Big and Little Sun Go Go 6: Dominion’s End

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 6: Dominion’s End—translated by Miaka_Mei (proofread by Lala Su & Xuan; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

“Opening the Easy Novice World!”

So the readers have chosen “easy”? Grisia thought for a bit. Is it because Elaro said he wanted “easy,” or is it purely because they wanted to make things harder for us? If it’s the latter, then we will need to prepare for the worst in the future.

Despite the thoughts running through his mind, Grisia remained outwardly calm and collected.

“Welcome, Players, to ‘Dominion’s End.’ The current time is the first year of the apocalypse.”

The apocalypse? Grisia was stunned. Isn’t this the easy novice world? What part of the word “apocalypse” suggests “easy” and “novice”?

In the blink of an eye, the room changed completely. The previously clean and tidy room was now in shambles. A foul stench of rotting flesh permeated through the air, and the floor was covered with the dark red stains of dried blood.

Although the transition had been rather sudden, Grisia and Elaro had become somewhat used to it and were not surprised at all. After all, “Will” had even produced a meat bun with eyes that was hopping up and down.

Elaro cautiously surveyed their surroundings. He didn’t detect any danger. The doors to the room were made of thick metal, so there shouldn’t be any danger for the moment. Elaro said, “Teacher, I’ll go into the next room and look for some clothes to wear.”

Grisia nodded and watched as Elaro opened one of the doors. Only after seeing that nothing would happen to him did Grisia finally move toward the window to look outside. The sky had become very bright. At first, he had only been able to see the buildings outside. Now that there was sunlight, he could finally see the condition of the streets below.

They were in a complete and utter mess, packed with a lot of rectangular-shaped objects. At first glance, Grisia thought that they were the roofs of carriages. Disregarding the lack of horses, though, the shapes were not quite right either. Despite not knowing what those things were, the disorderly condition of the road was a clear sign that something was amiss.

And, is that a skeleton lying on top of whatever that thing is?

Grisia was too far away from it, so he squinted to see it more clearly. Suddenly, he heard a loud banging noise coming from next room over—


Grisia hurriedly turned around and rushed into the room that Elaro had just entered, readying himself with a ball of holy light in his hand. He arrived just in time to see Elaro smashing an enemy’s head in with his fist. Judging by how twisted the angle of the enemy’s neck was, the guy was sure to be dead. Grisia was just about to relax when he saw the enemy, twisted neck and all, continue to pounce at Elaro.

Grisia was so shocked that he threw the ball of holy light with all his strength, but Elaro had no use for it. He kicked the enemy down, grabbed a nearby chair, then slammed it into the enemy’s head. Blood splattered everywhere. The enemy’s limbs spasmed for a while before he went completely quiet.

Elaro grabbed the broken half of the chair, looked over the enemy, and slammed it down again. The chair shattered, completely destroying the head on the floor like a smashed watermelon. Finally, he said, “It’s over now, Teacher.”

Grisia walked over to look more closely. Even though Elaro had smashed in half the head, the thing still had the overall shape of a human being. However, the unbearable stink wafting from it and the many rotting body parts indicated otherwise.

“Is it an undead creature?”

Elaro denied immediately, “Probably not. I tried using holy light in the beginning, but it wasn’t afraid of it at all.”

Upon hearing this, Grisia crouched down to take a closer look.

“This blood is flowing, so it should be fresh. This is definitely not an undead creature. Don’t tell me it was actually alive? It looks and smells just like a rotting corpse…”

“Congratulations Players on completing the Easy Novice World tutorial! The current world’s quest will now be announced!”

“…” The two of them were at a loss for words.

“Readers are given three options to choose from for the current world’s quest.”

  • I want to talk to every NPC because there might be hidden quests
  • Smash the treasure chest! Open the treasure chest! I just want treasure!
  • No getting sidetracked, just go straight for the BOSS

Grisia and Elaro couldn’t help staring at the choice with “treasure chest,” then glanced at each other.

Elaro earnestly pleaded, “Please, choose the treasure chest. Sorry for the trouble.”

Grisia batted his large blue eyes, placed his palms together in front of his chest, and begged, “Treasure chest, please!”


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  1. Jasae Bushae

    Such want for that treasure chest! XD
    I predict the readers chose NPCs though

  2. kamui

    Oh, for my enjoyment, I hope the readers chose NPCs! Let’s get the most mileage out of these worlds why don’t we?

  3. MournSky

    Dominion’s End? This is gonna be so freakin epic! I just hope they won’t take chances with the aberrants as they’re pretty tough above tier 1

  4. MaplePanda

    “Is it purely because they wanted to make things harder for us?” – Hahahaha I’m sorry Grisia, i think you hit the nail on the head

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