What?” Bewildered, Bai Saya lifted his head and retorted, “Nonsense. A warrior would never use such a strange power to battle.”

“You playing dumb with me, sissy?” Braids retorted unhappily.


“Just now… was that the sound of something cracking?” Alan looked around warily.

“Yeah!” Shooting Star scratched his face. Braids had really ruffled the wrong feathers. After the incident with Philo and Agid, Xiao Bai utterly hated people saying that he was like a woman!

“Cut the crap.” Braids waved his hand impatiently and said, “Just what original sin are you? Fine, fine, I’ll say it first. I’m Gluttony. Stone of Indulgence. You see this?”

As he spoke, he lifted his right hand. A large, wide bracelet was on his wrist, and embedded in the middle of the bracelet was an orange gemstone.

Dan’s complexion changed all at once.

“Ah ah, right, I recall that the Stones of Indulgence and Ego are in the south, right?” Shooting Star recalled the contents of the song. He had thought they would have to search for a long time. Instead, one of the stones had actually found them instead!

Shooting Star said in dissatisfaction, “Perverted Braids, you think we’d just casually tell you—”

“Stone of Fury, Roth,” Bai Saya responded and glanced curiously at the orange Stone of Indulgence.

…the name? Shooting Star had even brashly pointed his index finger at Braids, and now he really wanted to lift his foot and trample his companion to death.

“Saya.” Dan also felt helpless. He hadn’t thought that Saya would admit that he possessed a gemstone. If this were to get out, even if they escaped to the Yisite Continent, the Guild likely wouldn’t be willing to give up and would still send people after them.

“Huh? What?” Bai Saya turned his head, looking at the two of them in confusion.

“Nothing!” Shooting Star snapped. Then, he turned and gave Dan a glance. Dan returned his glance coolly. At this moment, these two, who had never seen eye-to-eye, could both see a murderous intent in each other’s gaze.

Only by killing this guy can we keep the fact that Bai Saya possesses a stone a secret!

“What power does your stone have?” Braids asked very curiously.

“I don’t know.” Bai Saya answered very honestly, too.

“You don’t know? Are you a newbie who just got his stone?” Braids made a fuss over it.

“Yeah,” Bai Saya admitted so honestly that his companions wanted to choke him again.

“I see…” Braids pulled at his braids in frustration and said, “How about this! I’ll let you go this time. Let’s set up a time. Once you use the stone’s power and familiarize yourself with it, let’s fight again.”

Bai Saya shook his head and said, “I don’t plan to use the stone’s power.”

“What? You won’t? Hahaha, how can you not? That’s impossible!” Braids was shocked at first, but then he began laughing loudly, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Why is it impossible?” Bai Saya asked in confusion.

Shooting Star and Dan stayed composed to the side. Shooting Star even ran over to check on Alan’s injuries. The elf’s injuries weren’t light, but they weren’t grave either, so he left Alan alone for now. He even let Xiao Bai continue to chat with Braids. After all, Braids seemed to know a lot of stuff, so getting more out of him was the right thing to do.

“Hahaha, because the stone will use the power you want the most to entice you!” After Braids finished speaking, his face fell, as if he had thought of something. He tossed away his previous happy-go-lucky expression and coldly said, “As long as you’re unable to discard the sword in your hand, unable to hide away on some remote mountain and never touch a battle again, never meet anyone again, then you would never be able to escape from the stone’s power!”

Bai Saya didn’t believe that would be the case, but he didn’t want to argue over it with the other person either. He just shook his head.

“Hey you, how did you know that Xiao Bai has a stone?” Shooting Star asked bluntly. His tone wasn’t at all courteous like what would be expected of someone asking a question. In any case, Braids seemed like he liked to talk, so he might as well ask.

Braids shrugged and said, “Every original sin can sense where the others are, even if they’re on a different continent. It’s just that the closer someone is, the more accurately they can sense the location.”

After he said that, he turned to look at Bai Saya and surmised, “I bet that you didn’t know I was nearby because you haven’t used any powers yet?”

As long as it’s someone who possesses a Stone of Sin, they can know where the others are? Then isn’t it completely meaningless for us to flee to the Yisite Continent? Shooting Star glared at Dan, but the latter also had on a shocked expression.

Dan felt Shooting Star’s suspicious gaze on him. He smiled bitterly and said, “I didn’t know. I really didn’t know. I would never harm Saya.”

Hearing that, Shooting Star hesitated. Long before they had gotten entangled with the Stones of Sin, Dan had already fallen for Bai Saya. Bai Saya should be Dan’s checkmate. There was no doubt about it. Therefore, there was no way he would harm Bai Saya.

