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To commemorate the release of the final chapter of The Legend of Sun Knight, we at PR! decided to do a staff interview to gather the thoughts of the staff regarding the project, together with the Question and Answer section in which readers sent in their questions and we answered them. These will be spilt into two posts so that it doesn’t get too long.

This interview is fairly long, but I hope that you guys had fun reading them!

~Start of Interview~

PR! Translation:

1) It has been a long time, but The Legend of Sun Knight has finally ended! What are your thoughts regarding this?

Arcedemius: I have a face that Sun would kick.

Trespasserby: I may be new to the team, but I’ve been following The Legend of Sun Knight since the beginning of V3. I will miss Grisia a little bit, but since there’s still LSK39, and because I’m happy with the way LSK ended, I won’t be as heartbroken as I would be otherwise.

raylight: I’m so touched. After 5 years, we have finally finished translation.

Elks: I feel old when I realise how long it’s been since I first picked up LSK.

Lucathia: I’m proud we were able to see this project to the end. I’ll be sad to part with Grisia and his narration. I had great fun translating his POV. The upside is, now that the translations are complete, I won’t have to tiptoe around spoilerish events when I write fanfic anymore!

Dahlys: So sad.

Nabs: Screw you! Why hasn’t the death knight sent you to the god of light yet?

Doza: A bit sad that I won’t read anymore speculations in the comments section, but overall just really happy. It feels like I’ve just finished running a marathon! And a bit excited too, cause that means we can focus more on other projects as well.

Takoyaki-kun: I’m tearing up at the thought of it, but at the same time, I’m happy that we’ve managed to reach it. They say it’s about the journey, but I think getting to the destination is what gives a sense of relief. Now we have to look for more things to get busy with, otherwise it’ll look like we aren’t trying hard enough.

Lala: I’m fairly new to the team, too. But, well…. FEELS

elisa: (Since everyone is informing, elisa is new and thought this would be fun to join) and is sad. Doesn’t feel like it’s actually happening. Is in denial.

nimue: what. no. no. I haven’t read it. I haven’t seen it. It does not exist. At all. It is not real. IT IS FAKE. *is in denialdenialdenial*

2) What are your thoughts on LSK39?

Arcedemius: It’s the opposites attract version?

Trespasserby: I haven’t proofread any of LSK39’s chapters yet, but it sounds like a lot of fun! Hearsay has it that the characters are super adorable…Or you could look at J.U’s images to see for yourself. What I want to see the most in LSK39 is someone helping Ceo with his paperwork. (Shuis! You better help your teacher!)

raylight: It’s really cute so far. I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully Yu Wo will release the next volume soon.

Elks: not read it but my impression is that it’s karma payback time…

Lucathia: It’s cute! But Yu Wo, please stop torturing the 38th generation. Give them a happy ending! Or just give us some more cute 39th generation antics. Do continue praising Adair’s awesomeness though. I approve.

Dahlys: Cute kids.

Nabs: New harem for me! Illegal you say? I’ll wait~

Doza: Extremely amusing – Elaro is like a mother hen fussing over a brood of unruly chicks.

Takoyaki-kun: Cute. It’s always nice to see a continuation of things just to tie up loose ends to the series and give it a nice rounding off.

Lala: I like it. I‘m hogging chapters *looks furtively at other proof readers*

elisa: Notes Lala taking up all the chapters. Looking forward to the kids causing mayhem.

nimue: Pssh, Sugawa is the one with 38th gen harem… And 39th is obviously a huge bdsm harem for Elaro and his lovely wife (i am married to/is girlfriend to elaro)

3) Which of Yu Wo’s works are you the most excited for and eager to work on? Your top priority? (Can be a specific volume if you want.)

Arcedemius: … Maybe Dominion’s End? I hate zombie stuff, but the whole almost-RPG/superhero type stuff appeals… And I have to know what happens next, since it’s Yuwo!! O_O She always pulls the rug out from under me; one moment I’ll be sitting there, all cozy in my chair, and the next thing I know I’m rolling around on the ground in hysterical laughter and the rug under the chair is all bunched – How does she do it? O_o

Trespasserby: I’m most eager to proofread No Hero and Illusions, Lies, Truth chapters. My top priority… Is to snatch any chapters that open up for proofreading! Or anything that needs to be looked over. (I had no idea how much proofreading these people do until I witnessed it myself.)

raylight: Personally, I’m eager to work on No Hero and Illusions, Lies, Truth. Volume 4 of No Hero is very intense, so look forward to it! XD

Elks: DE, which is pretty much what I signed up to PR! for. I do have an interest in taking another look at ILT given how the others have been going on about it…

Lucathia: That would be 39 Legend of Sun Knight and Illusions, Lies, Truth. The first, because of Adair and all the cute holy knights-in-training, and the latter because ILT is fascinating. It starts fairly slow and there’s a lot of talking, but the mysteries run deep.

