Eclipse Hunter V2C5: The Definition of Friends

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 2: Having Friends, Having Feelings

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Chapter Five: The Definition of Friends—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Faren & EvlNabiki; C/E edited by lucathia)

Ri Xiang Ye walked in a hurry. He was afraid that Ezart would arrive at school earlier than him. Then, he wouldn’t make it in time to go to school with Ezart.

He walked until he was on the path that Ezart would have to pass through and looked at his watch. There was no problem. It was only seven. Normally, Ezart would only pass through this area when it was growing close to eight. He definitely hadn’t passed by here yet!

Ri Xiang Ye was exceedingly patient. He waited with his neck craned. His eyes took in every nook and cranny. Even though he knew that Ezart’s towering height and orange-red hair were conspicuous, impossible for him to overlook, he still did not dare to drop his vigilance and constantly scanned back and forth across the street.

Having waited until it was eight, Ri Xiang Ye inwardly began to grow worried. Is Ezart not coming to class today?

That’s right. Didn’t he say yesterday that he might not come? But yesterday’s match at the arena didn’t end very late. He said at the barbecue that he’d still come to class today…

“Maybe he’s so angry he doesn’t want to come to class?” Ri Xiang Ye became dejected. He didn’t know if he should continue waiting or head to class.


GOD V3C7: Misfortune

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 3: The End Begins

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: Misfortune—translated by lucathia (proofread by Mangomochi & Xuan)

“Let’s go. Take me flying. Let’s go and find Alan together.”

Shooting Star commanded the king without any qualms. This guy Saimi was his starseer after all, who was even depending on Shooting Star to fight his war… All right, so it was Dan that Saimi depended on, but in any case, Dan was Xiao Bai’s, and Xiao Bai was Shooting Star’s, so that meant His Majesty was his!

Whether or not it was logical, Shooting Star already considered the king with fair fingers among the ranks of his pets.

However, a solemn expression actually appeared on Saiximili’s face. He shook his head in refusal. “No, you must not leave to seek the blue star. He must find his own path. Only then will he discover the path back to your side!”

Shooting Star frowned, feeling that something was off. He took measure of the king who was sitting properly and narrowed his eyes. “You’re lying!”

“…I am clearly not,” the king responded mildly.

“You definitely are!” Shooting Star claimed with great certainty, “Every time you tell a prophecy, you always appear like your soul has left your body, yet you have a serious expression this time. You’re definitely lying to me! You just can’t be bothered with searching for Alan, right?”


Big and Little Sun Go Go 10: How Deep Goes the Scheming?

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 10: How Deep Goes the Scheming?—translated by lucathia (proofread by Lala Su & Xuan; C/E edited by Taffygirl13)

“Successfully wear a cherry short-sleeve top with jean shorts. Player can earn 10 points.”

After hearing the choice, Grisia inwardly sighed in relief.

Fortunately, the readers had ended up choosing the choice he desired.

Grisia had actually been very worried that his actions might have angered the readers, making them deliberately choose the hardest option each time from there on out. However, it had still been necessary for him to demonstrate that he and Elaro were not people who would be willing to do anything and everything for the sake of points.

If they encountered a side quest that they were unwilling to complete, they could give up on it, but if it were a main quest, what were they to do?

“Thank you, all.”


No Hero V8C9: The Chosen One

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No Hero Volume 8: The End, the Beginning, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Beginning NO.9: The Chosen One—translated by Raylight (proofread by Trespasserby; C/E edited by Taffygirl13 & lucathia)

Ezart charged into the room. This guy was Ah Ye’s first friend. He had his hair dyed orange red, a tattoo on the left side of his face, and a very muscular physique—When I first heard that this kind of person was Ah Ye’s friend, all I wanted to do was kill him.

If it was not for An Te Qi claiming that it would have a bad effect on Ah Ye if his first friend died violently or disappeared off the face of the Earth, I really would make him vanish without a trace!

Ah Ye has no standards to speak of when choosing his friends, accepting riffraff of any sort. At first, I thought that it was because Ah Ye trusts people too easily. However, all the people I picked for him were adept with the pen and sword, yet he refused to keep them by his side. It wasn’t that he did not want to keep anyone that I sent over though, since he accepted that female vampire and the three bodyguards.

To think that those people all passed the test.

Perhaps Ah Ye has a much more discerning eye than I had originally thought. This way, perhaps I do not need to be too brutal…

The moment Ezart saw the situation in the room, he unclenched his fists and then looked suspiciously at Ah Ye.

Ah Ye’s face was mournful as he said, “Ezart, Charles attacked me.”

“The butler attacked you?” Ezart started at this and asked, “How could ‘that butler’ possibly make a move against you? Besides, he can’t possibly defeat you. Is he simply asking for death?”

Ah Ye froze, and said, “Charles is very strong. He’s even faster than before. He attacked Gē—He attacked me!”

Ezart’s face was still full of suspicion, that bastard! He dared to not believe Ah Ye’s words… Though they were indeed lies.

“Charles said that you are on his side, too?” Ah Ye’s face was sorrowful as he asked, “And even aided in hiding him. Is that true?”

Ezart scratched his head as he said, “I did help hide him, but that has nothing to do with whose side I’m on! Ah Ye, are you mistaken? That butler would actually not stand with you? Is he being controlled by someone again?”

“No, his head was clear.” Ah Ye seemed unable to continue lying much further, and cut to the main point, “Ezart, where is Charles hiding? I’m going to find him to ask him clearly!”

“How would I know!”

Dark Sun’s cold expression flickered across Ah Ye’s face for a moment as he asked, “Are you really on his side?”

“What nonsense are you spouting!” Ezart’s expression changed and he roared, “He’s your butler, not my butler. Why would I stand on his side?”

Ah Ye fell silent for a moment, and then said, “I can’t tell.”


“I can’t tell if what you said was the truth or a lie.”

Ezart’s expression shifted. He stared hard at Ah Ye, and only said two words, “Dark Sun?”

Ah Ye did not reply back, but the look on his face was true to what Ezart had guessed. It was Dark Sun.

“Why did you become Dark Sun?” Ezart slowly retreated, and warily asked, “What exactly have you done to the butler?”

“Where is Charles?”

Ah Ye drew closer to Ezart step by step. Faced with his good friend of many years, Dark Sun’s face did not falter one bit. However, I could hear his anguished cries, the helpless and frail Ah Ye that was hidden behind Dark Sun’s face…

If I simply cancelled the plan and explained everything, Ah Ye would immediately stop suffering now. However, the phrase “thousand years” immediately came to mind. His pain right now was only temporary. For the sake of his thousand years, all of this was required. All of this was necessary…

All for the sake of Ah Ye’s upcoming thousand years.


Big and Little Sun Go Go 9: The Investigation Scene

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 9: The Investigation Scene—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Trespasserby & Lala Su; C/E edited by lucathia)

Only after they could not stuff anything more into Elaro’s backpack did they finally discover something strange about that specific floor.

There was a metal door leaning against the wall, having clearly been broken through using force. So far in their journey, this was their first time finding a destroyed door. After all, the doors were made of metal, so they were not that fragile.

Elaro did not personally feel fear because of this, but he immediately pulled the child behind him, not forgetting to first check if any enemies had suddenly appeared behind their backs.

Is this a sign of frequently receiving sneak attacks from behind by foes? After all these years, Grisia finally felt a rare sense of remorse about possibly being too excessive with having his student learn from experience.