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PR! requested readers to send in their questions at the start of September, and we have answered these questions in addition to our staff interview! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did answering them. :D

Note: The answers to the questions can be a bit lengthy. Also, we answered all of the questions sent in, so for those who asked, feel free to check it out!

~Start of Questions~

1) Lucathia! Where do you get all your posters and goodies? :D

Lucathia: A question all for me? XD; It’s all from Taiwan. I don’t live in Taiwan, so I pay very expensive shipping fees. The novels themselves and some merchandise are available through Taiwan’s online bookstores, such as http://www.books.com.tw/ and http://www.kingstone.com.tw/. While Kingstone doesn’t ship the extra goodies along with the limited editions overseas (they only ship the book), Books.com.tw does! So if a book comes with a limited poster, grab it from Books.com.tw~. They take credit card. As for merchandise from Taiwan’s conventions or other merchandise, I buy them through http://ruten.com.tw/. It’s an online marketplace for Taiwan. The only thing is, most sellers only take Taiwan bank transfer, so you would need a Taiwan bank account.

2) Where do you get the raws from Yu Wo’s works?

raylight: Google is your best friend. XP (We can’t link you directly, I’m sorry!) As for some of her newer series, you may not be able to find the raws online, so you will have to purchase the books.

Takoyaki-kun: I’ve got some of her books, but I usually just get it off the internet (Sorry!). If you want to read the raws, I would implore you to not follow my example. Buy the books!

Elks: I buy them.

Lucathia: I purchase my books. I even have two sets of some series. (½ Prince, EH, and LSK…) Yu Wo also has some of her stories posted on her blog.

Doza: Online, like her blog or those Chinese light novel sites, or buy her books from Kinokuniya/Popular.

3) Any plans to start another project?

raylight: Not at the moment. We’re pretty busy so we want to focus our attention on our current projects. There has been some talk about translating GOD, but only if enough translators join us for that series. As of now… I don’t think so. ^^:

Takoyaki-kun: Not that I know of, but we’re open to new ideas as long we have enough translators to help, Romance RPG was something that was stuck in Limbo for a long time until we had enough manpower to fuel it. You guys make the difference; join the PR! Team.

Lucathia: 39 LSK and NH will be our focus for now.

Doza: Can we finish some of the current projects first? Sometime I feel very overwhelmed when I see the amount of chapters that we still have left – 2.5 volumes of DE, 2.6 volumes of ILT, 1 (but hopefully 2-3?) volume of LSK 39, 5.5 volumes of NH, 14 parts of RRPG. (sweat)

nimue:: *frowns* B-Bu-But … I promised a reader I’d motivate you guys into starting GOD even as a very small side project. I’d hate to leave mosaic with sad vibes. I dun wanna leave any reader behind … ooh I want lasagna now … dammit keep on the interview not on the stomach! But otherwise, I really want to motivate everyone to redo every single Yu Wo’s works because we are supremely protective and I’m a precocious child who wants to have a ton of Yu Wo stuff but only can have her translated works … if only to be a tiny part of it all. Moving on before I inflate the word count anymore …

Lucathia: Okay, now that the month is over, I can safely say that I have met my own translation goal. I will personally be starting on translations of GOD. 39 LSK and NH are still PR’s top priorities. GOD will be more of a personal project of mine, but if any translators are interested in working on it with me, please join PR. :)

4) How much creativity goes into translating things? How much effort do you put into replicating the original ‘feel’ of the work? A lot of Yu Wo’s works have such a fun, animated feel in the translation, I was just wondering how much of that is in the original version. Love you guys <3

raylight: Thanks for your love XP And hm. I’m not too sure about it, since every translator has their own style of writing. Personally, what I do is like for example Ah Ye and Charles, I try to make their way of speech more similar to the original. Charles would have a more formal way of speaking while Ah Ye’s way of speaking would be more childish. As for creativity, I guess you do need some to rephrase words around in your head to make it sound good?

Trespasserby: We’re a group of insane people who meticulously bicker over the smallest details. For example, we’re obsessed with choosing names, terms of address, the number of rapiers Charles is holding at a time, how exactly people are positioned, keeping terms consistent, proofreading, proofreading, and proofreading. (Three different rounds of editing is the bare minimum.)

Elks: Depending on the tone and setting of the story, I tailor my style of translation, e.g. how to translate the names, the characters’ personalities and upbringing, whether or not to use honorifics or translate them or omit them.

Takoyaki-kun: I second Trespasserby’s answer, we spend a lot of time debating about names, odd errors that Yu Wo makes here and there, and who loves Sun the most.

Lucathia: A lot of thought is put into the translations. During the translation process, we debate over the best way to translate all of the terminology, and we often have to discuss how to translate phrases that sound natural in Chinese but not so in English when directly translated. Then comes proofreading where we make things sound much more natural, and we also compare the translation line-by-line with the original Chinese text to make sure our translation is accurate. Then, we proofread again! The humor and creativity is mostly all Yu Wo. We try our best to make sure her style comes across in English!

Doza: I often find it hard to express it myself, so I just leave it to the insane people.

Dahlys: A lot, and a lot.

elisa: elisa spends a lot of time mentally rewording things, then comparing them to what she sees. Sometimes when she rewrites entire sections and the changes her mind. Lots of brainpower used. Generally, she tries to make things understandable for non-orientals, but still conveying the original feel.

5) What do you do for a living?

raylight: I was a student then, and I’m still a student now.

Elks: I work Storm-like hours in Storm-like things.

Takoyaki-kun: I spend my days being a delicious icon of Japanese cuisine.

Lucathia: I always feel like I’m herding cats.

Nabs: Cry.

Doza: Study, lunch, study, dinner, burn midnight oil, supper, study, lunch, study, dinner, burn midnight oil… until I collapse on weekends.

Dahlys: Live.

Lala: Raise minions

nimue:: *shrugs* I’m a child in the eyes of society, what do you expect me to do? I do help around the shop but eh, I’m planning to start a few small companies as a child to gain experience and so forth. I’d like to write books for a living but I’ll probably end up doing something in marketing. For now though, I’m being quite lazy as a high schooler. I also do some nonsensical projects on the side to pass time.

elisa: Spends day being a bad student. Spends night being a superhero. Does not have money for living.

