No Hero V5C2: Silver Visor; Black Pupils

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No Hero Volume 5: Fallen Angel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Angel Falls Chapter Two: Silver Visor; Black Pupils—translated by XianBang (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Nice to meet you. I am An Xiang Ye.”

This boy was pretty indeed, but he had something even more precious than mere beauty. He had a smile like an angel’s.

“Luo Chu-gē, you can just call me Ah Ye. This is Charles. He is… He is my butler.”

He even has a butler, such an unusual profession. Could An Xiang Ye be the young master of a rich family? That would be terrible. My little photo studio can’t afford to pay so much for a model… ah! Who cares! This boy smiles like an angel, and acts perfectly natural in front of the camera lens. Every movement attracts people’s eyes! As a photographer, how could I pass by this kind of model?

However, he actually has a head of silver hair.

So does Dark Sun.

But in saying that, Dark Sun’s hair color couldn’t possibly really be silver, right? How could a hero not cover up such a conspicuous color?

But no matter what, An Xiang Ye will be a good model. I had that kind of feeling.

“Dark Sun?”

First Wind shouted somewhat belatedly, seemingly dumbstruck, not understanding why Dark Sun had extended his claws. Even Dragon Peace’s eyes only flared slightly wider. Neither had any intention of fighting, despite the sharp, cold light reflecting off of Dark Sun’s metal claws.

Only Solitary Butterfly went on guard, both hands reaching for her guns by her waist, bellowing, “Dark Sun, what are you thinking?”

Dark Sun had no reply, but he did not attack either. He stood there silently in his original position.


As the gunshot rang out, Dark Sun’s feet moved in a nimble flash. Then, he looked in a certain direction… The leader of the black-suited people that he had sent flying had climbed to his feet, with a gun in hand pointed straight at Dark Sun.

Solitary Butterfly shouted in astonishment, “Why are you attacking Dark Sun? Can’t you see that he hasn’t moved?”

As soon as she finished scolding, the sound of more gunshots reverberated down the street. The other twenty men in black had all taken out their guns to shoot. Dark Sun could only keep moving to avoid the bullets coming at him from all sides.

Twenty guns firing at the same time, as well as Dark Sun’s constant movement, resulted in bullets that flew everywhere. Even the other three heroes suffered from collateral damage, and the reporters nearby started screaming. The crowd started to hide from bullets that were flying everywhere, and the screens started shaking again. Luckily, some reporters were standing far enough away. They immediately found shelter and persistently started filming again.

Dragon Peace roared, jumped next to some reporters, and picked them up. Then, he charged into the distance while picking up other reporters and photographers. By the time he was done, he had around ten people wedged in his hands, over his shoulders, and under his arms.

Solitary Butterfly and First Wind were not as strong as Dragon Peace. First Wind could only escort two reporters. Solitary Butterfly’s weapons were not suitable for defense, so she decisively gave up on escorting, instead turning around to shoot at the people in black suits, forcing them to stop shooting and find shelter to dodge the bullets.

All three heroes were busy dodging and escorting the reporters, but Dark Sun retreated back behind the motorcycle and used the motorcycle to block the bullets, while he shouted, “Death Scythe!”

A massive scythe shaft and blade sprung out of the machine. Dark Sun adroitly combined shaft and blade into the Death Scythe that was taller than a human, and walked out from behind the bike.

He spun the blade while walking, letting the silver blade form a huge shield in front of him. Bullets ceaselessly hit the blade, making crisp tinkling noises.

While using his right hand to keep the Death Scythe spinning, Dark Sun used his left hand to take a handgun out of his pocket and started shooting at the people in black. Every single gunshot was accompanied by the sound of a falling person. Not a single shot missed.

Seeing this, Solitary Butterfly shouted, “Dark Sun, don’t kill anyone!”

Dark Sun did not respond, but First Wind yelled back, “Dark Sun will not kill them!”

One gunshot, two… Those dressed in black fell down one by one. Fortunately, after they fell, they moaned and held their arms, clearly alive. Their injuries were mostly on their gun-holding hands. Indeed, Dark Sun did not plan to kill them.

Around twenty men in black suits, blocking the way between Dark Sun and Xie Yuan Jie, were all knocked down. In the end, Xie Yuan Jie was the only one left shooting at Dark Sun endlessly, but his shots were all blocked by the scythe.

