Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C1: The Busy Patient Part 3—The Conflicted Friend

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 2: Human Doll Contract Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: The Busy Patient Part 3—The Conflicted Friend—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby & Arcedemius)

The moment he walked into the ward, Lu Yang raised an eyebrow and pointed his right hand at the corner with two of his fingers held together. Slay, which was drifting beside him, abruptly shot out, piercing straight at the bloodstained shadow in the corner. A single strike was all it took to sever the shadow’s head. A head wrapped in messy hair fell to the ground, immediately turning into drifting ashes together with the body that had been kneeling there. Just like that, the shadow disappeared without a trace.

Jiang Ziya was stumped and asked in confusion, “Why did you wipe him out so suddenly?”

Lu Yang shrugged as he said, “That was an illusory familiar of the lowest caliber. It doesn’t have much awareness and is around the same as a cockroach. I normally don’t do anything about them because there are just too many. But you’re staying in this ward. I bet it’s uncomfortable looking at that kind of thing, right?”

Cockroach… Jiang Ziya was a little speechless. If the average person saw that kind of thing, it would at least warrant an entire ghost story. Yet, to my friend, it’s no different than a cockroach?

Lu Yang sat on the bed. His two hands had been rewrapped. Although he couldn’t avoid being nagged by the nurses, smiling in response couldn’t hurt.

“Remember to write my essay for me.” Taking his shoes off, Lu Yang lazily lay down on the bed.


No Hero V5C4: Soft Lips; Sky-Rending Voice

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No Hero Volume 5: Fallen Angel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Angel Falls Chapter Four: Soft Lips; Sky-Rending Voice—translated by XianBang (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

Was it impossible to stop Dark Sun even with the strength of three people combined?

The three of us really weren’t fighting seriously, or else we wouldn’t have lost so badly. But the question was… even if we really tried, would we have won?

I hoped that this question would never have an answer, but I couldn’t help remember what Xie Wei once said while facing us three heroes.

“There’s no doubt that powerful heroes are useful, but if those powerful heroes choose to stop being good people, they will become the most fearsome criminals! You heroes… frighten people!”

I didn’t believe I would fall from grace, and even if it actually happened, it would be okay. There were far too many opponents whom I could never defeat. Solitary Butterfly’s situation was similar to mine. Although Dragon Peace had unmatched strength as well as a hard-to-wound body—a truly difficult opponent to stop—Dark Sun could still stop him!

So when Xie Wei said that, I was not particularly worried. But today was the first time I realized: Dark Sun, when you fall from grace, will we be able to stop you? You are too…



GOD V1C5: Kidnap for Ransom… Decisive Battle!

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GOD —Divine Beginning of the End— Volume 1: The First Pet is a Swordsman

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: Kidnap for Ransom… Decisive Battle!—translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius & elisa)

Not long after entering the forest, Shooting Star lowered Bai Saya with a sense of urgency and hurriedly offered him the bottle of healing potion. Otherwise, he would really have saved him for nothing.

Although the injury on Bai Saya’s neck wasn’t deep, he had lost a lot of blood. Just entering the forest, a lot of time had been wasted. The blood loss alone could kill a man.

“Hurry up and drink it,” Shooting Star urged.

The moment he drank the potion, Bai Saya once more experienced having a bitter and sour feeling travel from his mouth throughout his entire body. So this is a healing potion?

Before he lost consciousness, the last image that Bai Saya had seen was Shooting Star’s shining, golden eyes, and he had the feeling that he would never wake up again.

When Bai Saya opened his eyes once more, before even figuring out his location he gazed up at the blue sky, incomparably thankful to the heavens. Being alive is great! Then, he once again saw that pair of shining, golden eyes, and it was even accompanied by a voice that really grated on the nerves at that moment.


Dominion’s End V3Prologue: Three Days

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Dominion’s End Volume 3: Ice-Bound Splendor and Majesty

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Prologue: Three Days—translated by Elkin (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

Dàgē and the others are right there!

“Calm down. You can go in after three days.” Jiang Xiaotian patted my shoulder, the picture of absolute serenity.

I ground my teeth, gazing at the tall walls that were topped with barbed wire. This is no obstacle to me. I just have to get across, and Dàgē and the others will be there, waiting for me!

“I want to go in. I miss Junjun, I miss Dàgē, I miss Uncle and Auntie, and even the rest of the troop!”

Jiang Xiaotian shook his head, replying, “If the me from here were inside, then you could go ahead and force your way in. You’d be able to break out together in that case. But the mercenaries inside probably aren’t them.”

Why not? I glared at Jiang Xiaotian. It has to be them!

“Not a lot of the JDT have come over. I don’t think I would blatantly declare myself as a ‘mercenary troop.’ I’d probably split them into two teams, each team pretending to be civilians who banded together.”

I froze. That makes so much sense. How stupid would you have to be to declare yourself to be a mercenary troop in front of an army? You’re just asking to be subordinated! My dàgē would never do something so stupid.

After finally regaining my senses, I pondered for a moment, then said, “There won’t be two teams. Not all of them would come over. The JDT is carrying around too many supplies, so if they brought them all here, the supplies would definitely get taken away. So they probably only sent a few people, and the others would be somewhere close by, to protect the supplies but also be ready to jump in at any time.”