Big and Little Sun Go Go 7: The Main Quest

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 7: The Main Quest—translated by Miaka_Mei (proofread by Lala Su & Xuan; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

“The main quest for the world of Dominion’s End: ‘No one knows that he will become the future king of aberrants.’ Please find the witness within the building and ask for clues. If there is no external interference, the witness will die after three days. This world’s time limit: one month.”

Hearing the contents of the quest, Grisia frowned and asked, “Is this the ‘No getting sidetracked, just go straight for the BOSS’ quest?”

So the readers really are choosing the hardest ones?

“The chosen quest was ‘I want to talk to every NPC because there might be hidden quests.'”

Elaro asked in puzzlement, “What is an ‘NPC’?”

“’NPC’ refers to the inhabitants of each world.”

The time limit was one month, but Grisia couldn’t really tell if this was long or short. After all, the quest had mentioned the word “king,” so it certainly didn’t sound too easy. He carefully probed, “Will there be a penalty for failing to complete the quest within a month?”

“If the quest results in failure, points will be deducted from the players based on percentage of completion. The lower the completion percentage, the higher the deduction. If the players’ points are zero, deductions will continue into the negatives.”

Their faces instantly darkened. They hadn’t even started earning points, yet they were already hearing terrible news about deductions.

Grisia stayed silent for a while, but finally couldn’t resist asking, “Can players die during these quests?”

“If only one player dies, ten thousand points will be deducted and all abilities earned by that player will be reset. If both players die at the same time, twenty thousand points will be deducted. All abilities, equipment, and progress will also be lost.”

Hearing that they wouldn’t die, Grisia wiped the sweat off his face and let out a sigh of relief. However, after hearing that ten thousand points would be deducted per death, and that if they both died, they would have to start over with negative points… they may just prefer meeting the God of Light in that case!

God of Light, why aren’t You taking care of this overpowered “System”? Your Sun Knights have even been kidnappedNo, I should stop thinking this way. Following this train of thought could lead to an unbearable truth! If the God of Light can’t win, then it’sNo! Stop thinking!

Grisia stopped dwelling on the force behind the “System.” In any case, it wasn’t something that they could defeat, so they might as well obediently complete the quests and quickly return to the Holy Temple.

“Let’s go, Elaro. Time is limited, so let’s split up and look for…”

Before he could finish speaking, he noticed an indescribable look on his student’s face. Only then did he remember that he was currently in an eight year-old’s body with a ten year-old’s capacity for magic and holy light.

“Let’s go together.” Grisia said, with no other choice.

Elaro sighed in relief. He was worried that his teacher would insist on going alone.

“Teacher, I want to look for clothes to wear.”

Grisia nodded. Go ahead and wear something. In any case, even with Elaro only wearing a pair of shorts, the readers still aren’t choosing what we want.

Elaro pulled the wardrobe open

“Triggered side quest: Player Elaro dresses according to the readers’ choice. Reward: 10 points.”

  • Mature-looking suit, dress shirt, and tie with black leather shoes.
  • Youthful white T-shirt and jeans with sneakers.
  • Cool, badass tight black shirt and leather pants with combat boots.

Elaro stared blankly, then looked at Grisia. The latter asked Will in a strangely calm voice, “Since you said ‘side quest,’ does that mean nothing will happen if we don’t do it?”

“Completing the side quest is not compulsory.”

As expected. Grisia glanced at the choices, and asked, “There are several words that I don’t understand like suit, T-shirt, jeans, et cetera. What are these?”

Will instantly displayed three sets of clothes in the rectangular panel.

These actually look like normal clothes! Elaro heaved a big sigh of relief.


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  1. Moe_Ronn

    Huh, I wonder if this will have any spoilers for the related worlds they visit. Entertaining stuff so far, Sun’s pondering about the System overriding the God of Light’s abilities makes me think of Dead by Daylight for some reason.

  2. MaplePanda

    Hahahaha, as predict in the previous comments, talking to every NPC was chosen. I hope they will meet the JDT characters~~~ Although future king of Aberrants, is this referring to Thirteen?

  3. Kiwikronikles

    I love this concept by Yu Wo! It’ll probably be impossible for there to not be spoilers from her other works, but this is great! I’m super excited to continue reading.

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