No Hero V5C3: An Angel’s Appearance; A Reaper’s Reputation

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No Hero Volume 5: Fallen Angel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Angel Falls Chapter Three: An Angel’s Appearance; A Reaper’s Reputation—translated by clrfction (proofread by EvlNabiki; C/E edited by lucathia)

As expected, Ah Ye is a great model. He’s a little too good even, and the work just never stops!

Melody, I’m begging you, stop accepting more work! Ah Ye only needs to sleep two hours every day, but if I work for twenty two hours every day, I’ll be in a coffin after five days!

Yet Melody pouted and complained, “That idiot Charles isn’t waking up, and the young master becomes sad as soon as he has spare time, so I can only keep accepting work!”

Sigh… Will Charles really wake up again?

“He will!” Melody said offhandedly, “He’s a pureborn vampire. Those are harder to kill than cockroaches!”

M-Melody, you’re a vampire too. Is it okay to describe them that way?

“I became a vampire. That’s completely different from being born as one!”

But I think you, the turned vampire, act more like a vampire than the one born as a vampire, whether in work or in race.

“What did you say?”

No, nothing.

Today was a busy day. The young master was busy with his schedule. He had to spend the whole day shooting in the studio and had to go to another studio in the evening to film for a talk show.

Everyone breathed out a sigh of relief at this. After all, Dark Sun had done something shocking just the day before: he had attacked the other three heroes. That would definitely be today’s headline. Fortunately, the young master did not have time to watch the news at all, as he ate breakfast and hurried to Ji Luo Chu’s studio immediately after finishing.

Afterwards, I paid special attention to the news. There were indeed special reports, but luckily, the conditions at the scene allowed people to guess the fake police officer’s abilities, so there was not too much criticism against Dark Sun. Rather, most were speculating about the fake police’s identity and the SCIP organization.

Then, the young master’s new advertisement came along to become the new hot topic, and last night’s incident became “old news.” Even though it was still reported, it was no longer the headline.

Seems like I no longer have to stress over this. Right now, the young master is not home, so I can clean the apartment thoroughly.

I had not been present for an entire year, and the current messy state of the apartment made me feel like I had not done my job well. If I did not clean up quickly, I could not dare to call myself a butler.

When I returned home, only Aren was there. He sat at the desk in the living room, which was covered with books, and the computer in front of him displayed many websites, like he was doing research. However, he stood up as soon as he saw me and walked over to take the cart from me, and then a few more bags… There was so much food that the shopping cart could not hold it all.

At last, only a bouquet of flowers remained in my hands. It was a bunch of frangipani, also known as red-jasmine, and was used for decoration. My load was so light that I felt guilty, but Aren seemed to hold those things effortlessly, so I did not insist on taking some bags back.

I walked to the desk and saw that the books were all related to photography. “You are reading books on photography? Do you want to become a photographer, like Ji Luo Chu?”

Aren nodded abashedly and said, “I often help Luo Chu-gē at the studio to learn, but they’re going all out today with the photoshoot, and when Luo Chu-gē gets serious about photoshoots, he doesn’t let anyone touch his sets and camera. There isn’t much I can help with, so I stayed home to read instead.”

So that is the case. I nodded and walked into the kitchen with Aren. As he was helping me take bags out of the cart, he asked suddenly, “Is it weird for me to learn photography?”

I was just picking up a bag of fish and slowed down when I heard the question. I asked with some surprise, “Why would it be weird?”

Aren hesitated, then muttered, “I’m a combat major and kinda klutzy, but I want to study photography… Shouldn’t photography be more for people like Luo Chu-gē?”

I smiled lightly and said, “Or you could say, why would a bloodsucking vampire want to be a butler for humans?”

Aren froze and then laughed.

Seeing that he had overcome the issue, I said, “You should go read now. Cleaning is the duty of a butler.”

