39—Legend of Sun Knight V1Extra2: Q&A with the Twelve Holy Knights

39—Legend of Sun Knight Volume 01

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Q&A for the Twelve Holy Knights – translated by lucathia (proofread by elisa & Arcedemius)


Ceo Storm, why did you already choose Shuis when he was still a baby?
Ceo: If you’d seen Shuis when he was small, you would have chosen him too. He was really too cute!

So the reason you chose him is because you couldn’t resist his cuteness?
Ceo: Actually, it’s because Sun said that he resembles Awaitsun a lot, that he would definitely become a super handsome guy in the future. I looked at Awaitsun, and he was so handsome that I felt that if I didn’t claim his son in advance, I would really lose out, so I claimed him.


Georgo Earth, will you die from excessive *** in the end?
Georgo: I-I’d like to die like that! I-If only… Can I stop stuttering?

Feel free.
Georgo: If only that bastard Sun stopped hindering me, I would be able to die from exhausting my essence really early, and gloriously meet the God of Light!

So have you ever successfully (beeeep) without Grisia’s disturbance?
Georgo: Of course!

What age were you when you succeeded for the first time?
Georgo: …Next question!


May I ask each Judgment Knight, don’t you feel warm wearing such a heavy, black robe?
Chasel Judgment: Very warm. If it’s not a public occasion, I normally take off my outer robe.
Lesus Judgment: Warm, but I can bear it.
Hungri Judgment: I’m only the Judgment Knight-in-training, so I haven’t worn the robe yet, but it looks very warm.

Regarding your own student or teacher, what are your general impressions?
Chasel: No need to worry about him.
Lesus: I respect him. He distresses me.
Chasel: I believe that I am not the one you feel distressed about?
Hungri: …

Hungri, your answer is?
Hungri: I respect him.

An additional question. On the opposite end, what about the Sun Knights?
Neo: No need to worry about him.
Grisia: He distresses me. No need to worry about him.
Neo: …
Elaro: He…He… Can I not answer this?
Neo: Answer it!
Elaro: …He distresses me.
Grisia: …
Neo: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


May I ask Chasel Judgment, on average, how often do you feel like slaughtering Neo once and for all?
Chasel: I never think about things that are impossible to achieve. No one is capable of killing Neo.

Do you think you want to kill him more than Lesus Judgment wants to kill Grisia Sun?
Chasel: My student’s patience is even better than his skill with a sword. He would never want to kill the Sun Knight.

What is your assessment of Lesus’s student?
Chasel: I don’t know him too well, having only seen him a few times. Just based off of his appearance, I’m a little suspicious about whether or not he is a cross-dressing girl.


May I ask the 37th, 38th, and 39th generation Sun Knights and Judgment Knights about their opinions regarding each other?
Chasel: Swordsmanship is strong. Not so strong with everything else.
Neo: Hey!

What about you, Neo?
Neo: Swordsmanship is weak. Strong with everything else.
Chasel: Thanks for the compliment.
Neo: …

What about the 38th generation?
Lesus: Swordsmanship is…
Grisia: Shut up!

What about the 39th generation?
Elaro: Uh…
Hungri: Hmph!


As the spokespersons of the God of Light, do you think the God of Light is male or female?
Neo: Better be female.
Grisia: Hopefully female.
Elaro: I think male, since the spokespersons of the God of Light, the Sun Knights, are all male. A female probably wouldn’t look for guys to be the spokesperson.
Neo: Makes sense, dammit!
Grisia: As my student, why can’t you let your teacher fantasize more before meeting the God of Light?


Neo Sun, compared with your previous lifestyle back at the Holy Temple, what part of your lifestyle as an adventurer gives you the most trouble?
Neo: The part that gives me the most trouble is ’where am I?’

Aldrizzt, has anything changed with regards to what troubles you the most in your lifestyle as an adventurer, before and after meeting Neo? Can you give us specifics?
Aldrizzt: Yes, there was a change. Before meeting Neo, what troubled me the most was getting chased by my clan. After meeting Neo, things that trouble me are actually quite numerous, but the matter that troubles me the most is probably frequently having to prevent Neo from running after other people to kill them.


May I ask Grisia Sun, why didn’t you quickly close the door that time you came across Neo in the toilet? Why did you stay until he gracefully finished his business?
Grisia: That’s because at that time, my life suddenly flashed before my eyes. Once I regained my senses, Teacher had already gracefully finished his business and was carrying the Divine Sun Sword as he walked over.