Dark Sun finally walked right up to Xie Yuan Jie and suddenly stopped twirling the scythe. Xie Yuan Jie did not continue shooting either, even though he held the gun with both hands, its muzzle still pointed directly at Dark Sun.

“You are out of bullets,” Dark Sun said coldly, aiming at the head of the men in black with his own gun.

Xie Yuan Jie, however, still calmly questioned, “Are you sure?”

Dark Sun said in an authoritative tone, “The two guns in your hands are type AZ326, no trace of modification. The number of bullets in the magazine is twenty four rounds, but you can put one extra bullet in the chamber. You have already fired fifty times.”

Xie Yuan Jie finally showed a little emotion, exhaling, “You counted how many times I fired? Under that kind of circumstance?”

This time, Dark Sun did not reply.

Xie Yuan Jie was silent for a moment, and then put down his gun. But he confidently said, “You must be almost out of bullets as well, correct?”

“Don’t hope that I used up all my bullets. My gun has been modified and the number of bullets is fifty six. I only fired twenty three times.” Dark Sun paused a little, showed a mirthless smile, and said, “Killing you does not require any bullets, either.”

Hearing this, Xie Yuan Jie became silent.

“Dark Sun!” First Wind ran back and shouted, “Don’t kill anyone!”

“He was shooting at me!” Dark Sun angrily bellowed, “Over twenty people were shooting at me! Did they ever think about not killing me?”

First Wind and the two others stopped and looked at each other in dismay. Finally, Solitary Butterfly and Dragon Peace both looked at First Wind. First Wind calmly walked forward and said, “Dark Sun, wash your hands of this affair. Let’s leave!”

Dark Sun was silent for a moment, slowly put down the gun in his hands, and answered, “Fine…”

Hearing this, everyone sighed in relief.

“I’ll leave after I kill him.”

Dark Sun turned around to look at Xie Yuan Jie, raising his gun yet again. But First Wind reacted quickly and immediately took out the energy whip that was by his waist. With a single lash, Dark Sun’s gun broke into two halves. At the same time, he bellowed, “Dark Sun, what’s happened to you?”

Dark Sun slowly turned around to look at First Wind. At this time, Xie Yuan Jie started running away, but Dark Sun did not stop him, because his attention was now focused on First Wind.

Dark Sun tossed away the pieces of the gun and gripped the Death Scythe.

“Dark Sun…?” Seeing this, First Wind slowly backed up a little, but he had no intention of raising his energy whip. Perhaps he still did not believe Dark Sun would actually attack him.

Dark Sun raised the scythe high. First Wind blankly looked up, watching the scythe cleaving toward him… Solitary Butterfly flew over and tackled First Wind, letting the scythe cut through the air rather than slice First Wind in half.

Solitary Butterfly immediately got up and scolded, “Why were you zoning out? Hurry up and dodge—”

Cut off, she did a back flip and the scythe sliced horizontally above her head, chopping off a few strands of her hair. She immediately continued to do several back flips, trying to move out of Dark Sun’s attack range. But Dark Sun refused to give up, striding forward to kill. His target had clearly changed from First Wind to Solitary Butterfly.

Dark Sun swung the scythe horizontally, and Solitary Butterfly quickly bent down to dodge. But the scythe cleaved downwards after the horizontal swing, and Solitary Butterfly had no time to dodge. She immediately dropped down to the ground, and then kicked upwards. Though she failed to kick the Death Scythe away entirely, she managed to redirect the shaft, avoiding the fate of being nailed to the ground.


At this time, First Wind, trying to push Dark Sun back, finally lashed out with the whip. But the whip’s aim was completely inaccurate. Dark Sun did not even dodge and the whip still missed. Instead, it lashed the asphalt next to him, melting a huge portion of it.

But it was understandable, since First Wind’s weapon was the destructive energy whip. If Dark Sun failed to dodge the energy whip, the scorching whip would have cooked or even chopped off his hands and feet, so of course First Wind did not dare to directly attack Dark Sun.

But Dragon Peace had no such misgivings. Recklessly, he shot his massive fists toward Dark Sun’s stomach. But Dark Sun spun the scythe downward and used the blade to block the fist. The collision resulted in a thunderous boom. Dark Sun even used his right knee to press against the blade, and started competing in strength against Dragon Peace. The two were locked in a stalemate.