6) Thank you for your hard work everyone! My question is: Why did you guys make PR and start translating?

raylight: To be precise, the one who started PR! has already left us, so I can’t answer the question of “why you made PR!”. What made me start translating, however, I can answer. I had been following PR! diligently for ½ Prince, when I noticed a new series being translated called The Legend of Sun Knight. I got interested and went to read the original chinese version, and got hooked. Since I was on a long break and I saw that they were recruiting, I joined. I have been here ever since.

Elks: I’m a relatively new (?) member of PR! so wasn’t around when it was created. As for why I started translating… I translated long before joining PR!. I hopped onto the translation bandwagon when I’d watched Baccano! and really wanted to know what went on in the light novels. So I learnt Japanese and started translating as part of improving my Japanese.

Takoyaki-kun: I began because I love the translation community and wished to give something back (Not my body, as delicious as it is). And it’s exciting to be on the frontlines of the translation community, so I would advise you to hop on too!

Lucathia: Before PR!, I mostly translated manga and fanbooks. I watched PR! get started with ½ Prince but didn’t join until I got into LSK. I joined mostly because I wanted to help out with translations so that more people would be able to read LSK in English. I believe PR! was created during the height of ½ Prince’s popularity in the English fandom. My goal at the moment is to translate as many of Yu Wo’s series as possible.

Nabs: As the co-oldest member of the site currently still active, I feel like I should have an answer to this question. But I don’t. The above answers are pretty satisfying though~

Doza: LSK was actually what attracted me to join the translation team in PR! I wanted more people to know about this amazing legend.

Dahlys: Boredom.

Lala: I’m new o.o but I started proofing because, well, why not? I was profiting from the hard work, so I thought I’d chip in. Pleasing fans ain’t easy!

nimue:: I feel obliged to answer because Sugawa answered. But, really. Cliché terms such as destiny or fate don’t quite cut it, don’t really describe the phenomenon of PrinceRevolution. But I’m not here to wax philosophy I’m here to explain why I’m here on PR!. Eh. I was bored, lazy? Feeling quite bad about the year and I tried for a proofreader application but somehow wound up with an admin. Still pretty sweet though. I remembered PrinceRevolution and I liked that they might still be continuing but I hadn’t been an major fan till I joined. Odd isn’t it? Erp. I’m not a member either of translating eh …

elisa: Did not make PR!, and I actually proofread. Proofing is fun. Helping is fun. Why not?

7) What is the best part of the translation process?

raylight: The readers- *cough* Probably becoming very familiar with the text? I’m not sure how to answer this.

Trespasserby: Proofreading is the best part! If I can let someone else translate the chapter and willingly allow me to read it, why wouldn’t I be happy?

Elks: sharing the story with a wider audience.

Takoyaki-kun: The knowledge that I made a useful contribution to society, regardless of how small the feat was. Plus, I do it for you guys, you make me happy.

Lucathia: We really get to know the details very well. I read chapters translated by others at least six times, while I read chapters I translate way more than that. I really enjoy reading people’s reactions to the chapters, so I hope readers will continue commenting lots.

Nabs: Me butting in with my big mouth as translators shoo me away. Then urging the translators to translate faster. Then hoarding the chapter for a few months.

Doza: Reading the comments.

Dahlys: Comments.

Lala: Definitely the comments!

nimue:: *doesn’t actually translate but anyway* I like discussing and mulling over each particular tidbit of information and the fans and their own enthusiasm and everything. Everything.

elisa: Making things look and sound better in my head.

8) Who were the most annoying characters to translate (like puns you had to incorporate or speech tics that didn’t have an English equivalent?)

raylight: Grisia Sun. His nicknaming sense and God of Light speech makes him one annoying character to translate. For ½ Prince… it would be XiMen Feng.

Elks: if we’re talking about the Yu Wo universe, I can’t say I’ve encountered any difficult characters to translate in DE (well, I only translate DE). Outside of that, any kind of character who does puns drives me up the wall.

Takoyaki-kun: I feel that characters in the Sun Knight universe were somewhat difficult as we had to stick to the European setting, thus we sometimes couldn’t just pass things off with a footnote that says ‘This is how Taiwan works.’

Lucathia: No one in particular. I quite like translating God of Light speech. I feel so accomplished when I finish with a paragraph. Then again, in most of my chapters, Grisia speaks fairly plainly. When he does use God of Light speech, it’s so touching!

Nabs: Actually, the work with the most painful puns is actually a work not translated by us, sadly. But since I don’t translate, I shouldn’t be speaking here.

Doza: In LSK, probably Sun, but only those times when he gives people strange names. I sometimes feel a bit frustrated cause I don’t want the wrong meaning to be conveyed, but it’s just really hard to find English equivalents that readers can understand at first glance. That’s why – Footnote! Footnote! More footnotes! Outside of LSK, maybe Charles… He’s so wordy sometimes. And other times, he just says the same two Chinese characters.

Dahlys: Yes.

nimue:: Apparently Sun-Speak is *le gasp* arduous but eh. I’m answering because Sugawa is answering and since I really, really like giving nicknames and going Purple Prose on people it doesn’t seem all that hard but I don’t know what I’m talking about so lemme be quiet now ‘kay?

9) If I can ask anything, then it would be how many yaoi books for all of Yu Wo’s creations has been made, and how many fujoshis visit your website. You don’t have to answer, I was just being curious. :)

raylight: How am I supposed to answer that… I must admit that I don’t know the answer to both questions. Most of the doujinshi made for Yu Wo’s works are in Taiwan by the same few artists, but since it’s fanmade, it’s hard to keep track. They also mostly feature Judge x Sun. Since the original chinese version of LSK has ended for a while, they don’t really produce them anymore. As for the fujoshi question, I don’t know, but I suspect the answer is “A lot.” XP

Elks: can’t help much on this, I steer clear of the yaoi space. However, Yu Wo has published one BL-ish novel around Yue Bailian and Devon Solaris. There are probably countless doujins out there but you’d have to ask someone else about them.

Takoyaki-kun: I’ve never checked up on the BL situation, but I assume there’s a lot of that stuff hanging around. I have no idea how many Fujoshis there are around here, but if I had to guess…If he was in the same room as all of them, there would probably be enough to make Storm blind.

