Valentine Contest Winners

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Hello everyone!

Good news! I finally managed to get enough votes from PR! staff to officially announce the Valentine Contest winners.

Believe it or not, due to many ties, we have 4 winners. 1 winner for 1st place, and 3 winners for second place.

For more information, please visit the official announcement on PR! public forums —> Here

Runner up prize winners (2nd place):
Congratulations to CherryChimchim, Krescent, and Trespasserby. Everyone liked your letters, and all of you got quite a large amount of votes.

Grand prize winner (1st place):
Congratulations to moonlightray.

The voters really liked your love letter featuring our beloved Sun Knight declaring his undying love to blueberry pies. The Sun speech added to the realism of the letter (although it gave me quite a huge headache, which means that it was effective haha), and the doll was a nice plus that everyone enjoyed looking at (what is it made of, by the way? Clay?). We believe you faithfully illustrated Sun’s unlimited love for blueberry pie.

To read their love letters, please look at the full post.

Dear Elaro-gege,

Papa came home with a bunch of sunflowers today for Mama and said “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Mama was very happy and gave Papa some blueberry chocolate truffles. I asked Papa what Valentine’s Day was and Mama said it is a day where people give flowers and chocolates to the people they love. So Charsia said she wanted to pick some violets and give them to Elaro-gege for Valentine’s Day because violets are Elaro-gege’s favourite. I don’t know what I said wrong, but Papa said a lot of bad words and flipped a table, but Mama smacked Papa with a spatula. It was very funny but you weren’t there to see it.

I never see you anymore Elaro-gege. You always say you’re too busy. When are you going to visit again Elaro-gege? You haven’t forgotten your promise to marry Charsia when she grows up have you? I’ll be old enough soon so you have to wait for me okay? I have been cooking with Mama a lot more now and I can finally make baked alaska by myself. Papa helped out too. Papa taught Charsia how to keep the ice-cream cold with ice magic. You’ve got to come try it Elaro-gege! I wanted to give you some violets but they don’t last very long, so here is a chocolate truffle heart I made just for you. Papa said he’ll give this letter to Elaro-gege, so I hope it hasn’t melted yet or else it’d be yucky. And HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Charsia XOXO

<–(Chocolate truffle has mysteriously disappeared)

To my beloved child Grisia,

I write this letter to you, my dearest child, with no intention for you to read it.

I chose you as my child, and I love you as my own. When you were taken from me it was as if my own heart was torn out. I watched you from afar, yearning just to be by your side. I cursed my weakness for being unable to protect you.

However, now that you have come back to my side and have taken the throne as Demon King, I am feeling conflicted. One part of me is overjoyed that I could just be in your presence. The other part of me is in anguish, watching you slowly fall apart from the inside out.

I can’t apologize enough for the pain I caused you. And yet, I would not choose to change the past, and for that I despise myself. For if you had not become Demon King, your life would have been cut short. I can’t apologize enough for forcing my selfish desires on you, my beloved child, but I couldn’t bare to see another one of my precious children fall at the hands of another candidate.

My only wish now is for you to be happy. I would go to any lengths, commit any acts, just to see a genuine smile for your precious face. I feel your pain a hundred fold.
My love for you is all I have to keep me going. Without you, I am nothing.

I’m sorry.


Eclipse Hunter: Ri Ji Yan to his beloved
My darling.

I shall burn this letter, knowing it will never reach you, and hope that our son’s future will be a bright as these flames.

I know bitterly that while I grieve, you are finally happy, able to fly away from me just as these ashes have done.

“I love to watch the sun set,” you would say as you watched the dying embers of the sun each day. Upon seeing me there, your smile would slip away along with the color in the sky, and you would add, “But Ji Yan, you would hate sunsets the most.” Still holding on to the memory of the genuine smile you had watching the blood red horizon, I would never be able to help smiling in return. “No, the darkness lets the stars and moon shine brighter.” And at this, the lights in your eyes would die out as well.

Now that eternal darkness has claimed you, how brightly do you burn? The sun is no longer there beside you to overcome your light. Although the farther away you are from me, the happier you would be, I buried your body on the castle grounds, a futile attempt to keep you with me longer. However, you still will be able to see the sun set from where you are, and I will keep your grave free of any obstructions. No dark seed shall ever take hold where you rest.

I offer flowers. There is no response. Of course, whatever I give you, you never want.

Are the flames in Hell the same color as the sunset?

Legend of Sun Knight: Sun to blueberry pies

“The God of Light is truly abundant in Her compassion and love, as She so kindly provides each and every one of Her beloved children with generous nourishment so that they may prosper throughout their lives. Her resplendent gaze beams down lovingly upon us all, as this Sun today bears witness to Her tender, benevolent nature. For upon this very day, She has brought forth a blessing unlike any other into the world…!

“From the deepest depths of this Sun’s heart, he is compelled to express his most sincere gratitude for the existence of a delicacy such as this divine golden tart! From the savoury richness of its sweet, sapphire filling, to its addictively scrumptious texture— There simply are no words that can do justice unto this masterpiece!

“Upon such a wondrous sight, this Sun cannot help but surrender himself a powerless servant unto its exquisite flavour! O, this passionate compulsion, this undying appetite for even just a taste of its fine decadence! To have stolen this Sun’s heart to such an extent so as to occupy his defenseless mind with thoughts of nothing but a craving for its presence, its tantalizing allure might even be comparable to the affections this Sun offers to the God of Light Herself!

“Ah, it is truly is a blessing for such a culinary masterpiece to exist in this world… There truly are no limits unto the benevolent charity of Her Holiness. Praise be to the God of Light for the miraculous creation that is blueberry pie!”

  1. [PR]Trespasserby

    unice5656, I liked your entry a lot! But I wasn’t allowed to vote because I participated… Just know that it made someone out there smile!

  2. Crystal

    Totally love moonlightray’s letter XD XD XD and awww i feel my heart weep when i read the letters written by Kresent and Trespasserby. Good work minna~

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