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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: To Slay a Dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue: Character Introductions – translated by lucathia

Woodrow: Druid.

Yuna: Warpriest.

Igor: Warrior.

Sybil: Archer.

Iacchi: Rogue.

Kylie: Cleric of the Church of the God of Light.

Whitey: Unicorn.

Scarlet: A mysterious little girl.

Vidar: The vice-captain of the Judgment Knight Platoon.

Yu Wo: The author who keeps messing around with the character introductions.


The focus of To the Rescue of a Princess wasn’t on the princess, and the focus of To Slay a Dragon wasn’t on the dragon either. If my Chinese teacher were to see this, I would definitely receive such a comment: off-topic, delete and retrain1… No! I mean rewrite.

A lot of foreshadowing was buried in this volume, and it will be used to connect with and lead to the actual main plot that starts in the next volume. At the same time, I also let everyone understand the Twelve Holy Knights, the Son of the God of War, and Silent Eagle bit by bit, showing how they generally appear to normal people.

I also brought up each kingdom’s ideologies in passing. They’re very brief ideologies from each kingdom, but I also don’t want to make them too complicated (because the author wouldn’t be able to remember them) …Cough! No, it’s because the Legend of Sun Knight’s focus isn’t on the kingdoms, but rather on the Churches. There’s already too much to remember about the Churches, so I chose to focus less on the ideologies of the kingdoms.

Following this, the ideologies among the gods will be more and more prominent as well.

Also, the names of the knights have increased too.

Here, let me help everyone review the names of the Twelve Holy Knights that have already made an appearance.

“Good, warm-hearted faction”:

Grisia Sun

Elmairy Leaf: Strawberry

Chikus Blaze: Freakus

Ceo Storm: He has for now (in this volume) escaped the horror of getting a nickname. Just how does Sun address Storm? Everyone can try guessing!

“Cruel, cold-hearted faction”:

Lesus Judgment: He’s someone whom even Sun is afraid to give a random nickname to.

Roland Hell: Luckily, he’s someone whom Sun became acquainted with before Sun started randomly giving nicknames.

Ecilan Ice: Wastelan

Laica Metal: Slime

I’ll take this moment to hope that everyone has good memory. (The author silently sticks the names of the Twelve Holy Knights beside her monitor.)

By the way, this volume mostly reveals the true fact that holy knights… unless there’s something wrong with their heads, these knights will not go and slay a dragon for no reason. What a poor dragon! It gets attacked even when it’s just lying there! (After the author finished writing, this was the OS2 in her heart.)

Next, the main point! This volume contains a special project. I believe that everyone must have flipped through it even before reading this epilogue. That’s right, I’m talking about the designs of the Twelve Holy Knights! 3

Finally, the appearances of the Twelve Holy Knights have been revealed. I wonder, what does everyone think of them? Who do you like the most?

We also have a series of short manhua.4 I, Yu Wo, wrote the scripts. When I wrote them, I pretty much considered them as things that actually happened, so everyone can treat them like side stories.

At the time of the writing of this epilogue, I have yet to see the manhua , so I’m also waiting with excitement, hehe! So excited!

By the way, if I have the opportunity in the future, I will post up the original manuscripts for the manhua.

By Yu Wo, Sep. 2008

(Here’s the special project that was included at the front of the book)

Sun Knight
Sun Knight:
The leader of the Twelve Holy Knights and the “good, warm-hearted” faction. He possesses a dazzling smile, a perfect personality, and a benevolent heart that always forgives others.

Real personality: The direct opposite of the above description.

Storm Knight
Storm Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights and a member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. He is a footloose charmer who enjoys freedom, and he always has women by his side.

Real personality: A workaholic, the type that will eventually work himself to death.

Earth Knight
Earth Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights and a member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. He is honest and loyal, the best friend of the Sun Knight.

Real personality: A bad guy who likes to play around with the feelings of women.

Leaf Knight
Leaf Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights and a member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. His personality can be summed up in three words: a good guy.

Real personality: Still a good guy.

Blaze Knight
Blaze Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights and a member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. He is brash, straightforward, and looks up to the Sun Knight.

Real personality: Exactly the same as he appears and just as brash.

Cloud Knight
Cloud Knight:
One of the holy knights of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. He is a drifter, with qualities much like that of a drifting cloud. The easiest place to find him is by the window-side, on top of a roof, or under a banyan tree. Often he drinks or reads alone in such places.

Real personality: A shut-in.

Judgment Knight
Lesus Judgment:5
One of the Twelve Holy Knights and the boss of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. He is serious, cold, and never forgives criminals.