Lucathia: We don’t have any statistics for that. Yu Wo herself has only officially written one BL novel, and it’s for EH/NH (but it’s not very heavy on the romance. It’s more Bai Lian Yue’s backstory than anything!). If it’s about fanworks, I get the feeling that LSK was popular around 2012 or so, and at the time, doujinshi was being made mostly for the Judgment x Sun pairing.

Nabs: Apparently we have not been invasive enough with our statistics. Time to put in one more counter *cracks knuckles, then starts dialling phone and calls tech guys over*

Doza: I don’t read those genres…

Dahlys: It’s over 9000!

Lala: XD @Lys…. I don’t read those genres either.

nimue:: Resident fujoshi though I do prefer the term BL lover. I dearly want to read the doujinshi but I’m not so cruel as to force Mint or some poor unsuspecting soul into doing it. I am also recognised as the undefeated queen of pairing, and dreamer, and I … er, I could put a poll up on forums? Honestly I don’t know about the count rate at this time. I do ship a ton of pairings … my precious RolandxCeo … who tops in their bedroom? Or a GrisiaxAdairxLesus … nomnomnom … or a delicious WoodrowxGrisiaxAlice, perhaps even a delectable AdairxEcilan to soothe your fluffy needs? Ah. Oh. That’s unfortunate. You ran away. I’ll have to find another soul to look at then.

10) Since you guys picked up Kill No More Vs. ½ Prince, will you maybe pick up the KNM side stories in the future?

Lucathia: Unlikely, unless no group plans on translating them. We translated the Kill No More VS ½ Prince crossover because ½ Prince was involved, and we wanted to be complete with our ½ Prince translations. We contacted Japtem in advance to let them know that we would be working on the crossover. I believe Japtem has plans to translate the KNM sidestories. We are, however, considering one day translating Kill No More since we like having our own version, but since it is already available in English, we don’t see a pressing need unless we run out of things to translate.

Doza: -Looks at Luka-

Nabs: Listen, I’m all for monopoly but do these cowards ever liste-*mmppphh* no- let me speak- *mmphhh*

nimue:: Do you really, really think we couldn’t take over the world simultaneously and translate them? I’ll be cheering everyone all the way. Oh wait. I’m not supposed to say? Eh, psychology and making people do guesswork duh Sugawa! Silly bunbuns. I really wanna call you guys bunbuns on account of how incredibly adorable Meatbunbun is and as Mascot of PrinceRevolution I now dub fans of Yu Wo bunbuns! Or whatever you call yourselves nowadays … kids are growing up too fast … oh wait. Am I supposed to say that when I’m twenty or something? o.o sowwy.

11) What’s the hardest part in your job at PR?

raylight: Sun *cough* Probably puns. Every time I have to translate puns I feel like crying.

Trespasserby: Chinese has so many homophones that it’s just too easy to make puns. Luckily, I’m a proofreader, so I don’t have to deal with that stuff. Have fun, Raylight!
The hardest part of my job is waiting for new chapters to proofread. I’m still a reader at heart.

Elks: generally, just finding the time to translate. If we’re talking about difficulties specifically in translation, it’s coming up with cool names for stuff. Thankfully, DE hasn’t had any puns so far, otherwise that would be my worst nightmare. Sympathies to Ray and other translators who have to deal with that.

raylight: Stop poking at my pain *sobs* Go bother the other translators instead please.

Trespasserby: No way, Raylight! You’re my source of ILT raw translations!

raylight: That reminds me that ILT has way too many puns D: Set in Taiwan and all.

Lucathia: Chasing people down for their chapters. =P As well as scheduling updates. I make sure we are able to publish whatever we promise in the monthly update, and that we have chapters ready each month. The 30th and 31st is always a busy day! I’m now also trying hard to put up the monthly update on the 1st of each month. Managing the site does cut into my time available for translating. Finding a balance between the two is difficult.

Nabs: Trying to view the screen through the tears.

Doza: Same as Elks. At the moment, I just don’t have any time to translate unless I sacrifice my sleep… (apologies for hoarding chapters)

Dahlys: Procrastination.

Lala: Not salivating over food pictures… that’s hard!

nimue:: The hardest …? Uh. Having enough time to drop by the forums is one. Besides that, I sometimes have trouble remembering who contacted me and who asked me this tidbit and so forth. Don’t hesitate to ask me, just er, nudge me if I don’t reply in say, almost a week. Otherwise … erp. *hands tissue to Sugawa solemnly*

elisa: Feeling the need to reread and proof 20 times, but losing perspective part way through.

12) What’s your favourite food? And can you tell us who you’d vote for in the polls at the end?

raylight: Ice cream! And… what poll?

Trespasserby: I’m a picky eater, but reading No Hero and Eclipse Hunter makes me want to buy fried chicken. If you see Lucathia-jiejie around, please feed her pandan cake, not fishbones.

Elks: I’m a picky eater. I don’t have a favourite food per say but I’m demanding in terms of food quality. As for the poll, I’m guessing you’re referring to the recent food poll on the Yu Wo character’s favourite foods? Didn’t vote, but none of them in particular stood out to me.

Takoyaki-kun: I…I’m not sure if I can eat.

Lucathia: (Pandan cake~~~ Pandan waffles~~~~!) I will state here that I have never voted for Lesus Judgment in any of the polls!

Nabs: *rolls out list* *list keeps rolling* *slowly rolls away herself* Maybe next time.

Doza: Dessert! Anything that Ice makes has my vote!

Dahlys: Food.


nimue:: Er, Skittles are among a lasting favourite, chocolate, broccoli, potatoes, cheesy goodness, absolutely divine cheesecake, sweet, sweet toffee, cakes are nice, fruits are best when fresh and not wrinkly or moldy, smoothies are delicious as well. Ooh! Mangoes as well. I adore mangoes. I appreciate a good muffin from time to time and bacon is okay … I guess? I’ll stop while I’m still within a hundred words…? Erp. Darn it.

elisa: Likes most foods. Not too spicy, not smelly, and not mushy/strange textured.

13) Now that LSK is finished and all the characters have appeared, can you tell us which character you disliked the most in the entire series?

raylight: Fat pig of a king. He remained as annoying as ever throughout the entire series and never changed.

Elks: Dark!Sun or amnesiac!Grisia (both are the same thing in my mind).

Takoyaki-kun: I want to say the Fat King, but I feel that it would be unfair to hate him just because he’s incompetent, you can’t hate a person just because they’re dumb. So I’m going to hate him because he was rude to Sun, that’s just unforgivable!

