GOD V1C4: The Rescue Mission Unfolds

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 1: The First Pet is a Swordsman

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: The Rescue Mission Unfolds —translated by lucathia (proofread by EvlNabiki & elisa)

“Have him drink some healing potions, then throw him into the same cell as the elf.”

Barely conscious, Bai Saya seemed to hear Mannen’s voice. Then, a bitter and sour liquid was forced into his mouth. If it weren’t that he knew that a single stab from Mannen could kill him if Mannen wanted to, Bai Saya really would have thought he was being fed poison.

Soon after, the potions forced down his throat began to take effect. The bitter and sour taste traveled from his mouth to his entire body. Coupled with the pain from his injuries, Bai Saya could only curl up and hug his stomach painfully. Cold sweat covered his entire body. In the midst of this, he could feel himself being carried to yet another place and then tossed onto a cold floor.

Finally, he could no longer stand the aching pain coursing through his entire body and lost consciousness once again.

When Bai Saya opened his eyes again, he found that the aching pain caused by the potions had disappeared. Even the injured parts of his body no longer felt painful.

He lay there unmoving, a bit dazed. He directed his gaze toward the ceiling, staring aimlessly. His act of revenge had failed, and he had gotten captured as well. From what Mannen had said earlier, it seemed that he wanted to sell Bai Saya as a slave. After suffering through countless hardships to find his foe, this was the result… The bitterness seeped into his heart, so bitter that his eyes grew moist.

“No, Shifu has told me that men must not let tears fall so easily.”

Bai Saya sat up and forcefully patted his cheeks. When he raised his head, his face was once again calm.

I can’t give up. I’ll take a look around first, and then make a plan.

He surveyed his surroundings, but he didn’t make it far before realizing with a shock that he wasn’t the only prisoner present. The other person had their back facing him. They were silent, sitting cross-legged in the corner, and had a head of long, blond hair that was so brilliant that even the dark prison room couldn’t hide it.

“H-Hi?” Bai Saya said timidly.

That person turned their head slightly in response. It was truly very “slightly,” as Bai Saya could only see an ear and still couldn’t see the person’s face. However, just a single ear was enough because it wasn’t a human’s round ear. The end of the ear was elongated. It was the most obvious trait of the elven race—a pointed, long ear.

“An elf?” Bai Saya blurted out.

This shout drew the elf’s attention, because what Bai Saya had just used wasn’t the common language of the Western Continent. Rather, he had reflexively used his mother tongue, which was the language of the Eastern Continent, to shout those two words.

The elf slowly turned their head, coldly glancing at Bai Saya while only showing the side of their face. However, just seeing the side of their face was enough to explain why people would be willing to risk their lives to capture elves, despite how far the Eastern Continent was and how deeply hidden in the forests elves were, not to mention their strength.

That face had skin that was as white as snow, yet glimmered with a faint silver light. The eyes were somewhat slim and long, the color blue like water, so blue that it looked like they could actually overflow. Their facial features were delicate and attractive to the point that it was hard to distinguish their gender. Their slim body type, similarly, made it difficult to tell if they were a guy or girl.

Shoot! Bai Saya discovered that he really couldn’t tell the gender of the elf in front of him.

“A moon elf?” Bai Saya actually knew what was considered uncommon knowledge. The skin of gold elves shone with a golden light. They were also known as sunshine elves. Elves that glimmered with a silver light were silver elves, also known as moon elves.

At this, the elf completely turned around, and what was spoken was a rhythmical language, “Taleteska?”

“Um… I don’t know how to speak elvish.” Bai Saya started panicking.

“Who are you?” The elf calmly switched to a different language and asked again. Of course, this time it was the common language of the Eastern Continent.

“I’m called Bai Saya.” Bai Saya heaved a sigh of relief, glad that they could communicate.

The elf merely looked at him silently. Even though the other person spoke the language of the Eastern Continent, and he also knew how to distinguish different types of elves, the elf still wasn’t sure if he came from the Eastern Continent. After all, among those who had captured the elf, there were people who knew how to speak the language of the Eastern Continent. They even understood how to tell elves apart.

Actually, Bai Saya’s appearance was different from the humans of the Western Continent, so Shooting Star had been able to tell at a glance that he wasn’t from the Western Continent. However, to an elf, humans weren’t easy to tell apart. They could not tell what was different between humans from the Eastern and Western Continents.

After Bai Saya gave his name, he didn’t know what else to say. After all, he wasn’t anyone famous, and he didn’t have a high position either. There was no way this elf would know his name, and he didn’t really want to ask for the elf’s name either.