Hearing this, Aren wavered, but after taking a look at all the plastic bags on the ground, his expression showed that he had no idea where to start. He scratched his head and said, “Then I’ll go read,” and left the kitchen.

I cleaned and chopped the food I had bought and stored them accordingly in the refrigerator and freezer. The refrigerator was absolutely packed to the brim, and I had to push a little harder to close the door.

After taking care of the groceries, I walked into the living room with a mop, some towels, a bucket, and various cleaning tools of all sorts.

Aren looked up and asked, “Are you going to clean? Do you need help?”

“Let me make a call for a delivery first.”

“Oh, we’re having takeout for lunch?” Aren sounded a little disappointed.

The call connected, so I only smiled at him as I said into the phone, “Please deliver a double-door refrigerator, two medium ovens, and a medium-sized microwave.”

“…You can order those for delivery?” Aren asked, stunned.

Hanging up the phone, I waved the phone in my hand somewhat jokingly and said, “With this phone, even a plane can be ordered for delivery.”

Aren scratched his head and mumbled, “There wouldn’t be room for it…”

I smiled, then put on an apron and mask to begin cleaning. This was the most unacceptable room, because there was actually a strange smell in the air. I had noticed as soon as I entered the apartment, but it seemed like everyone else has become acclimated to the smell, since no one mentioned any strange smells.

Even though the living room did not look too dirty on the surface, there was probably lots of hidden grime. I would have to take it slowly. First was behind the TV shelf… Why are there three pairs of underwear behind the TV shelf?

I fetched the underwear pair by pair, unable to comprehend it at all. If it were only one pair, I could still understand it. Perhaps it was a bout of carelessness. But three pairs?

I could not decide. Should I toss these or wash them? They still seem to be wearable, but whose underwear is this?

“I knew it!” Aren said angrily, “Dell-gē doesn’t like to wash his underwear, so he stuffs his dirty underwear in every nook and cranny!”

Even though I would rather not describe the smell coming from these three pairs of underwear, they do not seem to be the source of the strange smell. I continued to clean after tossing the underwear into the laundry bin. As I moved the sofa, out from underneath it came rolling several smelly… meat buns?

Or it could be some kind of round fruit. Round and covered with varying degrees of white-green fuzz, it was quite difficult to discern what they originally were.

“Sorry, Charles-gē…” Aren apologized ashamedly.

“It is no problem. You do not need to be so unnerved.” I laughed and specifically said to comfort him, “I have cleaned much dirtier things for past work!”

Aren stared at the green ball of fuzz and said with a frown, “Nothing could be scarier than this.”

“Actually, there is plenty,” I began to list examples, “like garbage bags infested with five to six rats or pork with maggots grown all over. I have even found a few rotten bodies while cleaning.” There were some that were really too disgusting, so I decided to not tell Aren, or else he might not be able to stomach his lunch later.

“…” Aren was silent for a moment and then said with an admiring tone, “It takes a lot to be a butler!”

I smiled and said, “I will cook lunch at noon. Does ramen with pork and wakame sound good?”

Aren’s eyes lit up as he nodded vigorously.

Even though the place was a mess, and I would need quite a while to clean it, I was in an unexpectedly good mood. Everyone really likes the food I cook, and this home really needs a butler, or else who knows how dirty this place would become in a few days. Is there anything that could put a butler in a better mood?

Perhaps a young man who can eat ten bowls of ramen in a row can do that.

Watching Aren eat during lunch, I almost thought I had cooked a rare delicacy, rather than ramen with pork and seaweed.

“Am I eating too much?” Aren put down his bowl and chopsticks halfway through and asked embarrassedly.

“Not at all. Please eat to your heart’s content. If it is not enough, I can make more.” I said with a chuckle, “I feel like a chef, watching you eat.”

“Charles-gē is so much better than those chefs.” Aren said, shaking his head, “We couldn’t stand those chefs’ cooking for more than two days. They can’t hold a candle to your cooking.”

