GOD V1C1: The Cunning Boy VS the Righteous Swordsman

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GOD –The Beginning of the End– Volume 1: The First Pet is a Swordsman

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: The Cunning Boy VS the Righteous Swordsman—translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius & Faren; C/E edited by raylight)

It was a scorching summer day, the sun hung high in the sky, and the recent temperature was frighteningly unbearable. With this kind of weather, even gnomes, creatures that were dirty but highly adaptable to all kinds of environments, would rather starve than come out to hunt. Slimes, mucus type creatures that could be seen everywhere, had also completely vanished from the roads. Only under the cool shadows of trees could a few wiggling mucus entities be found. The temperature was so high that even the slimes had melted.

Furthermore, the sunlight was so strong that you simply couldn’t keep your eyes open. The high temperature made even the dirt roads look deformed, and the smell in the air could only be described as “stifling hot.” All of this would make any traveler feel unwell, yet there just had to be someone who seemed to think walking along this path wasn’t difficult enough. That someone just had to add off-key singing. The low tones were as jarring as having rocks banged against the ground, while the high tones were akin to having nails scraping across glass. No one would feel the least bit comfortable hearing that.

That person was leisurely reclining on a thick branch of a tree by the side of the road. He had one leg propped on the other in a brash fashion and his arms behind his head. His position looked very unstable, as if he were in danger of falling at any moment, but anyone who heard the completely off the rails singing coming from his mouth would start praying, “Please fall down already!”

“One ugly pig, another ugly pig, a third ugly pig. Shooting Star has seen so many ugly pigs…”

The frightening singing suddenly stopped, and the guy who called himself Shooting Star shifted his body. He was a boy who looked to be around fifteen to sixteen years old. A huge smile abruptly appeared on his goose-egg shaped face, and an extraordinary sparkle flashed across his large, round eyes that could only be described as cute. He had found his prey. All of these signs indicated—a certain someone, or a certain unidentified creature, was about to be in a great pinch.

And that was…

Shooting Star sat up. His round eyes narrowed into lines as he tried to scrutinize the person walking toward him from the other end of the road. The person’s figure was long and slender. In such hot weather, the person wasn’t even wearing a cloak to block the sun and was just wearing strange, white robes. By the person’s side hung a sword with a straight blade. The bag on his back indicated that he was a traveler.

“That outfit doesn’t look like a mage’s robes. The style is really strange too… What a strange person!” Shooting Star frowned, but a bright smile immediately appeared again. He added, “A strange person with a pretty good figure.”

Shooting Star remained in the tree out of curiosity. He watched fixedly as the person walked closer and closer. Oddly enough, when the person reached the tree that Shooting Star was in, he actually stopped.

In response, Shooting Star raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t take the initiative to speak. Is it a coincidence, or have I been discovered?

The person raised his head. A pair of clear, amber eyes looked at Shooting Star, who was in the tree. A candid smile appeared on the person’s face.

“This brother in the tree, may I ask if Stella City is in this direction?” His voice was very gentle, but the tone was odd, as if he were unfamiliar with the language he was using.

Shooting Star narrowed his eyes and observed the person under the tree. The person’s appearance was very unique. He definitely looked human, but his skin leaned a bit more toward yellow than most humans. He had an oval face, and his body was slimmer than most as well. Other than that, Shooting Star couldn’t put his finger on how he was different. He just is!

In any case, it didn’t really matter if he was different or not. The important point was, he was easy on the eyes! Although he was a bit odd, it wasn’t in an ugly way, especially the color of his eyes. It was a half translucent and gentle amber, as pretty as a gem. He had an open smile that made people feel comfortable just by looking at him. Although he was slender and didn’t have much muscle on him, it actually gave him a graceful appearance.

So nice looking! Shooting Star smiled widely. He liked admiring beautiful things. Although the person in front of him could at most only be considered elegant, his pair of amber eyes were definitely in the beautiful category!

Shooting Star lay on his stomach on the tree branch. He lowered his head and asked the person below the tree, “Hey, I’m Shooting Star. What’s your name?”

