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April Chapters
  1. ½ Prince Tenth Anniversary Side Story: Part One (teaser)
  2. Dominion’s End V3Prologue: Three Days
  3. GOD V1C5: Kidnap for Ransom... Decisive Battle!
  4. No Hero V5C4: Soft Lips; Sky-Rending Voice
  5. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C1: The Busy Patient Part 3—The Conflicted Friend
  6. ½ Prince Tenth Anniversary Side Story: Part One

In celebration of 1/2 Prince’s 10th Anniversary, Yu Wo has written a new side story, and it even has a comic companion. We’re very pleased to be releasing the first part of the comic that goes along with the side story. It’s exciting to be posting about 1/2 Prince again!

Last month’s poll was about the 38th Storm Knight, Ceo Storm. PR! readers were kind enough to wish to have his time to let him rest and recover. Our poll question this month is thanks to an anonymous reader, who asked, “If hell fires raged on Earth, who would you call to come take a dip in the lava filled hot spring?” Thanks for the poll question! We’re taking poll ideas over this way!

We are also starting a new contest over at our forums on April 10th, so remember to check back! We look forward to your participation!

Below the read more is our fake announcement posted on April 1~

Happy April! This April is particularly exciting because we have big news to announce. Can we have a drum roll? Well, if you’ve seen the picture below, you’ve probably already guessed it. Because guess what? The series that we started our entire website for is getting an anime, in celebration of the series’ 10th anniversary.

AN ANIME!!!!!!!

Can you believe it? We can’t wait until more details are released about the production!

What do you hope to see in a 1/2 Prince anime? Let us know below!

ETA: *waves* The new 1/2 Prince side story is the truth, while the news about an anime getting made is false. Alas, it breaks our hearts that an anime is not happening. This particular artwork was included in the 1/2 Prince 10th Anniversary artbook, and it was labeled as “April Fools Illustration.” 1/2 Prince’s publishing company had this illustration drawn as an April Fool’s joke for some past April. Now you get to enjoy the joke as well, just like readers in Taiwan way back when. :P They even had mock character designs drawn up for Prince and Lolidragon.

We will be translating the new side story. Look forward to it~.

27 Responses

  1. dollyfishe

    1/2 prince anime ?? hurray !!! me ish waiting !!!!
    but that pool’s question, remind me of KHR. i want shuyu to accompany me there (partly because i want to droll at him, but mostly because i dont like too much heat !!!) but no shuyu on the option T_T

    • dollyfishe

      ogh wow …. i knew it was strange to see there’s no jokes this year. so i started to think that there must be something fishy around. but still, i choose to ignore that and at least enjoy the anime news for a few more hours, imagining the scene i want to see the most … like those devilish smile of prince, or those exact moment when prince first saw gui, (and so i decide it’s already time to end the dream and return) hehehehe
      *sigh* it’s not that fun, still cant beat the few last year jokes. apron was the best, blueberry the second, and that song! yeah, that song i heard almost a thousand times in a day just to figure out the password!!! that’s on the third hehehehehe thanx for the unforgetable moment :p

  2. Erios

    Please. Please. PLEASE. Tell me that this is not a Aprils fools day joke. That would be Sooo Harsh. Please tell me it is true.

  3. seikyo

    YAAY !
    Is the pic here a fanart or a pic of the anime ? They’re really nice looking in there *.*
    if there is an anime adapatation of Half’s Prince, can we have hope for an anime adaptation of Legend of The Sun Knight ? seeing them outside of the manhua (which I’m not fond of) and the covers .. I wanna see Grisia’s fake dazzling smile *w*
    about the poll, of course I’ll choose Prince. I mean who would miss this chance to see a naked bishie -ahem, I mean the courageous prince affronting the hellish temperature of the lava ?

  4. sunnyRia

    This is pure evil. I know very well my heart that this is a prank. But god I’m hoping its true. Evil truly evil. Its like I know he doesn’t like me back but still hoping he has a crush on me. Pure evil the , this hope that there is an anime for 1/2 prince is actually infinitely more painful

  5. 15B

    Congratz to 1/2 Prince! (Maybe..?)
    It’s probably the best suited of Yu Wo’s works to become an anime. While the manga artist did a good job… I have to say that seeing the different colors of people’s hairstyles would probably help a lot in telling people apart.

  6. silentghost

    Joke’s on you because I’d rather have LSK as an anime… (^ω^)

  7. souffle

    NOOOOOO do you know how badly I want a 1/2 Prince anime?? Something I’ve wanted for so long… SO many terrible animes get made, and yet this, that would make such an excellent one, goes completely unnoticed. IT HURTS PR, I love you but you’ve gone too far this time, rubbing salt in THIS wound…. DDDD,,X how could you

  8. Xiao Mei

    Now I’m just imagining Gui’s ‘subtle flirting’ in anime form…

  9. Erenu

    you got me real hard

    now I´m laughing and crying xD

    **internal screaming*

    Nooooooooooooooooo I want it to be trueeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not only on 1/2 Prince but Dominions end as well!!!!!!!!! want an anime of those two!

    **goes to the corner to cry

    ***every year Aprils fools get better

  10. Le.

    (sorry for the double post) I think the april fools joke is everyone being distraught thinking the 1/2 prince becoming an anime is a joke, but its actually true!

  11. TheBookGrl

    I had a feeling it wasn’t legit, because usually with bigger sudden announcements, you guys link to the original post on Yu Wo’s blog so we can see it for ourselves instead of just putting an image here. (Also, there’d probably be more than one image.)

    But I also wanted to see how many people would fall for it, so I didn’t say anything.

    In my opinion, that was a little bit too obvious, but since there was accompanying artwork, I’m not complaining. New 1/2 Prince content… Been awhile since there’s been any of THAT. I wish I could relive the experience that was reading 1/2 Prince for the very first time… If I reread it, I’ll already know all of what’s going to happen.

  12. AkaiiRia

    ”If hell fires raged on Earth, who would you call to come take a dip in the lava filled hot spring?”
    –­­ I wanna protest against this poll. Won’t they all die regardless of who we choose?
    Choose carefully! Who do you want to sent to their grave?

    • Le.

      Wait, i have around them dying. Pick either doll or yu lian since both use fire for either magic or summons, they could survive.
      Atleast yu lian, if she summons fire to protect her from the fire x.X

  13. Jasae Bushae

    Im really looking forward to seeing what happens next with Illusions, Lies, Truth. Its currently my favorite story being translated with No Hero as a close second. ^^

  14. dollyfishe

    wow … yes, another wow. it’s 10 more days to the end of the month and nothing been release yet. and here i thought, it’s a rare thing for DE being first release, and the meaning was the release will be few days after 1st. but nooooooo, you had to hold it till now ~><~ dont you know you were some kind of addictive now ? feels like something is missing, and took me quite a while to realize that it might be because there's no release at all. *sigh* i usually login everyday, and read any comment, or re-read some release, but lately i was started to forget to visit because lag of activity here :( at the very least, no more interesting comment like few months ago. *sigh*

  15. Mythee

    It’s… So good so far… @[email protected] although awkward sometimes xDD hahaha. But I love these characters!!

    Thank you so much for translating it!!

  16. Kiki

    Thank you for translating it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA I read it through in 1.5 days XD

  17. Mythee

    Dominion’s end prologue page not loading correctly, no text, just the website title is there o3o

  18. Eien

    I’m not sure if it is just me or not, but does the link to the DE chapter take you to a blank page? I am rather confused about that.

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