“Homemade meals are more difficult to become sick of.” I answered Aren as I set down desserts, which consisted of a wagashi plate and iced honey tea. Even though Aren had not said he was full, I was still concerned that he had probably gotten full from the noodles already. He might feel uncomfortable if he forced dessert down too.

Aren’s eyes lit up, and he immediately picked up a wagashi to eat as he said with a laugh, “I am so going to tell Ah Ye about what I had for lunch. He’s going to be so jealous! Oh yeah, and Dell. His fault for begging to be Ah Ye’s bodyguard today, since he heard that a female celebrity was going to show up. Idiot!”

Hearing this, I smiled and said, “I am going to deliver some desserts to the top of the building. If you want another drink, there is milk tea and soda in the refrigerator, or you can wait for me to come back down. There is also more wagashi!”

Aren’s mouth was stuffed with wagashi, so he could not talk at all. He nodded vigorously.

I went upstairs with a plate of wagashi and a pot of tea. The top floor did not look much different from before. Bramble and May sat in front of a bunch of apparatus and scrutinized the tens of monitors before them. There were empty pork ramen bowls in front of them.

I moved the empty bowls aside, set the wagashi and tea down, and then asked casually, “Has nothing happened?”

May nodded and said, “There were a few incidents, but they were small cases, so we informed the police through the police alert network and let them take care of them.”

“Police alert network?” I was surprised.

“We use these phones the young master gave us,” May said as he picked up a silver phone, “and contact the police. Not only does it disguise our voices automatically, it’s untraceable. Very convenient.”

Bramble took a sip of tea and said, “If the heroes have to do everything, then young master can give up being a celebrity, and all the police can resign, since they wouldn’t be needed.”

“I see.” I thought this was a good setup. Let the police do what they can, and the heroes will take care of the criminals beyond their power. This way, the police can minimize casualties, and heroes would not need to overexert themselves. I suppose it is good for both sides.

May continued to talk as he reached for more wagashi, “Yue Gang called to explain about last night. He said the higher ups are being secretive, so his people don’t know what the deal is with that escapee either. We only know that he snuck out of the psychiatric hospital called P29, and is a mentally ill convict sentenced to lifelong imprisonment.”

Hearing the term P29, I said, “Poseidynne said P29 seems to be a little suspicious. It might be more than a psychiatric hospital.”

“P29…” May worded his sentence carefully, “We looked more into it and ended up learning that P29 is affiliated with the Sun Alliance. The connection is hidden deeply, and if we weren’t the young master’s bodyguards, we would probably only find that P29 is a federal psychiatric hospital that imprisons patients with heavy sentences.”

Affiliated with the Sun Alliance? Could this pyschiatric hospital that has imprisoned non-humans be the master’s?

“We shouldn’t mess with matters related to the Sun Emperor.” Bramble said earnestly, “Granted, the young master has our backs, but if the young master gets mad at the Sun Emperor for us, we wouldn’t be far from visiting Head Secretary Kyle with our heads in our hands.”

May agreed lightly, “So it’s a good thing nothing happened to the young master. As for Solitary Butterfly taking the escapee, P29 will send their own people to take care of it. I just hope Solitary Butterfly will understand the situation.”

Hearing this, I did not know how to respond, so I could only finish a butler’s job. I picked up the plates and bowls, then asked, “Is there anything else I can get you?”

May shook his head, and Bramble replied, “No.” I was just walking downstairs with my tray when my phone rang. I picked up immediately. “Charles speaking.”

The young master’s voice came through the phone. “Charles, the show’s host wants to see my diploma and old clothes. Can you bring them?”

“Of course. May I ask where you keep your diploma?”

My face felt warm as I asked this. As a butler, I actually had to ask my master where something was located. If something like this happened with an Elysees butler, they would definitely be sent back home for ten more years of training!

Even though I had a reason, my honorable father had always said: not serving the master well is a loss of professionalism, and a butler’s loss of professionalism is a loss of professionalism. No excuses.

