Big and Little Sun Go Go 9: The Investigation Scene

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 9: The Investigation Scene—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Trespasserby & Lala Su; C/E edited by lucathia)

Only after they could not stuff anything more into Elaro’s backpack did they finally discover something strange about that specific floor.

There was a metal door leaning against the wall, having clearly been broken through using force. So far in their journey, this was their first time finding a destroyed door. After all, the doors were made of metal, so they were not that fragile.

Elaro did not personally feel fear because of this, but he immediately pulled the child behind him, not forgetting to first check if any enemies had suddenly appeared behind their backs.

Is this a sign of frequently receiving sneak attacks from behind by foes? After all these years, Grisia finally felt a rare sense of remorse about possibly being too excessive with having his student learn from experience.

Elaro went to investigate first, but only saw that the damage inside this room far surpassed the others. Nearly everything inside had been smashed; even the walls were wrecked and full of holes.

In addition to this, there was still not a single person.

At this point, Grisia’s student finally let him pass through. He walked up to examine the doorway and said, “There’s something particularly off about this room. It should be the place we’re looking for. But seeing how severely destroyed it is, there’s no telling if the eyewitness dared to stay nearby or not.”

“Logically speaking, they would have run away long ago. However, the quest said the eyewitness is here.”

Elaro found it extremely illogical, but there were too many illogical things about this world. He believed that, at this point, they could no longer act according to their previous conventions.

Grisia thought for a moment before saying, “Perhaps it’s because it is even more dangerous out there than in here?”

Elaro’s expression fell when he heard this. He was not scared for himself, but his teacher was in the form of a child only eight years old. It truly made Elaro unwilling to bring him anywhere too dangerous.

However, Grisia was instead quite optimistic. “Don’t worry, this is a novice’s easy mode. If even two Sun Knights have no way of passing, then how many ‘novices’ could complete the quest?”

The God of Light would not let them carry out a mission of certain death either. As the Sun Knight, Grisia still possessed some faith in the God of Light.

“Three days’ time should be enough for us to thoroughly search this tower and find that ‘eyewitness.’ I think that ‘sufficient time’ should be the reason the difficulty level is only easy.”

After considering this, Elaro somewhat relaxed as well. With difficulty, the two of them crossed over the floor, which was covered in debris. After Elaro checked the room and confirmed there was no danger, he began to search for clues.

Grisia stared at the ground full in shattered pieces. After thinking of his own home’s layout, he walked over to one wall and lowered his head to fish out a picture frame that had snapped in half. The photo inside was tattered too, but he could still see it was a photo of a family of three sitting on a long chair. The father had his head turned to look at his wife and daughter, a smile brimming with happiness on his face. However, there was only a cluster of black swirls where the upper half of the wife’s and daughter’s bodies were in the image.

This person also has a wife and a daughter…

Based on the amount of damage the residence had sustained, Grisia already had a bad premonition regarding what had happened to the mother and daughter.

“Player Grisia has successfully located a crucial clue. Reward: 10 points.”

Teacher received points? Elaro looked back and Grisia waved at his student while saying, “Elaro, come take a look. Memorize this man’s appearance.”

Elaro looked down to scrutinize the photo. “He looks quite normal. This figure shouldn’t belong to a warrior. Maybe a mage?”

“Perhaps neither. This world is too unusual. The fighting occupations may not be the same as ours.” Grisia thought to himself before asking, “Will, can the photo be stored in the backpack?”

“It can.”

Elaro contemplated the height of the man in the photo. He seemed quite tall. Maybe… He went to the room to look for shoes and successfully found a pair of combat boots. The size was perfect.

“Just missing leather pants.”

On the other hand, Grisia felt like the leather pants might be even harder to find than the eyewitness. Those ten points were truly difficult to earn… until he saw the wardrobe filled with neatly hung up clothing.

He asked through gritted teeth, “Is that set of clothing called a suit?”

Elaro bitterly smiled in reply. “Yes, there are even black leather shoes arranged below the suit.”

Grisia’s face darkened. So now the only clothing that hasn’t been collected are the leather pants. So this was actually such a simple quest? Aside from the leather pants!

After receiving ten points, Elaro seemed to completely deflate in relief. Gaining points was not as difficult as he had imagined. It was just a pair of leather pants. They would definitely be able to find them!

He said in a relaxed tone, “Teacher, this family has a child. Let’s go look for the child’s things.”

Grisia helplessly replied, “Aside from food, that backpack of yours is filled with children’s things. You still don’t have enough?”

Elaro was extremely insistent as he answered, “Perhaps there are better clothes. Something with thick leather to protect the joints would be best!”

“Go and search then!” Grisia rubbed his forehead. He could easily imagine how his student had been treating his Twelve Holy Knights in the past decade.

Both of them stepped into the child’s bedroom. It was much tidier than the living room. Elaro pulled open a soft white wardrobe…

“Triggered side quest: It must be a boy to be this cute! Player Grisia, dress according to the readers’ choice. Reward: 10 points.”

  • Polka-dotted pinafore dress
  • Pink lace dress
  • Cherry short-sleeve top with jean shorts


Elaro tried hard not to turn and look at his teacher’s expression.

When Grisia saw the three choices, he flatly said, “I’ll at most accept the set with shorts. I’ll immediately give up if it’s the other choices.”

The child’s voice was melodious yet resounded powerfully. “Although I don’t understand why you readers are watching us do quests, we can try our best to act according to your wishes. However, everything has a bottom line. If there are unfair violations or anything that insults us, we will definitely not obey even if we end up trapped here until death!”


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  1. Andi

    Hrmm… so this is a particular scene. A man who wears suits and who has a wife and daughter… It can’t be 13’s house right? Especially if the man is still a witness who is hanging around there. Hrmm… who else.. could it be Linbo’s family? Our MCs keep saying they are in a tower, so the whole thing should be an apartment building I feel like? Hrmmm…

  2. kamui

    Am I the only one wondering why Grisa and Elaro know what a photo is? A portrait, sure, but a photo?
    I have no idea what revenge Grisia will extract, but I want him in that pink lace dress, and I want an anachronistic photo taken and sent to Pink…

    • [PR]lucathia

      That is true… He doesn’t seem surprised or confused about it either! Maybe he already had enough surprises that nothing’s surprising anymore. :’) The words used here were 照片, which usually translates to photograph. But you bring up a good point. Maybe they might think in terms of “picture” more? Then again, Grisia is someone who has randomly nicknamed Vidar “Radar” when I’m not sure they have stuff like that, haha.

      Yesss, they need photo evidence of playing dress up!

    • kamui

      Indeed, radars are even less believable! Then again, it’s Grisia. So long as it doesn’t have to do with being an actual knight, he is pretty much without equal, and I willing to extend that to knowing weird snippets through inter-dimensional dream travel or some other such method.

  3. Jasae Bushae

    On one hand Grislas logic and argument are sound and I can understand his reasoning.
    On the other hand…Lets stick him in a dress!!! XD

  4. MissOpportunity

    I’m enjoying seeing Grisia and Elaro again so much! Honestly it’s really nice to just see more of these characters no matter where they go. But on that note I’m super hyped for them to be in Dominion’s end!

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