Although Dragon Peace used so much force that veins appeared on his face, Dark Sun was not blown away. The first victim was actually the ground beneath their feet. The surface of asphalt began to sink and crack. The cracks looked like spider webs spreading outwards.

Although Dragon Peace couldn’t force back Dark Sun, Dark Sun could not push back Dragon Peace either. But from a visual perspective, Dark Sun was only a quarter of the size of Dragon Peace, yet he could still compete in strength with Dragon Peace. It was unbelievable!

While the two were competing in strength, Solitary Butterfly climbed up and First Wind approached slowly. After exchanging a glance, the two tacitly formed a triangle with Dragon Peace to surround Dark Sun and slowly close in on him.

Suddenly, Dark Sun twisted the scythe and sidestepped. There was no longer any resistance against Dragon Peace’s fists. With the force pushing against nothing, he immediately lost his balance and staggered forward. At the same time, Dark Sun swept his leg around, and Dragon Peace fell forward.

Seeing this, Solitary Butterfly and First Wind immediately attacked, seemingly afraid that Dark Sun would harm Dragon Peace with his scythe.

Although there were people attacking left and right, Dark Sun did not move into an attacking stance. Rather, he slightly bent his knees and suddenly vanished, immediately reappearing a few meters away… it was a vampire’s slide steps!

Solitary Butterfly and First Wind were both caught off guard. By the time they turned their eyes to Dark Sun, Dark Sun had already disappeared again. But in the next second, he appeared in front of Solitary Butterfly. With a kick at Solitary Butterfly’s abdomen, her entire body flew into the air. Simultaneously, he chased after her flying body, and while she struggled to get up, he swung his scythe down…

“Ye!” First Wind let out a rending howl. Fortunately, his yell was broken, so it could be passed off as a meaningless scream with no name hinted at.

The scythe abruptly stopped, the blade no more than ten centimeters from Solitary Butterfly’s chest. Dark Sun just suddenly froze.

At this moment, I realized that my own heart was thumping as hard as a beating drum. The young master had been so close to killing Solitary Butterfly, without any reason!

It was the first time I realized how powerful the young master was. He was powerful enough to make people tremble—in fear!

Dark Sun slowly toppled to the side, the Death Scythe hitting the ground with a heavy sound that made people jolt involuntarily.

Only after a while did Solitary Butterfly slowly crawl up. Based on her slow movements, perhaps she was shocked as well.

“Are you okay, Solitary Butterfly?” First Wind anxiously asked, simultaneously reaching out to support Solitary Butterfly.

But Solitary Butterfly brushed away his arm, saying with a shuddering voice, “I’m fine… But what happened to him?”

First Wind could not answer this question. He looked at the fallen Dark Sun, appearing at a loss.

But then Dragon Peace suddenly leaped in, landing near Dark Sun. With one hand, he grabbed his waist, and with the other he took the Death Scythe. Without a word, he then took the two and sprinted away, jumping up onto the buildings, disappearing across the rooftops.

Seeing this, the remaining two looked at each other with dismay. First Wind immediately said to Solitary Butterfly, “I… I’ll follow them to examine the situation.”

By the time Solitary Butterfly uttered half of the word “Wait,” First Wind had already run over to DSII, jumped on the motorcycle, and abruptly left.

“What should we do with these black-suited people?”

Solitary Butterfly finally finished her sentence, but of course there was nobody left to answer her. In an incredulous tone, she said, “What the hell are you all doing, running away and leaving the problem to me? You men are all so irresponsible!”

After a few sentences of complaining, she turned to check the black-suited people lying all over the ground. When she finally saw the fake policeman who had started the whole pile of problems, she hesitated. She walked over to the fake policeman and pulled him up with her left hand. Simultaneously, she stretched her right hand out into the sky, the gauntlet on her right hand shooting out a rope that hooked onto a spot high up on the buildings. Then, she pulled herself and the policeman up.

Up to then, I had absolutely no idea how to react. The young master had never before exhibited such reckless behavior. What happened? Could the fake policeman have done something to the young master?

While my mind filled with all kinds of questions, the phone in my breast pocket rang. I picked up the phone. From the phone emanated First Wind’s voice, “Charles, where are you?”

“I am at N/H…”

While I was still speaking, First Wind cut me off with, “We’re coming to find you.” Once done speaking he hung up even faster, giving me absolutely no chance to ask about the young master’s condition.