Even though he had never met an elf before, he had heard plenty of rumors about them. He’d heard that their names would usually be a long string of syllables. Even someone who knew the elven language might not be able to say the name after hearing it multiple times.

If I asked and received a name, yet I can’t pronounce it, wouldn’t that be really bad? Bai Saya was under this impression.

Bai Saya kept silent. The elf did the same, eyes half-lidded, perhaps thinking about something.

“W-Were you captured?” Bai Saya couldn’t stand this kind of silence, so he randomly opened his mouth to ask a question. However, the moment he voiced the question, he had the urge to slap himself.

Of course the elf was captured. It’s not like they’re here to tour the prisons, right?

However, the elf actually nodded seriously and replied, “I was captured. Were you also captured?”

“Yeah, just now.” After replying, Bai Saya nodded in defeat.

The two people… more precisely, one human and one elf, fell back into the state of facing each other with silence after they exchanged those simple words. This time, Bai Saya didn’t try to fill in the silence anymore. He knew that elves had never liked humans. It was already a blessing for the other to have been willing to speak with him. This was all the humans’ own fault. Every time they met elves, they would want to capture them. Of course the elves wouldn’t like humans.

Since they weren’t speaking, Bai Saya continued his task of observing his surroundings, trying to determine whether there was a chance of escape.

However, rather than a prison cell, this place looked more like a simple room. Five single beds were lined alongside one of the walls, and by the side of the beds were two wooden doors that were next to each other. Bai Saya went over and opened one of the doors, revealing a toilet, while the other door led to a bathroom. Inside was a wooden basin half his height, filled with clear water.

The walls over here were made of stone, while the door on the opposite end was a sturdy metal one. Bai Saya leaned against the door, listening for a good while, confirming that there were definitely guards outside.

The room wasn’t very large; he finished examining it in one go. Bai Saya sat dejectedly on the edge of a bed. There didn’t seem to be any possibility of escape.

To the side, the elf quietly observed Bai Saya. He knew that humans had captured him because of his beautiful appearance. The human before him was quite easy on the eyes too, so he was likely to be considered quite handsome among humans and had been captured for that reason.

Although he had become certain of Bai Saya’s status as a prisoner, the elf didn’t really want to interact with the human. It wasn’t like mingling with him would influence his current predicament, so there was no need to do so.

After awhile, food was brought inside.

When Bai Saya went to take the food, he good-naturedly brought the elf’s food over as well. It was obvious at a glance whom each meal belonged to. One of the meals had some vegetables and meat and a piece of bread used for filling one’s stomach. It was rather substantial. It seemed that they were afraid that their slaves would starve and become too skinny, affecting their appearances. The other meal was a platter full of fruits.

Bai Saya placed the platter of fruits next to the elf, walked back to his bed, and began eating his food.

As he ate, he pondered over the Eastern Continent’s legends. Although elves didn’t eat much meat, it wasn’t that they didn’t eat meat at all. Their staple foods were potatoes and the like, yet this elf only ate fruit. Is that really enough?

The elf only ate a few small fruits before stopping. Long, slim blue eyes stared fixedly at the food in Bai Saya’s hands.

However, Bai Saya followed his shifu’s words to the letter. When eating, one must eat seriously… so he completely missed noticing that some person, some elf was staring at him as he ate.

Even though the elf was staring fixedly at Bai Saya, there was no response at all. In fact, not even a questioning glance was rewarded to him. He couldn’t believe that anyone could be so dense. Could this person be doing it on purpose?

At this time, Bai Saya finally raised his head. When he saw the elf’s gaze, he smiled amiably and asked, “Have you eaten your fill already?”

“…” The elf’s face grew cold.

“I thought that elves just didn’t eat a lot of meat. I didn’t know that you only ate fruit. As expected, the legends can’t be trusted.”

By now, Bai Saya had finished eating and was cleaning up the trays. He walked over to the elf to take the platter of fruits, only to realize that the elf hadn’t eaten much. He was surprised for a moment that an elf’s appetite was truly like a small bird’s, and then he carried the two trays toward the door, intending to have people from outside take them away…

“Wait!” The elf finally couldn’t help calling out to Bai Saya to stop him.

“Huh?” Bai Saya turned his head, looking at the elf in incomprehension.

“Elves eat bread too.” Face pinched, the elf spoke of his race’s characteristics. He was merely stating a fact and definitely not begging for food from a human.