Real personality: Your next door older brother who is very good at taking care of others.

Ice Knight
Ice Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights and a member of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. He is cold like ice and never possesses any expression.

Real personality: A good wife and loving mother who is also great at cooking.

Moon Knight
Moon Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. He is very vain, haughty, and does not easily let others close. It always seems like he is looking down on others.

Real personality: His girlfriend is his entire world, and his life goal is to have a relationship.

Stone Knight
Stone Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights who belongs to the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. He is known for his stubbornness which is said to be as tough as a rock. It is said that cracking his skull is easy, but to crack his stubbornness, you might as well go and overthrow the Church of the God of Light instead, as that would be easier.

Real personality: Very easy to get along with, and he even gets along with dogs.

Hell Knight
Hell Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction and the only one said to have been put in the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction yet doesn’t listen to the orders of the Judgment Knight but instead listens to the Sun Knight. He specifically takes care of missions behind-the-scenes, and some even say that he is the designated assassin of the Twelve Holy Knights. Some rumors also say that during the 1st generation of the Twelve Holy Knights, Hell Knight was not even an actual person. Rather, he was the identity the Sun Knight took on to complete secret missions.

Real personality: A practical person who rigidly follows the way of a knight

Metal Knight
Metal Knight:
He is famous for his poisonous tongue, and his words are said to be poisonous enough to anger people to death. It is said that talking with him for ten minutes can anger you so much that your life would get shortened by a year.

Real personality: An avid fan of the Judgment Knight


1 “delete and retrain”: This refers to deleting a character from online games and retraining the character from scratch.

2 “OS”: Oral soliloquy, or internal monologue.

3 The designs of the Twelve Holy Knights are included in full color at the beginning of volume 4. We have included them here as well.

4 Volumes 4, 5, and 6 come bundled with short manhua drawn by Ya Sha. The stories included are: For You All, Truth in Disguise, Facing the Darkness, two pages about Stone visiting the Kingdom of Moon Orchid in his usual outfit, and eight pages about how Ecilan became the Ice Knight. A few of the side stories PR! has released were the script versions that Yu Wo gave to the artist to use in the manhua. Yu Wo eventually posted the manuscripts in her blog, and that’s what we translated from.

5 Don’t ask us why only Lesus is listed as Lesus Judgment instead of Judgment Knight in the original text. We have no idea why either.

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  1. PlumaUmbra

    Thank you so much for this epilogue.
    The designs are cool, are they in a larger scale?
    Thanks for translating this volume. ^^

  2. kayue

    Grisia probably doesn’t give Storm/CEO a nickname for fear of angering him, and thus losing a slave unpaid secretary.

    • [PR]lucathia

      Storm’s nickname hasn’t been mentioned in the main story yet, but we’ve already released his side story, where his nickname is used. If people are curious. =P

    • Sasifras

      The nickname is a bit ridiculous, as it is longer than his real name by quite a bit. Hint: “because he works so hard, he will have an early…”-eo.

    • SnowStorm

      Um, not really. In the original Chinese, it’s “Siwo”. The translation makes it longer, but actually, it makes sense. >.>”

  3. Jasae Bushae

    wow…i can sympathise with Yu Wo about character names ^^;
    and wow, metal is a judgment fanboy?
    and squee~ a look at what all the knights look like and confirmation that cloud indeed has pink hair~
    question, how many short stories has yu wo written for legend of sun knight?

    • [PR]lucathia

      @Jasae Bushae
      13 side stories so far. Mostly what you see in the chapter list! There’s one she hasn’t put up in her blog yet that we haven’t listed, and there’s one that comes after LSK ends, so we haven’t listed that one either in the chapter list.

  4. Yuchin

    Lmao best ending ever.. looking forward to see the Moon Knight. Lol at true personalities of Ice & Judgement Knights, a mother and a brother. And Sun gave Storm a nickname? Doesn’t he always call Storm, Ceo? Really want to see Metal’s poisonous tongue. Cloud looks like a Samurai, fits his character xD.

    • Alyss

      Doesn’t Metal show up in the second volume, right before Sun does his really long song an almost dies of hunger?

  5. Yuchin

    Forgot to say this: Thank you guys!!!! Looking forward to the next volume! Thank you Yu Wu for this hilarious and humorous ending of volume 4!

  6. SnowStorm

    Will we ever get to see the short manhuas that were released? I’m sure many of us would love that, right? >.<
    Anyway, thanks for translating this chapter as well as the beautiful scans.
    Looking forward to the next volume. (^^)b

    • [PR]lucathia

      We don’t have scans of those. If anyone wishes to donate some scans, I wouldn’t mind translating. We’re not a scanlation group though, so we don’t have typesetting or cleaning talents among us.