Lucathia: No one! But Grisia, how could you treat Adair like that in V8C11! You almost killed your omnipotent vice-captain!

Nabs: Amnesiac!Grisia, actually. And anyone who hurt Grisia. No one can hurt my baby! (But I liked the Fat Pig King because it gave Grisia a way to be sadistic with someone whom I didn’t care about getting hurt and hence did not feel bad). Also, this is not character related, but I need to say this, the angst is really hurtful. Like, sometimes I’ve cut it very close to deadlines when the chapter is painful cos it physically makes something in my chest hurt. And my doctor said I don’t have high cholestrol.

Dahlys: Yes.

Lala: Earth…. and the fat king, yeah… ugh…

nimue:: I felt really, really hating of Pink. But I don’t hate her specifically, just what she did. I have a really deep-seated hatred of the asshole who made everything happen and used everyone like a ***king pawn! No, not Grisia, I didn’t like Dark!Grisia one bit but I hate the asshole who simultaneously made everything I love happen and everything I hate happen in LSK. That’s right, I hate the God of Light. Yuppers. Hate me all you want but I hate that insensitive sonuvabitch. He is required, I realize, of everything that actually really happens in the series but I really, really hate him. He made everything happen. And I love and hate him for it but honestly? If I could meet him I would kick him in the balls. Then I’d likely be honest friends with him because I finally, finally got it all off my chest and it’s all afloom my hatred but our friendship thingy would be weird and wonky but still real. Yeah … if I actually met him but meh. Plans of what to do are constantly floating about and an extra one doesn’t hurt. I hate a few others but the God of Light really irks me.

elisa: Alternate Suns.

14) If you were allowed to create a new character in The Legend of Sun Knight, what type of character would it be?

raylight: A nice, and hopefully well-written female character. There really isn’t enough female characters in LSK, let alone nice ones or well-written ones. T-T

Trespasserby: There’s so many different people in LSK that there’s at least one person that each reader can like. And if you want more people… There’s a bunch of kiddies being added in LSK 39…

Elks: I think there are quite enough characters in LSK already, so adding more would only dilute things further. I do agree with Ray on the point of female characters.

Takoyaki-kun: I’m not sure you’d be able to fit many more characters into LSK, but if I had to choose, I’d say some potential spouses for the rest of the knights would be nice.

Lucathia: More vice-captains! I’d like more of the vice-captains to have names. I’d like more of the 37th generation to be developed too. I don’t know if that would count as new characters.

Nabs: Someone (preferably female, and devious) who found a way to clone ohmygod. I ask for so little.

Dahlys: OMG.


nimue:: Mint’s right on the point of females in the series. I’d love for a fleshed out, three dimensional, well constructed, fairly talented and flawed female to actually take a part in the series. Not that Alice and Jasmine don’t fit the bill in some ways but they’re not quite what I’m looking for in a series mainly populated by men. Also … funnily enough, there really is no comparison in a weird way. Yu Wo conducted a poll regarding which character was most hated and guess what? Mostly females were on the list. Even the Fat Pig of a King ranked lower than a lich, I think it was Pink? It makes me slightly sad but Yu Wo’s always had a skewed ratio of men to women in her series.

elisa: Wifi Knight.

15) Among all the characters in The Legend of Sun Knight, which one did you find the most funny? (except all the Sun Knights)

raylight: Can I choose Storm? Poor guy just wants to sleep.

Trespasserby: Storm’s definitely the most fun to base jokes off of. It’s almost tragic in a way.

Elks: …Storm I guess. Though I always feel sorry for the poor guy.

Takoyaki-kun: As much as I want to say Storm, I feel like I’ll be repeating what everyone else said so I’m going to say Neo, regarding everybody’s reactions to him. All the knights fear him, his actions can make a dark elf’s jaw drop, yet he is undoubtedly charming to all those who don’t know him.

Lucathia: I really enjoy Earth’s bickering with Sun and how he’s one of the few who can really rile Sun up.

Nabs: If I don’t choose any of the ones mentioned above, I would say Adair. His accuracy in gauging and executing Grisia’s intentions is spectacular and hilarious.

Dahlys: Haha.

Lala: Funny? Alice XD

nimue:: Hm … I really have no answer. The comedy is always mixed with a fluffy feeling which I focus on more than the comedy because I adore fwoofiness and it’s absurdly clear how little I have focused on it in comparison… It certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t appreciated the comedy … just the precious moments. *goes off to weep*

elisa: Roland. He’s just so…clueless. Especially with his “Hi” and “Goodbye.” Plus…cleaning the house of a corpse in an apron.

16) Sun Knight work: Does Yu Wo intent to couple up all the 12 or 13 Holy Knights in her later series in the 39th generation of the Twelve? Is the other Captain going to appear in the series? Thanks.

raylight: That’s for us to know and for you to find out! XP The vice-captains (especially Adair), will appear in LSK39.

Lucathia: Adair~~~

Nabs: Listen bud, we agreed to answering some questions, not going out of business.

nimue:: Hm. Oh darling fan, as much as I’d like to answer your question with oh so much detail I cannot. Seriously. Meh. I make up pairings myself. I mean … look at the future 39th gen of Storm and Leaf! Total bdsm couple right there. And like, I still think the 39th gen Judgement Knight is totally a girl. I mean. Lookie at the hair! Ahem. Resident pairing queen right here. *curtseys* So much droolworthy potential though … the way Shuis’ hair would be tugged and the absolute way Elaro holds over their heads and oh jeez, who would top?? Who would break up first? Who would use the toys of kin- mmpf! *sign languages the letters kies before hands are duct taped together* oh c’mon! Let me have a little teasing with the fans! Honestly. The BL ***ky … stuff doesn’t even stop there~ So many possibilities and absolutely endless cuteness and how it could be …why am I being pulled away from the interview! C’mon! Lemme finish this!