Dahlys: NH.

Nabs: Dominion’s End. Powerful lead, survival, memory loss, zombies, hot mercenaries… really, what more do you want?

Doza: I’m most excited for Yuwo to release volume 4 of Dominion’s End, but I’m more eager to work on LSK39 cause, well, LSK will always have a special spot in my heart. My top priority, to be honest, is anything that is urgent since most, if not all, of the series need CE editing.

Takoyaki-kun: Anything PR related is exciting to me, my priority is…Everything.

Lala: 39… duh!! But seriously, No Hero! Charles is mine!

elisa: Excited for DE, it looks pretty great so far. Priority is RRPG, I’ve gotten used to working on it.

nimue: Uh. I kind of… I really want to actually focus on writing articles. For all of Yu Wo’s series. And basically fanfiction. But her series? Right. Uh, pretty much, Romance RPG seems intriguing, DE… zombies don’t appeal to me much. *is bricked* NH, I’m pretty excited about, LSK 39 is what I’m really looking forward to. Elaro is mine. Mine bitches.


1) Who was your favourite character in The Legend of Sun Knight?

Arcedemius: >_> Sun. I’ve liked since the beginning; good guy and bad guy rolled into one…
<_< Cloud. I’ve liked since he was first introduced and I drew him _< Storm cause I want to cuddle him and squish him till he has an excuse not to correct papers!
@[email protected] Roland cause he’s such a hunk and everyone else; too many to count, but all with their own reason…

Trespasserby: I ended up liking most of the characters… But the people I liked the most were Storm, Leaf, Ice, Aldrizzt, and Roland. Nice and responsible people are the best.

raylight: I pick Leaf, Ice, Storm, Cloud. Not in any order. XP

Elks: Storm and Judge?

Lucathia: Grisia and Adair. Devious, manipulative, and very, very loyal.

Dahlys: All.

Nabs: In what capacity? Overall, though, Grisia. I think. I’m sorry Lesus, Adair… no, don’t go T_T

Doza: Sun of course; I couldn’t ask for a better protagonist.

Takoyaki-kun: Leaf, he’s the gentleman I aspire to be, though I’m not sure about his voodoo tendencies.

Lala: Ecilan (best hostage ever) and Lesus. Of course, I have a soft spot for the despicable Grisia.

elisa: Dragon’s Saint Brigandine. The shirt doesn’t get enough screen time.

nimue: all of my answers were wiped. Thus super short answers. Everyone. I loved everyone. Oh. And uh, I kind of want them to happen in rl. Would make finding boyfriends and husbands and various little nieces and nephews for members of PR. I like the ideas of pairings. Lotsa pairings.

2) Which character did you want to appear more?

Arcedemius: all of them OmO;

Trespasserby: I wanted Whitey to appear more! What happened to Whitey?! If he can eat the dark element now, then why don’t we just use him to clean up the lands of darkness instead of the Demon King?
I want Ah Ye, Melody, and Ji Luo Chu to appear more. (The series wasn’t specified in this question…) But to avoid being kicked out of this funeral for LSK for disrespect, I’ll seriously say I wanted Stone to have more time. I’m not dissatisfied with the amount of time my favorite characters received, but out of the Twelve Holy Knights, we know the least about Stone.

raylight: I wanted to see more of Stone too. He’s very mysterious. Other than that, I wanted to see some of the Pope’s background. XD

Elks: none in particular I guess?

Lucathia: I would have liked to see the adventurer team from V4 show up more. They completely faded into the background after V4, with the exception of Woodrow who made another appearance in V8. I’m also super curious about the different kingdoms and their religions, so if the Son of the God of War could’ve shown up again, that would have been interesting. Also, yes, Stone needed to appear more!

Dahlys: All.

Nabs: Anyone from the book who has a name should get their own book. At least one.