    • Sono

      If you do get the scans, couldn’t you ask easygoing scans for help? They’re the ones currently translating the lsk manga, so they might be willing to help.

    • SnowStorm

      Thank you. I’ll try seeing if I can find them online or something, though I don’t put much hope in it… >.>”
      Wouldn’t they be in the novel itself?

    • [PR]lucathia

      They’re included as a separate little booklet, but the binding is very, very stiff. In order to scan them, it would most likely require damaging the binding, or removing the pages altogether.

  7. Kyoumi

    Well if Metal Knight can shorten someones life by a year just by talking for ten minutes than what would one make of Sun? Ten seconds of his banter can give someone a headache and make them want to runaway…….

    • dollyfishe

      as long as u dont listen to Sun’s demand, ur age wont shorter 3 years :p that’s what Lesus said :p

  8. Krystal

    Imagine ceo’s nickname being cheerio!!! That would be so funny but really sad. The main character cannot even remember his ” brothers’ ” names… Sigh… How hopeless and if he didn’t give people random nicknames when he was younger (Roland) then what caused him to change? A rebellious stage in his life?

    • Alyss

      “‘Rebellious stage’? As a precious child chosen by the benevolent God of Light, how could the Sun Knight possibly have undergone such a troublesome stage of life? Surely, such a thing is not possible. After all, the previous Sun Knight, by the guidence and blessings of the God of Light, would have taught his student well in the ways of the Sun Knights past and of the Church of the God of Light. Why, his teachings were so awe-inspiring that the influence of his teacher did not fade, even unto his precious teacher’s passing from the eye of the God of Light! How could any child, raised and taught with such care and powerful teachinigs, ever have had something remotely close to a ‘rebellious stage’?
      And do not forget, the Sun Knight has been blessed with excellent memory, by the benevolence of the God of Light. The Sun Knight is, most certainly, perfectly capable of of remembering the names of his brothers in the Church of the God of Light; tis would be blasphamy to suggest anything otherwise. All of the Sun Knight’s nicknames are no doubt a form of endearment, reserved only for his important brother Holy Knights, and surely the only reason that they have not come to an understanding about such a small matter is due to a simple misunderstanding, which is occasionally permissible under the radience of the God of Light. After all, etc, etc, etc.”

      ^ Translation: Becoming the Sun Knight is what essentially screwed him over. He’s doing it on purpose (probably).
      …and, blame Neo.

    • Mizuhino

      You are really enjoying that, aren’t you? I love this and your comment from the epilogue (you know which one). You awesome person, you.

    • Alyss

      I’m just practicing the very amusing writing style that I seem to have picked up from Yu WO XD It could be useful someday.

      I was not aware that my comments were notable enough to follow O_o

    • dollyfishe

      and u take a long long long long crap to tell those simple few words ??? gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah … i dont know which one is more stupid … the one write the long line or the me who try to understand what u are writing before really take time to read those few words without really understand the babbling @@

    • @Krystal
      I bet it was all the stress from Neo after he got chosen to be the next Sun Knight. He needed to take it out somehow.

    • dollyfishe

      what happen to the undead as a way to leash the stress in order to avoid meeting the God of Light earlier ?

    • @dollyfishe
      Well, that only happens about once a month. Plus, Grisia became Neo’s student years before he began fighting the undead.

  9. dollyfishe

    thank you for the hardwork … and please forgive me givinfg so many comment. me just bored coz my line dancing in a randomly connecting and disconnecting result in me cannot do anything online ~><~ in short, me boreeeeeeeeeeeeed to death

  10. monica

    i always wonder why the chibi pic in “The Characters of Sun Knight” came from..
    so thats why it looks like this o.o

    anyway, can anyone who willing to help me made my own Role Playing Game of The Legend of Sun Knight give me some comment about the Charset I use for the game?
    this is the link of the capture:
    i used RPG Maker VX, thanks for the one who willing to see ^^

    • monica

      @15B and @MPToki
      It look similar right? ^^
      Oh yeah, anyone knows how to draw the Church of God Light and the LSK world map?
      I can’t use my imagination on those maps o.o

    • [PR]dahlys

      There isn’t a map. But if you want to make a church, here are some church tiles I exported from RPGmaker XP (the version I use =P) that you can use:

      Besides that, we know that there’s a forest with elves/dark elves near the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound thanks to Unbeatable, as well as a town of sorts. The rest is described in LSK vol 1 & 2. There’s also the forest that Neo dumped Grisia in when he was a kid.
      The layout of the Church is split into two: the Church of Light and the Holy Temple. In the Holy Temple there is the main hall, the Judge Complex, a training field, a cliff (where Grisia pushed dear Adair down), a library (Cloud’s hiding spot), and lodging for all the knights.