17) I read in the manga translation that the name of the main character from Legend of the Sun Knight was changed from Creus to Grisia in their translation because 1) the name sounds more similar to the original chinese and 2) it will play an important part later in the story. However, I have now read up to the 11th chapter of the final novel and the pronunciation of Grisia’s name has so far never been important. Does it ever play a part in the novel?

raylight: Actually, Creus is the name from the official Thai translation. Grisia is the official English name which Yu Wo gave, and it definitely sounds more similar to the original chinese. However, his name is not really of any importance to the story. (I mean, Yu Wo only named him halfway through book 1…)

Lucathia: On official LSK merchandise, Grisia is the name used. I can’t speak on behalf of the translator of the scanlation, but I have two guesses why they decided on using Grisia! It could be because of Hungri’s name, which we translated as a pun on being as sweet as honey and as graceful as Grisia. “Hun” from “honey” and “gri” from “Grisia.” It could also be because of a yet to be introduced character who we will see in 39 LSK.

Nabs: *looks at Luca* can we email some of these questions to Yu Wo?

Lucathia: But Nabs, I think this is more a question for the translator for the scanlations.

Nabs: *pout*

18) To each of the staff, what’s your favourite series by Yu Wo? Are there any other writers or series you like? (Doesn’t have to be a light novel!)

raylight: So far, The Legend of Sun Knight and No Hero. Some of her newer series looks promising though. I like Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. *cough* I also like Baka to Test to Shokanju, Log Horizon, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor… I like a lot of light novels in general, I guess.

Trespasserby: Eclipse Hunter and No Hero. Pierce, Colfer, and Mull are authors I like when I’m not rereading Yu Wo’s works.

Elks: Dominion’s End, followed by Eclipse Hunter and No Hero. I will caveat it by saying that this is subject to how well the unfinished series end. Outside of that, the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett and the Dresden series by Jim Butcher stand out the most (the first being more intellectual and the latter being the equivalent of popcorn (read: light, fluffy but no substance)).

Takoyaki-kun: I suppose ½ Prince, being the most relatable in terms of culture, plus it was the first one I read. Other writers? Well, I’ve read a fair amount of Nicholas Sparks novels, Douglas Adams is a great writer, and Mitch Albom is a favourite too. If it’s not in English, I like Akagawa Jirou’s works, Kanzawa Nobuaki’s Ousama Game series, JinYong novels and many, many more.

Lucathia: Legend of Sun Knight. Other than Yu Wo’s works, I enjoy Incarnations of Immortality, Enchanted Forest, and Havemercy.

Nabs: I… maybe one day I’ll make a post…

Doza: LSK~~ DE~~ EH~~ KNM~~ Strangely even though I liked EH, I didn’t like NH that much. It got a bit confusing for me towards the end… Other series, Key of the Sunken Moon :D For english novels, I actually liked R.A Salvatore’s The Legend of Drizzt series, cause I was really curious about Aldrizzt and I’m glad that I went to read it. The Dark Elf Trilogy was good, but after that… it just got really long…

Lucathia: I’m starting to read The Legend of Drizzt because of Aldrizzt too!

Dahlys: All. LOTR.

nimue:: Heh, my own taste isn’t nearly as refined as the others but I’ll endeavour to give you tasteful recommendations. I particularly enjoy Artemis Fowl, All The Bright Places (single novel), books by John Green, I’m attempting to read many books simultaneously so it’s not helping recall at this moment. I do recommend just talking online or with another person about your common interests in reading as it does come with many recommendations. Ah. Right. LSK is undoubtedly my favourite among Yu Wo’s works and er … I’ll rather not state my favourites in order *rushes off into distance*

Lala: Lala breathes literature… so there are too many to count! I couldn’t say what my favourite book/author is… I really like reading o.o

elisa: ½ Prince. elisa has read thousands of other books. Cannot remember names.

19) How exactly do you guys translate? Do you use a translating website or do you translate things in your head (amazing) or do you do both?

raylight: What do you mean translating website? XD I believe it’s the same for all of us. We use a Chinese to English dictionary for words we don’t know, and then manually translate the sentence in our mind. It sounds more natural that way. Also, sometimes we use Google to find out stuff we don’t know, like for example, Taiwanese slang.

Elks: definitely translate using my brain, with the occasional reference to the dictionary. I’m highly sceptical of translation tools- I remember Ray showing a few examples of really bad misinterpretations done by the translation engines. Really bad misinterpretations.

Takoyaki-kun: Well, I try to do as much as I can without using a Machine Translator since they can make some pretty bad mistakes, and I think all of us are able to translate the bulk of the texts by ourselves, with the occasional phrase or cultural reference that we need to look up.

Trespasserby: This is why I’m not a translator, but a proofreader. Thank goodness for that.

raylight: In response to what Elks said, Bing translator once translated “deep hatred” into “orgies” (Good kids should not search this up!) I’m not even joking. (I have the screenshots to prove it). This is why machine translations are unreliable.

Lucathia: A Chinese to English dictionary does wonders. I use http://www.mdbg.net and Google translate to help me with phrases. The chapter is mostly manually translated, while online dictionaries are very helpful for parts I get stuck on. When I don’t quite know a phrase, I consult Google-sensei and other Chinese speakers around me, as well as PR! staff. I usually have the book in front of me, and I type my translation as I read. What I do is, I read a sentence or paragraph, and I translate into English as I go along. I translate a large chunk without caring too much about my wording, and then I go back and reread my translation to make it flow better. I also compare the translation again to the original text to see if I can phrase things better or if I missed anything.

Nabs: I feel like I shouldn’t be admitting this but sometimes when I’m desperate about a chapter and it seems to difficult for me to read, I copy-paste the whole thing into an online dictionary and piece it together. But that’s never seen by anyone, so meh.

Doza: Read through the sentence/paragraph, translate it in my head, then go off and google/use mdbg to find the terms that I don’t know. Lastly, ask the other PR! staff questions and leave comments in the chapter about the parts that I know need tweaking but I couldn’t find the right phrasing.

Dahlys: Brainpower.

elisa: Magic.

20) Who’s your favourite LSK character?? Favourite LSK quote? Favourite thing about LSK in general?? XD

raylight: The first is already answered in the staff interview, so I will refrain from answering again! My favourite quote… hm… I guess it’s “Damn your ‘the whole continent knows’! This Sun Knight just doesn’t feel like smiling! I just don’t want to forgive these human trashes! I just want to pepper my sentences with ‘f***’!” *cough* My favourite thing in LSK is Sun’s narration. His point of view is very interesting to read.

Elks: Don’t have any quotes in mind. My favourite part of LSK was Sun’s scheming at the beginning of the series.