Bai Saya was stunned. For a moment, his brain couldn’t wrap itself around anything. Only after a long time, and when fury in the elf’s eyes was about to burst into flames, did he finally understand it. This elf wants to eat bread!

After he figured things out, Bai Saya hurriedly brought over the leftover bread in his tray. When the elf finally got hold of the bread, his gaze softened greatly. Just as he was about to start eating, he noticed that Bai Saya was staring stupidly at him. Furious, he turned away, facing the wall as he ate.

Seeing this, Bai Saya knew that his direct gaze had been too rude. He hurriedly returned to his own bed and lowered his head, no longer looking at the elf.

I wonder, will Shooting Star come save me? This sudden thought wormed itself into Bai Saya’s head, but he immediately shook his head. He and Shooting Star had only known each other for such a short period of time. There was no way that he would risk his life to come save him.

The next day, without anything to do and unable to stand having nothing to do, Bai Saya once again examined his surroundings. After circling the room, he sighed dejectedly.

The prison room was simply too sturdy. Even the toilet and the bathroom walls were stone of undeterminable thickness. On top of that, the metal bars on the windows were twice as thick as the bars of normal cell rooms. Even if he had a sword in hand, Bai Saya was doubtful that he would be able to slice apart those bars. Besides, he didn’t have anything at the moment, so there was no way to escape. What should I do now? Will I really be sold as a slave?

“There’s no escape…” Depressed, he sat on the side of the bed.

“If it were possible, I would be long gone from here,” the elf said coldly. He had been coldly watching Bai Saya’s actions, not helping but not obstructing him either.

“Wait.” Bai Saya suddenly thought of something and shouted, “Don’t you elves have a special ability or something?”

“It’s called magic,” the elf replied, unimpressed.

“Right, right!” Bai Saya nodded his head hard and said, “If you use that kind of ability, you might be able to escape!”

The elf snapped, “If I could escape, would I still remain here?”

“Y-You don’t know magic?” Bai Saya was a little dejected and mumbled, “But I thought all elves knew magic?”

“A seal was placed on me. I can’t cast magic.” The elf was so upset that he stood up to retort.

Bai Saya was taken aback. He hadn’t thought that the cold elf would have such a huge reaction. He stared at the elf’s furious face, not knowing what to do. However, he then saw a white, grayish little thing in the small window behind the elf.

“Bones!” Bai Saya cried out.

Surprised, the elf followed his gaze.

“Undead creature!”

The elf shouted in alarm. His natural dislike toward auras of death made him reflexively want to attack… but he then discovered that he had no offensive power at the moment. He could only back up several steps, using a gaze dripping with hatred to glare at that small undead creature.

Contrary to the elf’s hatred, it was the first time Bai Saya was this happy to see Bones. He approached with a hopeful gaze and asked, “Are you here to save me? Bones, is Shooting Star nearby?”

“Ki—” With a leap, Bones landed on Bai Saya and comfortably lay on his shoulder.

“Right, I don’t at all understand your speech. Only Shooting Star knows what you’re trying to say.” Bai Saya sighed, somewhat at a loss.


Bones opened its small hands, revealing a tiny little red medicine pellet within. It tossed the pellet into its large head through the mouth and made an eating motion. Then, it took the pellet back out of the head and handed it to Bai Saya.

“You want me to eat it?” Bai Saya looked hesitantly at the pellet that hadn’t passed through any intestines, yet had gone on a trip through a skull.

Bones nodded and nudged Bai Saya, as if urging him. With no choice, Bai Saya could only toss the pellet into his mouth, swallowing it with a frown.

After seeing Bai Saya swallow the pellet, Bones nodded and made a “ki” sound in satisfaction.

Bai Saya hurriedly asked, “Now what? Bones, how do we escape?”

At this time, Bones suddenly burrowed into Bai Saya’s clothes and closely clung to his chest without moving.

“Bones, what are you doing?”

Bai Saya was utterly confused and was about to pull open his clothes to drag Bones out when the prison’s metal doors suddenly rattled. The heavy metal doors let out a shriek as it was pushed open. A few people stood outside. One of them was a very familiar face—Mannen Ford.

“These two are the goods this time?” A younger warrior with a rather handsome face asked Mannen.

Mannen didn’t have his insolence from earlier. In front of the younger warrior, he answered very respectfully, “Yes, milord Dan.”

“There’s only one elf? The other one is obviously a human. Do you think that just because his back is facing me, I wouldn’t be able to tell?” Dan frowned, his face obviously unhappy.

