No Hero Side Stories 1: Never Change, Part One

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No Hero Side Story: Never Change

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Never Change, Part One—translated by Trespasserby

When he had found out that the man who applied had actively sought to be his butler, E.X. was not at all happy about it.

A human who wished so strongly to become a vampire’s butler was usually not a good thing.

If the person wasn’t a boring, vampire-obsessed maniac, then he was probably someone who wanted to become a vampire, thereby obtaining eternal life.

E.X. retained his cautious mentality, even taking into consideration that this butler could be someone from the Church. Once the butler arrived, a war could be imminent.

Although the family he commissioned to find a butler on his behalf was an ancient butler family, and was unlikely to betray their employer, in this era, what could be considered entirely trustworthy?