Takoyaki-kun: My favourite character would be…Leaf I guess, he’s the spitting image of a gentleman, how else did he manage to win a princess’s heart? (Ignoring the fact that he slapped her.) My favourite quote is “Because I forgot to choose a backup Sun Knight.”

Lucathia: “Only you will never have to kneel before me.” I flailed so hard! In fact, when Adair showed up in V8, I had to close the book to savor the moment. =P

Nabs: I misread the question….

Doza: My favorite quote/word is “干!” I threw it into mdbg and learnt my first Chinese vulgar word from Sun. Favourite thing about LSK? When Sun reveals his elaborate scheming at the end.

Dahlys: All. “Captain!” Blueberries.

Lala: Favourite quote? OMG…. too many to count. But I’ll have to go with the title of the last short story XD That cracks me up every single time

nimue:: My favourite quote would have to be an oldy-but-goody. Remember how Grisia proclaimed that he wouldn’t leave them, any of his brothers behind in his pre-Sun days? How he earned the undying loyalty of Chikus…? Ah, the sheer beauty of that moment… And my favourite thing…? Erp. I think I enjoyed how wonderful it is and how many fantastic people I’ve met and friends I have made and…yeah.

21) Do you know whether the rest of Female Warrior is already being written?

raylight: So far, Yu Wo has not revealed any news about Female Warrior. It is still on her “to-do” list.

Lucathia: We’ll probably get a short story about Neo before we get any more of Female Warrior. But that’s very tentative too.

Nabs: This might be hypocritical, but I kinda want her to do Neo first.

22) Please tell me who do you think is the most popular among the girl among the 12 holy knight and least popular? If you can make ranking through all the 12 would be great!

raylight: Do you mean as in who is the most popular among the girls in their universe, or in reality? If it is in universe, Yu Wo once released a ranking of who is the most handsome in their universe.
Handsome guy ranking (Normal version):
1) AwaitSun
2) Grisia Sun
3) Neo
4) Lesus Judgment
5) Wastelan (Ice)
6) Ceo (Storm)
7) Strawberry (Leaf)
8) Tyre (Tyler)
9) Slime (Laica)
10) Voila (Vival)

There’s also a Handsome guy ranking (Scary version), and it goes Roland – Death Monarch, Illu, Demon King Grisia, Roland – Death Knight. That… didn’t answer the question, did it?

Lucathia: I was surprised to see Tyler on the list! What about Elijah with his all purpose handsomeness? Is it because he’s already taken, so he’s not popular? But Awaitsun and Leaf are already taken too! Ranking the Twelve Holy Knights is too hard!

Doza: Why is Roland as a Death Monarch more handsome than when he was a Death Knight? Doesn’t he look the same when he’s wearing the ring that can disguise him?

Nabs: Yes, what a tragedy to be living in their universe =_______=

Dahlys: Ok.

nimue:: Er … can anyone explain to me what it actually … means by that? O.o honestly confused right now.

Lala: All purpose handsomeness for the win!

elisa: Awaitsun….

23) Do you ever plan on re-opening the merchandise page?

Lucathia: No plans at the moment. The staff who started the merchandise page are inactive.

24) What did you enjoy the most about translating LSK?

raylight: Meeting new people, talking to people about LSK :D Also, seeing the finished product. ^^

Nabs: Laughing till I cried. Because of the books, because of the staff, because of you guys ^u^

Doza: Finding amazing people whom I could fangirl over Yu Wo’s works to, and learning new Chinese words that I probably would not use in my daily life.

Dahlys: Sun.

Lucathia: Translating Adair’s scenes! And talking with people about LSK.

25) Why you start PR?

raylight: I feel like this question has already been answered.. But I’ll say again. The actual founder, Erialis, has already left us, so we can’t answer that for her. I would guess that at that time, ½ Prince’s manhua popularity was rising and she knew that it was based on a light novel and wanted to share it with everyone else, so she gathered a group.

26) Have you ever met Yu Wo before in person? If so, what did you say to her and what was her reply?

Dahlys: Check staff blog.

Trespasserby: And go back about three years to find Dahlys’s post… It’s still there, but the pictures are gone now. I don’t know if anyone’s met with Yu Wo since then.

raylight: Yes. I smiled and asked for her autograph. (On all of my 8 LSK books) She gave me candy.

Lucathia: I wish!

Nabs: Someday~

27) Why did you join PR! instead of another translation/scanlation group?

Trespasserby: Why would I ever think about joining another group? This is the only group consistently updating No Hero. Even if there was another group doing the same thing, would it be filled with people who are willing to discuss whether people with different blood types taste better to vampires or not? Or whether Charles brushes his teeth? Or blood slushies?

Elks: well, technically I am/was part of other translation/scanlation groups, but I joined PR! because I wanted to translate Dominion’s End. There were only 2-3 groups translating Yu Wo’s works at the time (and still are), and I picked PR! because they were most consistent with their releases. Not to mention they were the ones who got me hooked onto Yu Wo in the first place.

Dahlys: Dice.

raylight: Because I was reading LSK. They were recruiting and I was free.

Lucathia: Because of LSK.

Lala: Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!

nimue:: E-Eh? Erp, luck? Fate? Concidence? I was … I dunno, I really enjoyed LSK and 1/2 Prince and you piqued my interest enough. Plus maybe karma felt like giving me something back? I don’t know? ^.^;

Nabs: Everything is as The God of Light wills.

elisa: What ray said.

28) Do you guys really love cookies?

Elks: especially Marks and Spencer’s freshly baked white chocolate chip cookies. Oh, Ben’s cookies in Oxford covered market are pretty good too, but it’s been a while since I last visited so not sure if they’re still around.

Trespasserby: Only if you’re the one buying them for me. Or if they’re freshly baked.

Dahlys: Yes.

raylight: It sounds lovely. But I prefer cake and ice cream.

Takoyaki-kun: Is that even a question?

Lucathia: Especially chocolate chip ones!

Lala: Why? Don’t you?

nimue:: As long as there are no strawberries. *shudders* Strawberries are disturbing and disgusting and with all those little white seeds and they’re fertilizing and so, so red and plump and shaped so … er, I’d rather not illustrate my point with a disturbing image. I like cookies. Otherwise … with strawberries? I’ll run away from you. I’ll bolt out of the room.