“Huh?” At the sudden question, the person beneath the tree couldn’t react right away. In addition, the shadows from the trees obscured the other person almost completely, so he could not see their appearance clearly. It couldn’t be helped that he would be on his guard.

Seeing that he was unwilling to answer, Shooting Star smoothly flipped down. He spun several times in the air and landed beautifully on the ground. When he straightened up, he discovered that the other person wasn’t short despite being slender. He was a full half a head taller than him. Shooting Star’s eyes only reached the person’s chin. It really diminished his grandeur.

With the person being so tall, he probably wasn’t a crossdressing girl. Shooting Star felt it to be a pity. With that pair of large, amber eyes, he would look very beautiful wearing female clothing. However, since he had confirmed that it was a guy, Shooting Star no longer held back. He brashly stuck one hand on his waist and used his other hand to even more brashly poke the other person’s chest.

“Pretty thing, what exactly is your name? If you don’t tell me, I’ll give you a name!”

“Huh?” First, the person was shocked over getting called “pretty thing,” and then he panicked over hearing that he was going to get named. Afraid that Shooting Star really would give him a new name, he hurriedly answered, “I-I’m Bai Saya.”

“Bai Saya.” Shooting Star repeated it to himself. He nodded his head vigorously. “Pretty good name. Sounds exactly like a name you would have. All right then, I won’t give you a new name!”

Not sure what had just happened, Bai Saya nodded. Such imprudent behavior would normally be distasteful, but he found that he wasn’t angry at all… He smiled helplessly. It was unlikely that anyone would be able to muster any anger toward the boy in front of him who only reached his chin.

Especially when the boy had a child-like, goose-egg shaped face, a pair of large, limpid golden eyes that kept blinking and blinking, and short, blazing red hair that kept dancing in the air due to his large nodding motions. He looked to be an exuberant child. It would be really hard to take any offense with him.

“Bai Saya,” Shooting Star asked out of curiosity, “why are you heading to Stella City?”

Bai Saya frowned. Even though he wouldn’t grow angry at the boy, he couldn’t be forthright with him either, especially when his current task was one he shouldn’t talk about.

He’s actually on his guard? But with that open smile of his, I’m sure he’s not all that guarded. Shooting Star was secretly amused on the inside, but he put on an angry expression, and he used a frustrated tone to say, “You’re such a sneak who won’t even answer such a basic question! I thought I’d bring you with me to Stella City, since I’m returning there anyway, but now…”

He pouted and turned his face away, angrily saying, “I’ll need to reconsider it!”

Although he looked to be furious on the outside, if Bai Saya were to carefully look at Shooting Star’s big round eyes, he would have discovered that the latter was letting his eyes drift his way nonstop. It was obvious that he was sneakily checking on Bai Saya’s reaction and that he was deliberately putting on a pretense.

Unfortunately, fate was indeed something one had to control with one’s own hands. After listening to Shooting Star’s explanation, not only did Bai Saya miss seeing Shooting Star’s sneaky glances, he even showed an apologetic expression.

“I’m sorry. I was being too suspicious,” Bai Saya lowered his head a bit, apologizing sincerely.

“As long as you know!” When he heard the apology, Shooting Star whipped his head around. There wasn’t even a trace of anger on his face, but he didn’t forget to poke Bai Saya’s chest out of discontent. Oh~ such flexibility. Let me poke some more. Shooting Star seemed to have gotten addicted to it. His large eyes shone, and his fingers kept poking and poking.

Bai Saya abruptly grabbed Shooting Star’s finger. Unperturbed, he moved the finger away from his chest as he said, “I won’t trouble you, then. I should be able to reach Stella City on my own.”


Shooting Star froze for a moment, but a moment was all it took for Bai Saya to have walked far away already. Shooting Star hurriedly moved his legs, which weren’t very long, and rushed to catch up.

“Wait, Stella is hard to reach! It’s really, really difficult to find. Without me around, you wouldn’t be able to find it. Believe me, okay? Wait up!”

Shooting Star leaped after him. Without paying any attention to whether the other person was willing, he walked by his side and asked whimsically, “Hey, Bai Saya, you look really odd. You’re not from the Western Continent, right?”