Doza: Stephen and Charlotte. Awaitsun could have told more stories about their life in the Cathedral of the Shadow God. Then it would have been easier to relate how similar Charlotte is to Charlotte.

Takoyaki-kun: I feel like Charlotte’s backstory could be expanded way further. In fact, I feel that all Demon King Candidates apart from Sun could have their own standalone novel about everything leading up to LSK.

Lala: Ecilan!! He needs more lovin’ *cough*

elisa: Agrees with Takoyaki-kun. Charlotte’s backstory deserved more in the series. Even as an extra or something.

nimue: I actually wanted to see more of *normal* people in the series, and, of course, lots of my favourite characters as well. And life. Er, it’s just, I love everyone and I can’t decide!

3) What was the most memorable for you about The Legend of Sun Knight? (Can be about translating, or the text itself.)

Arcedemius: fanart moments intricately woven into the main story.

Trespasserby: The best part of LSK was how I was able to meet so many wonderful people, in the book and in real life. The Legend of Sun Knight was actually the series that drew me to Yu Wo’s novels and PrinceRevolution!

raylight: Laughing like a madman. Also, Sun’s Sun Speech….

Elks: Laughing at some of the beginning books and wincing at the last few volumes.

Lucathia: Getting V8 and reading the ending! All the feels! (Go watch this fanvid all about V8, with Grisia building himself a tower out of boxes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASbMI1wDP4M) Also, reading people’s comments and theories. Regarding translations, I liked translating the side stories a lot.

Dahlys: Everything.

Nabs: Saying sorry for cutting it really close to deadlines T_T (I’m so sorry Luca). Err… honestly though, LSK is like, a centrepoint for a lot of the good things in my life, so there’re too many aspects to live here, and the saying the above-mentioned would be redundant.

Doza: Sun’s puns. I would think about them during school and come up with something totally awful – When I reread the part about Stephen’s name, it always makes me cringe now T-T I’m so sorry Stephen OTL

Takoyaki-kun: Accidentally translating metres into kilometres regarding Sun’s sensing ability, that mistake left a permanent mark on my heart.

Lala: I have two… reading vol. 6 in basically one go, and somehow completely forgetting Lesus stabbed Grisia with the Divine Sun Sword (only realising after a second read through and going D:..), and the mega spoiler of d00m that I got from being an idiot and google translating the Chinese wikipedia page… Bad Lala, bad!

elisa: Rediscovering and rereading all that was available of LSK on PR! in one day. And then discovering the translator application the day after. Also what elks said.

nimue: Well. This is actually basically a recycled version of what Sugawa said, but this is my story anyhow. What LSK has done for me cannot be put down into simple words, it’s literally changed my life… as melodramatic as that is. It’s just, do you have any idea how your life can change from one single decision? You don’t, and Grisia twanged a string in my enthusiastic heart. LSK is really special, and one-of-a-kind really, so, take a chance to read it, take a chance. Because you really don’t know where it can lead to, and I’ve seen the results… just so… it’s ridiculously high and wonderful. I loved reading LSK. It pulled me out of a really bad time in my life and I’m… I guess I’m just reiterating rn… it’s just good in that way you can’t describe and you fumble to find words to really describe the world of feelings and times and events and absolutely lifechanging things that happened.

4) Were there any questions you had about it? (Or problems)

Arcedemius: OTL i had internet problems many times at the beginning… and near the middle…and the end… *sobs*

Trespasserby: Where’s Whitey? Will Storm find more people to help him correct documents? Will anyone notice the fact that the shirtless Stone Knight has a new tattoo?

raylight: I’m still peeved by the fact that Yu Wo forgot how Leaf died. Also, no one knows what happened to the three liches and Whitey.

Elks: let’s just say I wasn’t fond of dark!Sun and leave it there.

Lucathia: After reading V8, I had a burning question of what happened with Awaitsun and Tayder. Is Awaitsun still mute? Did Tayder successfully return to his kingdom? Or maybe he’s off wandering around pretending to be an adventurer again?

Dahlys: Sun speech.

Nabs: Err… untended plots. Like seriously. All the unanswered questions *pout*

Doza: Who forged the Twelve Holy Knights’ divine weapons? What are the unique properties of all of them? Especially Judgment’s sword – Does it have some property to give the Judgment Knight an imposing aura?

