three plurks about ½ Prince

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Three translations of Yu Wo’s recent plurks about ½ Prince! She doesn’t plurk too much about ½ Prince as she finished writing that series quite some time ago, but lately, she has talked a little about ½ Prince because of the manhua and the new illustrator editions of the novels. The timing is fairly perfect, since PR! has recently released the corresponding chapters she talks about. If you haven’t read HPV7C6, do that before reading these plurks!


The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 4: “You May Only Use a Sword, Unless No One Sees You”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

“You May Only Use a Sword, Unless No One Sees You”1 – translated by Lucathia

He recalled how his teacher had once left him the task of swinging his sword one thousand times, and then announced that he was leaving to go look for the prince (or the princess). But while he was gone, all Grisia had done was goof off instead. When his teacher returned and found out…

At the time, Grisia had thought he would get beaten, yet his teacher merely chuckled coldly and grabbed Grisia by the collar and threw him on his horse before galloping out of town…

He would soon discover that the reason his teacher didn’t hit him…was that even one casual strike of his would be enough to hurl Grisia right at the God of Light!

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 2: “Truth in Disguise”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: Truth in Disguise

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Truth in Disguise Part 1 – translated by Lucathia

Inside the basement, Chikus kicked at the four walls surrounding him with all his might. The walls were made of stone. With his current strength, it was completely impossible for him to rattle the walls.

Even though he knew that his actions were entirely pointless, he still couldn’t stop and do nothing, since all he could see before him was a shroud of darkness. At all times, this darkness invaded his senses. Whenever he stopped moving, he would feel as if he were about to be swallowed by the darkness…

Suddenly, the only door to the basement opened.

The sudden light caused Chikus to squint. He raised his head and saw, next to the basement’s door, a head of golden-blonde hair that glinted under the sunlight. Because of the backlight, even though the person’s face and upper body were visible, everything was still fairly blurry. There was a ring of light around the person, almost as if the entire body were giving off light.

The person who had arrived extended his hand out to him and said with a smile, “I’ve found you.”

½ Prince V7C2: The Disappearance of Wicked

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½ Prince Volume 7: Life, Fading Away

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2: The Disappearance of Wicked – translated by Lucathia

“This is AnRui,” I introduced to everyone in Infinite City. After seeing their dumbstruck expressions and increasing breathing difficulties, I added another fatal blow. “Is everyone ready? If so, take a seat. It’s time to depart.”

Everyone was speechless. After a lot of struggling, Nan Gong Zui finally managed to squeeze out a single question, one that he obviously already knew the answer to. “What are we sitting on?”

Naturally, I gestured toward AnRui. “You know, AnRui.”

“Where are we going to sit? On the shell?” Neurotic widened his eyes.

Silently, I walked up to AnRui’s side and patted its shell. At that, AnRui opened its shell and rolled me up with its tongue (don’t ask me if clams really have tongues. I don’t know either. I’ve never encountered tongues when I ate clams in the past. AnRui somehow just had one). I then lay on top of the soft clam meat, as comfortable as if I were lying on top of a water bed from Simmons. It was hard to suppress my continual feeling of drowsiness.


some interesting plurks

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A quick translation of two interesting plurks from Yu Wo!


“Legend of Sun Knight version”: Tell three statements that people think are false but are actually truths.
Grisia is a very responsible guy.
Lesus is actually very dependent on Grisia.
This series’ original name was actually “I am a knight”.

(Lucathia: Hahaha, in the comments, people said they knew both 1 & 2 to be true! Is it as apparent to you? :) “I am a knight” huh… I’m glad Yu Wo changed the name!)


The hardest thing about writing a spin-off for Legend of Sun Knight is that…I have to come up with a bunch of names again. (explodes) Anyone want to contribute words or full names? XD

(Lucathia: Oh, translator woes… I already don’t look forward to figuring out a bunch of new names. XDDDD Yu Wo has mentioned that this spin-off will be 1-2 volumes and will be based on the 39th generation of the Twelve Holy Knights. In faaaact, if anyone wants to spoil themselves crazy, here’s a preliminary pic of two of the knights from the 39th generation. Aren’t they cute? Can you guess who they are?)

By the way, No Hero volume 7 is coming out on 4/25. Anyone thinking of buying it? :)