I put away the phone and raised my head to see Poseidynne staring at me, her face filled with worry.

I immediately lowered my voice, saying, “They are coming here.”

Poseidynne nodded and shouted, “I’m very sorry, but N/H is closing for today. Everyone, please leave now! As an apology, today’s expenses are on the house. I, Poseidynne, will cover the bill!”

The customers sitting in the shadows stood up one by one and left. Thankfully, there were few customers today, perhaps fewer than ten. They did not appear dissatisfied; a few of them even thanked Poseidynne for taking care of the bill.

“Don’t panic, Ah Ye won’t be in trouble.”

After everyone left, Poseidynne comforted, “Would you like another cup of blood? It’s on me.” Then, she nimbly started preparing the beverage.

I was about to express my thanks and take it, but I noticed her sprinkle an unknown white powder into the blood-filled cup… Could that be sugar or creamer?

But no matter what it was, I was certain that no vampire would order “blood with milk” or “blood with half sugar and a little ice,” so a drink like blood never needed any extra condiments.

It appeared that Poseidynne was not as relaxed as she portrayed.

After waiting a while, Poseidynne announced that there were people at the door. She opened the door without a glance. Luckily, the one who eventually entered the lobby was First Wind; behind him was Dragon Peace—No! He should be called Aren now.

He had ended his transformation and wore only a pair of giant shorts. When Dragon Peace wore them, they looked like boxer shorts; when Aren wore them, they looked like a knee-length loose skirt that needed a belt. He was even barefoot.

However, the most important thing was that he held Dark Sun.

“Ah Ye!”

Poseidynne rushed over, at a loss.

At that time, First Wind swept away the decorations on a long table and let Aren lay Dark Sun down on it. I hurriedly walked over and looked at him with worry like everyone else.

“Young Master, are you all right?” I gently called nonstop. “Young Master? Young Master?”


Finally, Dark Sun moaned softly. He reached out his hand to feel his head as if he had a headache, but brushed against his visor instead. He impatiently tried to pull the visor off.

Seeing this, I immediately helped him to take off the visor and asked again, “Young Master, are you all right?”

Dark Sun… no, the young master blinked and called out in a confused tone, “Charles?” Then, he turned around to check everyone else standing around and asked quizzically, “Where is this?”

“This is N/H,” I immediately answered.

“N/H?” The young master was confused, then suddenly said, “Ah.” With a frantic expression, he asked, “Crap, is Solitary Butterfly O.K.? Luo Chu-gē, Aren, are you guys O.K.? I think I landed some blows on you?”

At this, Ji Luo Chu took off his mask as well. After hearing the questions, he answered immediately, “She’s fine and we’re fine as well. Don’t worry.”

Hearing this, young master finally relaxed a bit.

Aren asked in confusion, “Ah Ye, why did you attack us?”

The young master looked blank for a moment, then raised his head to look at everyone. He hesitantly said, “I really don’t know. I don’t know why I attacked you. It felt like someone was ordering me, and I had to follow the orders…”

“It was definitely the strange policeman who caused the problem!” Poseidynne resolutely said, “When the group of policemen suddenly started attacking you first, they were definitely manipulated as well! Besides, didn’t that strange policeman say that he could make everyone around listen to him? So you were definitely controlled by him!”

Looking at Poseidynne, the young master suddenly laughed, saying, “Really, even if I did become a bad guy, you, Poseidynne, would still be on my side, right?”

Poseidynne shrugged. “Maybe! That depends on what kind of bad guy you turn out to be. It’s not like I like you because you’re a good guy. Who knows, you might become even more charming if you turn evil!”

Hearing this, the young master only shook his head. He then jumped off of the long table, bowed to Aren and Ji Luo Chu. “Luo Chu-gē, Aren, sorry! I didn’t attack you on purpose.”

Aren shrugged. “Tell that to Solitary Butterfly! Nothing happened to me.”

Ji Luo Chu worriedly said, “I’m all right, but Ah Ye, are you really fine? Do you still want to attack people now?”

The young master thought a little and firmly said, “Not at all.”

“That’s good.” Ji Luo Chu looked hugely relieved.

Seeing their conversation coming to an end, I quickly suggested, “Young Master, you have many wounds. Perhaps can we go home and treat those first?”