Nabs: When they’re well-made.

elisa: How could you ask such a thing? (is scandalized)

29) Where is the PR! staff from? And how did you pick up Chinese? Did you face any problems reading traditional/simplified Chinese (whichever version the raws were in)?

Elks: I think of myself as an Asian and UK hybrid. I’ve been speaking Chinese ever since I was little, seeing as I was brought up in a bilingual environment. Can’t say I’ve had problems reading either traditional or simplified because I’m fairly proficient at both.

Takoyaki-kun: Same as Elks.

Trespasserby: Pacific Coast Time Zone.

Dahlys: Earth. Learned it. No.

raylight: Hi, I come from Singapore. It is not part of China. My country forces us to learn English and our mother tongue, so I have been using Chinese since young. The raws are in traditional, so I first started reading, I had some issues. I got used to it fairly quick. (I think I watched too many Taiwanese game shows as a kid. XD)

Lucathia: Same as Tres. Pacific Coast Time zone. I read traditional Chinese, which is what Yu Wo uses, since she’s from Taiwan. Simplified Chinese confuses me. There are so many things missing from the characters! I learned my Chinese through Saturday school, and through watching shows with Chinese subtitles and reading manga translated into Chinese.

Lala: Lala is from a tiny Latin American country, but lives in GMT+1…. and speaks not a single word of Chinese

nimue:: I’m from Australia, and I learnt it since my parents spoke it. I can only speak a little though, :) so don’t expect me to be able to speak fluently. I don’t translate so I don’t face any problems concerning translation.

Nabs: I’m mixed, so I initially learnt from tv and grandmother when I was younger, and then I took 2 classes in college~ But I don’t translate at PR ^u^

elisa: GMT+5. First language was English. Am fluent in Chinglish. Can read basic Chinese. Traditional is a no go. Good thing elisa is not a translator.

30) How many and which series of Yu Wo’s books do you own? What sort of merchandise of her works have you bought before?

Elks: about half the LSK series, half the NH series, vol 1 of ILT and all of DE. Don’t own merchandise.

Trespasserby: I don’t own any copies of any of her books. Shipping grows fairly hefty when I want a book from across the Pacific. However, someday, I WILL obtain a copy of Eclipse Hunter V5. Even if I can’t read it, I am determined to own a copy of that book and thank Yu Wo for writing it.

raylight: So far I own the entire No Hero series, the entire old version of LSK series and I’m also collecting the new editions of LSK. (Cause they have nice art and insert pages). I also own all of DE and ILT so far. (Well, except for one of the ILT side stories.) As for merchandise, I don’t really buy them. I have a LSK39 poster and notebook that others bought for me, and a Female Warrior artbook I won. I also have some of Yukisora’s LSK doujins that others bought for me, and a few PVC cards/freebies that came with some of my books. …. You don’t want to ask Lucathia this question, she will take up the entire space.

Lucathia: Haha, ray… Well, I own (almost) everything Yu Wo has ever published, plus a lot of random merchandise and doujinshi. Uh, to list them… Maybe I shouldn’t list them… I have 2 sets of ½ Prince (pocket edition and new illustrator edition), 2 sets of Eclipse Hunter (mass produced edition plus the convention only edition), and I’m starting to have 2 sets of Legend of Sun Knight (I have all of the old edition plus 5 volumes of the new edition with covers by J.U. that is still being released), and 2 sets of GOD (the new edition is still being released. I already have all of the old edition). I buy the new editions for the new illustrations and the fixes in the text. :’D;; Those are just the series I have two sets of! I also have all of her other series, those being Kill No More (I have the new edition), No Hero, Gong Hua, Illusions-Lies-Truth, Dominion’s End, and 39 Legend of Sun Knight. I have all of the ILT side stories released so far, the two Female Warrior prequels plus artbooks, a handful of LSK side stories, Unbeatable, Romance RPG, Bai Lian Yue’s side story, a KNM side story, an NH side story, all five volumes of the LSK manhua, the entire series of the ½ Prince manhua, 2 volumes of the KNM manhua, a strange 1 chapter No Hero manhua, four ½ Prince artbooks, and an artbook featuring artwork by Taiwan artists that includes a lot of KNM art by Ya Sha. I think I’ve mentioned everything! As for other merchandise, uh… I have some ½ Prince keychains, posters, and a figure of Prince. I also have LSK keychains, posters, clearfiles, notebooks, figures, mugs, mousepads, poker cards, bags, etc, with the latest edition being a glasses cleaning cloth featuring Lesus (lol). I have less merchandise of NH and KNM because less of it exists, but I also have some, like mugs, posters, clearfiles, and mousepads. GOD and Gong Hua don’t really have merchandise. With ILT, I have a small wall scroll, a strange pen holder, and a bookmark. As for DE, I have a towel of the Ice Emperor (haha) and a pencil bag of Jiang Shutian. Finally, non official merchandise… I have a few LSK doujinshi by Icicle, FRuiT, J.U., and some other artists. I also have an EH doujinshi by J.U. Uh, I like to collect things.

Lala: None ._. as I said… I don’t speak Chinese….

nimue:: Sadly :( I have NOTHING. *cries* Shipping costs over 20USD and it really, really is a huge cost I’d rather not have to deal with shipping to Australia. God dammit, why did I have to live so far away from anyone?? ;_;

Nabs: Someday I’m going to raid Luka’s house, so my list and Luka’s is identical~

nimue:: Tell me when you’re doing it. We’ll chip in to buy a 3D printer and sell the merchandise. WE’RE GONNA BE RICH.

31) What is the Pope’s real identity, is he the God of Light himself haha. Also, is there a hint what happened before Grisia lost his memories,who is the cause it is Scarlet or Pink. Thanks.

raylight: Since I forgot to close the survey, this one got through though it was submitted late. (Sorry to all the PR members ahaha)
The Pope’s real identity is not shown yet. Yu Wo has yet to release a side story on the Pope, sadly. Though I do want to know more about him too. As for the second question, spoilers for anyone who haven’t finished V6!

As for why Grisia lost his memories, the cause is Pink. It is stated in V6C10 that Scarlet broke through the seal and managed to get into contact with Sun, and told Grisia the truth. Grisia was so angry he took the Divine Sun Sword with him and tried to ambush Pink at her house. However, due to the magic circle that prevents elemental casting at her place, Sun was defeated. Pink originally wanted to kill him, but Scarlet broke her way in, took Sun and teleported away. Pink managed to use psychic magic to seal his memories before he was teleported away. There are hints of that Pink was the one behind his memory loss in V5C3, where Adair informs him of his actions before he lost his memory.

