What would you do if you get bitten by a mosquito?

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Yu Wo posted a collection of super short pieces that she put up on Facebook and Plurk, which are replies from her characters about what they would do if they get bitten by a mosquito. Here’s a translation of her blog post :) By the way, a small part of the post has been removed as it contains spoilers, but it will be added back in when that part is no longer spoiler-ish.


We are not the Dark Human Squad

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Yu Wo has been plurking snippets from the promised side story, “We are not the Dark Human Squad” featuring Neo and Aldrizzt’s adventures. Here are the translations of the excerpts she has shared so far. It’s great seeing that she is still working on the stories from the end of the year event from 2012! This particular story came out 2nd in the poll. 1st place was “When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher,” which we have already translated. Third place was a side story for Kill No More. I hope we’ll see a complete version of this side story soon!


PR! Promotional Poster

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For a vector graphics project in New Media class, we were told to make posters. Needless to say, the idea of making a random poster for stuff like the school play sounded dreadfully boring. So I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a promotional poster for the lovely Prince Revolution! instead~ =)


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LSK Characters Deserve English Nicknames Too

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Ever thought that the characters’ names didn’t translate quite right to English? I mean, here is the default list of nicknames:

太阳骑士(格里西亚) – Grisia Sun
暴风骑士(希欧) – Ceo Storm (死喔 – Deatheo)
绿叶骑士(艾尔梅瑞) – Elmairy Leaf (艾梅 – Elmy, 草莓 – Strawberry)
大地骑士(乔葛) – Georgo Earth
白云骑士(帝摩斯) – Demos Cloud
烈火骑士(奇克斯) – Chikus Blaze (奇怪廝 – Freakus)
审判骑士(雷瑟) – Lesus Judgment
寒冰骑士(伊希岚) – Ecilan Ice (稀爛 – Stelan, 稀巴爛 – Wastelan, 嵐 – Lan)
孤月骑士(维瓦尔) – Vival Moon
刃金骑士(莱卡) – Laica Metal (萊姆 – Lime, 史萊姆 – Slime)
坚石骑士(艾维斯) – Aivis Stone
魔狱骑士(罗兰) – Roland Hell

And most of them sound less than suitable. Well, I finally remembered how I translated the LSK characters’ names before I joined PR, and the list looked something like this:

(note: nicknames are mostly based off how they really sound in Chinese, English names might sound totally off)

Grisia – Girly-sia
Ceo – Chief Executive Officer
Elmairy – I am Mary
Georgo – Choco(late)
Demos – Demons
Chikus – Chickens
Lesus – Laser
Ecilan – Easy lah (means very easy in my country’s slang)
Vival – Wage war
Laica – Like cars
Aivis – Elvis (Presley)
Roland- Matthiola incana [Chinese name for this plant is 紫罗兰(prn. Zi luo lan)]

Other characters deserve nicknames too.

Mike (the Son of the God of War): Mickey (Mouse)
Austin: Aston (Villa) [A football club]
Neo: Nya~
Aldrizzt: I, twister
Adair: You’re tired
Jacques: Jackass
Vidar: (Darth) Vader
Tyler: The loon
Elaro: Ero-kun

and the Grand Winner of All Nicknames

Phil Lucen = Failure Loser

which would make Lesus’s original name Laser Loser.

So, what do you think their nicknames should be?

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