“Nothing of the sort.” Mannen hurriedly explained, “That human is an Easterner with an excellent appearance that doesn’t lose at all to elves.”

“Oh?” Dan didn’t believe it. No matter how beautiful, a human wouldn’t be worth more than an elf. He understood very well that Mannen had only been able to capture a single elf and was unable to justify it, so he had captured a human to make up the numbers. However, it was an irrefutable fact that there was only one elf. Nevertheless, he walked over to examine the Eastern beauty that Mannen had spoken of.

When he heard the footsteps, Bai Saya’s heart pounded. He looked down at his chest guiltily. Bones is clinging to me tightly and shouldn’t be visible, right… As if! Bones’ large, round head is stuck against my chest. My clothes are obviously jutting out!

But it’s too late to tell Bones to leave. Bai Saya helplessly lifted his head, yet he discovered that the elf was currently staring at him coldly—no! Following his gaze, he should be staring at Bones, who is in front of my chest.

Oh no! The elf won’t reveal Bones, right? Bai Saya was currently fretting, but at this time, a hand rested on his shoulder and then jerked him around.

Surprised, Bai Saya looked at the newcomer. According to Mannen, this person was called Dan, but this Dan person looked a little strange. His ears were slightly pointy but not as long as an elf’s. The shape of his face and his facial features actually gave off a different feeling from a human’s, but Bai Saya couldn’t put a finger on what was different. There’s this kind of nefarious feel?

Amber eyes as beautifully gentle as jade… Dan was stunned. He could only stare at those amber eyes and was even momentarily dizzy. Compared to the various vibrant blue, green, and red eyes of the humans on the Western Continent, this pair of amber eyes shouldn’t be very eye-catching. However, they were just so clear and gentle that anyone looking would be entranced by them.

“Are you a human?” Bai Saya couldn’t help asking.

“He’s half demon!” The elf spat out in distaste. Elves and demons were natural enemies. Both races could not stand the other’s natural disposition in the least, so there was no way for them to peacefully coexist.

Dan coughed once, and a slight blush appeared on his face. He nodded and said, “Yes, half of the blood that flows within me is that of the demon race’s. You are from the Eastern Continent, so you probably haven’t met many of my kind.”

After Bai Saya nodded, he didn’t speak further. He didn’t know what kind of response he should have. If Mannen and Dan had arrived just a bit earlier, he might have impulsively attacked them in order to snatch at the slim possibility of escape, so slim that it was almost impossible. However, Bones was currently with him, and it had even fed him a medicine pellet. Shooting Star definitely has a plan!

After learning that there was a chance of escape, Bai Saya no longer dared to make a wrong move, or it might ruin his chance of escape. Right now, his only wish was for these two people to quickly leave. He really didn’t want them to discover Bones, who was hiding in front of his chest.

“What is your name?” Dan’s attitude is unexpectedly friendly, Bai Saya thought.

Bai Saya frowned, but saying his name shouldn’t endanger him. He wasn’t anyone famous, so he honestly replied, “Bai Saya.”

“So it’s Saya?” Dan spoke the name with care to himself.

Bai Saya gave Dan a strange look. It felt weird to have someone he had just met speak his name so directly.

Mannen observed Dan’s expression and carefully asked, “Milord Dan, is he to your liking?”

Dan pondered for a bit, and he also glanced at Bai Saya several more times. He looked so often that the latter couldn’t help returning his gaze with an odd look. Only then did Dan turn toward Mannen and say, “I’m taking the elf.”

“T-This…” Mannen fretted so much that he was beading with sweat, thinking that Dan wasn’t satisfied with the Easterner. I’m in so much trouble!

“I’ll help plead your case with the Merchant Guild. Leave that Easterner confined here for now… Don’t touch him,” Dan warned him.

Mannen was taken aback. Only then did he understand that Dan had personally taken a liking to the Easterner, so he didn’t want to hand him over to the Merchant Guild. He showed a questionable smile and guaranteed, “As you wish, milord Dan. This Easterner is a guest, a valuable guest!”

Bai Saya listened to Mannen and Dan’s conversation in confusion. I think I’m not going to be sold as a slave? But it doesn’t seem like they’re planning on letting me go either. I still have to wait for Shooting Star to rescue me.

“Come with us,” Dan said heartlessly to the elf. Even though he was only half demon, he wasn’t particularly fond of elves, either.

Without any trace of politeness, Dan extended his hand to drag the elf up from the floor. The elf coldly shook his hand off and stood up by himself. With a proud expression, he walked over to Dan.