The continents of this world were easy to distinguish. They were so orderly that it was as if someone had purposely divided them up in such a fashion. There were a total of four continents, and it just so happened that they were divided into north, south, east, and west. Each continent had its own name, but to travelers, it was easiest and most common to call them north, south, east, and west. The current continent they were on was the Western Continent, which was largely occupied by the human race.

“I’m not. I come from the Yisite Continent, from the east.” Bai Saya gave a simple answer.

“Really? Is the Eastern Continent fun?” Shooting Star’s eyes began shining.

However, Bai Saya didn’t answer. He merely turned his head to glance at the half grown boy walking beside him. He felt a bit helpless. Why was it that he was being followed by this boy when all he had done was ask for directions? He had things he needed to do. He did not have time to deal with the boy.


After being ignored for so long, Shooting Star plastered on a hurt expression and said in grievance, “Do you hate me so much? You won’t even answer any of my questions!”

“Not at all.”

Seeing Shooting Star’s hurt expression, Bai Saya felt his resolve weakening. If it weren’t because he had dire matters, even if this boy was odd, he wouldn’t treat him so coldly. However, at the moment, he couldn’t let this boy follow him.

Bai Saya furrowed his brows. He tried using the language of the Western Continent, which he wasn’t very familiar with, to explain. “Following me is dangerous.”

Dangerous? Shooting Star’s large eyes shut together in his smile, a flash of danger flitting through. Immediately after, he showed a daring spirit that only the young would have and loudly declared, “I’m not afraid of danger, because—“

I’m a huge danger myself! However, that wasn’t something he could reveal. Shooting Star abruptly shut his mouth. He had almost revealed his terrible nature.

“Because of what?” Bai Saya couldn’t help but ask after not being able to hear the rest.

“Because…” Shooting Star blinked. Without turning red or even having the slightest hitch in his voice, he lied, “Because I like adventures. I love danger!”

Bai Saya smiled wryly and shook his head. “No, my business is too dangerous. You should go away from me.”

“You should say, ‘stay away from me,’ not ‘go away from me.’” Not only did Shooting Star ignore his advice, he even offhandedly corrected his strange speech.

Seeing the situation, Bai Saya understood that the boy was determined to bother him. He hardened his heart and began running. He had good endurance and could run for a few hours without stopping.

When he saw Bai Saya suddenly begin running, his white figure growing smaller and smaller, Shooting Star still had both arms behind his head. He leisurely watched the person who was running so fast, it was almost like he was flying.

Trying to run? Do you think someone who has caught my eye can escape so easily?

He pinched his cheeks hard. Ouch! His golden eyes immediately filled with tears. It couldn’t be helped. He, Shooting Star, was unafraid of heaven or hell. The only thing he was afraid of was pain. Even if it was a pain that could be endured, his eyes would always easily fill with tears.

The preparations are finished. Time for the show to begin!

Shooting Star sucked in his breath, as if gathering his resolve… and cried at the top of his lungs. Yet his feet dashed toward Bai Saya to chase him, almost like he was flying. His wail was incomparably pitiful. “Don’t leave! I’m scared to stay here by myself!”

When he heard this, the white figure in the front froze momentarily but immediately began running again.

Seems like this isn’t enough. Shooting Star pouted and continued wailing, “I heard that there are bandits here! If I meet them, I would definitely get robbed of everything and then get sold as a slave. Sob!”

Bai Saya abruptly stopped in his tracks but, after pondering for a few seconds, decided that the danger surrounding him was still more dire, and since the boy had been daring enough to stay here by himself earlier, it was evident that he wasn’t really in danger. And so, he began dashing off again.

Cold-hearted bastard! Shooting Star grew angry. I thought this guy looked naïve, like someone who should be easy to trick. Was my judgment wrong?

“Sob!” He turned his wailing up by a few notches. “M-Maybe some pervert will take interest in me and sell me… Ah!”

Too focused on crying, Shooting Star didn’t notice the hole in the middle of the road. He tripped, his entire body hitting the ground, spread eagle… Ouch! I hit my nose. Now, I’m really in pain! Sob sob, stupid liar, pretending to be someone easy to trick, yet he was actually such a tough one to trick, even making me fall and hit my nose. I really judged him wrongly.

