Big and Little Sun Go Go 2: Newbie Spinner Wheel

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 2: Newbie Spinner Wheel—translated by lucathia (proofread by Lala Su & Trespasserby; C/E edited by Taffygirl13)

Outside the window, towers as numerous as the stars in the sky reached high into the clouds. Any and all of them were taller than the watchtowers of Leaf Bud City, and they were startlingly immense as well. Elaro did not even know if they could still be called towers.

This was an indescribable, unimaginable sight. Elaro was stunned, so much that when he happened to look down and discovered that he himself was inside a tower, he fearfully grabbed onto the ledge of the window at once.

I’ve never been this high up, even when Teacher takes us flying…

Grisia walked up to his student and explained, “When I woke up, I was already sitting in that chair and just happened to see right out the window. It was only later that I discovered you were lying on the bed.”

Elaro turned his head. The chair was a very large armchair. Even though it appeared to be made of leather, it seemed very soft. I bet it would be super comfortable to sit in it.

However, this was no type of chair he had ever seen before. He took a close look around the room. There were tons of unfamiliar items, and a gigantic black mirror hung horizontally on the wall. Elaro had the feeling that it was likely not a mirror, yet he couldn’t figure out what use it had.

Grisia walked back to the chair and sat down. He sighed in comfort. “If nothing else, this chair is truly amazing.

“Elaro, are you actually a child right now, or are you only a child in appearance?” Grisia reached his hand out and said, “Come here and try to pull me up.”

Elaro did as asked, but he could not pull the other person up at all. He could only frown and say, “I can’t.”

“What about holy light?”

Elaro released holy light, which was unexpectedly about the same as usual.

Grisia propped his chin on his hands and murmured, “Your holy light is still present, but your holy magic is merely average, and the same goes for my swordsmanship. This is quite a disaster.”

Elaro stared at his small body. He was only eight, and probably could not even swing a one-handed sword. This is a huge disaster!

No wait. Elaro abruptly came to a realization. They would be fine even without his swordsmanship.

“Teacher, you have other powers…”

“You mean the Demon King’s?” Grisia straightforwardly stated, “You can just say it. Someone who can drop us into this unbelievable world without any notice most likely does not think anything of the Demon King.”

Elaro agreed, but he also felt terrified. The enemy was unknown, yet was most definitely powerful, while Elaro had instead turned into an eight year-old child. He barely had any ability to fight back.

“Besides, my demon king power seems to be gone. I felt different when I woke up.” Grisia thought about it and uncertainly said, “I seem to have returned to an age before I was twenty-three, when I hadn’t become blind yet. Look at my face. Don’t I look younger?”

Elaro helplessly said, “Teacher, your face has never changed. I can’t tell.”

“How could it really have never changed? You all exaggerate way too much—”

Grisia’s face suddenly paled. He jumped up and pulled Elaro behind him, wrapping a thick light shield around them.

Elaro’s eyes widened. In the middle of the room, out of nowhere, a huge… spinner wheel appeared?

Both teacher and student were 120% alert, but nothing happened after. Just as they decided to get a closer look at the words in each section of the spinner, the wheel began spinning faster and faster, to the point where none of the words on it could be made out. Instead, they clearly saw large, shining words above the spinner.

Newbie Giveaway, Let’s Spin for Your Beginner’s Equipment. Yell Stop and It’s Yours!


Even though he didn’t understand what that meant, seeing how the spinner was spinning faster and faster, practically fast enough to explode, Grisia could only force himself to say, “Stop?”

The spinner finally began to slow down. It turned slower and slower until it inched forward notch by notch. The two of them watched the pointer bounce back and forth between two notches…

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  • A Meatbun that can spit meat
  • A flying sword that is adamant about not being touched
  • A motorcycle that can be driven just by adding water
  • A silver derringer with infinite ammo

9 Responses

  1. FSM

    I believe the story would be easier to follow if at the beginning of each chapter it was mentioned which option won. With this chapter I’m left wondering which option won the last time. Present day? Easter egg? It could even be the futuristic interstellar adventure with them starting down on some planet’s surface.

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Hi, hi!
      Some of our translators have said that a lot of future chapters often start with what option was chosen right at the beginning or generally show up in a very obvious way, so it’ll be much clearer then! If not, the winning option is mentioned in the tags at the end of the chapter. I guess Yu Wo really wanted to slowly peel apart this Easter egg?

  2. Kamui

    What is up with those options!? But I am glad the easter egg won, though, maybe it’s an onion? Eggs don’t have layers, or they shouldn’t. Maybe Yu Wo doesn’t know that…

  3. Jasae Bushae

    Alright the meatbun is Meatbun from 1/2 prince
    Im guessing the sword is the one from Romance RPG
    And im pretty sure the deringer is from No Hero…

    But what is the motorcycle from?

    • 15B

      Lin Jian Yin couldn’t fly! So I think the flying sword that doesn’t like to be touched is Slay from ILT. Even Lu Yang doesn’t get to touch Slay, even though they’ve been together since Lu Yang was little.

  4. Hans

    “I seem to have returned to an age before I was twenty-three, when I hadn’t become blind yet.

    Does this mean that sun is not blind right now?

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