“Elf, w-what’s your name?” Bai Saya suddenly called out. Since the elf hadn’t revealed Bones, Bai Saya felt that he should at least learn the elf’s name. If there was a chance, he might be able to help the elf out.

The elf’s footsteps paused momentarily, but he didn’t turn his head. He merely spoke a string of syllables that sounded like music. “Alanmishusgrodiatila.”

Is that a name? Bai Saya was completely stunned.

Mannen and Dan took the elf with them and left. The heavy metal doors closed once more, leaving Bai Saya by himself. He frowned, desperately trying to pronounce the elf’s name.

“A-Alan… So hard to pronounce. Shoot, I’ve already forgotten the rest. Sigh. Forget it! I’ll just use Alan. Alan it is.”

At this time, Bones’s head poked out from Bai Saya’s clothes, and then Bones scurried up the metal door. There was a small window there that wasn’t made of thick metal like the rest of the door. It only had a few metal bars, but the window was so small that even if he destroyed all of the bars on it, Bai Saya wouldn’t be able to climb through it.

It seemed that Bones didn’t intend to call Bai Saya over, in any case. It immediately tried to climb out.

“Wait!” Bai Saya shouted in alarm, thinking that Bones was leaving him to fend for himself. He hurriedly walked over to the metal door.



Bones’s large head was stuck between two metal bars. Despite the wild flailing of its small arms and the desperate pushing of its meatless butt, that huge head was as immovable as a mountain.

Bai Saya didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the scene. Just as he was about to reach out a hand to help the little fellow, there was a “crack,” and Bones managed to escape from the window on its own. It was just that the large head was still stuck between the metal bars. The headless body fell directly to the floor, and when it stood up, it even patted its butt to soothe away the pain. Then, as if it couldn’t see, the body began scurrying about wildly and even rammed into the walls from time to time.

By now, Bai Saya really didn’t know what to do. He paused momentarily but still reached his hands out to grab the huge head in the window. It was truly stuck very tightly. He had to exert a lot of strength to pull the head out.

“Ki—” The red flames in the sockets of the head flickered, looking just like it was holding back tears of gratitude.

Carrying Bones’s head, Bai Saya was about to search for the body when he saw the body climb onto the metal door. It seemed that it was planning to leave through the metal window again.

“Bones, are you trying to get the keys for me?” Bai Saya suddenly came to this realization.

“Ki!” Bones’s response was much more determined this time.

Bai Saya quickly extended Bones’s head close to the metal window. With one person holding the head from the inside and the skeleton of a monkey tugging on the head from the outside, they adjusted the angle and finally succeeded in pushing the huge head through the space between the bars.

Bones connected its head to its neck and even used its small skeletal hand to adjust the position. Only then was it satisfied.

“Hurry and help find the keys!” Bai Saya urged.

Bones answered with another “ki” and scurried off. It only took a few seconds for Bones to disappear from Bai Saya’s sight.

During this time, Bai Saya waited, feeling extremely worried, afraid that people would discover Bones. However, the jingling sound of keys soon came from outside the door, and Bones’s white body then appeared by the metal window. A ring of keys dangled from its mouth.

“You’re amazing!” Bai Saya was so happy that he hit the metal door once.

Outside the metal door, Bones curled its tail to hold onto the window and lowered itself toward the door’s lock. Its two hands held a bunch of keys, and it took a bit before the metal door was opened.

“Awesome, Bones.”

Bai Saya couldn’t wait to leave the prison room. When he walked out and Bones jumped on his shoulder, he even rewarded it by rubbing its head, making Bones go “kiki” out of happiness.

“Shh!” Bai Saya nervously put his index finger in front of his lips.


However, Bones grew even louder. It even jumped off to the floor, using its tail to pull Bai Saya’s hand, urging him forward. This confused him, but he walked out of the dark prison, following Bones.

The moment he stepped out, he was blinded by brightness. Bai Saya had been staying in a dark prison for so long that he wasn’t quite used to such a strong light. It took some time for him to adjust, and only then was he able to take stock of the situation. This prison really did have guards. With how loud he and Bones had just been, they should have already been alerted.

It was just that these guards were currently messily sprawled on the floor. A single glance was enough to reveal that they weren’t sleeping naturally—they were unconscious. A closer sniff revealed a faint, odd smell in the air.

“Sleep medicine?” Bai Saya asked hesitantly, “How come I’m not affected?”

