Poll for Yu Wo’s prompt gathering

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Ah! Yu Wo already posted the poll with the choices she made out of her readers’ suggestions. Looks like the time for submitting our prompts has passed. Very sorry I did not manage to get around to translating everyone’s. But good news! The prompt for Cold Fox has made it into the poll, and I do believe that one originated from our suggestions here since most of the people on Yu Wo’s site didn’t ask about 1/2 Prince. XD; (Most of the suggestions were for LSK and No Hero, though I wonder if the “When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher” one also inspired by one of our suggestions? :DDDD) She seems to have spread the choices over her series, with 1~2 choices from each (well, 3 for No Hero, sort of. I think she considers I AM E.X. separate from No Hero).

The final poll can be found in Yu Wo’s forums.

Here’s a translation of the poll:

[Poll] If Yu Wo were to write a story for the holidays, which one would you like to see the most?
Multiple option vote: (Can choose up to 3) (here it says how many people have voted)

(here it says how much time is left for the poll. days/hours/minutes)

1. [Emperor] Liaola’s day of ascension (Kill No More)

2. [The Secret] DSII’s tiny little secret (No Hero)

3. The continuation of I AM E.X. (No Hero)

4. [The Beginning of Light] How Silvie and Ohmygod met (Female Warrior)

5. [Who’s the Commander?!] A short story for GOD (GOD)

6. [Sinful Love] Kaiyisuo and Aiweixila* (No Hero)

7. [When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher] A short story about the 37th generation of the Twelve Holy Knights, unspecified characters (Legend of Sun Knight)

8. [We Are Not the Dark Human Squad] A story about Neo and Aldrizzt’s adventures (Legend of Sun Knight/Unbeatable)

9. [Beneath the Tree] A story about Leaf Lord and Gong Hua (Gong Hua)

10. [Flying Dagger] Cold Fox’s story as an assassin/hit man (1/2 Prince)

Just what am I on, I actually thought of names for all of these stories already…

I’m only planning on writing the top choices…whatever, what’s life without plotbunnies? (*gets killed by everyone*)

Anyway, these are the topics for the holiday/new years celebration. Everyone, please vote for which one you want to see the most~

After that, I’ll write them according to their ranking. I’m not sure how many I’ll write yet…

I’ll write at least two though. ^^ So the higher ranked they are, the more easily I’ll get to them. XD

If there’s a topic you want to see a lot, please give it your blessed vote ^0^ ~~

Each person can make up to three choices. Of course, you can also just vote for one~~

I’m so curious about which one will end up as the top choice~ Haha.

ETA: Alright, I’ll write at least three stories (*looks at two specific choices…*)

So don’t be too discouraged if you want to see one of the others. >”< The third choice is also on the guaranteed list!!!

*Names not translated. This is merely their pronunciation. (I actually didn’t remember these characters and had to google them…)

Currently in 1st and 2nd are #7 and #8. Man, Neo sure is popular, haha. Third at the moment is #1, and 4th is #10. I would be happy with any of those choices being written. *___* (Well, I would be happy if any on this list were written, but I’m so hoping Cold Fox’s will make it in!) You can vote for a total of 3 choices. Yu Wo was thinking of only writing the top two or so, but since it looks like the top two will both be about LSK (*coughs* Neo *coughs*), she says that she will definitely write the third most popular choice too. *fingers crossed for Cold Fox* I actually voted for #1, #5, and #10, since I adore Kill No More and GOD (and #10 is a given because come on, Cold Fox!), hoping that one of them would be 3rd popular since LSK is doing well even without my vote, haha.

Which choice(s) do you want to see the most?

(If you’d like to vote officially in Yu Wo’s poll, you must have an account at her forum. If you want to register for an account, let me know and maybe I can walk you through it…)

Yu Wo’s Christmas/End of the Year Event Prompt Gathering

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Remember the Christmas Event Yu Wo ran last year? She plans on running another Christmas/end of the year event this year, though it’s a little different. ;)

Here’s a translation of her blog post that details the event for this year.

I’d like play a Christmas or End of the Year event with everyone. Even though it’ll still be awhile, I need time to write the short stories, so I need to prepare in advance. XD

The event will probably be like this: suggest a few characters’ stories, and everyone will vote to see which story they want to read. Then I will write a Christmas or End of the Year story for everyone. How’s that?