“Are you okay?”

Shooting Star was facing downward, his entire person flattened to the ground. He was crying as he shook his head, looking extremely pitiful. He protested loudly, “It’s all your fault, you meanie. You made my nose break!”

“Let me see. A nose won’t break so easily,” Bai Saya said somewhat helplessly. In the end, he could not bring himself to leave this solitary boy alone, so he returned.

Based on Shooting Star’s appearance, he should at most only be fifteen, and he might possibly be a runaway child. Besides, what he had just said was accurate. In such an empty wilderness, it was very easy to meet bandits. Having his things stolen was a small matter. What was most frightening was if even the boy himself would be stolen away to be sold. When he thought of this, Bai Saya was truly unable to leave him be.

“But it really hurts so much! It must have broken!” Shooting Star raised his head, his large eyes filled with tears. He even glared straight at Bai Saya, completely blaming the fact that he had fallen on the latter.

Bai Saya extended his hand to pinch his reddened nose, ignoring the wails of pain that resulted. He smiled and said, “Your nose isn’t broken. There’s no blood. It’s not serious.”

Shooting Star protested loudly, “But it hurts a ton!”

“It’ll stop hurting soon. Let’s stand up.”

Bai Saya held his hand out to Shooting Star, but the latter turned his head away in a pout. “No!”

But Shooting Star thought it over. This wouldn’t do. If the other person really believed that he wasn’t going to stand up and, also, that his nose wasn’t seriously injured, he might run away again! Shooting Star had finally managed to make this cold-hearted fellow turn back! When he thought of this, he hurriedly added on a request, “Let me come with you. Then, I’ll stand up.”

Bai Saya’s smile turned even more helpless, and he helplessly said, “Fine. Come with me until we reach town. We’ll part ways at the gates.”

“It’s a promise.” Shooting Star held up his pinky.

“What are you doing?” Bai Saya asked in confusion.

“Pinky swear.” Shooting Star answered like it was a matter of fact, but when he saw Bai Saya’s confusion, he squinted and asked, “You don’t know what a pinky swear is?”

Bai Saya shook his head.

Shooting Star explained gravely, “A pinky swear is when two people hook their pinkies together and swear an oath. This is a very serious rite. If you don’t follow the oath, the gods will zap you to death with lightning!”

“R-Really?” Bai Saya looked at his short pinky in astonishment. He hadn’t thought that such an inconspicuous custom would have this kind of effect. As expected, without heading outside, one really couldn’t know of the world’s affairs.

“Of course!” …that’s a lie. Shooting Star’s face was still full of solemnity, but he was inwardly laughing his head off. In the end, he really is someone easy to trick. My judgment is, as usual, super accurate!

Bai Saya had a grave expression. He extended his pinky to hook Shooting Star’s pinky. He seriously made his promise, “I swear that I will definitely safely bring you to Stella City. If I break my promise, I am willing to be struck down by the gods’ lightning.”

When he heard such a grave promise, Shooting Star couldn’t help but be stunned. I-Is this guy a super big idiot?

“Okay.” Bai Saya asked with a smile, “With the pinky swear done, can you stand now?”

“Huh? Oh…” Shooting Star crawled up in a daze and stared at Bai Saya in somewhat of a stupor as he walked over. He appeared just like a kid about to be kidnapped.

“The Eastern Continent is a very beautiful place,” Bai Saya suddenly said.

Shooting Star blinked before he could react. So, Bai Saya is answering my question from earlier. He hurriedly asked what he wanted to know the most. “E-Elves. I hear that the Eastern Continent has a lot of elves. No matter if they’re a guy or a girl, they’re all as pretty as deities. Is that true?”

Bai Saya smiled and answered, “There are a lot of elves, but most don’t like to leave the forests, and they don’t like outsiders entering their territory, either. So, it’s very difficult to see them.”

Because he was unfamiliar with the language, Bai Saya spoke very slowly, but Shooting Star was just too interested in elves. He wasn’t the least bit impatient.