“As if you’d be affected!”

At the same time as the crisp voice sounded, a figure with a head of red hair and a baby face darted in through the window.

“Shooting Star!” Bai Saya exclaimed.

Seeing that Bai Saya was as healthy as can be, Shooting Star relaxed and snapped out, “I even had Bones feed you the antidote in advance. There was no way you’d be affected.”

“Oh! That pellet from earlier.” Bai Saya finally remembered. He looked toward Shooting Star and awkwardly said, “Thanks for coming to rescue me.”

No one wants your thanks! I’d rather you offer yourself as my pet. Shooting Star really felt cheated. He had tried so hard to rescue him, yet all he had earned was a word of thanks. There were still no hints at any success in the grand task of acquiring pets.

“Let’s go. Or are you going to stay here and wait to be sold?”

“Wait! Alan was… there’s an elf who was captured too. Can we save him along the way?”

Bai Saya suddenly remembered the elf. Even though they hadn’t interacted much, they were both residents of the Eastern Continent, and they had been prisoners together during this time. If it were possible, Bai Saya wanted to help him.

“An elf?” Shooting Star exclaimed, “No wonder I saw people from the Goldenstyle Merchant Guild! I was just wondering about it. There’s no way the Goldenstyle Merchant Guild would send an entire team of people here just for you. So, there was an elf!”

Bai Saya asked in concern, “So, can we save him?”

“Save him?” Shooting Star was a little hesitant. If I saved an elf…

—Fantasy VCR—

“Shooting Star, you have my gratitude.”

A stunningly beautiful elf, whose face was filled with thankfulness, used a pair of eyes more beautiful than gems to look at Shooting Star.

“No problem! Rescuing beautiful things is Shooting Star’s duty.”

Shooting Star tried hard to lift his chest and display a heroic air that could pierce the clouds.

“However should I repay you?” The elf moved closer. His/her body smelled just like a platter of meat that had just finished cooking, and he/she used a melodic voice to say, “Please tell me. I am willing to do anything.”

“Really?” Moved, Shooting Star said, “Then, are you willing to be just like Bai Saya and be my pet?”

“Of course I am willing. I couldn’t be happier to.” The elf began smiling faintly.

“Then, are you willing to capture a lot of beautiful pets for me together with Bai Saya?”

“I will capture all the beautiful things in this world for you…”

“Hehehe…” Shooting Star squatted to one side, smiling like a kitten that had sneakily swallowed a canary.

Bai Saya stared in confusion at the deviously smiling Shooting Star. He really didn’t know what to do. He turned his head and asked, “Bones, what in the world is your owner doing?”

“Kikiki!” Bones rattled off and even gestured at its large head.

“Ah… I don’t understand.” Bai Saya looked back at the deviously smiling Shooting Star and sighed, “Why is it that whether it’s the owner or the pet, I can’t understand either at all? Do all people from the Western Continent have this kind of personality?”

At this time, hurried footsteps came from outside.

“Oh no!” Shooting Star abruptly woke up from his fantasies. I can’t believe I’m wasting time here!

He had hurried here to save Bai Saya precisely because he knew the Merchant Guild had sent people over, and he was afraid that Bai Saya would get taken away. If he had known that the Merchant Guild’s people weren’t going to take Bai Saya, he would definitely have waited for the Merchant Guild to leave before beginning the rescue. After all, the Goldenstyle Merchant Guild was quite influential. Having both money and power meant that they weren’t short on skilled fighters, so it was best not to confront anyone from the Merchant Guild.

“Hurry up! Are you unsatisfied that you’re not getting sold?”

Shooting Star grabbed Bai Saya’s arm and fled toward the window that he had busted open when he entered. The moment they jumped out, several arrows flew at them from the front. A few centimeters closer, and they would have struck Bai Saya’s body instead of the wall behind him.

“Darn it! They actually have archers.” Shooting Star shouted in alarm. The Merchant Guild’s teams actually have archers on them, too? This is completely disadvantageous to the max for running away. It’s not like we can run and let the archers stick those arrows onto our butts, right?

At this time, a sudden pain came from Bai Saya’s hand. He glanced toward where the pain was coming from. There was a slit in his sleeves, and a trickle of red dripped from it. An arrow had probably brushed past him. After figuring that out, he paid no further attention to the miniscule injury.

A furious roar sounded, “Stop it at once!”

“Dan?” Bai Saya raised his head, shocked. He didn’t think he would run into this person here. He hadn’t forgotten that Mannen had been deferential to him, so he couldn’t be easy to deal with.

