The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 1: “For You All”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

For You All – translated by raylight and lucathia


Neo paused in his footsteps and turned around elegantly, exclaiming, “Ah! Is this not our great and most respected Pope?”

Hearing that, the Pope stopped his movements and cautiously stared at the Sun Knight, who was smiling even more radiantly than usual. With a hint of suspicion, he asked, “Sun, have I angered you recently?”

“Ho ho, how could the great Pope have done anything to infuriate Sun? It’s just that I have been wondering who has been telling my fellow holy knight brothers that I use magic to maintain the appearance of being in my early twenties?”

“…Oh?” The Pope gave a sweet smile and gave a doubtful expression as he said, “Is there really someone saying that? What an ignorant fellow! He doesn’t know that the Sun Knight is actually naturally good-looking. Even if he is turning thirty this year, he still looks exactly the same as when he first became the Sun Knight.”


February Poll Discussion – Move Aside, Cloud Knight, We Want Your Position!

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At the time I’m writing this, 1376 people voted in February’s poll, “If you were to become one of the Twelve Holy Knights, whose position would you want?”

I was very, very amused by the results.

Cloud Knight wins by a huge margin, with 405 votes, 29.48% of the votes. That’s more than double the next two knights, those being Sun with 167 votes at 12.15% and Hell with 160 votes at 11.63%.

The positions people wanted the least went to Stone Knight with 16 votes at 1.16%, followed by Metal Knight with 25 votes at 1.82%. Poor Stone and Metal. No one wants their positions? I assume it’s only because we don’t know much about them yet, including what they do and what they’re like. I mean, why would you choose to be Storm over being Stone or Metal? XD; That’s resigning yourself to slaving over endless paperwork, and then dying from hair dye! (Okay, okay, maybe you’ll be smarter than Storm and not get roped into doing paperwork for your entire life… Maybe you’ll actually get to flirt for real if that’s how you roll).

Sun, Hell, and Ice’s votes were fairly close. I wonder why people chose Sun… do you all feel up to the task of appearing graceful? XD; If so, props to you. It sounds like a majorly hard feat!

Ranked from most to least, these were the results of February’s poll.

• Cloud Knight (29.48%, 405 Votes)
• Sun Knight (12.15%, 167 Votes)
• Hell Knight (11.63%, 160 Votes)
• Ice Knight (10.92%, 150 Votes)
• Judgment Knight (9.68%, 133 Votes)
• Leaf Knight (7.28%, 100 Votes)
• Earth Knight (4.59%, 63 Votes)
• Blaze Knight (4%, 55 Votes)
• Moon Knight (3.93%, 54 Votes)
• Storm Knight (3.42%, 47 Votes)
• Metal Knight (1.82%, 25 Votes)
• Stone Knight (1.16%, 16 Votes)
Total Voters: 1376

(The actual end results can be seen in the poll on the side if you want to take a look.)

I’m very curious about why everyone chose the knight that they did, so I’m posing that question here! Why did you choose whichever knight you ended up choosing?

For myself, I was one of those 405 people who chose Cloud’s position. XD;; I certainly wouldn’t mind hiding away in cabinets or closets to read books, and I would get to mind my own business (and disappear when I feel like it). Even Sun wouldn’t pay me too much attention, so I would be mostly free from the worst of his plans. Sounds pretty ideal to me! (And I get to scare people!)

So, how about you? :) Who did you choose, and why? Leave us a comment!

(Our new February LSK chapters, v3c3 and v3c4 are up now, so drop by, take a read, and share your thoughts~).

The Legend of Sun Knight V3C4: “The Mandatory Antagonist for an Adventure – A Cool and Handsome Character”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 3: To the Rescue of a Princess

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Fourth Requirement of Rescuing a Princess: “The Mandatory Antagonist for an Adventure — A Cool and Handsome Character” – translated by Lucathia

After hurrying along for two weeks’ worth of travel, we once again set up camp, but tonight’s atmosphere was unlike our usually relaxed one—it seemed a little oppressive.

“There’s no one who can match our traveling speed, so why is it that we haven’t caught up?” Mike finally asked Ann. Even though they were childhood friends, it was clear by his tone that he was unhappy.

As a knight, Leaf upheld the noble belief that “princesses are always right,” so he didn’t say a single word. But merely seeing how he didn’t come to Ann’s defense let me know that he was also starting to get suspicious. As for me… I hadn’t opened my mouth to speak for approximately three days, so everyone customarily treated me as if I didn’t know how to speak.

Confronted by everyone’s doubts, Ann only left behind the words “Wait for me” before she walked into the forest. She took a while to come out, and then told everyone, “We’re already very close, but I don’t know what the actual distance is.”


The Legend of Sun Knight V3C3: “Start the Adventure”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 3: To the Rescue of a Princess

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Third Requirement of Rescuing a Princess: “Carry out the Adventure Trip” – translated by Lucathia

“Sun, wake up. It’s time to pitch camp.”

I was dreaming a dream in which I was lying down on grass wet from rain that had just fallen. As I was thinking about using fire magic to roast the grass dry because of my discomfort, I was blurredly woken up by Leaf and slid off his back. When I became a little more lucid, I finally realized Leaf was completely wet all over… So that wet grass was Leaf.

Fortunately, he woke me up. Otherwise, even as a good person, once he was roasted medium rare he would have probably erupted with fury, right?

While this was going on, Austin had already started assigning jobs. “Mike, you go hunt with Ann. Everyone’s tired. Eating some fresh meat is very helpful for recovering stamina.”

Mike accordingly gave a nod.


Resigned and Despairing Life Mottos by Yu Wo

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Yu Wo has started a series of plurks called “Each Characters’ Resigned and Despairing Life Motto,” in which characters come up with despairing words about life. It’s quite a fun series~.

Motto 1
Charles (No Hero): Life is about endlessly overcooking things.

Motto 2
Grisia (Legend of Sun Knight): Life is about taking the wrong fork in the road once and forever being in debt afterward without a retirement fund, shit!

Motto 3
Carol (Female Warrior): Life is having my old lady retire and not having my own child yet still having to take care of scum left behind by my comrade and then having to deal with scum brought in by scum and then more scum brought in by other scum and then scum again brought in by scum!

Motto 4

Ah Ye (Eclipse Hunter, more known as Daren to people who follow Odd Squad’s translations): Life is about endlessly becoming stronger! ~~~Charles: Young Master, please speak the resigned and despairing version.

Ah Ye: Huh? T-Then life is, is, um, is about never knowing what to say OTZ…

Motto 6
Liola (Kill No More): …Life is about being able to toss Father and Baolilong to the side for three days?
(Kaiser: Damn! It really is the year 2012 this year.)

Motto 7
Kaiser (Kill No More): Life is about going all out and offing Liola’s old man, brother, and son!

Motto 7
Judgment: Life is about saying the words ‘don’t fool around’ over and over yet still having to allow the other person to fool around.

If Yu Wo comes up with any more after 7 (and they aren’t too spoilerish), I’ll add them here~.

Can you think of any despairing words from 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight characters? Share them here in a comment!