The young master tilted his head and shrugged. “But I don’t want to go home! How about this? Let’s first go to Luo Chu-gē’s studio to shoot pictures until morning, and then go buy outfits at X-Killer, and finally ask Melody to take us to some fun places!”

…The young master is definitely acting a bit strange still, right? Then again, it could be because a year has already passed—wouldn’t people usually change a little?

I hesitantly looked toward Poseidynne, Ji Luo Chu, and Aren… All three pairs of eyes were staring so hard that they had become twice as large. There is definitely something wrong with the young master!

“Luo Chu-gē!” The young master excitedly said, “You mentioned before that there was a print ad that needed pictures of a bare back. You didn’t reject that, did you? It looks fun. Let’s go do a photoshoot for it!”

There is definitely something off with the young master! No matter if one, two, three or even a hundred years passed, I believed that the master would never allow the young master to do a nude photoshoot. The young master would not defy the master on this kind of matter.

“Eh…” Ji Luo Chu was a bit unsure of how to react, and even showed an expression that indicated he was interested in this idea. I immediately started to cough. He was startled and immediately said, “I already rejected it!”

“Already rejected?” The young master showed a very disappointed expression, asking, “Can’t you get it back? You can, right?”

“Well…” Ji Luo Chu was a bit anxious, and kept on trying to give me a signal with his eyes.

“Young Master, shooting nudes will probably harm your angelic image. How about showing just the upper… back?”

I originally planned to suggest showing the upper body. It was not a rare thing for boys to show their upper body, after all. But midway through speaking, I suddenly remembered how overprotective the master was of the young master… I realized, even showing only the upper body was already too much!

Luckily, the young master thought for a moment and laughed. “That’s a good idea. I’m showing only my upper back then! Let’s go to the studio. Luo Chu-gē, Charles, and Aren, come along with me!”

“I’m going too!” The forgotten Poseidynne excitedly said.

I was looking at the huge TV wall advertisement. In the advertisement, the young master’s back was facing the camera, and he slowly turned his head, with a faint smile, as if an unexpected guest had broken in while he was changing.

His hands were holding back his long hair behind his head, revealing his neck and his entire back. He was shirtless as well, and only wore a pair of dark blue jeans, because it was a jeans advertisement.

The advertisement was both sexy and beautiful. Although the entire back was shown, it did not arouse inappropriate thoughts. But I truly regretted not making it clear earlier about not wearing low-rise pants.

I had a premonition that the master would not like this ad.

However, the young master really liked the ad, and said he should shoot for that type more often. Even Ji Luo Chu and Ah Da were satisfied, and claimed this was the most satisfying case after the angel advertisement.

Even if everyone was happy though, if the master was unhappy, then the whole world would become unhappy.

It seemed like I needed to find a chance to remind Ji Luo Chu not to accept advertisements that bared too much.

Despite the bad luck, luckily, because the photoshoot took too long, the young master could not implement his plan for nude photoshoots, shopping for clothes, finding Melody, and playing through the night.

This morning, young master did not behave abnormally at all. He should be back to normal, right?

I hope so. I sighed, grabbed a shopping cart, and entered the market. Although I had not been to the market for a year, it had not changed much. At least, the frequently visited vendors did not change places.

Walking up to the vendor who sold chicken, I habitually said, “Boss, I would like to buy chicken.”

”Sure! Just a second!” Only after the chicken vendor had chopped a chicken leg into three pieces did he look up. He was a little shocked when he saw me, exclaiming in surprise, “Ch-Charles?”

“Long time no see.” I smiled and tried to come up with an excuse at the same time. Perhaps saying that I was working overseas is a good line?

“Yue Gang said you went to cure your light allergy. How did it go? Was it cured?” The chicken vendor asked, deeply concerned.

…It seems like there was no need to find an excuse at all. I speechlessly nodded. “Yes, it has been cured.”

“Great!” The chicken vendor happily cheered, “Here here here, I’ll give you a free chicken today. You need to heal up after surgery. Remember to make chicken soup when you get home, and take care of your body!”

Initially, I thought that Yue Gang was too dim, but is it that I am too human-like? Why does no one ever question whether I am a vampire or not?

“Thank you very much. Please chop up five more… no, seven more chickens for me.” I thought for a moment and immediately added, “Please allow me to pay for the seven chickens.”

The chicken vendor was a little shocked, asking, “What do you need eight chickens for? Even your huge family can’t finish eight chickens, right?”