Takoyaki-kun: Not about LSK itself per se, but the transition from Female Warrior to LSK. I often wonder how a group of eleven men and one woman managed to build a religion and a tradition that requires them to raise children in their own image.

Lala: what happened to Blackie??

elisa: the last few volumes. the ending. disapproves*

nimue: It’s… I had a huge paragraph. Really big. It was cut out. *pouts* Also… I love Yu Wo’s works, but LSK definitely left out a lot in terms of information. I felt letdown, because I’m the kind of person who reads hundreds of thousands of words each day and absorbs it happily because it’s my thing to love. And some parts… I hated how it physically affected Sugawa-hime’s health. And Dark Sun.

5) Which Knight do you think you are the most like- *cough*

Arcedemius: Blaze. I do not wish to regret anything in my life, so I’ve taught myself to make spiltsecond decisions, and to try everything I have the chance to. Once I get out of the house. (Don’t kick down my door – I’ll take out a can of pope on you!)
Cloud. I hide away with books so often, and became a bit of a hermit until friends pulled me out of my hiding place to join their weekly quiz night.
Sun. My close friends are my family.

Trespasserby: There’s no Eclipse Hunter/No Hero Obsessed Knight. I’m not exactly sure what to pick.

raylight: Probably Leaf. I find it really hard to refuse people. Though I act a bit like Cloud too due to my weak presence and bookworm habits, as well as Storm with my tendencies to torture myself with work.

Elks: Storm, given my workload in real life.

Lucathia: Storm as well, for me, unfortunately. What is sleep? What is this never ending stack of papers? Where is my Adair?

Dahlys: (schemer in denial)

Nabs: *Looks down at glass* There is not enough drink in me to answer this question. Next!

Doza: -Looks at the files and stacks of paper sitting beside my laptop- Storm.

Takoyaki-kun: Probably Cloud, aside from my fondness of books, I also have a similar tendency to pass unnoticed (I’ve often been slapped for scaring people for ‘coming out of nowhere’). Also, I do prefer somewhat dim places away from sunlight, though I hate humidity as it makes it hard to keep my books in a good condition.

Lala: Grisia =_= because I will eat anything sweet you put in front of me…

elisa: Usually Lesus. Can scare off anyone with a quick look. Also very intimidating in general apparently. Blaze with friends. Cloud when I’m tired or on the weekends/ have a few hours to myself (hides in a corner to read). Ice when I have access to a kitchen. elisa is particular to using strawberries and honey. Sometimes together.

nimue: Ah. I’m particularly loyal, and a schemer. I will go up and beyond what is normal for any teenager, because not doing anything is damn worse. So I’m like Grisia in that aspect. Apparently I’m “fucking scary, look at those eyes!” … I have no words. Seriously, :a, apparently I’m like Lesus. I’m… I appear to wear my heart on my sleeve, so friendly and helpful… like a Golden Retriever. Or like Elmairy. I like hiding sometimes, Demos is my favourite to be just sitting with. Georgo I’m strangely like in one sole quality. Chikus I’m indeniably like… enthusiastic.

6) After all these, is The Legend of Sun Knight now your favourite series? (or favourite out of Yu Wo’s series, at least?)

Arcedemius: Possibly? I would think yes, but each of her series I’ve enjoyed, and each has their own style… so in this style, yes, definitely, but half prince was my first, and will forever retain a special place in my heart. Eclipse Hunter was the first of Yuwo’s darker series I read, and the little young master in it pulled at my heartstrings too many times to count, but when he has his butler in No Hero, well >///> They’re both just so adorable…
I don’t think I can say which I’ve enjoyed the most, so I have no fav. OTL

Trespasserby: (Maybe I shouldn’t have suggested this question… I’ll definitely be kicked out for being disrespectful now.) NO! It is not! Eclipse Hunter and No Hero are my favorite series! AHAHAHAHAHA! *laughing maniacally in this funeral* But LSK is definitely my next favorite.

raylight: We are not kicking you out! XD LSK and No hero are my fav currently, but LSK definitely wins in terms of humor. I like Charles a lot more than Sun though.

Elks: don’t worry Tress, I’m in the same boat as you. My current favourite is still DE. Before DE, it was EH & NH.

