Dominion’s End V3C9: Truth, Part One (April Fool’s)

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Dominion’s End Volume 3: Ice-Bound Splendor and Majesty

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 9: Truth—translated by Elkin (proofread by EvlNabiki & Arcedemius; C/E edited by Lucathia)

It’s much easier to chase them on my motorcycle. Jiang Xiaotian thinks I’ve wasted time, but Thirteen hasn’t gone all that quickly. It’s probably because Asura and Maternibaby are both injured.

I searched for hours. The track was now faint, since there was no more blood. Night fell and I had to slow down. I spotted a light in the forest.

I hesitated and stopped my bike. Aberrants shouldn’t know how to start a fire yet. They’re not afraid of fire, but they don’t need it either. It should still be humans. They’re afraid of the cold.

“Is it them?” I turned to ask Jiang Xiaotian.

“Hard to say. Thirteen has a habit of keeping humans. Weird. It’s not surprising if he has people who know how to start a fire with him.”

I put my bike to the side and went over, grabbed Xiaotian, and entered the forest.


“You think you can negotiate with me?!” A sneer. I think there is something wrong. If he can complete the thirteen with such ease, he will finish it in the lab. Do not tell me that this kind of power will hurt, so he did not use it before?

“Jiang Xiaotian, stop. I’m going to kill thirteen now.” (Shu Yu has a ponytail, right?) “You stand up and stumble. Do you hear me?”

“Very good.” He nodded.

Thirteen asked in confusion, “I don’t understand. Why did you kill me?”

“You are so unique. To reduce the number of people who will die in the future, you must now die.” I have absolutely no confidence that he will not kill anyone outside of mealtime. The easiest way is to kill him and send him to the next world! RIP thirteen!

“But you do not worry. I will return to her mother Babe.”

I hope PR! There are more translators, so they will speak as quickly as possible. *cry*

“No, leave her with you.” It sounded like a request.

I hesitated. He is too human! Abnormal people can rethink… science! No, this is impossible. Thirteen is only unique.

“Protecting babe!”

“??? !!! Why? Do you know her?”

“She is our only CE editor who has survived the Dark Mist!”

Art thanks to Arcedemius, Raylight, AkaiiRia, Elisa, Evlnabiki, nimue, Lala Su, & Trespasserby!

ETA: Happy April Fool’s! We hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of this month’s chapter. The actual chapter will be released later this month.

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  1. Caffae

    The comics are kinda confusing >….<this is basically for April fools right? ;( will the actual translation be posted too? Really wanna know what happen so next, haven’t read about the the Jiang family in ages

  2. A Sad Person

    I knew it. Cartoons, lego men, snowmen, and even animals. Every year PR never fails to release on April first!

  3. Kiki

    so confused rn…

    the art was nice though! I loved the comic strips XD

    • Kiki

      wait…wait…wait… wut???? I went to the homepage to look, and this was the chapter? O.O Is this the legit chapter? Its an april fools prank right? But nuuuu if it is an april fools prank, then does that mean we get no DE chapter this month???? ;-; explainnnnnn

    • Sephie

      :’D they do this every year, don’t worry! They will post the real chapter probably later this week. One year they had a chapter written entirely in binary code. Another year you had a fake chapter but there were hidden clues that led to the password for the real chapter, and yet another year they had the chapter released as an audio book instead ^-^

    • Sephie

      Ahh sorry they actually already have the real chapter up there as well lol

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      )= Can’t find it either. Please help.

    • Ennui

      Where??? Can someone help the blind and foolish me?

    • Ennui

      I am very stressed because I can’t find the chapter and I NEED to know what is going on…sorry…I’ve caught a case of the fanatics…

  4. Ignobilia

    April fools day, well I’m glad we also got a real chapter! ♥️

  5. NanoLaughing (AKA Anixancy)

    Honestly the best update this year!! //laughs

  6. Bluebwery

    Yes. Yes. The annual April fools joked I cannot ever forget from your website. ;D

    • A Sad Person

      ikr I start to look forward to the April Fools chapter every year. If I remember, then it’s a treat. If I forget, then I’ve been fooled XD

  7. KT

    Happy April Fools! This is really awesome, must have taken a long time to do! My personal fave was the Frozen reference.

  8. Mizuhino

    Other than the cry for help at the end (which could still work as a regular cry for help (possibly)), is this fairly accurate? It gives off the feeling of everyone being assigned a section to summarize in comic form however they see fit. As long as you pay attention to stylistic differences, it can be followed, so… I guess I’ll find out at the end of the month when the chapter is released! Anyway, good work, everyone! Looks great!

  9. IAmLate

    I started reading this around 8 PM and now it’s quarter to four am… I need more chapters orz. Thanks for the story. If this is monthly should I come back after a year…? Anyways, keep at the translating for people like me who can’t read Chinese. Thank you for existing.

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