However, Shooting Star still felt deeply wary of the half demon. Dan wouldn’t harm Bai Saya, but he definitely wouldn’t care about harming Shooting Star or Alan.

Braids stood up and even stretched. He complained, “Ah, how boring! What a waste of all that rushing. I thought I could have a good fight with another original sin, but you don’t know squat. There’s nothing I can do! I’ll just have to come back to find you later.”

Should I still kill him? Shooting Star began to hesitate. Since everyone who possessed a Stone of Sin could detect the other people’s locations, then killing this guy to protect the secret that Bai Saya had one of the stones wasn’t useful at all. Killing him seems to have no benefits?

Then again, this guy had hurt Alan right off the bat, and he might come and find Xiao Bai again in the future. Leaving him alive was asking for endless things to bite them in the ass later!

Thinking of this, Shooting Star’s large, golden eyes began to darken. He should take this opportunity to kill him since he would currently have Dan’s help, when that might not be true in the future.

Shooting Star glanced at Dan surreptitiously, and Dan also looked back at him calmly. For a rare moment, the two of them were totally in sync. Both held a murderous intent toward the owner of the Stone of Indulgence who had shown up out of nowhere.

“Hey, Fury!” Braids called out casually.

Bai Saya blinked. Seeing that Braids was looking at him, only then did he react. “Are you calling me? I’m not called Fury. I’m called Bai Saya.”

“Heh, whatever!” Braids flashed a smile full of teeth at him and laughed. “You really should learn from your companions. Look at how practical they are. I’ve only just finished leaking info, and their killing intent has immediately shot to the skies. Tsk tsk, so practical!”

“What?” Bai Saya turned and indeed saw the severe expression on Shooting Star’s and Dan’s faces. Dan aside, even Shooting Star looked so solemn. Could it be that Braids is right about their killing intent? Do they really intend to kill him?

“Don’t stop us, Xiao Bai.” Shooting Star got into a battle-ready stance.

“But…” Bai Saya still felt that killing someone wasn’t right.

“If I hadn’t severed the weeds in time, our dragon egg would have already cracked, and Alan’s neck would have been snapped by this guy.”

Shooting Star knew where Xiao Bai’s weakness was very clearly. Bai Saya was very simple. As long as someone hurt his companions, then that person was an evil person beyond redemption.

Hearing that, Bai Saya looked toward Alan. The latter was very quiet and hugging the egg without a word. However, there was a super obvious, red mark around his neck. It was clear how much force had been used to choke him.

“Can’t you just punish him a little?” Bai Saya still couldn’t bear killing someone just like that.

Dan tried to talk him around, too. “This guy says he’ll come again. Do you want Alan and the young dragon who will hatch soon to face this kind of danger that will jump at us at any time? He is not just targeting you, Saya, or else he wouldn’t have attacked Alan first. He didn’t even let the egg go.”

Bai Saya’s heart chilled. That’s right! Even the egg started to crack. If that egg perished because of this, how am I to ever face the woman I buried? This is the only child that caring and courageous couple left behind!

“Xiao Bai, fall back. Go protect Alan and the egg.” Shooting Star knew that even saying this wouldn’t ensure that Bai Saya would be able to harden his heart to kill a foe that had laughingly conversed with him. So, Shooting Star quickly decided to have him fall back to protect Alan and the egg.

Bai Saya pondered over it for a moment but didn’t say anything. He quietly backed up to Alan’s side.

Before his shifu had been murdered, Bai Saya, who had been raised as a swordsman since childhood, would never have let his companions bully someone with numbers, and even go as far as taking the other person’s life. However, it was different now. He still followed the rules of a swordsman, but only under the condition of not bringing harm to his companions.

He never wanted to see anyone close to him die again.

“Heh heh, interesting. Hey, you’re Bai Saya right? What you possess is the Stone of Fury…” Braids thought about it for a moment. “So, if I force you into feeling furious, you might be able to learn how to use the stone’s power earlier!”

He giggled and said, “I wonder, if I kill these two, will you feel angry?”

“You…” Bai Saya’s expression changed. By now, he no longer felt any sympathy toward this foe.

Shooting Star growled without turning his head, “Xiao Bai, protect Alan with all you have!”

Bai Saya stopped himself from rushing off to help the two of them. Right, Shooting Star is very strong. Dan is even stronger. His current most important mission was to protect Alan and the egg. He once again fell back to Alan’s side. From then on, he didn’t dare to relax his guard at all.

Shooting Star bit out, “You wanna kill us? Give us your best shot!” After he said that, his right hand gripped the Crimson Snake Whip, and crimson nails once again exploded in growth on his left hand.

Dan didn’t say a word, but faint golden battle aura radiated from his body, a color unique to the earth element.

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