And then?
Grisia: And then… I almost didn’t have an ’and then.’


Neo Sun, whom do you love the most?
Neo: Hmm, are you asking me which woman I love the most? Too many, I don’t remember. Each one is a good woman.

What if we’re not talking about romantic love?
Neo: …I don’t want to answer.

No, you have to answer!
Neo: So what if I don’t answer? What can you do, HUH?

…Please answer! This is a question that has to be answered. If you don’t answer, I can’t face the readers, ahhhhh— Believe me when I say that I’ll write about Aldrizzt getting fed up with you, so he ends up leaving, meaning you would have to wash your own clothes, cook your own food, and find your own way around—
Neo: …That annoying student of mine who always makes me worry day and night.


What is Sun’s secret habit when he’s serious?
Grisia: I want to know too.

No one’s asking you. Lesus Judgment, what’s Sun’s secret habit when he’s serious?
Lesus: It’s a secret.
Grisia: Hahaha, even I can’t make him answer. How would you be able to get the answer out of him?

Elmairy Leaf, what’s Sun’s secret habit when he’s serious?
Grisia: You went and chose Leaf! Good choice. He’s a good guy who can’t refuse anyone.
Elmairy: Ahh, why are you dooming me…
Georgo: Elmairy, I tossed your seasonings into the moat. If you don’t hurry and save it, it might drift all the way to the Kingdom of Moon Orchid.
Elmairy: Ah, seasonings, wait for me!

…Elaro, what is your teacher’s secret habit when he’s serious?
Elaro: I’m not too sure, but I think it’s gathering—ah!
Lesus: He fainted and can’t answer you anymore.

…Roland Hell, what is Grisia’s habit?
Grisia: Has anyone told you you’re even more stubborn than Stone?
Roland: I’m not… wholly… allowed to tell you anything more.
Lesus: We’ve shed enough light on this! Or do you want a taste of the Twelve Holy Knight’s wrath?
Georgo: If you ask any more, someone’s really gonna die!

New question!


May I ask the 37th, 38th, and 39th generation Sun Knights, what kind of existence is your vice-captain to you?
Neo: He’s a bastard who specializes in being a tattletale to Chasel!

Then, why did you pick him in the first place?
Neo: …Back then, Chasel asked me ‘How’s this person?’ and I replied ‘Whatever.’

What about the 38th generation?
Grisia: He doesn’t lose out in style when I bring him to the palace. Once he walks into the kitchen, he can produce entire banquets. On the battlefield, he can brandish his sword and slay the enemy. In the office, he can approve and correct documents. He is a comrade and a brother with the guys, and a charmer and an abductor with the girls…

Are you done talking yet?
Grisia: There’s too much to talk about.

What about the 39th generation?
Elaro: They’re my left and right hands. Rhonelin is my right. Dili is my left.

Why have you specified them as your right and left hands?
Elaro: Because Rhonelin is right-handed. Dili is left-handed.

Has anyone told you that you focus too much on miniscule things?
Elaro: …Often.


Elaro, have you ever regretted becoming the Sun Knight?
Elaro: Actually, I’m still just the Sun Knight-in-training. I haven’t become the official Sun Knight yet.

Then, have you regretted going to the Sun Knight selection?
Elaro: Actually, I didn’t attend the selection. I didn’t even fill out the registration form. On the day of the selection, my teacher ordered me to go to the training grounds to take care of the kids. Later, he announced that I had been chosen.

Then, I guess I have to change my question. Have you regretted meeting Grisia?
Elaro: Never. I never have.

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  1. Eclipsek

    Awwww! LOL! AWWWWW! LOL! wtf lol! Awwww! lol! Awwwww! HahahahaLOL! AWWWWWWWW!

    ^Pretty much me while reading this. I love this series, it’s probably one of my favorites *^*

  2. Adrimiz7

    Does slime have a sex??
    More importantly, Grisia never even bothered looking at the other kids! That’s amazing! Fwahahahahaha!