“Have you seen them before?” Shooting Star’s eyes were wide.

“It could be said that I haven’t—“

Bai Saya’s words were interrupted by a sudden scream. His expression turned grave. He turned and said to Shooting Star, “Stay here. I will go check at the current situation.” After he said his piece, he ran toward the origin of the scream.

It should be “check out the situation.” Shooting Star inwardly corrected Bai Saya’s strange use of language, and then he immediately followed Bai Saya. He would never stay behind obediently and miss out on the fun.

Bai Saya heard the noises behind him and turned to look. Shooting Star was currently wearing an innocent smile and following behind him. He frowned. He was about to tell him not to follow because it would be dangerous, but by this time, he could already see the people in front of them. In addition, bits and pieces of conversation could already be heard. If he created too big of a commotion, he could very well draw their attention.

Shooting Star placed his index finger on his lips and made a “shh” gesture at Bai Saya. The latter was completely helpless and could only continue forward together with him. When they looked out from the bushes, a single glance was all it took to see that there were a few people there.

“Stay away!”

A woman had fallen to the ground and was fearfully looking at two towering brutes approach her with vicious expressions. Other than screaming, she didn’t seem to know what else she could do. She could only watch the brutes approach her with leers on their faces…

The moment Bai Saya saw this scene, his blood boiled. Before Shooting Star could even stop him, he had already shouted out, “Stop it!”

At the same time as he finished yelling, he jumped out. He was so fast that it was like he had flown between the brutes and the girl. He had already drawn the straight blade originally hanging by his waist, taking on a proper battle stance. One look, and anyone would be able to tell that he was an experienced blade wielder.

The two brutes on the opposing end held a large sword and a broken ax respectively. Although they were towering, they were sporting large bellies and sagging muscles that didn’t look the least bit solid.

Bai Saya is an idiot! Shooting Star’s eyes were wide.

“Stupid brat, scram if you know what’s good for you. Otherwise, don’t blame us brothers for what’s gonna happen to you!” viciously screamed the brute wielding the large sword.

“Don’t butt into this matter with the lass, or else you’ll be sorry,” the brute with the ax sneered.

However, Bai Saya didn’t have the least bit intention to retreat. Even though he himself had a lot of troubles, for him to watch on as a woman got besmirched was something he could never allow to happen.

To the side, Shooting Star was so anxious, he was like an ant on a frying pan. This stupid, brainless, huge idiot! He hasn’t at all figured out what’s going on. If I’m not wrong, that woman…


…Is one of the bandits herself. Shooting Star was exasperated. He was right. The woman who had just been screaming “no” was now holding a wooden pole that had a metal tip, and Bai Saya had already fallen to the floor, unconscious.

Sigh! Stupid idiot. In this kind of deserted place with not a single town or shop in sight, no girl would come here by herself! And those two guys obviously look very weak. There was obviously something wrong when they didn’t retreat after being matched up with an imposing blade wielder like you!

Shooting Star held his hands out to both sides in exasperation. He sighed and said, “The hero saving the beauty, and the beauty falling in love with him, that kind of thing only happens in novels!

“Oh, but that might not be exactly true.” Shooting Star smiled widely. If I were to save Bai Saya right now, it could at least be considered a hero saving a beaut(iful man)! Maybe…

—Fantasy VCR—

“So it was you who saved me, Shooting Star. I am truly in your debt.”

Bai Saya looked gratefully at Shooting Star with his serious, solemn, and handsome face. He even held Shooting Star’s hands with both of his. He said resolutely, “Go ahead and tell me what you’d like. I will definitely repay you no matter what.”

Shooting Star was super touched as he said, “Then, are you willing to wear this super duper lavish formal suit with golden feathers and silver sequins?”

“Of course!”

“And be my pet for a lifetime?”

“No problem!”

“And you’ll help me capture even more beautiful pets? I want an elf, a phoenix, the legendary eternal rose, and a unicorn. Oh! I also want an angel… I might as well capture a god to be my pet as well.”

“Of course, of course. I will capture them all for you.”

