Big and Little Sun Go Go 5: Novice World

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 5: Novice World—translated by lucathia (proofread by Lala Su & Xuan; C/E edited by Taffygirl13)

Elaro opened his eyes and spotted the intimidating cluster of towers outside the window at a glance. Below him was a large, soft armchair that seemed to swallow his entire body. It was so comfortable that he felt weird all over.

Isn’t this the same scene that Teacher mentioned earlier?

Elaro immediately turned to look toward the bed. As expected, a child lay on top of it. He walked over and lowered his head to look.

The child was wearing a soft, cloud-white onesie. Underneath the bunny-eared hood was a small, fair face. Strands of resplendent, golden hair poked out between the side of the face and the hood, falling against fair cheeks. The child’s eyebrows had about a seventy to eighty percent degree of resemblance to Charsia’s. This was definitely Teacher.

Such a little Teacher is just too adorable…

The child’s long, golden eyelashes fluttered, and then his eyes slowly opened. Large, blue eyes gazed at Elaro, his face still muddled with sleep. He was so cute that Elaro sucked in a breath. Shuis was adorable as a kid too, b-but a soft and fluffy Teacher is just too cute! He’s totally a little angel!

“Ah!” Grisia slowly heaved himself up. He lifted his head to see his student staring at him with wide eyes. Grisia asked in confusion, “Elaro, what’s with your expression?”

A child’s pure voice? Grisia lowered his head to look. A soft, white outfit just like a cloud. He touched his head. Great, two long bunny ears. He said particularly calmly, “Elaro, you put me in this?”

Faced with the eight-year-old’s inquiry, Elaro became so alarmed that he immediately shook his head wildly. He emphatically explained, “Teacher, when I woke up, you were already dressed like that.”

Grisia used his clear voice to shout, “Will, didn’t you say that the players wouldn’t be forced to wear the equipment?”

A humongous, translucent rectangular panel appeared. The bunny pajamas were no longer displayed in the middle section. Instead, it once again contained the meat bun that was now hopping and jumping around.

“Player was detected not to have anything equipped. By default, the system equipped the outfit from the backpack. This setting can be cancelled.”

After hearing that, Grisia unhappily huffed, “Cancel this setting!”

“Setting cancelled.”

Grisia got out of bed but was not in a hurry to take off the bunny pajamas. He told his student, “Try and see if your strength and holy light are both available or not.”

Elaro nodded. He only gave off some holy light as a test. His many years of combat experience gave him complete familiarity with the condition of his body. Because of that, there was absolutely no need for him to test out his strength for him to know that there were no problems with his skills.

He turned, about to inform his teacher, but instead saw the child with a frown on his face. A little kid with so much worry on his face; so cute…

“What’s left of both my magic and holy light seems to be at the level of when I was ten. This amount of holy light isn’t even as much as what a shrunken Elaro had. Is it because I know more magic than Elaro?”

Grisia looked at the tiny ice cube and the tiny amount of holy light in his hands. Frowning, he muttered unsurprised, “Like I thought, it’s not going to be that easy, huh? I thought that if I were the child, Elaro would have his combat power while I could use magic and holy light to support him.”

Even though he figured that this was likely for the sake of balancing their strength, Grisia still wanted to complain. This kind of thing should be explained from the start!

Elaro understood now. He nodded and said, “So, the only difference in swapping my build and Teacher’s is that the adult build would be a holy knight or a mage?”

“… I’m a holy knight.”

Grisia lifted his hand, wanting to hit his student on the head, but he couldn’t reach it.

Elaro let out an “ah.” He had accidentally spoken frankly. He crouched down and lowered his head to admit his mistake, letting Teacher hit him on the head like he wished.

Getting beaten up on the spot is definitely a hundred times better than suffering retaliation down the line!

“Have the players completed preparation? Once preparation is complete, the world will open.”

“Wait, I have one last question!” Grisia quickly put a stop to it. He looked at the meat bun in the large panel and asked, “After I take out this meat bun, can I put it back into the…‘system’?”

Grisia didn’t understand the meaning of the word system, but he had already gradually begun to understand how to use Will.

“Certainly. The novice backpack contains ten slots. If more slots are needed, they can be purchased using points or earned by opening gift packages and spinning the wheel.”

It’s not like I’ll ever use the points to buy a backpack. I’m saving it all to buy the “ticket to end the livestream.” That leaves only the options of opening gift packages and spinning the wheel.

This depends on the readers again…

Grisia looked at his tall, handsome student, who had long legs. It really was too indecent for him to be only wearing linen shorts—perfect, he should just wear that.

His little teacher turned his head to look over, two bunny ears spinning along in a half circle. The cuteness affected Elaro so much that he had to work hard to quell his urge to rush forward to rub that head.

Impulsivity is the devil; Teacher is the Demon King; impulsivity is… Elaro told himself three times.

Grisia pondered and pondered. Without stepping out, they wouldn’t know what the situation was actually like. Thinking about it any more would be useless. He first took off the bunny pajamas and put them back in the backpack to prevent activating the side effect “easy to be spotted by enemies.” Then, he firmly declared, “Will, open the world.”

“Player preparation complete. The readers will choose the difficulty of this world. As novices, you will receive special treatment for your first world. Difficulties: Effortless, Elementary, Easy. From the second world onwards, ‘Effortless’ and ‘Elementary’ will no longer be choices.”

Effortless is definitely the best. There wouldn’t be any danger at all. However, from the caveat of the system choosing their build, Grisia detected that something wasn’t right and asked, “Don’t tell me that the easier the world, the fewer points we get?”

“Indeed, the equipment and abilities obtained will also be inferior.”

Equipment and abilities? Grisia asked, “What abilities? Can I regain my magic? Is there a way to get it back?”

“The player has many methods to acquire equipment and abilities. The more difficult the world, the better the items obtained. Magic can be acquired through gift packages, spinner wheels, and from the world itself.”

“Teacher, let’s pick easy?” After returning to the build of an adult, Elaro’s confidence had exploded, and he confidently said, “With more points, we can return to the Holy Temple quicker.”

Grisia muttered, “This is the first one, so we don’t understand the situation. Let’s pick the middle option.”

Wait no, it’s not up to us to choose. Oh readers…

Please “like” your favorite choice out of the options for the difficulty of the world in the comments section.

The comment will look like this ↓↓↓ split into three choices.

  • Effortless: Clearing inexplicably just by standing without moving
  • Elementary: Winning just by rolling your face across the keyboard
  • Easy: If you’re not seeking death, you definitely can’t die

#WorldsCanBeRepeated, DifferentTimePeriod=DifferentDifficulty, IfTheStoryIsLongEnough

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