Dan strode forward by several steps and asked in concern, “Saya, are you okay?” At the same time, he looked at the blood on Bai Saya’s hand with his brows furrowed. He had the furious urge to seize the person who had shot the arrow and slaughter him. However, this urge shocked him. He didn’t know what had come over him. The archer was his own subordinate. Why did I want to murder him over that small injury on Bai Saya’s hand?

Bai Saya retreated several steps. Faced with the enemy, he reflexively wanted to draw his sword, but he discovered that he didn’t have a sword. The awkwardness left him not knowing what to do.

“What is it? Does your hand hurt?” Dan continued to be concerned and walked forward several steps. However, this action caused Bai Saya to retreat further.

Ohhhh? What’s up with the current situation? Shooting Star narrowed his eyes. He looked at Bai Saya. Then, he looked at Dan, abruptly realizing that the latter was actually half demon. If he had demon blood, then it was possible… Hehe! I can take advantage of that!

“Don’t move!” Shooting Star abruptly placed a knife against Bai Saya’s neck.

Such a sudden act from his companion stunned Bai Saya, but he was also deeply afraid that he would ruin Shooting Star’s plans, so he could only whisper, “Shooting Star?”

Shh! Shooting Star jabbed Bai Saya’s waist, wanting him to quiet down. Even though Bai Saya was utterly confused, he knew that Shooting Star was always full of tricks. Maybe this was some method to allow them to escape, so he stayed still and quiet, allowing the other person to place a knife against his neck.

“If you come any closer, I’ll open up a large hole in his neck!”

Shooting Star tried to appear fierce, but the people in front of him just looked at him oddly. He could only drop his fierce glare that wasn’t anywhere close to fierce and shout, “Hey, you there, the one called Dan. Tell everyone to back off!”

When he heard that, Dan furrowed his brows and observed the person holding Bai Saya hostage. No matter how he looked at it, he didn’t feel that the boy had the means to threaten Bai Saya. He was nearly an entire head shorter than Bai Saya. Because of the difference in their heights, it was very odd to see him holding a knife to Bai Saya’s neck.

After all, wasn’t it a strange sight to see a criminal standing on his tippy toes in order to be able to hold a knife to the hostage’s neck, while still being able to show his face over the hostage’s shoulder and not be completely blocked by the hostage?

Dan smiled. “Aren’t you and Bai Saya on the same side?”

As expected, this isn’t convincing at all, right? Shooting Star flicked his eyes, purposefully pretending not to care as he said, “We were originally on the same side! But if there’s any danger, I’m not going down with him. It’s not like we’re close or anything. Did you really think I wouldn’t dare to open a hole in his neck?”

Dan furrowed his brows, but he didn’t have any intention to tell anyone to fall back.

Shooting Star blinked. If he hadn’t guessed incorrectly, this fellow called Dan who was before them was definitely checked by Bai Saya. Otherwise, he would definitely have ordered people to rush them already, and wouldn’t care whether or not Bai Saya would get his neck slit. This was truly a stroke of luck for them, or else he and Bai Saya would definitely be unable to leave today.

“Bear with it, Xiao Bai,” Shooting Star whispered.

What? Just as Bai Saya’s suspicions arose, a sharp pain came from his neck, and his face immediately paled.

Shooting Star… you cut way too deeply…

“Hehe! Take that! I really do dare to open a hole in his neck… Hey! Xiao Bai, what’s going on?!”

Halfway through Shooting Star’s merry, Bai Saya’s body slid down like he was boneless. Caught off guard, Shooting Star wasn’t able to grab him in time, and Bai Saya thudded to the ground. Face deathly pale, he held his neck, but that wasn’t enough to stanch the bright red blood leaking through his fingers.

“Saya!” Dan hollered, immediately rushing forward.

“Stop right there!”

Shooting Star went with it and simply placed the blade of the knife below Xiao Bai’s head. This time, Bai Saya no longer believed that Shooting Star wouldn’t take his life. Face pale, he struggled to move, wanting to place more distance between him and the knife.

“Stop it!” Dan growled.

He didn’t understand why Bai Saya’s own companion would actually hurt him. He could see that there was blood, and the injury wasn’t light, either. However, it was the moment he saw Bai Saya show a pale and frightened expression, lying in an entire pool of bright red blood, that Dan no longer dared to gamble that this boy in front of him wouldn’t really kill Bai Saya.

“Back away!” Shooting Star commanded stubbornly.