“It’s in the second drawer of the shelf in my room. Bring it to the skyscraper next to Evening Sun Plaza. There’s a large satellite on top of the building. Fiftieth floor!”

“Yes, Young Master. I shall set off immediately.”

Raising my head to look at the top of the building, I saw a huge satellite. This should be the place the young master meant.

“Hey hottie, look here!” A few giggling girls called out to me.

I lowered my head and smiled at the girls, but was met with several flashes. They took pictures of me… they will probably be shocked when they see the pictures?

I felt rather apologetic, because I had changed into clothes from X-Killer, misleading them into thinking I was a human.

Even though non-humans wander the streets casually nowadays, I would still think that vampire butlers were rather uncommon. To avoid unnecessary trouble for the young master, it was better to disguise myself as a human. I just did not expect people to take pictures of me.

Four girls walked toward me. They looked about twenty years old. The girl in the lead wore a see-through dress and underwear that resembled a bikini. I kept my gaze locked on her face. Her face was actually quite pretty, but it was framed by color-changing, glowing hair, which glowed red, then purple.

The glowing hair was actually adjusted to a reasonable level, so her face had a devilish kind of prettiness under the purple and red glow. However, I still thought the light was unnecessary… Perhaps I am too conservative? I thought so because the other three girls also had glowing strands of hair. It is probably the latest trend.

She said with a smile, “Hey there hottie, wanna hang out with us?”

“I am sorry. I have matters to take care of. I am afraid I must refuse your offer.”

The girl glared and seemed to be a little upset as she said, “You talk weird. Do you have to speak like that just because you don’t want to go?”

Do I speak weirdly? Even after reviewing what I had said thrice, I still could not understand what was weird, so I could only say even more politely, “My most sincere apologies. I must leave now.”

As soon as I finished, the girl unexpectedly huffed, “Fine,” and returned to the other girls, annoyed. The other three girls also glared at me. I could only smile apologetically, then turn to enter the building.

I realized that the building was regulated strictly only after walking in. The doors were guarded by security personnel and scanners. Seems like I cannot go straight to the fiftieth floor. I had no choice but to go up to the front desk and greet the receptionist, “Hello, I would like to go to the fiftieth floor.”

“Do you have a reservation?” The receptionist eyed me up and down and asked confidently, “Here for an interview? Model or singer?”

I replied hurriedly, “No, I need to deliver something to the fiftieth floor.”

“Delivery?” The receptionist lady paused, then continued suddenly, “You said fiftieth floor? What do you need to bring? You can’t be a take-out delivery boy. You don’t even look like one!”

Just as I was about to reply, the lady leaned forward and asked quietly, “Are you here to bring something for the Angel?”

Even though she was quiet, the other receptionists had obviously heard. They all paused what they were doing and looked over at us.

There did not seem to be any need to keep it hidden, so I answered truthfully, “Yes.”

The receptionist let out a little scream and fired a string of questions, “You’re his brother, aren’t you? The one who shares the same mother but different father as him?”

I froze. Brother of the same mother but different father? Ah… could the cover about the large family still be intact? That must be the case, or else Yue Gang would have asked about why I had lied when I saw him earlier.

But why the same mother but different father? Is having the same father not usually more common? Could it be because the young master and I have different last names? Yet there are quite a few people who take up their mothers’ maiden name, so such a setup is quite unnecessary. It would actually cause another kind of trouble…

Gathering my thoughts, I saw that the receptionist was still waiting for my answer, wide-eyed. I smiled sheepishly on purpose and admitted, “Indeed.”

The receptionist gave me an “I-knew-it” look as she looked me over again and said, “Very handsome too. As expected of the Angel’s brother!”

The Angel’s brother is a vampire. That sounds all kinds of ironic.

I reminded her, “I really must go upstairs.”

“Oh, right! I’ll lead the way!”

