No Hero V4Extra: The Undisclosed Castle Secrets

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No Hero Volume 4: The Ancient Vampire Castle

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Lost Files of the Ancient Castle Extra Chapter: The Undisclosed Castle Secrets—translated by Raylight (proofread by Arcedemius & Faren; C/E edited by lucathia)

[Two Brothers of the Same Mold]

“As for others, be it vampires, werewolves, angels, or humans, they are all the same to him. Anyway, they all have to yield to him.”

… Perhaps the master is even more dangerous than I had thought.

“I didn’t think that the butler has actually fallen from grace before.” Melody seemed unconcerned as she said, “No matter what, I feel like you’re totally the obedient type!”

“I know! It’s really hard to imagine!” The young master said in disbelief, “I can’t believe that Charles has actually done anything like smoking drugs, murder, and even rape!”

Melody immediately turned to me with wide eyes. I quickly clarified, “Young Master, I have done no such things. I merely indulged in heavy drinking, loitered around bars, and looked for one-night stands.”

The young master gave an “eh,” and then asked in puzzlement, “Only those and you count it as falling from grace?”

… Perhaps the young master is even more dangerous than I had thought.


[Abuse of Authority for Private Interests]

“Briar! It’s vacation. You might as well come and stay at my place. This way, you’ll be able to stay with Bramble-shū more!”

The young master is certainly thoughtful. The corners of Bramble’s lips are even curling upwards.

“Charles! Rent a few more cartoon movies. Briar will definitely like them!”

“Understood, Young Master. You are certainly attentive,” I answered with a smile, feeling very pleased.

After finishing dinner at night, the young master chided Briar impatiently, “Briar, hurry and go shower. When you’re done, let’s watch a cartoon movie!”


Right when Briar walked out of the bathroom, the young master picked up and hugged the girl who had just showered. This made her feel a little embarrassed as she said, “Ah Ye-gē, I can walk by myself!”

“It doesn’t matter. You’re not heavy anyways, and you are soft and even smell nice. It’s really comfortable hugging you!”

The young master sat on the sofa hugging Briar and watched cartoons for an hour. Afterward, Briar said responsibly, “Ah Ye-gē, I should go and do my summer vacation homework.”

“It’s okay, let’s watch a bit more! I want to watch it! As for your homework, I’ll complete it with you in the daytime.”

The young master continued to hug Briar and then watched cartoons for another two hours. Only then did he unwillingly say that he was going to bed.

The Second Day

“Bri, go and shower first, and come and watch cartoons!”

The Third Day

“Bri, shower, shower! Watch cartoons!”

The Fourth Day

Bramble gave an ultimatum, “Bri, go home tomorrow morning!”


[Putting the Cart before the Horse]

Although items in the convenience store were more expensive, the young master liked a particular brand of milk and type of sliced bread that was only sold in convenience stores. Therefore, I could only come here and purchase milk and sliced bread. At the same time, I could also conveniently collect the hero figurines that the store released.

“You just need twenty yuan more to draw a hero figurine! You’re not going to buy a bit more?”

I smiled as I said, “There is no need to do so. I have already finished collecting all of the fourth series.”

The cashier exclaimed in surprise, “Really? Even the secret edition that is super difficult to get?”

“… Secret edition?”

“That’s right. In the fourth series, there is a secret edition of Dark Sun—Dark Sun with wings!” The cashier smiled as he said, “But it’s okay if you’re not going to add any more items! I heard that the chance of getting the secret edition is one out of fifty! It’s super hard to get! I’ll ring up your purchase now…”

“Please hold on for a moment!”

Breakfast: Milk Tea, Egg Salad on Toast, Fried Bread Sides, Egg Sandwich.

Lunch: Papaya Milk, Club Sandwich, Bread Salad.

Dinner: Milk Sago Pudding, Cheese and Peanut Toast, Grilled Chicken Toast, Butter Toast.

Dell shrugged and didn’t seem to mind as he said, “Is today Bread Day?”

The Second Day

Breakfast: Apple Milk, Turkey Sandwich, Grilled Toast.

Lunch: Coffee Milk, Harwana Coffee’s Brick Toast, Barbecued Sliced Pork Sandwich.

Dinner: Honey Milk Tea, Hazelnut Coffee Walnut Toast, Pudding on Toast.

May frowned and asked, “Bread again? And dairy products?”

The Third Day, the Fourth Day, the Fifth Day…

Breakfast: Milk Tea, Grilled Toast with Pork Floss…

Lunch: Strawberry Milk, OO Toast, XX Bread…

Dinner: Banana Milk, && Toast, OO Sandwich…

Bramble, May, Dell: “…”

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    that seems delicious … but 5 days straight ? even yu wo get lazy to think of what variant should be mention (LOL)

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    Mmm… Plushies and towels fresh from the wash are the best. They’re soft and warm to hug and they smell so nice. People… They’re not as squishy, even if they’re warm and sometimes smell nice.
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