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November Chapters
  1. No Hero V4C10: Charles and Xiang Ye, Endless Days and Nights
  2. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1Extra2: Q&A with the Twelve Holy Knights
  3. No Hero V4Extra: The Undisclosed Castle Secrets
  4. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1Epilogue: Afterword
  5. No Hero V4Epilogue: Character Introductions
  6. Illusions, Lies, Truth Side Story Book Writer Chapter 4: Extra—The World Lu Yang Sees
  7. Magical Exchange Short Story 3: Tomato Beef Soup Saves the World
  8. Dominion’s End V2C7: Dàgē, Dàgē

In November, we’re wrapping up both 39 Legend of Sun Knight v1 and No Hero v4. Enjoy the extras and Yu Wo’s author notes! As for the Book Writer extra, it includes cool tidbits about things such as Jiang Ziya’s class schedule, his route to school, what clothes he wears, etc. Our Magical Exchange Short Story this month, “Tomato Beef Soup Saves the World,” will be the last part of Magical Exchange, as it is the last completed story of the series that we have come across. This completes our translation of Romance RPG and Magical Exchange. We hope you have enjoyed the journey.

It seems that Grisia won October’s poll by quite a bit. He is quite useful to have around if there’s a zombie-like creature in your yard, huh? I wonder how he’d fare in the Dominion’s End world! Grisia came in first in the poll, followed by Lesus, Jiang Shuyu, our very own raylight who even triumphed against the mighty Dàgē, Jiang Shutian, Lu Yang, and Jiang Ziya. Lucky Jiang Ziya. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be around when there’s a zombie-like creature.

The poll question this month is about clothes!

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  1. dollyfishe

    what’s with the pool’s choices T_T i want mage clothes, but aldrizzt … should be too big for me ? meng’s pink dress should be the most normal there, but i dont wanna wear a dress T_T borrow a red cloak would be just the same as not wearing anything no ? or, what makes the difference if you still wear what you wear previously while only drapping a coak above it ? all in all … i think of passed this month poll T_T but but but … let’s see a few more days. if i got the crazy mood i will choose the most messier there is LOL i guess i have a month to wait for those mood ^o^

    • dollyfishe

      hmph ! i knew i wont last for long without choosing anything. should have choose shutian green pants from the beginning ! though the size would be quite a bit trouble, but that’s just fine, i think. hahahha anyway, cosplay or not, i almost choose prince’s infinite band outfit. who cares about the holes everywhere (or the see through) ? it’s in a game, and i wont have this kind of body shape wahahahhaha ! too bad i still had that little conscience left not letting me to wear too much revealings clothing.

  2. So many No Hero and 39 chapters but it feels a bit melancholic that we’re wrapping up some things again :( Especially 39 because that means a long time no content from that universe … (I still want Female Warrior to be continued!)
    As for No Hero, we are almost half through with the series and I’m really eager to see what will await us from now on!

  3. MaplePanda

    So many things ending this month… Well it was a good journey with Romance RPG! Thanks for translating it ^^ will really miss God Charity and Devil Chaos!

    Yay that DE chapter sounds like Shuyu finally made it back home! Can’t wait for the whole family to be reunited again! Dage Dage, faster give your didi a pat on the head for enduring so much <3

    And YES! More Lu Yang <33333 he's like my favorite character~ I hope more about his background like how he first summoned Slay will be revealed!

  4. ~RenTheWitch~

    IM borrowing Carol’s clothes, looks confy and easy to move around :D! Gotta cosplay the badass first judgment knight <3 and hurray! lots of No Hero this Month

  5. Just a little problem-the RSS feed send out “new” posts several times a month that are actually the same 15 old ones. I just noticed that one of them is the Halloween contest –from last year. Its no big deal, but I thought you might want to know.

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Hiya, Tinuviel. Thanks for telling us about this. If it isn’t too much trouble, could you also send us some screenshots of the issue for us to look at?

  6. … how in the world is that lucky to have this kind of clothes around? Are you going to a cosplay event? people will stare at you on the streets, even more if the 8 of you are together. That’s too flashy

  7. Cloaks are so cool! You can do all sorts of dramatic things in them… (I mean, as long as people don’t confuse you for Little Red Riding Hood XD)

  8. I don’t know if I’m the only one who almost cried when they saw the implications of the new dominions end chapter?

    • dollyfishe

      you’re the only one !! hehe kidding.
      at least i’m not the least bit happy with the title. rather than a happy reunion, i was expecting a surprise scene that was least expected. there bound to be something happened that explain dage power more. i’m just guessing though. i dont want anything bad happen to the siblings but yu wo never the one to let the story flows happily to the end.

    • @dollyfishe
      I think he has not the ability to heal but the power of light :)

    • @Lucras
      I’ve been thinking about it a lot and i think he actually has the power to turn things back to their original state or smth, like reversing injuries, returning the ice staff to a wooden stick, yeah

    • @fish that is possible but wouldn’t that also make it possible to change zombies into humans if he had that power? O.o just an insane thought.

    • dollyfishe

      no … since the person already died before he turn to aberrant. it would only result for them to turn into aberrant once again. i would rather kill an aberrant than destroy the body of a person to avoid them being turn to aberrant though

  9. i totally thought that Roland’s hell knight outfit would be last in the polls but look it’s currently 3rd. I guess there’s a lot of sexy people out there. Really sexy. And not self conscious about anything at all because that thing only hides the REEALLY IMPORTANT BITS.

  10. Bows down to mighty translators

    OMG! Now this is a month to look forward to! THREE No Hero chapter and a tempting title of Dage Dage for Dominion End.

  11. Who else misses 1/2 prince? I can’t stop thinking about that series, its like my soulmate novel haha.
    I know off topic but i had to, i had to express my distant love for the series that made this site happen and introduced me to Yu Wo and all the wonderful works i now get to enjoy! (Thanks translators, editors, and proofreaders! You all are the best :D)

    • dollyfishe

      Raise hand without thinking ^o^
      Other books (by yu wo) might be more interesting, and in fact, there’s a lot more that is more interesting. But yeah, after all, HP was what make me fall in love with yu wo works, so its unforgetable <3
      I always vote for any HP char if any on the poll. No reasons, just personal bias LOL

  12. noooooooo …. i was doomed !!!!
    since i was bored with my work, i tried to browse a bit and FOUND SOME SPOILER FOR DE ~><~
    i really wanna cry now T_T can i spoil them ?
    (buhuhuhuhu whatever the answer is, i better shut my mouth, stays in the corner of my room and started to cries a thousand rivers)

  13. Jasae Bushae

    Wow, were going to have a ton of chapters coming out around the same time at the end of the month at this point.

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