GOD V2C7P1: Overlord of the Seas VS Sovereign of the Skies, Part One (April Fool’s)

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: Overlord of the Seas VS Sovereign of the Skies, Part One—translated by Translator

“Whoa, a sea serpent!”

Shooting Star joyfully shouted as he tugged on Alan’s sleeve, “Alan, look! It’s a huge sea serpent!”

Alan shot a look at Shooting Star and felt a bit helpless. Should I say that Shooting Star has guts, or say that he has no brain? Is this the time to be excited?

At that moment, the serpent moved. Even though it had not touched the body of the boat, the boat immediately began to rock strongly.

The sailors ran around on the deck in panic, yet powerlessly realized that they did not know where they could escape to. The situation was unbelievably chaotic. There was only a young boy gripping a completely unperturbed elf in a death-grip, with an expression of great happiness and joy.

Amidst this terrifying shaking, Alan did not move at all. Upon taking a closer look, one would discover that his feet weren’t even touching the surface of the deck. He was floating mid air.

Currently, he was using the Spell of Flight to float in the air. Therefore, he was not affected by the rocking of the boat. This was also the reason Shooting Star was so unworried. Even if the boat were to capsize, he still had a flying elf!

Suddenly, the elf detected danger. He threw himself aside based on reflex. A life-threatening ray of lightning magic shot past. Where it glanced the side of the boat immediately turned charred.

Is the magical beast also of the lightning element? The elf raised his eyebrows. This is a troublesome situation. Lightning type magical beasts tend to have high levels of defense against lightning magic. This means that my lightning magic is very likely to be ineffective against this magical beast.

Alan opened his mouth and spoke with severity, “Shooting Star, this magical beast is of the lightning element. My magic may be ineffective against it. What do you think we should do…” Something is odd! Why is Shooting Star so quiet?

Turning his head to look, the elf was so shocked that he darted to one side.

A burnt raven-black figure was standing next to him… Wait, is that Shooting Star? Alan suspected it but was in disbelief as he widened his eyes to stare at the lump of charcoal.

“Whew~~” The top of the charcoal sported a head of hair that was styled by the exploding lightning. His face was entirely black, with only a pair of large golden eyes that could be seen blinking. He then spit out a mouthful of soot. As if recalling past suffering, he said, “So it actually isn’t a serpent but an electric eel!”

He turned his head to see Alan judging him with an expression of suspicion. The burnt Shooting Star immediately said with impatience, “When you dodged the magic, you forgot to bring me along. You caused the lightning to graze me. If it wasn’t for the protective barrier that I immediately set up, I really would have become charcoal!”

“I am so sorry,” Alan apologized rather awkwardly.

“Forget it!” Shooting Star was uncharacteristically nonchalant about it because there were more life-threatening matters to solve!

Translator: Nooo, I can sense another battle scene coming along! Just how many fights are there this month?! If only I could get this time machine to work correctly… If I could fast forward this like a VCR tape, we can get these people out of the water already!

Let’s give it another try!

… Wait, why isn’t anything happening? Come on!

Even though being on the boat was very boring, Shooting Star felt the time had been spent pleasantly. He definitely did not want to cling onto a wooden plank and experience the excitement of floating across the sea for more than ten days to reach Shaosi Continent, like that random person he had just spotted in the sea, keeping the fish bones company. Some poor dude had probably sailed overboard, and Shooting Star and the others’ fates were soon to follow if they didn’t come up with a plan to deal with the eel.

Translator: Oh, something did happen. Um… I didn’t meant to put that guy in the water.

Alan had just said that his magic was ineffective, so he could not rely on the elf.

The serpent was also in the sea. Neither he nor Bai Saya could walk on water, so how were they going to fight now? It could not be that he had to use the fireball magic used for cooking to roast the serpent to make serpent meat skewers?

It would take eight hundred years!

“I wonder if it would taste good?” Shooting Star actually started to feel a bit hungry.

“Unless your teeth are sharper than a precious sword, it is impossible to eat it.” Alan pointed at the electric eel. “Look.”

Shooting Star followed Alan’s line of sight. It turned out that during the period of time when he was agonizing over a plan, Dan had already climbed onto the deck and was directing the people around them to deal with the situation. He really behaved in a manner worthy of a one hundred and fifty year old member of the demon race. Even this kind of magical beast that rose from the sea was not enough to rattle him.

Dan was shooting spikes made of earth to attack the eel and also raising earth walls to protect the boat against the eel’s lightning attacks.

Shooting Star watched in admiration, almost wanting to collect Dan as his next pet again, but nope, no can do, not with Dan’s crazy uncle around!

Meanwhile, the random person in the sea that Shooting Star had written off had actually found something to hold onto. Wait, is that ice? Where the heck did that come from?

None of them could walk on water, but this one certainly could.

Before Shooting Star’s eyes, the ice stretched out in front of the person like a glittering path awaiting a king. The drenched guy pulled himself onto it, and in the blink of an eye, all but glided upon it toward the sea serpent.

A. Glittering. Path!

Shooting Star wanted this guy as his next pet! Whoever he was, even drenched like a rat, his motions were still as beautiful as a dancer’s, and that beautiful ice heralding his approach was icing on the cake.

The guy, soon to be pet number three, drew near the sea serpent with no hesitation. Once he was right by the side of the sea serpent, he lifted his hand and made a stabbing motion…

“Shooting Star!”

Bai Saya rushed out from below deck and immediately noticed the giant electric eel in one glance. He balked for a moment before hurriedly looking around for Shooting Star. Upon spotting him, he ran over and asked worriedly, “You didn’t summon this giant monster, right?”

Shooting Star impatiently rolled his eyes at him and retorted, “How would I have summoned it? Do you think I’m a summoner, or the prince of the electric eel race? If I were able to summon such a large and long fellow, why would I still need to carry a whip as a weapon! Wouldn’t it be easier to just summon it to crush my enemies to death?!”

After saying that, he turned back to the water, only to see that his beautiful pet number three had vanished. All that was left was the glittering path of ice that led to the giant eel.

“Noooo!” Shooting Star wailed without a care that he might attract the giant eel’s attention. “My pet number three! My glittering ice prince! I, Shooting Star, summon you back to this story! Don’t go frolicking in some other story! You’re supposed to stay here to be my pet!”

“But I thought you’re not a summoner?” Bai Saya asked in confusion, while Alan just thought Shooting Star had lost his marbles.

“Doesn’t matter!” Shooting Star shouted, angry that Bai Saya had made him take his eyes off of his pet number three. He then turned to Alan and shouted, “You know wind magic, right? Summon him back!”

Alan coldly glared at him and said, “While I do know wind magic, lightning is my expertise, and summoning is not part of any of my studies.”

Besides, Alan thought to himself, it is best that the ice wielder return to wherever he may have come from.

It was a much better fate than becoming Shooting Star’s pet!

Translator: Phew, I saved him from becoming Shooting Star’s pet. Praise me.

Elsewhere, Jiang Shuyu was now standing in the middle of someone’s conference table, not knowing that he had escaped a very dire fate.

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