Update: July 2019

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July Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3C4: School Wonders Part 3—That Angel, That Demon
  2. GOD V2C8: Stone of Fury, Wrath, Part Two
  3. No Hero V7C7: Lion, A Different Kind
  4. Dominion's End V4C7: Tier Two Duel, Part One

Congratulations to kamui and mizuhino for winning our Vampire Three Course Meal Contest! You can check out everyone’s cool entries over here.

This month, we have exciting chapters to share with you. Look forward to them! (Action! Mystery! Horror??)

Contributor I WANT MORE CONTESTS would like to know about contest participation.

As always, you can submit poll ideas here!

Have a great July~

By the way, we have a new game in the public forums. Click here to see.

6 Responses

  1. Blub the Blub

    I participated in one of the contests a while ago because I didn’t need much, I didn’t need to be experienced at anything, I had some time, and it seemed fun. It was that song lyric one which was super fun cuz everything I need was in my head. Sadly I had no clue what to do for the latest Three Course one. I also don’t have a budget for experimenting with food like Ah Ye’s papa has for his experiments.

    The things I can already actually cook include rice (rice cookers are amazing), instant noodles (hated by Ah Ye’s papa so insta-NO right there), eggs (basic), and Jello (I’m traumatized by this). Nothing really fit the contest unless I submitted Jello shaped objects (very elementary school level sorry), which even I wouldn’t want to eat… Years of “cooking” Jello in class made me detest the thing. Oh right I can also make a bowl of cereal, if that counts as cooking?

    Anyways, cooking… don’t have the experience for it nor do I have the time or budget for ingredients to experiment with.

    • ArmadaTW

      Eh, I literally Google-searched my recipes and replaced a couple ingredients with blood to make them fit the theme. I didn’t win, but I like to enter just to be engaged and show support.

      It’s also fun to try something new and sometimes struggle with creating something that actually relates to something in a Yu Wo book. I really don’t care about the prizes at all to be honest.

  2. dollyfishe

    oh tier two duel … it seems like xiao sha had the honor of a big fight O.o or will it be shuyu since he still tier two ? i need time machine right now so i can jump to the end of the month ^o^

    about the contest … i like to cook, but the only meal im able to cook is spaghetti until now :( it wont be a three course since it’s only one dish right T_T other dish, simple dish like stir-fry veggie without any additional, a basic soup that’s only throw in any ingredients i have … ah, all that will pass for my meal, but im not sure anyone will fond of it T_T

  3. ffxnick aka Tetsuki

    actually it is refreshing to see that some off the old sites still exist. Been a long time since I was on this website. Actually got into the light novel genre back then through you people. Were awesome times with 1/2 Prince translations, those 3 1/2 Prince forums and second live project.

    Will get back to reading^^ Hope you all will still be around for a long time!

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Welcome back! Hope you’ll be around for a while too.

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