Dan hesitated for a moment before ordering the subordinates behind him, “All of you, fall back.”

As expected, the Merchant Guild’s warriors were well-trained. Even though the order was very strange, they all followed the order without question. No one doubted the command.

Awesome, they really fell back! Shooting Star blinked and lowered his head to whisper, “Xiao Bai, you’re really useful. I didn’t think that they’d really fall back!”

You used a knife on my neck when you didn’t even think they’d actually fall back? Bai Saya rolled his eyes, almost angry enough that he was about to faint.

“Come on! Getting angry over such a small matter. You’re so petty.”

Shooting Star poked Bai Saya. The latter grew even more furious, to the point of nearly having a brain aneurism, because this guy had actually used the blade of the knife to poke him. Even though I didn’t get hurt… Huh? Why does my face feel warm?

Bai Saya lifted a hand to touch his face. His fingers came away with even more blood. Only then did he feel the pain from where Shooting Star had just poked him with the knife.

“Oh, I poked too hard.” Shooting Star gulped and guiltily averted his gaze from Bai Saya’s murderous one.

If you didn’t come to save me, I would have been fine. You came to save me, and now I’m at death’s door! Bai Saya felt deep regret. If he had known beforehand, he would have obediently stayed in the prison cell. His situation might not have been as pitiable as his current state.

Seeing Bai Saya get injured again, Dan blurted, “Stop, I’ll let you leave. Just stop hurting him.”

When he heard Dan’s words, Bai Saya was nearly so moved, he was about to cry. He almost couldn’t tell who his companion was anymore; Shooting Star, who kept injuring him with a knife, or Dan, who kept trying to prevent Shooting Star from injuring him.

“Deal!” Shooting Star smiled so much that his eyes became crescents. He hadn’t thought he could leave so easily.

Wait! We can’t leave just like this. There’s something else we need to make sure of, too. He again plastered on a fierce expression that wasn’t fierce at all and said, “I better not end up on the wanted list. If that happens, I’ll- I’ll abuse him!”

In order to show that he would truly do it, Shooting Star shook Bai Saya back and forth violently. The latter spurted out more blood from being shaken, and grew even angrier, so that not only was blood spraying out from his neck and head, he was now even spitting blood out of his mouth.

“I understand,” Dan promised.

Heave ho! Shooting Star held Bai Saya up, trying to drag him away. He left behind a trail of blood…


Dan tossed over a bottle of potion.

“Healing potion? Awesome! I was just wondering what to do about Xiao Bai’s injuries!”

Shooting Star caught the bottle. When he saw the label on the bottle, his eyes immediately shone. “Wow, and it’s even a healing potion of the highest quality. This is super duper priceless! Xiao Bai, you sure are lucky…”

When he lowered his head, he saw that Bai Saya was currently lying on the ground and rolling his eyes at him several times without prompting.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Shooting Star looked at the potion bottle he held, and then he looked at Bai Saya who was against the ground. Strange, wasn’t I holding Bai Saya up to support him just now? Then, this potion bottle was thrown over, and I caught it. After that, Bai Saya… Ah!

Shooting Star laughed drily and apologized as he lifted Bai Saya back up. “Hehe, sorry. Let’s hurry and escape!”

After helping Bai Saya up, the two of them slowly moved toward the exit. Once they reached the castle gates, they discovered that the drawbridge had been raised. They couldn’t exit at all.

The guards to the side responsible for operating the drawbridge looked at the two of them in incomprehension. One of them was even heavily injured. They didn’t look like guests, but they didn’t seem like intruders either. After all, an entire team of Merchant Guild warriors were following behind them, and they didn’t look like they were about to step forward and seize them.

“Hey! Open the gates!” One of them shouted boldly for them to open the gates.

The guards looked at each other, at a loss as to what to do. Could these two be guests? But we didn’t see them enter, and now they’re about to leave? Besides, without orders from above, they wouldn’t dare to open the gates.

“Open the gates,” Dan ordered the guards, relieving them of their quandary.

The drawbridge was slowly lowered. The two intruders, one brashly, and the other dragging along pitiable injuries, left via drawbridge under the gazes of the countless enemies behind them.

It was just that he had to use his own companion to threaten the enemy, and he had ended up heavily injuring his companion too, and they even needed the enemy’s help to tend to the injuries and open the gates to let them leave. It was really difficult to say whether this was Bai Saya’s misfortune, or Dan’s misfortune!

But whatever the case, it definitely wasn’t Shooting Star’s misfortune.

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