Hehehe, so many beautiful pets. I want the prettiest, best looking pets… Shooting Star smiled foolishly and seemed not to have noticed the slow approach of the two brutes and the woman.

“Big bro, what’s this brat smiling about?” The ax-wielding brute touched the goose bumps rising on his arms. After shivering, he said, “Why is it that I feel so disturbed after seeing his smile? He’s obviously just a weak brat!”

The sword-wielding brute began yelling. He too was shivering! “I… How would I know! Whatever, capture him already. They’re both quality goods and can be sold for quite a lot.”

“Heh, this little fellow looks so cute. It’s a pity to sell him.” The woman said and reached a hand out to touch Shooting Star’s cheek.

“What’re you doing?!” At this time, Shooting Star finally returned to his senses. He abruptly exploded and yelled, “Ugly woman, don’t touch me!”

“W-What’d you say?” The woman’s face twisted. She yelled at the two brutes, “Hurry and grab that stupid brat.”

The two brutes hurriedly ran over, intent on capturing Shooting Star. They had even thrown their weapons to the ground without regard, thinking that even using their fists to capture this kind of brat would be overdoing it.

Knowing this, Shooting Star smirked and pulled out a weapon from his waistband. It was a long whip with a color that appeared blood red. A sharp, painful crack resounded throughout the air. That whip moved as nimbly as a snake, causing both brutes to wail in pain.

At this time, both men had finally discovered that they had underestimated the kid. They wanted to rush back for their weapons, but it wasn’t like Shooting Star would give them that chance. It was like the whip was alive, firmly ensnaring both of them. It didn’t take long for wounds to appear all over the brutes’ bodies. Blood burst in all directions, and they kept screaming and shrieking.

“Infuriate me, huh? Try it again!” While wielding the whip, Shooting Star’s golden eyes flashed with a strange cruelty. He didn’t at all blink in the face of all the blood and injuries.


The woman let go of the wooden pole tipped with metal. She retreated several steps, a scream on the tip of her tongue.

Shooting Star stilled his whip and turned to look toward his own shoulder. A strange creature was currently standing on his shoulder… No, it should be said that it wasn’t a “creature,” as it wasn’t alive. It was a skeleton, a skeletal frame that looked like it belonged to a little monkey. It had a large skull and four skinny limbs. It was even holding a huge bunch of bananas!

Instead of empty eye sockets, there were actually red flames burning inside of them. This skeletal frame that shouldn’t be alive was turning its head this way and that, and it was jumping from the left shoulder to the right and back and forth, completely without rest.

The loud “clang” from earlier was the sound of the wooden pole hitting that large skull.

“You’ve finally returned, stupid Bones!” Shooting Star scolded and complained at the same time, “You were picking bananas for so long that I thought you’d gone all the way to the Northern Continent!”

“Kiki… Kikiki!” First, Bones lowered its skull in apology, and then it used its large head to rub against its owner. Its two small front limbs even hurriedly lifted up the fresh bananas, looking just like a good pet wanting to please its owner.

“At least you’re tactful!” Shooting Star happily took the bananas. He was really hungry!

“N-Necromancer!” At this time, the woman finally managed to piece together the broken words on the tip of her tongue. The moment she managed to speak, it was this taboo noun.

Necromancer. It was a mage who specialized in summoning undead creatures.

To humans who hated the undead and respected the dead, there was probably nothing more detestable than a necromancer who would disturb the sleep of the dead and keep dragging around a bunch of rotting, putrid corpses every which way.

When Shooting Star heard himself getting called “necromancer,” his eyes gleamed and a “wicked” smile appeared. He used a sinister voice to say, “Hehehe, since you’ve found me out, then don’t blame me for—”

Before he could even finish, the woman had already stumbled over herself to run away.

“Hey, I haven’t even finished my threat!” After Shooting Star shouted angrily, the woman had already disappeared without a trace. How rude! He turned, but hey, weren’t there still two brutes around?

Even though the two brutes were gravely injured, nothing was as grave as the word “necromancer!” At the moment, they merely had some of their muscles sliced up. If things continued, not only might they lose their lives, their spirits might not even be able to rest after death. Of course they would flee for their lives.

