Big and Little Sun Go Go 3: The Readers’ Will

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 3: The Readers’ Will—translated by lucathia (proofread by Lala Su & Xuan; C/E edited by Taffygirl13)

“Congratulations on landing ‘Meatbun.’ Hello Players, I am the livestream system, ‘The Readers’ Will.’ You are welcome to just call me ‘Will.’”

The large wheel suddenly elongated into a half transparent rectangle divided into many sections, the largest section being the middle one. A plump meat bun was currently on display and spinning about in full circles. The bun spun to its front-side, revealing a shockingly large pair of watery eyes. The round bun occasionally hopped up and down, even tearing up whenever it hit the side of the frame.

Both teacher and student stared at the meat bun with identical expressions. First, their eyes widened in shock. Then, upon seeing the bun’s eyes fill with tears after bumping into the frame, one person’s lips twitched, while the other person stared at the bun, not knowing how to react.

At this time, the foreign voice once again sounded by their ears. Both of them remained silent. They were able to understand the first part about winning something, but the latter part about some livestream system was completely incomprehensible.

“Welcome, Players, to our livestream system. I will now announce the players’ rights.”

1. The player will have one “Player’s Summoning Chance” and one “Readers’ Summoning Chance” every day. Whether or not a summoning has been carried out, the count will reset at twelve midnight and will not carry over.

2. The “Player’s Summon” can be used to summon a target that the player knows. The term “knows” refers to someone that the player has met face-to-face before. Please note that this summon is not enforced. If the summoned party refuses to come, the summon will be declared a failure, and the summoning chance for that day will be nullified. The player’s summoned target will remain for one hour. The same target may only be summoned once every ten days.

3. The “Readers’ Summon” will be decided from one of three random choices by the readers. The summoned target will remain for eight hours.

4. Players, please work hard to make the readers enjoy your livestream. Once the readers have clicked “like” on your livestream 500 times, you will earn a clearance gift package. 1,000 likes will earn you a small gift package. 1,500 likes will earn you a medium-sized gift package. 2,000 likes will earn you a large gift package. 3,000 likes will earn you a rule-breaking gift package. When the readers share this livestream 100 times, there is also an additional benefit of spinning the wheel!

“Players may now start to ask questions.”

Grisia immediately asked, “When can we return to our original world?”

“After completing the livestream.”

“How do we complete the livestream?”

“By traveling through various worlds and completing system quests. With ten thousand points, you may purchase a ticket at the shopping center to end the livestream. One ticket will allow one player to exit the broadcast.”

Ten thousand points per person. Twenty thousand points then. That’s quite a lot. Grisia frowned and said, “How long will these quests take? We can’t be absent for too long.”

“Time has no jurisdiction over this system. In this world, the players’ time is frozen. You will not age or grow. When you return to your original world, not a single second will have passed. It will be as if you had never left. The livestream provides a perfect service. Players need not worry.”

Grisia and Elaro’s complexions improved significantly after hearing that. Elaro even felt somewhat relieved. He excelled at completing missions.

While Grisia was still contemplating what to ask, the Will System sent out another announcement:

“Now distributing today’s gift package: the readers’ likes have surpassed 500. Distributing the clearance gift package. Players, keep it up!”

Please click like in the comment section to choose the contents of the clearance gift package.



  • Slingshot
    A slingshot made for bullying little animals. In a single hit, it will kill any prey that possesses inferior strength to the user as well as a body smaller than one tenth of the user’s. However, the slingshot is not responsible for its accuracy.
  • Bunny Pajamas
    A bunny-eared onesie worn by children. Cuteness: +9 points. Lowers people’s enmity and wariness. Side effect: Easy to be spotted by enemies.
  • Housewife Kitchen Knife
    A multipurpose kitchen knife that allows one to cut onions without tears and to chop up bones. However, cutting up anything aside from food will most definitely bend the knife. All living things do not count as food.

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  1. kamui

    Bring on Elaro in a bunny pajama, please!
    These are a lot of fun. Thanks for translating them!

  2. Jasae Bushae

    So there is a time limit for how long they may have these items?
    Hmm…Then rather than picking what sounds fun I suppose it incentivizes picking the right item for the right situation….

    Well I know the knife comes from 1/2 prince, not sure about the others…I feel like the knife would go well with the meatbun they have, though I am fairly certain that readers will vote for bunny pajamas

  3. MournSky

    Of course the fans will choose bunny pajamas! I would too, if I were there~ XD

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