Even though I wanted to say that that would be too much trouble, judging from this receptionist’s level of enthusiasm and the regretful look on the other receptionists’ faces, this seemed to be more of a rare opportunity than trouble.

With the receptionist lady’s lead, even the security check was bypassed. I suppose this building’s security was not as tight as I had thought after all.

The two of us entered the elevator. It was clear, so one could see the scenery outside below their feet. It would probably be nice at night, but it was afternoon right now, and thanks to the sunlight, I felt like I was in a desert, especially because my clothes did not provide enough coverage and left large areas of skin exposed. The direct sunlight shining on my skin made me feel like I was being plastered on a hot grill. I could only shrink into the corner as much as possible to avoid being shined on.

The receptionist lady asked curiously, “What’s the Angel like at home? He seems so neat and tidy. Is he actually a slob at home?”

“No, Ah Ye has never been messy.” He is simply not skilled at cleaning either.

“Then is he nice?” The receptionist lady asked suspiciously, “He’s always smiling like an angel. Is he like that at home, too?”

I nodded and said, “He smiles often at home too, and he rarely loses his temper.” Only Master often does things that made the young master angry.

“Oh oh! I heard the Angel…” even though there was no one else in the elevator, the receptionist lady suddenly lowered her voice as she said, “graduated as a combat major? Nobody believed him when he said so! But I believed him as soon as the newest jeans advertisement came out. He has a great body! Does he work out?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “He runs for two hours every morning.”

“Wow! There’s definitely something to see!” The receptionist lady was excited and disappointed at the same time. “I really want to see! Why doesn’t the photographer take pictures from the front? Do they mean to leave us hanging? How cruel!”

Ji Luo Chu is nearly as unjustly accused as a convict without a trial.

At that time, the elevator doors opened, and about thirty people appeared before us, as well as several large cameras. All the cameras pointed at the same set, which looked very futuristic. There were several comfortable sofas and a tea table in front of the set. The young master sat on one of the sofas.

Someone noticed us and walked over to ask, “What did you come for?”

I explained immediately, “I have brought something for An Xiang Ye.”

At that moment, the young master called loudly, “Gē,” ran to my side, and said nervously in a low voice, “Charles, I forgot to tell you, we’re brothers now!”

“Young Master, I have realized.”

A few people walked over as I answered the young master softly. One of them, a middle-aged man with gray hair, asked interestedly, “Is this your brother of the same mother?”

I switched back to a normal volume and said to the young master, “Ah Ye, you got it wrong again! We are brothers by the same father, not mother!”

The young master froze for a moment but did not refute what I had said. Then, he stuck his tongue out mischievously and said, “Oh, right! Same difference!”

Fortunately, they did not seem to want to ask more about this topic, but they did look at me up and down. That made me a little uncomfortable, so I handed the bag in my hands to the young master and said, “Here are your clothes and diploma.”

The young master nodded. He pulled out his diploma and turned to show the gray-haired, middle-aged man. He only took a glance before saying, “You really graduated as a combat major?”

The young master replied with a bright smile, “I told you! I’m very strong, you know.”

He really is very strong, even though most people who see the young master say this while smiling do not take him seriously. It is like seeing a ten year old raise his fist at an adult while saying, “I can beat you!” Most smile but do not believe, just like the man right now.

“Your brother looks good,” the gray-haired, middle-aged man looked at me like one would look at meat in a market, and I suddenly had a bad premonition… As expected, he decided with a clap, “Let him come take a few pictures with you!”

I politely declined at once, “I am sorry. I am not accustomed to being on camera.”

“Hey,” the man would not give up and said, “we’ll just be chatting. Let’s all talk together. No need to be nervous!”

A light flashed suddenly, and I realized that the light was probably from the flash of taking a photograph… No, oh no!

“Taking pictures is pointless!” The young master suddenly said, laughing, “My brother is a vampire, so he can’t be filmed or taken pictures of.”

Everyone fell silent. They could not wrap their minds around this, so they all just stared at me. The young master told everyone just like that? I did not know what to do.