~End of questions~

Thank you all for your time and patience, readers! It has been an emotional road trip for this series, and we are trying to end it with a bang. To those who sent in questions, thank you all, and we love you all too. To all you readers, thank you for your continuous support. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to finish the series. We hope that you will continue to support us for our other series (Check them out if you haven’t already!) and also, stay tuned for The Legend of Sun Knight 39! It features the 39th generation of the Twelve Holy Knights. Naturally, our despicable and shameless hero from the generation before will make an appearance.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask below. (However, as for how many staff will answer is a different thing.) See you all again!

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  1. Yeesh, you guys work way too hard. I guess that’s just what it takes to have the best quality translations on the interwebs though

    And what is that I hear about a translation for GOD? Yay~ But don’t overwork yourselves. Even an LQ translation or short summary would work. I don’t trust my chinese literacy enough to fully comprehend what happened in GOD, but the parts I did understand were pretty good, so an actual translation is highly appreciated. But again. Don’t overwork yourselves. You guys have got like 3, 4, 5 series going on and only so much staff. I’d apply, but QCing is about as much as I can do, and that’s not quite as useful as proofreading

    • @CV
      I’ll be working off the newly published version of GOD. Only three volumes out so far, so I’ll be taking it slowly. Yu Wo plans on making revisions to the story to flesh things out, so we might end up having a somewhat different story than the original GOD.

      As always, it’ll take some time before any translations surface from this.

  2. ~RenTheWitch~

    ITS OVER 9000!!° made my night <3

  3. wow!! you really put your emotions in the answers I could actually feel the *pain* joy from translating xD
    I’m not an active member of the comment community but I would like to spare a little time to congratulate you for finishing prince and the legend of the sun knight :D
    Thank you very much for your translations although I don’t follow them all (not much time now that I’m working x___x) but really thanks :) (I know how much time spending is being a translation…).
    Hopefully 39 lsk will mantain the sun style
    See you around even though you will not see me :P

  4. dollyfishe

    i dont really like this and a bit sceptic about it (at first :P) but until now i still couldnt skip reading anything PR release, so i ended up reading everything !!!
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    tee-hee … i realize that we are all bird of the same feathers now. it’s just wont do that u were the only one whose crazy, while i’m normal and yet i cant stop reading all your release right ? i must admit, that i’m just as crazy as you all (may be not to the same degree, but who cares. if you called one as crazy, you wont care how crazy one is right ?)

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    Ahahahaha this was really interesting to read ^_^ ah, and nimue //pssst I’m a fellow Australian and there are more of us ufufufu

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      *.* Imma turn you all into my minions like I did with the kiddies of the 39th gen. Must say, Elaro is deliciously comfortable to cuddle with. Honestly, guy’s like a damn fluffy pillow. ;) I love you all Ausbunbuns already! Imma set up a huge chatroom and be all snuggly and all nicey and sparkly and enthusiastic with you guys~ Also, must ask, are you in NSW? If, by some godgiven miracle that is us, I actually may know you… or may horribly detest you. Anyhow! All LSK love triumphs over petty grudges! I am damn psychic if we actually know each other.

    • hazel2831

      hahaha yep i’m in NSW XD ah btw, so is another member of the princerev forum~as to who it is….ufufufufufufu. I wonder if we actually do know each other XD

  6. I admire how you guys continued to pass on the baton and carry on the legacy of PR even after the founding members left! Way too many translation groups drop their projects midway without notice, leaving us to writhe in pain knowing that we will never be able to read up to the end (not that I’m condemning them, totally understandable considering real life obligations and probably burnout). Thank you guys for sticking around and consistently releasing up to the end! :’)

  7. Thanks for clarifying the memory-loss thing!

  8. Thanks a lot for taking the additional time to answer all those questions!
    To clarify my question about Grisia’s name: The translator said something like ‘it will become important a gazillion years later’. And recently I stumbled upon a fan site that changed Grisia’s name from Creus to Grecius when he was Demon King… Which is basically the reason why I was wondering. But thanks anyway!

  9. Thanks for answering all these questions: It was really informing and interesting!
    I also like to read the comment and especially those you answer to, I think it’s my favorite part (apart from reading the chapter itself haha!)

    You are so so lucky to have met Yu Wo, I’m so jealous right now! She seems to be a really funny person in real life too ;D
    My favorite novel used to be HP, but then it was my first so I was kinda biased. Now, it’s hands down the Sun knight! I tried to entice my friend reading it so many time, but they are either :
    a) too lazy to read (ok, manga asks for less work I guess)
    b) they don’t unterstand english

    Damn, how frustrating it was! Like everytime there were a baddass moment in a chapter I was just being crazy all alone (yeah, I tend to do that).

    Talking about that, do you have the statistic of where does most of your reader come from ? Like Asia, Europe, etc..
    I’m a little bit curious haha!

    I’m waiting for LSK 39 now, it’s nice to see you are really dedicted to your work! Like someone said, I like how regular you’re in your release! And you always do such an amazing job :)

    Thanks a lot!

  10. Thank you for translating. I found your website yesterday and have been reading since then. I finally finished all of the LSK chapters! I am currently living in the same country as raylight, to pursue my studies (#internationalstudent) for another year upon completion. I’m really grateful to have been able to read your work. I have liked LSK since years ago, in which there was only around 7 chapters released of the manhwa in mangawebsites. So, thank you once again! (Oh and i feel that your group of friendship is really cute)

    • [PR]raylight

      Hello fellow person staying in Singapore! I hope you liked your stay so far, and good luck with your studies! I’m glad you like LSK. (And yeah they are all really cute.)

  11. I sincerely thank all of you in PR for translating LSK! I finished the series a few years ago because it was such an amazing series, but I still avidly followed your beautiful translations. I mean, I’ve only reread LSK like, what, 5 times? Never hurts to reread it more~ :3

    I look forward to your future projects, as well as the completion of NH; it’s really such an amazing series (another one that I’ve reread who knows how many times). I read up to V8 of the raws, but I still follow your translations as well~ Keep up the good work, I can’t wait until you reach the later volumes of NH; they’re so amazing! <3

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