Big and Little Sun Go Go 4: You’re Big and I’m Little

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 4: You’re Big and I’m Little—translated by lucathia (proofread by Lala Su & Xuan; C/E edited by Taffygirl13)

“Congratulations, players, on acquiring bunny pajamas from the clearance gift package!”

The section that originally contained Meatbun got squashed to the side and was replaced with a cloud-white onesie that rotated on display. Long bunny ears extended from the hood of the onesie, while on the butt area, there was even a fluffy, short tail. Next to the outfit was a description of the item.

Bunny Pajamas: A bunny-eared onesie worn by children. Cuteness: +9 points. Lowers people’s enmity and wariness. Side effect: Easy to be spotted by enemies.

What the heck is this…?

Grisia could not help but turn and look at the only kid around. While Grisia at least had a shirt on, Elaro only wore a pair of shorts. This was likely due to their differing habits when it came to sleepwear.

If they had acquired a normal child’s outfit, they might have immediately taken it out to wear. Even if it was a bunny pajama, Grisia did not mind, since he wouldn’t be the one wearing it. The fact that it could lower enmity sounded great, but the addition of the side effect “easy to be spotted by enemies” was a huge problem!

Letting the enemy discover you and then lowering the foe’s enmity, isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?

More than that, are there enemies in this world? Grisia keenly realized the information that the outfit revealed.

“Do I have to wear this?”

Elaro asked in astonishment. Even though he had the appearance of an eight-year-old, he was already in his twenties. Wearing this outfit outside… Just thinking about it caused his entire face to redden.

“Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, this system will not force the player to use the equipment.”

Elaro relaxed. Then, he worriedly looked at his shorts. He couldn’t go out in just a pair of shorts either.

“What are readers?”

Grisia was acutely aware that “readers” had been the word most frequently mentioned by the livestream system. It was evident that these “readers” were an extremely important factor.

“The readers are the audience watching this livestream.”

After hearing more, Grisia began to understand what the word “livestream” meant. He frowned and asked, “The readers can see me and Elaro at any time?”

“While the player is sleeping, freshening up, using the toilet, copulating, or any doing such activity that requires privacy, the livestream will black out with no exceptions. The player’s privacy will be firmly protected.”

Only after resolving his greatest worry did Grisia furrow his brows and think back upon the other rules from a moment ago. I’ll just treat the Player’s Summon and Readers’ Summon like being a summoner. Even though it’s a rare profession, it is still understandable.

We can leave after we complete the quests. Grisia felt that this wasn’t unacceptable. After all, it was already a very good outcome that they could still escape even after meeting such a powerful existence that was not regulated by time or space.

Since we have decided to complete the quests, we should get a proper handle on the situation, earn twenty thousand points as soon as possible, and then return to the Holy Temple!

“Will the person summoned by the Readers’ Summon definitely help us?”

“This system will inform the summoned target on the background of the world and basic information about the players. The Readers’ Summon is a compulsory summon and cannot be declined; however, the summoned target’s behavior is not regulated by the system.”

After hearing this, Elaro knew that something was wrong and quickly said, “No one would want to help out at all after getting forcibly summoned by strangers!”

“The players can request the support of the readers. The readers will decide whether to reward or punish the forcibly summoned target one time only.”

“To sum it up, it’s all up to the readers to decide our fate?” Grisia frowned. Then, he suddenly thought of something and quietly asked, “Could it be that they’re already watching us right now?”

“Yes, the livestream started when all the players awoke.”

“So that’s how it is…” Grisia lowered his eyes and thought for a while before he walked back to the chair and leisurely stretched his back. He used his hand to smooth down his long, golden hair that hadn’t been combed since he woke up. Then, he smiled and continued to ask, “Are we still able to ask questions later on? Will you leave or follow us the entire time?”

“This livestream system will accompany the players until the completion of the entire journey. By calling out ‘Will,’ you can open the system menu screen, which can only be seen by the players. You do not need to worry about the inhabitants of the world discovering any oddities.”

Grisia gave it some thought and continued to ask, “Why does Elaro have the appearance of a child?”

“Because the theme of this livestream is Big and Little Sun Go Go.”

“…” Elaro didn’t know how to respond to that. Can the theme of the livestream be changed?

“Then, can we switch it around? I’ll turn into a kid. Have him grow up. That should still count as a big and little Sun, shouldn’t it?”

“Player’s petition received. System processing.”

We can petition?

Grisia tilted his head in thought, his golden hair falling to the side of his face. He casually brushed it behind his ear and lifted his head, a brilliant smile on his face.

“System processing complete. Successfully detected the readers’ wishes. Every time the players enter a new world, the readers may choose the players’ builds, set at one adult and one child.”

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  • Big Elaro & Little Grisia
  • Big Grisia & Little Elaro

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  1. kamui

    Oh, now it’s getting interesting! I guarantee that the little pause when Grisia heard they had been observed was him thinking whether or not he had revealed any character flaws that would interfere with him playing up his attractiveness and Sun Knight act. That said, I wonder which option people went for…I bet it was a close call either way, but I am enjoying the pairing as is.

  2. Andi

    Is it just me, or did Grisia take more care of his appearance when he heard they were currently being watched? More smiles, causally smoothing his hair… now was it conscious or subconscious?
    Also, I can see why Grisia wanted to switch. Big Elaro can tackle missions all on his own, but even beyond that Elaro has no fighting potential as a kid while Grisia is still a magical powerhouse no matter his age. …I wonder if the readers would kinda want to see them struggle more though?

    • MournSky

      Guess he’s just used being the Sun Knight. And yeah, Elaro is more of a dmg dealer and Grisia a mage/strategist so Grisia in child form woupd work out really well~

  3. Jasae Bushae

    Wont be spied on while using the toilet. So he will have a far easier time than Neo at least

  4. dollyfishe

    the switch are just fun 😂 grisia wont need to pay attention to his conduct, but he have to wear the bunny pajama? *cuteness overload*
    little grisia and big elaro for cuteness will win for sure 🤔 but elaro and bunny pajama…. 🤔🤔 hmm but choices will be reset for every world so we can have little grisia and little elaro after? 😁

  5. Hans

    I sneak peak! And i do hope PR! will include the lIttle picture that i peak at in the next chap😍

    Though i dont really understand the posts😭
    Looking forward for the next release~

    • MournSky

      What little picture?? Ohmagawd chibi Grisia or chibi Elaro will surely look cute~

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