I cannot say that it is because of the addition of Aren, whose huge appetite is even bigger than the young master’s, right? I could only craft a new lie. “My older brother was married this year, so we now have a sister-in-law, who also has a younger brother. They have depended on each other since they were young, so they moved in together as well. The young brother is robust and still growing, so he eats plenty. That is why I need to buy more.”

The chicken vendor was shocked, exclaiming, “Your family is really strange. I’ve never seen such a huge family. Do you want the chickens all chopped?”

“Yes, please…”


The shout came from a distance, growing louder as it neared. When I turned around to see, a person had already appeared before my eyes and grabbed me up in hug, slapping my back and shouting, “You’re finally back!”

“Yes.” I smiled. “Long time no see, Yue Gang.”

Yue Gang looked very happy indeed. Although I did not really have surgery, my heart was warmed.

“I’m glad you’re back. I finally don’t need to ask your younger brother to pay for my food anymore!” Yue Gang was jumping in joy. “Last time I went with him for food, we got caught by reporters. The news reported something about a policeman who was threatening a popular model, and that I asked for protection fees from him! If the people at the station didn’t know that I actually knew your younger brother, I would have been fired!”

I was speechless for moment, but when I imagined the scene of Yue Gang threatening the young master for protection fees… Ha!

“Hey! What are you laughing for? Don’t you have any sympathy for this dutiful policeman who almost got sacked? And you can still laugh? No more laughing! If you don’t stop, I’m going to be mad!”

Although Yue Gang really looked like he was getting angry, I was not worried at all. After I took the three big bags of chicken from the chicken vendor, I chuckled and said, “Let us go, I am a little hungry. Would you like to go to the noodle stand for breakfast?”

“Is this all meat?” Yue Gang stared with wide eyes, taking two bags, saying, “Are you giving me a bag? I’m telling you, besides boiling coffee, the only thing I know how to do is heat stuff in a microwave. Gifting me raw meat isn’t helpful! I’d rather you give me a bag of McDonald’s!”

“It is not that. It is because recently my big brother got married…”

After repeating the story about my big brother, my sister-in-law, and her little brother, we reached the noodle stand by the market exit. It was crowded here as usual, mostly with mothers and grandmothers, so when Yue Gang and I walked in, we caught plenty of attention.

After sitting down, Yue Gang ordered a ton of food, while I only ordered a cup of tomato juice.

“Your younger brother is really amazing!”

After eating two bowls of noodles, Yue Gang slowed down his eating speed. Only then did he have the time to exclaim, “He’s been hugely popular recently…no, I think he’s way too popular. It’s really amazing. You know, everyone in my station, from superintendent to janitor, brags that he knows An Xiang Ye. I was forced to ask your bro for autographed photos every week.”

“I have been at the hospital recently, and Ah Ye does not mention his work often.” I immediately queried, “Since he has become so famous this year, has there been anything bad that has happened as a result?”

“What, are you worried that your brother getting screwed over?” Yue Gang glanced at me, saying, “Relax! With your family’s fifth sister covering him, there’s no problem. She’s no pushover. She’s as fierce as a vampire!”


Yue Gang slurped up a noodle, and said while chewing, “Don’t worry! This year, there’s not been a single rumor about your little brother’s relationships… Or so my buddies say. So the news even reports little rumors, like me taking protection fees! I’m familiar with tons of reporters. Plenty of them know that I’m familiar with An Xiang Ye. But they have no choice, your little brother is such a hot topic, yet they can’t find a bit of news about him. So they broadcast anything that they can dig up!”

“I see.” I relaxed. It seemed that I had not missed out on too much.

“But don’t relax too soon.” He told me to relax, yet now he nervously said, “Your little bro keeps a low profile, but he’s caught plenty of people’s eyes. At least half of them are rich and powerful, so you’d better take care of his safety. Remember to…”

“Don’t go out too often, call me if anything happens, and explain it clearly and concisely,” I somewhat resignedly finished.

Yue Gang chuckled, raised his head, and froze in surprise.

I turned my head in curiosity. It turned out that the TV was showing the advertisement with the young master. But was this not just shot yesterday? And they can already air it? That speed is unbelievable.

When the seconds long commercial finished, Yue Gang immediately yelled, “Is your little bro crazy? The news before said that he was so conservative that he wouldn’t show a single sliver of skin in ads. Who knows how many ad requests your fifth sibling had to rip up just because they wanted him to show his shoulder or waist… Why would he reveal even half of his butt?”

