Christmas Special Event Update

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The 24th has passed in Taiwan! 9 conditions out of 10 were met, so Yu Wo posted 9 updates to her works! The last condition was the Facebook activity getting liked 2000 times.

Out of the 9 updates Yu Wo posted, one was Blaze’s side story about kicking down doors. This will be translated by PR! along with the other LSK sidestories that Yu Wo previously shared! There are no plans (yet?) for the other works though, as many of them are sidestories to longer works (such as Kill No More and No Hero), as well as continuations of longer works.

The works that were posted were
-Female Warrior / 女武外傳2 parts 7 and 8
-Kill No More sidestory 1/ 朦塵月 chapters 3a, 3b, and 4
-Kill No More sidestory 2 Kiss of the Demon King / 魔王之吻 chapter 2
-Blaze’s sidestory from LSK
-Contract of the Human Doll / 人娃契 part 6
-I AM E*X part 8

Yu Wo was posting like crazy yesterday! I had a lot of fun reading people’s comments. One person commented, “I came to visit Yu Wo’s blog and saw so many updates! I thought Yu Wo broke and the end of the world was coming!” People were commenting both on the blog post and the Plurk one about how much of each condition was already finished, like “We’re only 200 plurks away from 800! Go go go! \o/”. I think more than half of the comments must have been in that vein. XD (I was most amused when people on Plurk decided to start discussing Yu Wo’s works to rack up the comment count. The cutest discussion had to be when people started discussing what it’d be like if Blaze went and kicked down, saaaay, Cloud’s door, or Metal’s door, or -enter some other person’s door-.)

For those of you who participated, I hope you had fun! :D For everyone else, once again, happy holidays! I hope you’re having an awesome end of the year.

Christmas Special Event (on Yu Wo’s blog)

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Do you want Yu Wo to write? Yu Wo is hosting a special Christmas event! For each completed task from the list of tasks included, Yu Wo will write and post something new from her new works. (1/2 Prince not included because that has already been completed).

Here’s a translation of her blog post, and some links to the mentioned places.

Yu Wo’s blog post:

Tonight is Christmas Eve~~~

I wish everyone a merry Christmas~~~~

Because it’s Christmas and also conveniently a holiday, I’m going to host a special Christmas Eve event for posting my works!

The rules for the event are very simple. As long as the following conditions are met, each condition will get one posted work, so a max of ten works may be posted!!!

(completed!) 1. This blog receives over 10,000 visitors today.

(completed!) 2. This blog post receives over 100 replies. (You can wish everyone a merry Christmas, talk about what work you’d like to see, just make sure you’re saying something~)

(completed!) 3. This blog post is recommended by over 100 people. (click on the blue thumbs up on the bottom right corner of the post)

(completed!) 4. This blog receives over 20,000 visitors today.

(completed!) 5. The Facebook activity page is liked over 500 times. (it’s at the top of Yu Wo’s wall on FB)

(completed!) 6. The Plurk activity receives over 200 plurk replies.

7. The Facebook activity page is liked over 2000 times.

(completed!) 8. The Plurk activity receives over 800 plurk replies.

(completed!) 9. This blog receives over 50,000 visitors today.

(completed!) 10. This blog post receives over 1000 replies.

78910 are the harder conditions. It should be a little challenging. XDDD

All conditions must be met before 12 midnight for them to count~~

Let’s work hard together~~~~~

PS: The works I’ll be posting will be all over the place. (Yu Wo lists the titles: 不殺外傳、朦塵月、女武、尋找羅蘭、人娃契、EX或者新開) or new pitfalls, etc~~

So what are you waiting for? Go spam Yu Wo (or just visit her blog)!

(Also, happy holidays everyone! \o/)

LSK Manhua Part 2 – Character Designs

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The manhua has finished covering volume 1 of the novel and is now starting on adapting volume 2 of the novels, which brings some new characters! Yu Wo sneakily posted the character designs in her blog and her Facebook page. It amuses me greatly how excited she is about the character designs.

Here’s her blog post where you can find character designs for Sun, Judgment, Moon, Cloud, and Stone:

Stone looks completely different from Ya Sha’s design for the novel art! Truly a very different interpretation of the same character.

The following is a quick translation of Yu Wo’s comments on the designs~. What are your thoughts about the new character designs? :)


Yu Wo’s 2009 Plurks

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Hello, this is Lucathia, one of the translators you haven’t read a chapter from yet, though I’ve been around. I’ll be helping with livening the staff blog a bit. If you have any topics you’d like to see, let us know!

First up, I thought it would be nice to translate some of Yu Wo’s plurks. She often plurks about random thoughts, sneak previews of her books, and such. I went to the beginning of her plurk and started from there, so it’ll take a while to reach her recent plurks (they also include more spoilers for later volumes of LSK, so I’ll save those for later and leave them out for now). I excluded most plurks that have nothing to do with 1/2 Prince, LSK, Yu Wo herself, and/or her thought processes. You might see some unfamiliar novel titles here and there when she mentions her other works. We haven’t really settled on English translations for the titles of those novels, so keep in mind that English titles are all tentative.

Below are her 2009 plurks with links to her original plurks if you’d like to leave her a comment. If I skipped any plurks you’d like to see translated, comment with a link to that plurk and I’ll include it next time! (Unless they’re very spoilerish~). After reading these, I’m sure you’ll come away thinking that Yu Wo’s quite quirky. ;)