Dominion’s End V1C7: The Coffee’s Not To Blame, Part Two

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(Warning: PG-13+. Contains attempted rape.)

Dominion’s End Volume 1: Raining Stars at World’s End

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: The Coffee’s Not to Blame, Part Two– translated by Elkin

The next time I opened my eyes, I was trussed up like a turkey.

What the hell?

“Yo, Mr. Handsome’s awake!”

A sudden voice rang out, and it was only then that I noticed there were other people in the room. I turned my head to look, only to discover that it was a woman I didn’t recognize. She was gazing at me up and down in a leisurely manner, with a look in her eyes that pissed me off.

“He looks even better than those TV stars. God, seriously, he looked good asleep, but now that he’s awake, he looks even better.”

This voice… Someone else is in the room, too? I twisted my head around and saw three men and two women in total, all strangers.

The other woman was sprawled on one side of the bed. She looked younger, at most twenty-odd years old, and she reached out to stroke my face. Seeing that, the other woman also leaned forward to touch and feel me.


Dominion’s End V1C7: The Coffee’s Not To Blame, Part One

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Dominion’s End Volume 1: Raining Stars at World’s End

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: The Coffee’s Not To Blame, Part One—translated by Elkin

Kneeling by the terrace on the second floor, I reached out to touch my waist and was immediately greeted with a sharp flare of pain. I was missing a chunk of flesh from my waist, and I had lost a fair bit of blood. Such a heavy stench of blood would attract aberrants, so I had no choice but to freeze the wound and blood.

I was such an idiot. My prized knowledge of the previous world had let me down—I never imagined that tier one aberrants would start appearing so early on. I’d thought that they only started appearing half a year in, so I had never imagined that one would make its appearance just one and a half months into the apocalypse. I had really been ignorant in the past.

Previously, around this time, Guan Weijun had spent every day fleeing for survival, with no clue about evolution crystals, so there was no way I would have gone hunting by choice. Therefore, I didn’t know that tier one aberrants had appeared so quickly. Thinking back on it, it wasn’t so strange at all. It seemed that I couldn’t completely trust my past experiences.

Even though this was a tier one aberrant, as I was now, it was still manageable. Right now, the strength of my current body and the power of my abilities should have reached tier one, going by the standards in the previous world. It was simply because I had underestimated my opponent that I’d sustained a serious injury. My wariness really hadn’t recovered to the same levels as when I was Guan Weijun.


No Hero V3C7: The Non-Human Dark Sun and the Human Ah Ye

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No Hero Volume 3: Non-Human Killer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Human, Non-Human Killer Chapter 7: The Non-Human Dark Sun and the Human Ah Ye—translated by Raylight

April 20, 2110, Cloudy

“Accompany me to go look at houses, okay?”

That was what the little young master requested.

I was very surprised. Why did he want to go look at houses? However, I do not have the authority to ask him questions. Therefore, wherever the young master wishes to go, all I should do is follow.

I didn’t think that the moment we returned home, the Sun Emperor would be sitting in the middle of the living room. His facial expression was so terrible that it was incapable of looking worse. Most likely, he had already received the news.

“Why did you want to go look at houses?” He asked the question that I was wondering.

“Do you want to leave home… to leave me?” He also asked a question that had not even crossed my mind.


39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C1: In-Training, Part 1—Vice-Captain

39—Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: In Training, Part 1—Vice-Captain– translated by lucathia

The skies had just brightened, and Elaro immediately woke up. For some reason, he was particularly sensitive to sunlight. The moment he felt the sun, he would wake up. It was the same, even on his days off, when he didn’t have to wake up early. His teacher had even specially experimented before, shining a candle on him in the middle of the night. It didn’t have the same effect.

Ultimately, Teacher concluded that he was a resplendent, sunlit type of guy. The moment sunlight shone on him, he would automatically have to sparkle a bit, so of course he would wake up.

Elaro didn’t quite understand what his teacher meant. But out of every ten things his teacher said, there would be approximately two that he didn’t understand.

“As long as you’ve heard me, you don’t have to worry about it too much. Otherwise, a serious guy like you would probably have his brains explode from overthinking. Besides, I even followed suit and forgot to choose a backup candidate!”

Followed suit…? In any case, since his teacher had just said so, Elaro listened to his words, but didn’t worry over it. Even though he abruptly realized just who had also forgotten to choose a backup candidate, well, he would “listen without worrying too much!”

Elaro was very satisfied with his habit of waking up early. He never overslept, and waking up early meant he could accomplish many more things.


Romance RPG V1C14: Part Fourteen

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Fourteen – translated by Ryne

Ye Meng Ling answered somewhat awkwardly, “I’m your manager.”

Shocked, Lin Jian Yin blurted out, “Eh?! The female ghost from last time?” The moment he finished speaking, Lin Jian Yin knew that he had put himself in a bad position. Would he have to change managers for the seventh time?

“Uh, that’s right. I’m precisely the female ghost from last time.” Ye Meng Ling smiled a little awkwardly, but she didn’t seem to mind it that much.

Lin Jian Yin observed Ye Meng Ling for a moment. Upon seeing no signs of anger, he asked cautiously, “You’re not mad?”

Ye Meng Ling scratched her head and laughed as she replied, “I’m not angry. Just recently, I met someone with an even more poisonous tongue than yours. Um… I’m not saying you have a poisonous tongue. What I meant was…”

Lin Jian Yin shrugged. “It’s alright. I know I have a poisonous tongue.”