No Hero V7C4: Devil, the Dance of the Devils (April Fool’s)

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No Hero Volume 7: The End, the Beginning, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Fourth Step towards the End: Devil, the Dance of the Devils—translated by Translator

This night race is too strong!

I felt myself losing heart. I still wanted to properly research the habits of these creatures. In this book, there were so many interesting creatures listed, many of which could be matched with a corresponding non-human race. There must be a link between these!

But this link was one I could possibly never find in this lifetime.

What a waste of the opportunity of finding this book. If Charles were to know that this book caused my death, he probably would think that it was worth it?

Oh, that’s not right. If I died, then most likely Ezart would go down with me. That butler who values his young master so much would probably rather I continue to live on as long as I don’t drag Ezart to his death.

“Even at this point, you’re molesting the book?” Ezart looked at me in shock.

Book? Oh, you mean the one in my hand?

Book… Wait! If the ones in front of us truly are the night race!

They claimed this race was the failure closest to perfection. The night race were absolutely strong and they had eternal life, but what came with it was a lack of reproductive abilities and a strong weakness to sunlight, in which even the slightest bit of exposure would turn them to ashes…

“Sunlight! We need sunlight!”

“… We’re underground.”

Aren was sitting in the living room, reading a book. The moment he saw me return, he stood up and politely called, “Charles-gē.”

I had not imagined that it would be Aren at home. Mr. Bramble had truly planned an excellent arrangement, as Aren’s identity was the easiest one to explain.

I turned to tell the person behind me. “This is Aren. He is the young master’s friend and lives just next door.”

“Aren, this is Mr. Luo Ye.”

Aren looked at him and greeted him politely, “Luo Ye-shūshu, nice to meet you.”

Mr. Luo Ye looked at him gently, clearly happy to meet the young master’s friend.

“Mr. Luo Ye, please make yourself at home. I will be going ahead to cook. If there is anything that you need, please feel free to call me.”

“Go quick, Ah Ye said he’s hungry,” Luo Ye urged.

I walked into the kitchen to start the food preparation. As I was arranging the cold dish of smoked salmon, I abruptly heard a loud shout from outside.

“Charles-gē! I’m going out for a while!”

Huh? I slide stepped and got to the living room in an instant, but only managed to catch Aren rushing out the door, extremely flustered to the point he didn’t even close the front door.

There was only one person left in the living room. I could only ask him, “Mr. Luo Ye, may I ask what has happened?”

The other replied in shock, “I don’t know either. We were watching the news, and just reached an exciting point when he suddenly stood up and yelled that he was going out.”

I turned to look at the television and nearly cried out, too.

On the screen, Dark Sun was currently confronting four people. Three of them had rather peculiar appearances, but what was most important was—Dark Sun’s left arm was drenched in blood.

Young Master!

Translator: Ugh, another fight scene this month? Just how many fight scenes are there? Let me try this time machine again… This time, it has to work!

Ready, go!

To my astonishment, the television turned dark. However, this was not an old television set, as it had only been purchased after the previous one was smashed with a remote controller, so it should not be malfunctioning like this.

How am I supposed to know what has happened to the young master if the television is not working?

Although I knew I should keep up appearances for Mr. Luo Ye, that what I should be doing was returning to the kitchen and pretending that the news held none of my interest, I could not help but rush forward toward the television. I pressed the power button several times, but nothing happened, completely forgetting that I could also watch the news on my phone.

Just as I was considering heading next door to borrow the television there, Mr. Luo Ye walked over and gave the television a whack.

The screen came back on.

Both Dark Sun and his opponents were scrutinizing a man who had not been present at the scene before the television went dark. He had his hair tied in a ponytail and was oddly wearing a jacket over another one, despite the weather not calling for so many layers. He, in turn, was studying both sides.

Where did this man come from?

Dark Sun was the first to take action, seemingly ignoring the strange person who had suddenly appeared for the moment. Instead of using a gun or some other weapon, he charged forward at a tall and skinny middle-aged man on the opponent’s side. Then, he threw a slow punch, his movements sluggish and nowhere close to his usual standards.

The tall man did not even dodge, as Dark Sun’s hand froze before the punch even landed.

They must have ability users, like Josh! I suddenly realized. It might even be that tall man, which was why Dark Sun had thought to take him out first, even if he had to punch him instead of using a weapon.

With Dark Sun frozen, he temporarily posed no danger. The tall and skinny middle-aged man then looked back at the strange person who had appeared out of nowhere and said, “Did the boss send you as reinforcement? If your ability is to teleport, then go deal with Solitary Butterfly over there! I already have my hands full here!”

Solitary Butterfly has arrived! I felt a lot more relieved. Though she had many clashes with Dark Sun before, I believe she would still help Dark Sun with no second thoughts.

However, before Solitary Butterfly reached Dark Sun, she also froze on the spot.

With her out of the picture, two others and a woman with bone like spikes poking out of her all turned to glare at the man with the ponytail.

“He must be one of the heroes’ reinforcements! We don’t need to capture small fry like him! Kill him!” the woman shouted as the spikes began to transform.

A hero? I have never seen this hero before.

The man, however, was clearly not on their side, so perhaps he was indeed on the heroes’ side. He pulled out a dagger that looked to be made of ice. Blades of ice even began forming at his feet. But before he did anything, Dragon Peace burst into the scene with a deafening roar.

He scooped up Solitary Butterfly and leaped away with her. Then, he rushed over and snatched the frozen Dark Sun as well, but of course, the other side gave chase.

How dare you chase him!

Translator: Okay, this isn’t how it should go. Let me turn this dial thingamabob….

Even though it was terrible manners of me, I grabbed hold of the television, not wanting to miss a single moment. All of a sudden, I fell through the television set!

Translator: …Whoops.

When I stood up, I was right at the scene I had just been watching. Without thinking further, I rushed out and formed a shield out of my blood ability to block the oncoming attacks, giving Dragon Peace time to escape with Dark Sun and Solitary Butterfly.

As I left, I heard someone on the other side snarl, “If we can’t bring back a hero, we’ll have to settle for you!”

I looked back just in time to see the enemy lunge at the man with the ponytail, about to stab him…

Translator: Uh, nope, no way, I can’t have you dying here, Jiang Shuyu! Let’s try this again…

But then the man vanished into thin air, as if he had never been there before.

Translator: There! He should be back in his own series now. Wait… you’re telling me he’s not? What? Is this machine broken? Can I have Luo Ye give it a magical whack?

As I ran behind Dragon Peace, I wondered just how I had fallen through the television to arrive here on the scene. Is this perhaps a skill of vampires I never knew about?

It could very well be why vampires could never be filmed if we had mastery over televisions!

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    When I saw dagger of ice I know it’s April fool….. With the voting question as reference

  2. Night

    Great… Now vampires can jump at you from the TV.
    Also how over powered is that power, being able to teleport to any place that is being shown in a television screen. Does it have to be live feed? Whit the security room that Mr Bramble has and all the cameras scatered around Sunset City it’s totaly op. Imagine you had a remote controled drone with a camera and the ability to hack in to any tv screen so it displays the drone footage!

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