Lucathia: Tres will shun me when I say that EH and NH are not among my top favorites. =P I like fantasy settings~. LSK is my favorite out of Yu Wo’s series. Knights, magic, and medieval settings are great. I also like how structured LSK is, with the prologue of V1 hinting at the major events from the rest of the series. My next favorites are Kill No More and GOD.

Dahlys: What?

Nabs: Could it be that Sun is no longer being blessed by the God of Light, so the holy aura permeating his body is lost to the extent that my fellow readers would doubt the Legend of Sun Knight as not being the greatest tale ever told?

Doza: It was my favourite… until DE came out. But I still have more LSK books on my shelf than any of Yu Wo’s other series :D

Takoyaki-kun: All of Yu Wo’s series’ rank Number One in my heart.

Lala: Can’t deny the FEELS…. and OMG NABS!

elisa: Sorry, but no. ½ Prince, then DE. EH and LSK after? They each have their own charms though.

nimue: Sorry Losh, Tals, *bows* I can’t say that I love EH, NH, or DE as no.1. LSK is definitely my favourite. It’s what I remembered after all… it’s just… special. ^.^;

7) Clearly, the most important question here is, now that The Legend of Sun Knight is over, does it mean that Prince Revolution! will now have fewer releases per month?

Arcedemius: Heck no! For shame!!

Trespasserby: Feed them No Hero instead…

raylight: Well we still have No Hero and LSK39… So no. ^^

Elks: haha I’ll let the others reply this.

Lucathia: Not a chance. We still have several projects we’re working on! And 39 LSK is coming right up.

Dahlys: No idea

Nabs: As the God of Light (read: Luca) wills *smiles serenely*

Doza: -Looks at Luka-

Takoyaki-kun: Don’t think so, we’ll be working even harder to fill the bottomless void that LSK has left us with.

Lala: Nope…. because Luka goes at us with a whip…. yeah, just like Moon XD

elisa: shrugs*

nimue: I’ll work them. Hard. Don’t you worry, updates won’t… ever stop. I’ll scrounge up KNM for them… a few extra years tacked on. And we will do our very best.

8) Could everyone please express their gratitude to the God of Light and Yu Wo for allowing The Legend of Sun Knight to happen?

Arcedemius: \OTL _OTL \OTL _OTL
All hail. All hail.

Trespasserby: Although the God of Light’s reach may not stray as far as it once did, through a miracle no less astounding than the continuation of the Twelve Holy Knights, a ray of the God of Light’s splendor has reached these strange lands with the aid of one of His most devoted servants. This single ray, piercing through the dark fog of boredom, first illuminated the lives of a few readers, then became magnified, thus enlightening the many wretched souls who had never seen such brilliance before. With hardship comparable to the trials the thirty-eighth Sun Knight endured during his epic saga, Yu Wo has allowed the God of Light to bless so many other lives.

raylight: We must all give thanks to the God of Light for shining His radiance throughout the land, even into the depths of a humble room. His benevolence has reached and permeated the mind of the author, allowing her to give birth to her creation that would touch many hearts widespread throughout the world. Both of the God of Light’s teachings and her own will be spread down the generations and praised by many. May the God of Light continue to shine his blessings upon her.

Elks: thanks to LSK and PR! for introducing me to the world of Yu Wo (wait isn’t the question the other way around?)

Lucathia: Thank you, Ohmygod!

Dahlys: Hi! (cuddles slime)

Nabs: May the God of Life always have a Sun Knight the calibre of the 38th by his side, and may Yu Wo always remain there to chronicle their lives and times, Amen.

Doza: Xiexie Ohmygod!

Takoyaki-kun: I thank the God of Light for penetrating the dark clouds around my life to introduce this masterpiece to me. I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to read and translate this holy bible which will forever stay by my side to remind me of the God of Light’s everlasting presence.

Lala: In his benevolence, the God of Light has allowed us humble fans to bash in the glory that is His through Sun and His other noble knights. And for this we are grateful.

elisa: GJ.

nimue: Imma find the older answer I had. Poo. I didn’t have one. Well. I can’t find my old one. Well, I should do a mega Sun speech… but all I’m going to say is this:
Thank you Yu Wo. You really have no idea, no idea, how LSK has changed our lives. I, I’m sorry. I can’t continue.

9) Shoot, shag, marry? (Optional Question)

Shoot: Earth for being such a horndog.
Shag: I don’t think I’ll say…
Marry: MOON! I’m almost 6 ft!! MARRY ME OWO!!