Hearing this, I could only smile wryly. While I was trying to find an excuse, my phone rang.

I took out my phone. On the screen, it showed the caller ID was Kyle. Has the master seen the advertisement already? After I answered the call, Secretary Kyle’s emotionless voice came over the phone. “Butler, you know what I’m going to say.”

I gave Yue Gang a smile as an apology and walked to one side to speak on the phone.

“Yes, is it about the new jeans advertisement?”

Secretary Kyle’s tone lowered, “Right. What’s the deal with that advertisement? Did the young master insist on shooting that?”

I spoke the truth. “It was the young master’s decision, and he was very happy with the advertisement that resulted.”

The phone was silent for a moment, but a groan came out. “It’s nice that the young master is happy, but Sun Emperor is not happy. But if the young master is unhappy, the Sun Emperor would be unhappier…”

After a sigh, Mr. Kyle went back to his emotionless tone. “Stop the young master as much as possible. After all this time, you should know the Sun Emperor actually does not only need the young master to be happy, right?”

“Yes, I understand.”

Actually, the comparison made by Ezart fit the situation perfectly. He once said, when the young master followed the trend of wearing revealing clothes, the master would say “as long as you’re happy,” while killing everyone around who wore this type of clothing. After this, the young master would never follow the trend.

Secretary Kyle worriedly advised, “Remember to try your best to prevent the young master from shooting ads that expose more skin. Otherwise, I definitely couldn’t predict what the master would do. But be cautious! You cannot let the young master be unhappy. Do you understand?”


Putting away my phone, I walked over to the table and sat down, giving a wry smile to Yue Gang. “My older brother saw the ad and called to scold me.”

“Oh!” Yue Gang knowledgeably nodded and said, “Your big brother seems old-fashioned, but I think that ad was shot pretty well. Although he showed some skin, the most important thing is he didn’t show those three bits! It’s not like he’s a woman, anyway. It’s no big deal for men to show a bit of their back and butt!”

“Dàgē does not agree. It cannot be helped.” I gave a wry smile.

Yue Gang shrugged and started devouring food again. Not long after, he put down his chopsticks and bellowed, “I’m full! Thanks, buddy.”

I chuckled and suddenly remembered I had something to ask him. I immediately said, “By the way, has Xie Wei been close with you recently? I seem to hear his name often from people around here.”

“Xie Wei?” Yue Gang went “tsk” twice, saying, “Although that guy is annoying, inflexible and heartless, after knowing his disposition, you can get along with him. I think it was ten months ago? He started a non-human criminal group in the station, abbreviated as NC… Those terrible at English in the office called it the ‘MC group,’ dammit!”

I laughed.

Yue Gang gave me a dirty look and moved on. “But Xie Wei seems to have a really solid background, so the MC group… Shit, why did I call it MC as well? All because of those little shits. The ‘NC’ group has plenty of funding. All their equipment are the most advanced and the salaries are pretty high.”

“But this would make others unhappy, right?” I was a bit confused. Based on relationships between Yue Gang and other policemen, they would only fall out with Xie Wei because of this, rather than become familiar, right?

“At first, many guys were dissatisfied, but later if there were any incidents caused by non-humans, they were all solved by the NC group. This reduced casualties among our brothers, plus getting into that group isn’t all that hard. You can get in as long as you want to, and the salaries are very high, except you can die easily. Whether or not you are going to get in depends on if you prefer your money or your life. So after this, the guys started yelling ‘MC, MC’ all day long everywhere.”

I nodded and understandingly asked, “So now you are part of the NC group?”

Yue Gang laughed and said, “Nice, you really do know me well.”

If one were to spend just an hour with you, anyone would know you well.

At this time, there were two beeps. Yue Gang immediately took out his phone and frowned. “I have to go.”

I nodded and said, “I have to go back and clean as well.”

Yue Gang stood up, but stopped when he was going to turn and leave. He instructed, “By the way, it’s really not safe recently. Keep that in mind, don’t go out that much. If something happens, call me. Remember that! Don’t be wordy, be concise!”

If I followed what Yue Gang said, I would never be able to leave the apartment. Although I knew that I could not follow Yue Gang’s instructions, I smiled and nodded, waving goodbye at him.

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