You can all reply here in my blog about the characters you want to see, what time you want to see them, and what action they’re taking. You might see your suggestion as one of the options for voting later!

For example:

Characters: Neo and Aldrizzt
Time: After they help Grisia
Action: The adventurer life of the Dark Human Squad

Example 2:

Characters: ZhaoSuo and Ex (they’re from No Hero)
Time: When ZhaoSuo worked as Ex’s butler
Action: Everyday life

Example 3: Even stories that haven’t been published yet that can only be found in my blog are okay too

Story: the continuation of I am E.X.
Story: In Female Warrior, how Silvie and Ohmygod met

This post isn’t the voting post. ^^ This is for choosing the options. I will let everyone vote from the choices I make here later. I will probably write the stories for the top 1~3 choices.

So for those readers who want to see specific stories, quickly write down the contents of the stories you want to see!

This is a great chance to throw ideas at Yu Wo! If you have anything you want to see from Yu Wo, comment here and I’ll try to translate as many of your comments as I can. I’ll be busy in November though, so I might not be able to translate them all if we get a lot. After your message gets translated into Chinese, please comment with the translated message yourself in Yu Wo’s post (so we don’t spam her with a bunch of comments from the same person). The comment box is in English, so I’m sure you can navigate it. :) Please make sure you use this form:


If you ask for something that already happens in Yu Wo’s stories, I’ll let you know so you can think of something else. ^^

½ Prince V8C5: Departure

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½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: Departure – translated by lucathia

“Everyone, come here for a moment.” Lolidragon suddenly mysteriously gathered everyone together.

“Lolidragon, what are you doing?” I had just been having an awesome battle with Cold Fox, and there were only three days left before our two weeks were up. Even though I had long passed level B, I had still not reached level A. Cold Fox even coldly tossed me the words, “Not even close,” making me feel super pissed off. If I didn’t pass level A to prove myself to Cold Fox, how would I ever feel satisfied?

“Stop grumbling and hurry over!” Lolidragon walked in front of a large screen, pressed a few buttons, and then the screen displayed… an excited Sunshine and an exasperated Kenshin!

“Fairsky!” With incomparable excitement, Sunshine gazed at Fairsky.

“Sunshine!” Immediately, Fairsky rushed to the front of the screen, almost pressing her entire body against it. Rapidly, she fired off like a machine gun, “Sunshine, are you alright in the game? You haven’t been bullied by players or NPCs, have you? Do you have enough to eat? When you’re cold, remember to wear more clothes.”


Help us update our character pages!

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While setting up the Female Warrior project page and going over our project pages for 1/2 Prince and LSK, I noticed that our character pages for 1/2 Prince and LSK could use more work. So here we are turning to you readers to help us update these pages! (our staff are a bit tied with translating and proofreading, so no one is dedicated to keeping these pages up to date).

We will be updating the 1/2 Prince character profiles first.

Here is what I’m proposing. Comment with the character’s name. Give us info about the character. If anyone has anything new to add about that character, reply to the first comment where the character is mentioned. In other words, keep everything about a certain character in the same thread. In the end, we’ll try consolidating everything (so we probably won’t be using everything word-for-word). Please make sure you put things in your own words. Do not copy from other wikis.

What we need to know about the characters are:
1) online name
2) race
3) class
4) short sentence about the character in a nutshell
5) character’s history and background (what is the first chapter the character appears in? what key events are they part of? what’s the character’s personality like? do we know their offline name?)

Currently, these characters have no blurbs about them:
Feng Wu Qing
Playboy Lord
Black Lily
Broken Sword
Li’l Strong

There are also several characters that aren’t even listed yet, such as:

Righteous Blades
Nan Gong Zui
Kong Kong
White Bird
Ice Phoenix
Outside the Window

Fire Phoenix

The Four Heavenly Kings and Related Characters
Scorching Flame
Ocean’s Heart
Flowing Wind
Clay Child
Dictator of Life

The Overlords and Related Characters
Northern Flower
Undying Man
Winter Triumph

Other Characters (not sure how to sort them)
Cold Fox
Perfect Princess
Long Dian

If there are any other characters that aren’t listed, feel free to tell us. If you feel a character that already has a blurb needs to be updated too (such as Prince’s section), feel free to start a thread about Prince too.

See how much work our character page needs? HELP would be greatly appreciated. :)