Belated PR’s birthday Quiz!~ (Also it’s Yu Wo’s birthday)

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First of all, Happy birthday to Yu Wo!~ Thanks for writing in many interesting stories again this year!~ (She posted the last part of “When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher” on her blog for her own birthday XD)

Also, did anyone even remember that PR’s birthday is in April? XD Anyways, ’cause we have been delaying chapters for a while, so I had originally intended to release a mini-quiz to entertain the readers while they waited for their chapters… However, it seems that I too missed the date (Ack), so I shall publish this late *cough*  (Happy belated birthday to PR and congrats all of the staff for staying with us yet another year!~)

That being said, I will say that there’s no reward for getting all the answers right to this quiz – your only reward is acknowledgment of your fangirl/fanboying abilities- *shot* Well, without any further ado, I shall start this game show- Beware of traps and strange options ahead~


April Fools 2013 (blog update)

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Hello world!

If you were frequenting the site during the first of April, you might have noticed some alarming news, or a takeover by a person out of the blue. This was all an elaborate prank meant in good jest, and much time, effort, love and affection for our readers had been put into it.

Well, we were genuinely so very, very excited when scheming planning the prank, ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

but… we ended up fooling some of our readers who left tearful comments ⊙﹏⊙ and some of our own members as well ( ;´Д`)

We warn our viewers time and again (if this is not already known) to please not take any site on the internet seriously around April 1st. Of course, the only page that was actually down was “”. Every other link to the site worked, such as the chapter pages and staff blog.

。:゚*+;(●´・д・`●);+*゚:。 Do have a sense of humor when reading the rest of the post. cheers~ *offers plate of freshly baked blueberry cookies*


List of all of Yu Wo’s works

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EDIT: The new updated list is OVER HERE. Please refer to that from now on. ^^

Hi, this is Ray. Because many people seem to be interested (well, it ranked pretty high when I did a poll, and it kind of is a pre-requisite for No. 6), so here is a complete list of Yu Wo’s works, in order of oldest to newest. Here, I will be posting the status of the novel (whether it is ongoing or complete), and where to read it if available. Also, I will posting short info about it, and the summary of volume 1 (Because I suck at summaries, ha. I can never get it to sound interesting without revealing too much of the plot >.< )

Anyways. Most of Yu Wo’s later works are better, so if you guys have the chance, go read them XP Also, I suck at name translations, so I’ll be leaving most of them in Chinese.

(As for the rest of the poll, I’ll be doing the list of recommended light novels next, and then the plurks, I believe. It’s just that it’s taking me a long time to gather the list… ) (Actually, news flash, the plurks are just as popular. But both are time-consuming. *eye twitches* I’ll do depending on mood then.)

Well, anyways, enjoy!


Interviews at the back of LSK Manhua volume 1

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Hi, this is Ray again. After learning how to write a post by myself, I can say… You guys are going to be seeing a lot more of me. (I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but you’ll just have to deal with it, I guess?) … The people at PR have no idea what they unleashed. XD

Well, I have actually translated quite a bit of various things here and there, being the avid LSK fan that I am, so I thought I might as well share some of them with you guys. One of which is as the title claims.

Just to be curious, I’ll conduct a small interest poll. Are you guys more interested in:
1) Plurk translations from Yu Wo (of course, nothing spoilerific)
2) Sharing amusing stories within PR!
3) Interviews at the back of the LSK manhua volumes
4) Random fan drawings/merchandises
5) Sharing information about all of Yu Wo’s novels, where to read them in English (if available , etc.
6) List of recommended other novels! Including Japanese ones. XP

You can say all, but tell me which ones you are more interested in so that I know. Well, if there’s not much interest, then obviously I wouldn’t be doing it, so yeah.



Celebratory Post – Staff Interview + Message from Founder

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Hi! Ray here! This is my first time posting here, hope I don’t screw up. *sweatdrops*

ANYWAY, we at PR! have decided to conduct a short interview with some of the staff as to their feelings of the completion of 1/2 Prince!! I am your host for today, so please bear with me XD. We even managed to get our founder to write something as well! What is better to end the series than a motivational speech!  (Well, seeing that we did have an interview in the back of 1/2 Prince PDF Volume 1. What? You haven’t read it? Okay, now you know.)

First of all, I would like to give credit where it is due. Lucathia, our lead translator, has been working realllly hard to give all of you readers updates. She practically handled most of the releases for year 2012. So, please, give your thanks to her. (And worship her like a God (of Light)- *shot*)

Moving on (cause I tend to get side-tracked).


Well, this interview is pretty much madness. Just like the everyday life of PR. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. XD Continued

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