The gray-haired, middle-aged man, aghast, asked the young master, “Are, are you a vampire too?”

The young master shook his head as he answered, “I’m not.”

“Your brother is a vampire, but you’re not?” The man blurted out, but he corrected himself quickly, “Well, even if your brother is a vampire, you wouldn’t be one as long as he doesn’t bite you.”

Even if I bit the young master, he would not become a vampire. The “First Kiss” process required to turn other beings into vampires is not so simple.


I froze, then turned and saw Melody walking our way. She wore a white dress shirt, a black skirt, and a pair of maroon high-heeled sandals, looking businesslike while radiant.

Upon seeing Melody, the people around us relaxed noticeably. The gray-haired, middle-aged man said to the young master as he shook his head, “You are so full of surprises. It’s one thing that your manager is a vampire, but your brother is also one? Aren’t you afraid of them biting you?”

The young master replied with a laugh, “Nope, I’m very powerful!”

I had no words. Did everyone know that Melody is a vampire already? No wonder all they did was freeze in shock when they learned that I am a vampire. There was not even a single person who screamed in fear.

“I expect the reporters to be excited enough to bring out fireworks,” the gray-haired, middle-aged man said with a laugh. “They repeatedly begged me to find some gossip about you. They want news about you so badly that someone might give their life up for it!”

Melody chimed in quickly, “It’s not easy to find gossip about our little young master! He lives as purely as an angel!”

True, as long as we do not count the whole hero thing—angels probably do not run around chasing criminals with a scythe. That sounds more like a grim reaper.

The gray-haired, middle-aged man shook his head as he said, “If all celebrities lived like your little young master, all reporters would have to hang themselves. It might be good to even make some news deliberately. You do have to give them something to go on, you know?”

“Haha!” Melody winked and said coyly, “Director Xiao~~~ You know that I’m just the manager. It all depends on whether the little young master would want to fake the news!”

The young master shook his head resolutely at once, and no one seemed to be surprised. I suppose this is not the first time the young master has refused.

Director Xiao sighed and said, “Well, we can’t do anything if your brother can’t show up on film. Come on, let’s finish shooting for the show!” He sounded very disappointed.

The young master nodded and said to me, “Gē, just wait for me to finish shooting! Then, we can go to X-Killer to buy some clothes. I’m going to buy you twenty outfits this time!”

I smiled and almost said, “Thank you, young master,” but caught myself in time and instead said, “All right. I will wait for you.”

Hearing that, the young master went back to work happily. They went back into the set, where Director Xiao and a female show host sat on a two-seat sofa, while the young master sat alone in an armchair.

As the microphones were turned on, the gray-haired, middle-aged man took the clothes I brought out of the bag. Spreading them out, he exclaimed along with the female show host, “Wow, your old clothes are seriously out of date! This is simply too incredible! Which antique store did you dig these clothes out from?”

The young master smiled shyly and said, “I wasn’t very good at buying clothes back then. Actually, I’m still not that good at it, but the shop owner of X-Killer coordinates my outfits when I shop there.”

“Speaking of that, you really are X-Killer’s best model. Ever since you began to endorse the brand, it has become so popular that people need to place orders in advance…”

Melody came to stand by me, so I asked her worriedly, “Is it okay to announce that I am a vampire just like that?”

“They’d figure it out sooner or later anyway even if we don’t admit it. Didn’t you hear how much those reporters want to get news about the young master?” Melody eyed me and said, “The young master is a celebrity known by everyone in Sunset City. So many cameras surround him all the time. Did you really think none of them would catch us? Impossible!”

So that is the case. I nodded in agreement and was suddenly grateful that non-humans were no longer a secret. Now this will only appear in the entertainment news, not as the headlines of general news.

“Butler, the young master just told me that he wants to have fun at a club after we finish shopping for clothes!” Melody sounded confused, but also very happy and excited.