Trespasserby: Shoot Storm with a tranquilizer dart.


Dahlys: I’m not into SM, or SSM.

Ray: All of your responses are amusing me. XD

Nabs: Shoot: Earth; Shag: Grisia; Shag: Lesus; Shag: Adair *engine sputters* *dead*

Lucathia: Arc is so tall!!

Ray: I know right? Moon probably can’t even see me XD

Takoyaki-kun: Uh…I’ll admit that Ice’s dessert making abilities do attract me a bit, but that’s all I’ll say. I’m tempted to shoot Awaitsun just because he’s too handsome, but I don’t want to be hunted down by Alice, so I’ll refrain from it. Besides, Awaitsun is for Sun to ravage.

Doza: Shoot the liches, since they can’t die and I love all the characters.

Takoyaki-kun: I’m not sure if Tress just wants to let Storm sleep, or if the plan is to uh…do something with his body. And I guess I’ll stay quiet about Dahlys’ ‘hobbies’.

Trespasserby: A person would have to be truly heartless not to leave Storm alone as he slept.

Dahlys: *takes a bite out of Takoyaki-kun* Omnomnom.

Lala: Shoot: Earth… go away! Shag: *///* Ice, Judge, Storm, Cloud…. because, why not? (not all at once!) Marry: Ice. He’ll bake for me :P

elisa: elisa wants to shoot dark!Sun. Multiple times. While I’m at it, I also want to shoot Kenshin. Even after so many generations of Xiao Xiao Xiao….Lans… Everything else is a secret.

nimue: I would shoot The God Of Light. Shag… just about everyone except the people I dislike… and marry darling Elaro of course.

~End of Interview~

As you can tell, we had a lot of fun answering them. (There’s also a Q&A in a separate post.) Did you all like the interview? Let us know your thoughts and opinions, and maybe you can try answering some of the questions yourself! :D

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  1. ~RenTheWitch~

    Ty guys for all your hard work in this amazing novel <3!!!

  2. Yes, good taste, Lucathia. KNM and GOD need more love

  3. Wow that song had really good drawings, and when did Stone get a new tattoo, and can of pope XD

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  5. xD I really enjoyed reading this interview!!! :D ♥

  6. The Book Girl

    As a reader, I’ll miss laughing so hard the normal people look at me funny, and all I can say is “blueberry pie” because nothing else makes sense. And theorizing. Congrats, everyone! This feels like such a milestone.
    I feel like 1/2 Prince brought me here, but LSK kept me around. So I guess LSK means a lot to me because of that. I will say, though, that I wasn’t too impressed by the end. It did answer a lot of questions, but it did leave far too many unanswered. Yeah, there’s Whitey, Awaitsun, Tayder, and the liches that were unspoken for, but how did they publicly handle the other Silent Eagles and Charlotte? Do Sun and Alice get along now, or is she back to hating him? I’ll just stop there.
    All of you guys, though… You crack me up. I’m crying now ’cause I’m so glad I had internet access for the end of this. You guys are just too awesome.

  7. AHAHAHA!! Love their replies XD XD But really, thanks a lot for translating LSK! It was my first contact with Yu Wo’s novels, and it led me to other awesome stories!! (1/2 Prince, KNM, DE…) So I repeat, thank you so much for translating LSK and keep up your good work!

  8. Hahaha I was laughing so much while reading Dahlys comments, the short answers were funny.

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    Although 1/2 Prince introduced me to Yu Wo and Prince Revolution (and EH is my current favorite finished series), I have a very special place in my heart for LSK. It’s Yu’s first series to make me spit out water while reading from laughing so hard… and it only got better! I never got bored with Grisia and the crew, so THANKS PR and Yu Wo for all the hard work!!!

    I want to answer Shoot,Shag, Marry!
    Shoot: Earth. I hate him almost as much as Sun
    Shag: Judgement, Adair, Storm, Ice, and Blaze!! I love BLAZE!!
    Marry: Sun, of course! He would be a great husband (at least, if he loved me enough to marry me, I would never have to worry about revenge for any slights done to me and we could go drinking together!). I would also marry Ice or Leaf so he could cook for me, but they are a bit quiet and too kind for my outrageousness…. lol

  11. Ahh its been a good run! Curse you Yu Wo, why didn’t you write more chapters!

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