“They sure ran away fast.” Shooting Star scratched his face. He made a face at the enemies who had run off and yelled, “Stupid idiots! If I really were a necromancer, why would my big bro be so bothered by my rubbish magic? A necromancer is the hardest to train among mages.

“Right, Bones?” Shooting Star propped his hands on his waist, not at all embarrassed over how bad his magic was.

“Ki!” Bones nodded up and down exaggeratedly.

“Hey!” Shooting Star whacked Bones’s large skull and pouted, “You actually nodded your head so forcefully! Is my magic really that terrible?”

Bones let its head droop, looking like it had been wronged. It made another two “ki” sounds, but the meaning was unclear.

Bones isn’t what is important at the moment! What’s most important is figuring out if that guy on the ground died or not from the blow. Shooting Star rushed to Bai Saya’s side. After kneeling down, he pushed Bai Saya, who was completely dead to the world. He helplessly said, “Pretty thing! If the pinky swear promise is truly effective, you’re about to be struck to death by lightning!”


After being shoved a few times, Bai Saya made some groaning noises. He slowly woke up, and as if he had suddenly thought of something, he abruptly returned to his senses. He raised his head and saw Shooting Star staring at him with large eyes while holding his cheeks with both hands. Seeing that he was fine, Bai Saya sighed in relief. Then, he remembered to ask, “What exactly happened?”

“That woman and the bandits were in cahoots. She whacked you from behind. You fainted,” Shooting Star explained very simply.

After Bai Saya finished listening to him, he asked in confusion, “I see… What happened to the bandits? How did we escape?”

“They ran away after I beat them up,” Shooting Star answered smilingly. He was also waiting in great anticipation. Hurry, hurry. Hurry and say that you want to repay me. Then, we’ll go to catch a bunch of beautiful pets together.

Bai Saya stared at Shooting Star suspiciously. The latter’s smile grew wider and wider, and his golden eyes were gleaming like gold. He didn’t know what Shooting Star was anticipating and looking at him with such large eyes for.

Finally, Bai Saya couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He said, “Stop joking, Shooting Star. There must have been a passerby who conveniently saved us, right? Lying is not a good habit.”

Shooting Star’s smile froze. This fellow is truly a helpless, super big idiot!

“Ah, luckily there’s no blood. Should be fine then.” Bai Saya touched the back of his head and stood up shakily. He nearly fell, but fortunately, Shooting Star caught him in time.

“You okay?” Shooting Star was a little worried. Earlier, when Bai Saya had gotten hit, there had been a loud sound. Don’t tell me he got broken?

“It’s nothing.” Bai Saya shook his head and urged, “We should hurry. It’s best to find a village or town to stay in before nightfall.”

Shooting Star shrugged nonchalantly. After all, the person who had been whacked on the head and was hurting like hell wasn’t him. Besides, this guy had destroyed his dream of acquiring pets; he wasn’t so good natured that he’d tell Bai Saya to rest more.

The two people, one swaying on his feet and one pouting because of his destroyed dream of getting pets, walked farther and farther. Their conversation went back and forth…

“The decorative ornament on your shoulder is so unique. It’s actually a skeleton.”

“Idiot! You’ve only just noticed it? Isn’t that too slow? Besides, it’s not an ornament. It’s called Bones and is my pet.”

“Oh, ‘Bones’ is such an apt name… Ah! It moved!”

“Duh, if it can’t move, it wouldn’t be a pet. It would be an ornament!”

“That’s true, but can you tell Bones not to climb on me?”


“No can do, Bones likes you a lot.” And you destroyed my dream of acquiring more pets, so I’m not gonna help you!

“But I don’t like it very much…”

Hehehe! No worries. Shooting Star put his hands behind his head. The road ahead is very, very long, You’ll start liking Bones soon enough.

“Kiki—kikiki.” (Translation: Yeah! Yeah! Bones is the cutest.)

“Strange, what’s making that squeaking noise?”


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    wokay, now i can see kaiser and daylight first meeting (in another time and dimension). why … i still prefer the liola and kaiser pair ? daylight will be too pitiful like this.

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