39—Legend of Sun Knight V1Epilogue: Afterword

39—Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue—translated by lucathia (proofread by elisa & Arcedemius)

If things go according to plan, there should be three volumes of the spin-off, 39—a Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. The plot will be like the main series. Each volume will have its own story arc but will be connected to the next volume. The series will proceed in such a manner.

However, since the ending of Volume 1 is related to the central idea of the next volumes, the story arc won’t be completely depicted until the next volumes.

Although The Legend of Sun Knight has ended, the characters in the story will continue living on. My books will probably never have something like “And they lived happily ever after.”

It’s because the stories will continually be happening, with the characters encountering more obstacles and having to make new decisions. But they will also experience happy events, just like how life is filled with all kinds of flavors, from sweet to sour to bitter to spicy.

The most typical example is how Eclipse Hunter continued on as No Hero. Now, there is the new example of The Legend of Sun Knight continuing on with the spin-off, 39.

Even though the Demon King situation has been resolved, there will still be many worrying and happy situations in the upcoming days. It’s just that I haven’t written them all out.

It’s likely that only when the characters in the story are lying in their coffins will there no longer be any stories to tell.

However, there are also several cases where they have already been laid under the dirt and still crawled back out, such as Roland.

Because I heard many say that they didn’t want to see The Legend of Sun Knight end, I decided to write a spin-off to quench everyone’s thirst!

If I were to call the main series a story depicting the 38th generation’s friendship, then I would call the spin-off a depiction of how the 39th generation’s friendship is developed.

Following this, the spin-off will continue revealing several past events, just like how this volume covered Grisia and Adair’s first meeting and what happened to everyone after the Demon King event. Some of the characters from this volume will be further developed in the next volume, and at the same time, the story will continue advancing toward the future.

At what age will Elaro be when he is finally able to become the Sun Knight?

When will Grisia ever be free of the Demon King’s curse, or will it never happen?

Just where should the Death Monarch Roland go, or should he go to Hell… that is something I might not get to write! (Ah, don’t throw watermelons at me~)

In any case, the spin-off is for quenching the readers’ thirst, so I included a lot of small stories about past events. On top of continuing the 39th generation’s story, you are all welcome to come to my blog where I always open an after reading response corner, and tell me what you want to know about so-and-so’s past or future. If I am able to include it in the story, I will try my best to do so and write it out for everyone to read.

However, if I can’t do it, please forgive me. A story like the Twelve Holy Knights’ that can be passed on is one that has no limits in its interconnection. There will never be an “end” to it.

But come to think of it, the Twelve Holy Knights aren’t the only ones. My other stories are the same. Even if the author has stopped writing them, they will still continue forever and ever.

Actually, I should write a “Neverend” instead of an “End” at the end of my stories, but I wonder if that would get me killed by everyone when the next volume never appears even after a long wait. I think I’ll obediently write “End”… Ahh, but “Endless” would be more appropriate, right?

I wish that everyone’s dreams will always be “Endless.”

by Yu Wo

Character Introductions

Future Sun Knight
Elaro Sun

Height: 188 cm
Appearance: Blond hair, green eyes that lean toward blue
Common impression: Big brother
Small, hidden secret: Likes a certain fragrance

Future Judgment Knight
Hungri Judgment

Current height: 168 cm
Appearance: Black hair, black eyes
Common impression: Vicious girl
Small, hidden secret: Puts great care into maintaining his hair

Future Storm Knight
Shuis Storm

Current height: 172 cm
Appearance: Blue hair, green eyes
Common impression: Definitely a natural hottie
Small, hidden secret: Sometimes hides in his blankets to cry

Future ???

Current height: 167 cm
Appearance: Light green hair, green eyes that lean toward blue
Common impression: Elaro’s younger sister
Small, hidden secret: Likes to tease her younger brothers 

20 Responses

  1. Luna

    Yu Wo understands her readers well, we really don’t want it to end! I am glad though that she is giving us this little continuation, especially the tidbits from the past about the 38th generation.

  2. dollyfishe

    waaaaaagh so cute …. me wan to huuuuuuuuuuuuuug them !!!!
    endless huh ? it’s not that i dont want that. but if it’s endless, there wont be an end waiting for the books to come out no ? the torture would be endless too T_T

  3. lulumoon

    Hungri is so adorable!!! He looks like he has kitty ears!!! I wonder if the reason he takes good care of his hair is because the 37 Judgment Knight had long hair and is still respected and he wants the same recognition fron Lesus? Actually just making that up, KITTY EARS!!!!

  4. Aurelia Avalon

    I’m just expectantly waiting for Meetin’ to eventually appear xD Hungri Judge Absenplum Meetin~~☆

  5. Kurian

    thanks for the amazing read definitely a favorite. Now that its finished i can finally sleep, believe me Storm’s got nothing on me when it comes to all nighters!

    • Icy

      amen to that, this story was so addictive it took all my time.

  6. Karenen

    Thanks for this novel, it was 2 amazing days reading all
    You know if volumes 2 and 3 have already been written?

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you got some sleep and weren’t just reading for two days straight.
      Volumes 2 and 3 haven’t been released yet, and don’t have a release date yet either, unfortunately.

  7. Sherina

    Are you guys planning on translating Vol 2 and Vol 3 of this amazing story?

  8. Meto

    (I’ve been re-reading LOTSK since it was pretty much first translated on PR… I just figure it’s about time I drop a comment of thanks. Please pick up 39, as well. I will always come back to this. Thanks, this is literally my favorite series of all time. I can’t count how many times I’ve re-read it. It’s almost been a decade- I seriously owe you guys.)

    • [PR]lucathia

      We are current with what has been published of 39 LSK. Yu Wo hasn’t released the 2nd volume yet. Rest assured we will be translating v2 when it is published.

    • Zero

      I loved so much this story, I spend three days listening from the start till the end, just remembering that I never expected the story would be this good.
      In the start I thought it would be just a really good comedy but I felt my heart tightening so many times…

      Haha, just now I remembered of Name of the Wind, one of the first books it “ate” and till now that author haven’t yet wrote the last book…

      I wonder what do feels worse, being and author or a reader. at least I’m happy that both of them exist!

      Thanks every one!

      Also with someone wants to know, it’s possible to listening to the chapters by using the “read aloud” function of the Google assistant.

      And, lol! I wrote lots, that’s all these author’s falt! :P

  9. V

    I first started this series back in 2014 when I was in high school but never finished it (got up to like volume 6)…but after randomly thinking about this series again after all these years I ended up binge reading everything in less than a week. Thank you Yu Wo for an incredible story and thank you PR for translating so many of us have the chance to read it. Hopefully we get news about volume 2 in the near future!!

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