Big and Little Sun Go Go 8: The Adventure Officially Begins

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 8: The Adventure Officially Begins—translated by Miaka_Mei (proofread by Lala Su & Trespasserby; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

“Complete ‘Cool, badass tight black shirt and leather pants with combat boots.’ Player Reward: 10 points.”

If they could get points just for wearing clothes, Grisia and Elaro would be more than willing to do so. Plus, the three choices of clothes seemed entirely normal, and there was nothing that Elaro found unacceptable.

The two of them searched the room for the clothes chosen by the readers. Elaro first found a black, short sleeved shirt and immediately put it on. But, the shirt was too small. It was a tight, formfitting shirt, which actually met the quest requirements well. However, the size of the men’s shoes was way too small; Elaro had no way of wearing them at all. Not to mention, leather pants were nowhere to be found inside the room.

“I thought this was going to be a points giveaway, but it turns out it wasn’t that easy.”

Grisia sighed. When he thought about it, it did make sense. Except in the house of a hunter, people normally wouldn’t wear pants made entirely of animal hide. At most, the pants would only have thick leather sewn on at the knees to increase durability.

Since there were no leather pants, Elaro randomly put on a pair of blue ones. According to the three outfits Will showed us, these are probably called “jeans”? Afterwards, he found a pair of slippers, finally getting dressed after much difficulty.

“If this were the youthful style, we would have one less pair of pants to find.”

Of course, they were still missing the hard-to-find leather pants. Grisia frowned. He wondered if there was a forest nearby, where they could look for a hunter’s cabin.

“Teacher, there are no shoes for you to wear.” Elaro glanced at the child’s bare feet.

“There probably weren’t any children living in these rooms, since there isn’t anything accessible to children at all here. We’ll just have to keep looking. A tower this large definitely wouldn’t be occupied by only one household. There have to have been children somewhere. Let’s look around patiently.”

The pair wanted to find some food, but upon opening a cabinet, everything they found was unrecognizable. They couldn’t even find cheese, beef jerky, or bread. One white cabinet was filled with nothing but spoiled food. When opened, a stench that would make anyone lose their appetite rushed out.

The only good fortune they had was finding “weapons”—a metal pole and a kitchen knife.

“Let’s go.” Grisia’s face had turned pale after a whiff of the foul stench. He really didn’t want to open another cabinet.

The scene outside was one of terrible tragedy. Although there no corpses in sight, the ground was covered with dark red trails of dried blood. The stench was no better than inside.

Elaro walked out the door first. He looked left, right, and even upwards for a good while, before finally signaling his teacher to step outside the main entryway. Then, he went straight to a nearby skeleton and shattered its skull with a strike of his pole. He only felt reassured when he saw no movement.

He warily turned and held onto Grisia’s hand, solemnly saying, “Teacher, the smell of death is still strong, so this person probably died not too long ago, yet only their bones remain. Most likely, they were eaten, so there’s something here that eats people. Teacher, you’re a child right now. Your magic and holy light have also been weakened. You must stay close to me.”

One of Grisia’s hands was being held, while the other was gripping a kitchen knife. He nodded in agreement without a word. Despite his young age, Elaro’s experience with adventures definitely exceeded his teacher’s by more than tenfold. In these circumstances, following his student’s instructions was obviously the right thing to do.

The two of them started going down, walking through several floors in a row. Elaro also searched some rooms with open doors and found a large backpack. He promptly stuffed into it all the things that they had found—a child’s jacket, small blankets, bowls, spoons, et cetera.

His brows knit into a frown as he looked at a particular bag, hesitant to shove it into the backpack. It had a picture of some kind of pastry on it, so it was probably something edible, right?


Grisia silently followed behind him, with slightly complicated feelings about how deft and capable his student was. Was it because the king’s missions were too numerous and too difficult, or was it because this guy had grown up raising eleven children that he had become used to childcare?

“Let’s go, Teacher.”

Elaro put on the backpack, which was filled to the brim, and continued downward, holding his teacher’s hand.

Strangely enough, other than the occasional dead body, there was no sign of movement. The surroundings were so still, the environment was completely unlike that of the apocalypse…


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  1. Andi

    “Oh, what a difficult first world to get” *Elaro smashes in the skull of a skeleton * “….actually, this might be a fairly easy starting world for them. >.>;; ” Big And Little Sun, Gogo~

  2. kamui

    Yami Yugi raises his hand inexplicably during a card game somewhere. No wait, he does that all the time. People must be asking for leather pants quite frequently. Thanks PR!

  3. Jasae Bushae

    Kinda makes me wonder what would be considered a difficult world for them…That martial arts one from kill no more?

  4. Ice Princess

    Bruh, Shuyu would definitely rampage if he found out his world is the “Easy Novice World” xD

  5. 15B

    <.< I knew people would pick the leather clothes option! I'm both amused and sad for them that this looks like it's going to actually be kind of a challenge to complete.

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