I paused and replied confusedly, “Club? Why would the young master want to go to such a place?”

No, I should ask, “Why would the young master want to go ‘have fun’?”

“I don’t know either,” Melody was also confused. “Today, he suddenly asked me what’s fun around here, so I told him clubs are pretty fun. Then, he told me he wants to go to a club to have fun.”

This is not a lingering effect from the case of attacking the other heroes, is it? I was a little worried, so I shared this worry with Melody.

However, Melody thought about it briefly and said, “But the young master hasn’t been acting weirdly about anything else? It’s just a club anyway, and we’ll be with him, so nothing big can happen! Besides, the young master really needs to create some news to become more famous! With the news of having two vampires by his side, plus his going to a club… haha! The young master’s fame will explode!”

Melody seems to have gotten addicted to being a manager? I tried to convince her subtly, “Perhaps the young master does not need to be too famous, or else he would not have enough energy left to be a hero too. He had previously accepted large amounts of work to distract himself, so now he might not…”

“What are you talking about?” Melody interrupted me suddenly and said indignantly, “The young master has so much potential as a model, so of course he should be famous! Should he be a nameless model instead?”

I quickly said, “I did not mean that. Of course the young master is great as a model. But do models need to go on shows or create news?”

“Of course! He’d lose popularity if there isn’t any news about him, so we have to work hard to create hype! Then, the young master can keep being a model. I’m working very hard as a manager…”

Is Melody not trying too hard to argue? Usually, even if she does not agree with me, she arrogantly leaves a few sentences as explanation, and does not care whether I really understand or not. Yet she is trying so hard to explain today?

I looked at Melody suspiciously. She looked up and down uncomfortably, but after a full ten minutes under my consistently disbelieving stare, she added guiltily, “The young master lets me take ten percent of his earnings as overtime pay for additionally being his manager.”

So that is the case.

“I don’t care. I need more money to buy clothes! I earn more if the young master is more famous!” Melody claimed, refusing to back down.

I sighed. Ignoring the problem of how famous the young master should be, I need to take care of the problem right in front of me! I asked, worried, “Are we really going to take the young master to a club?”

Melody said immediately, “Yes, of course! Don’t you remember you promised me that you’d go to a club with me?”

There… might have been something like that.

“Hugging the young master to my left and embracing Luo Chu to my right, with the butler opening the way in front of me… Oh ho ho ho! I will definitely be the queen of the club tonight!” She said excitedly, then turned to warn me suddenly, “Butler, you’d better dress up properly for me! You look fine right now… I’m warning you, don’t you dare pick less revealing clothes at X-Killer later.”

But the whole point of buying new clothes is to buy less revealing clothes.

Melody did not want to hear any excuses as she muttered to herself, “It’s useless to tell you that! I need to remember to tell Olga to find revealing clothes for you. And tight pants. To showcase that bubble butt!”


The show seemed to be going well, and they finished after only two hours or so. After finishing, the young master talked to Director Xiao for a bit, then walked toward us, but was surrounded by the staff before he could make out half a sentence. Many staff members held pictures of the young master and also had pens. They probably wanted autographs.

The young master did not refuse anyone and signed all of them before waving goodbye. “Thanks for today, everyone! Bye bye!”

The staff all bid the young master farewell as well.

The young master turned and cried excitedly, “All right! Let’s go to X-Killer to buy clothes!”

Can I go shop somewhere else?

“You have to go with us!” Melody whispered to me quickly. “You see, the young master is really famous now, so there will definitely be people taking pictures of him at the club, and those pictures will probably make headlines the next day! Think about it. If the master sees pictures of the young master wearing clothes that don’t even fully cover his butt… we’re all dead!”

You want me to show it all off, but are worried about the young master revealing too much?

Melody said, annoyed, “If the young master shows too much, the master will kill vampires. If you show too much… What, Sadina will crawl out of her coffin to kill me?”

I faltered upon hearing Sadina’s name and could only give a wry smile in return.

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