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Hi everyone! To celebrate the completion of The Legend of Sun Knight project, PR! has decided to do a Q&A that will be released at the end of the month! Please send in all your questions! The deadline for the questions will be on September 9th in all parts of the world. Send in your questions through the link below:

Ask us anything here!

We will be looking forward to all your questions!


New Beginnings Contest Winners

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Here were our winners for the New Beginnings contest! CherryChimchim won the poll over at the forums with her cute submission of Ohmygod, the Ohmygod Collection. Staff pick went to hazel81‘s Giant Stuffed Blueberry and shyfeather‘s Oreo cupcakes of Ah Ye and Charles.

You can view the winning submissions below.


So without further ado, please let me present…the Ohmygod Collection! (*crickets chirp) Ahem, well being the weird person I am, I could not make normal fanwork like everyone else. Since I am only decent in the field of making blutack figurines, I made blutack figurines of everyone’s most benevolent and beloved slime, Ohmygod. This is to celebrate the beginning of a new adventure for the first generation (I can’t wait for Yu Wo to start on it!), and the beginning of the religion of the God of Light. Please enjoy.

Ohmygod trying to swallow a blueberry (to take to Grisia maybe?)


Human Doll Contract Manhua Chapter 1: Xiao Xue

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Hello hello hello! EvlNabiki here ^u^ You may be familiar with me since, during some of the monthly updates, I had advertised for staff~

Well, I’m glad to tell you that our group is now up and running, and moreover, we’re doing a joint with PR!

So without further ado, here is chapter 1 of Human Doll Contract!

The Batoto page can be found here for online reading, and here is the download~ Have fun, and please do let us know your thoughts ^u^

New Public Forums

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Hey everyone, we have a new public forums! Upkeep of the old one fell to the wayside, and thus weeds began to overgrow. It is now a scary, scary place that would take a lot to clean up. We’ve decided to start over altogether.

Here’s the shiny, brand new forum! We tried to simplify things. It’s still a work in progress, so you might still see us tweaking things around. If you have any suggestions, let us know! We’ll also be looking for moderators to help moderate the forums in the future.

To celebrate this new beginning, we are having a long awaited… Contest! Yes, that’s right! A contest! We haven’t had one since 2013! Man, how time flies.

The theme of the contest is “New Beginnings.” The details of the contest can be found over here. Please enter your submissions by posting directly in the forum. :)

We hope to see a bunch of you at the forums! Let’s chat!

List of PR’s April Fools Jokes

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In which you all really shouldn’t trust us near April Fool’s. XD

I know some of you are probably enraged by our April Fool’s prank, cause we get a horde of angry readers every year. Some years more than others. This year is relatively tame in comparison to some of the years.

I ask for you all to forgive us for our yearly entertainment, and try not to get too upset or offended by such. If it truly, truly upsets you, just don’t visit the site at the start of April.

Anyways, I have complied a list of the April Fools pranks that PR! have done over the years. This may allow you to get an better idea of what to expect next year. XD  Please read and tell us which year’s April Fools was the best in your opinion and why! (If you wish to find the previous April Fool’s pranks, they are mostly floating around somewhere… XP)