  3. XTWK

    Is it just me or does all the holy knights seem a bit… crazy. Neo is swordsmenship crazy, Grisia is just plain crazy, Earth is perverted crazy, Leaf is seasoning crazy, and the 2 judgement knights are…umm.. driven crazy by their danger seeking sun knights. Hungri is crazy about looking tough and Elarno is crazy clueless. (escuse my bad spelling)

  4. dollyfishe

    So what is grisia habit when he is serious ? Aw, poor roland. The others really are ready to even kill anyone to prevent anyone telling this LOL
    Love all those QnA hahahahaha
    And golden slime, isnt it become more powerful by the number of followers ? The God of Light was once the most powerful Gods, so i think it evolve into a human shape (or may be really evolve into a man ? Now i know, the theory of evolution were all wrong. We’re not evolve from a monkey, but a slime LOL), and choose to become a man ? Not that it really matter hehehe

    • Crystal

      I think its gathering light? U know, Elaro said “…gathering” before he got knocked out. And Lesus said “…shed enough light on this” with the word light in italics. *got shot to death*

    • RunaRei

      oh really? the first thing I thought is gathering the 12 holly knight
      since he usually always be the last to come to the meeting
      ups.. am I gonna die? I’m gonna die >.<

    • mir

      I guess gathering light element?
      Maybe he puts too much light element in his hair so it starts glowing.
      But what did he do before his hair turned gray…. Maybe his whole self starts glowing a little?

    • Crystal

      *sneaks around before quietly whispering* yup gathering holy light. like when Grisia gathers holy light to kill the undead/cover his hair etc. the holy knights can feel it since they already have training and can use it. E.g. when the holy knights gather to sing the hymns for Church.

    • Andi

      Wow, the mystery finally comes to light! *dies*
      But really, that is pretty awesome to picture. So whenever Grisia is serious he suddenly has a literal holy aura around him that he doesn’t realize he has gathered. I wonder if he is too serious focusing on the topic at hand to realize?

    • dollyfishe

      ups … unknowingly … i killed a lot of readers with my question.
      please forgive me *dies since Lesus found the source of the sudden died of lots of readers*
      hmm … not a bad way to die after all ^o^
      (happily gather with everyone)

  5. Aria

    wait, author, you can’t NOT answer after teasing us ;_; (what is sun’s secret habit when he’s serious?) IWannaKnowIWannaKnowIWannaKnowAAAAAAA


    Thank you for the translation

  6. delicate

    Is it supposed to be gathering holy light? (gathering, wholly and light) lol Yu Wo

  7. 15B

    … Is it really possible for people to die in the way that Earth wants to?

    Also, please note that Neo is so destructive that the fourth wall had to break before he would answer that certain question.

    Also, with Grisia’s description of Adair, it’s surprising that Adair’s fanclub isn’t larger than it is.

    • mir

      <- (Adair fan)

      You can't see them much in the story, but they are definitely around.
      That's what I believe anyway.

  8. Fate

    Hahahaha… That 3rd question… Can’t help but laught at Elaro’s answer~ it’s too funny… haaaa… I laugh alot here~ and the persistent questions just to find out the ‘secret habit’.. I just love this.. It shall forever be my favourite novel. I just love Lesus the most! Next comes Grisia and Adair (please don’t kill me). Elaro was also so cute!

  9. Starvingbookwyrm

    Was drinking and reading this ……needs a new shirt
    And tissues ….. Just FYI orange .. anything hurts if it comes out you nose

  10. Setsuyume Edenfault

    MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Seriously, thank you! Finally serious Grisia’s mode revealed! Gathering Light Element! Thank you for solving this ever lasting mistery! XDDDDD

    Btw, is there going to be a LN about the 1st generation?!

    • Irina

      @Setsuyume Edenfault
      About the first generation, you have already Female Warrior, who explain the meeting between First Sun and first Judgment.

      For Q6, am I the only women who think the God of Light can be a woman ?? Having a harem of twelve men as her spokemen ??

  11. Pianonomocha

    Chasel seems the chillest holy knight out of them all! In just a few of his scenes his my fave.

    • silentghost

      While I still feel it’s utterly fruitless to reply to a nearly three year old comment…I just has a to say: Chasel fan club!

  12. silentghost

    But um, how to put this… Neo was asked about romantic love…. and then it made it sound like his answer was his student? 🤔 Very confused here. I’m being Storm right now and just got done with finals with a cold and too little sleep, so the answer is probably painfully obvious… my brain’s just not working away the moment…

    Also, I died with laughter reading all this. And I’m so glad to know what Grisia’s “tell” is when he gives a serious order.

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