      The environment around Moon Orchid is described in LSK v3, and that around Kissinger is described in V4. The Temple of the Warrior God and Cathedral of the Shadow God are located in these cities, respectively.

      The rest of the world map is up to your creativity!

    • monica

      Thanks a lot!
      How about the Leaf Bud City maps? I dunno how to positioning several place. Like where the Church, the palace, Pink’s house, markets (dessert, weapon, bar, etc) located.
      I think I need to roughly draw the map on the paper first >_<

    • [PR]dahlys

      like I said, that part is up to your creativity~ Though I suppose Pink’s house would be at the remote edges of the city, the palace in the center, and the Church near the palace in another prominent location. Dessert and bar would be near the Church, I suppose… and there’s the fighting arena also (where the Son of the GOW, Elijah, Roland fought).

    • Jasae Bushae

      Well if you read the first couple books they more or less give you some good directions. for example the number of execution sites, that the jaunt to pinks house from the cathedral starts at a pretty well to do part of town and becomes steadily worse meaning its dividieed by more middleclass housing.
      oh and the prologue of the last book kinda filled in some details too

    • monica

      @Jasae Bushae
      hmm.. how about the room sequence?
      I just know that beside Grisia room, is Lesus, and beside Lesus is Roland, right?

    • Jasae Bushae

      The shared rule of book 2 pretty much sums away all details regarding room division. Plus the knights are divided into two factions which sorta implies the cold faction and the warm faction would be mostly alongside themselves.

      It shouldnt be to hard so long as you dont expect exact blue prints to draw from ^^; Theres multiple prayer rooms, cathedrals, hallways with cubboards and book cases strewn about randomly, a courtyard, a meeting room, a library, a freakishly long staircase, the popes office, the fact that the knights section is seperated from the priesty buildings, judgments court, some cells, a medical ward…

      Honestly, anything written in the books is all the details your going to get on the matter and considering the last two books had very little to do with the capital or the church so poring over those first two should be good enough

  11. Anna

    i like ice knight appearance better than others characters. he is so cool and motherly. hahaha
    thanks for translating this.
    I hope there are more chapters from LSK in December ^.^
    Happy holiday too

  12. Aurelia

    Ah omigod, it took me so long to stop squealing enough to introduce the characters to my brother.
    Anyway, yay for the epilogue! I love her epilogues, so much. It's a pity she doesn't do them for 1/2 Prince.
    And as for the nicknames… Grisia, oh Grisia… xD oh well, it's his crazy ways that make him our Sun Knight! (:
    He's definitely doing it on purpose, and.. it just shows how close they are! (:
    With the exception of Lesus of course. If Grisia had his way, he'll probably name Lesus 'Lace' [雷瑟 = 蕾丝?] then he'll become a very dead Sun Knight.
    Let us thank the benevolent God of Light for bestowing his Sun Knight with at least that much sense…
    Yes, I remember Ceo's nickname from the side story ! … Deatheo :D hahahaha
    Alrighty then!
    Thanks for the chapter and pictures! ((: thank you so much. /bows
    You guys are the best in the universe. Really. /nods
    Cupcakes all around! /passes

  13. momiji

    Wasn’t it Deatheo?
    If I remember right…
    I gotta see the images soon*_*
    Thank you as always ^^

  14. The Man Behind the Curtain

    I love the colors used in the knights’ illustrations. They’re all a tad girly, but whatever. There are some things you just put up with when reading across the gender boundary.

  15. Little Writer

    Ah, pictures! *print out, hug to chest, and squeal for a good five to ten minutes.* Ha, you can definitely bet that Yu Wo has something…interesting planned for the next volume. LOL, I can’t wait! Also, Sun’s real description is so short. It does make me wonder.
    Did Neo screw up 50%, 75%, or 99% of Grisia’s personality during the training? I honestly believe Grisia might have been…somewhat normal before training. Of course, thank the God of Light for the training. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the sneaky, villainous Grisia Sun we have today!
    And of course…
    “Grisia Sun
    Elmairy Leaf: Strawberry
    Chikus Blaze: Freakus
    Ceo Storm: He has for now (in this volume) escaped the horror of getting a nickname. Just how does Sun address Storm? Everyone can try guessing!
    “Cruel, cold-hearted faction”:
    Lesus Judgment: He’s someone whom even Sun is afraid to give a random nickname to.
    Roland Hell: Luckily, he’s someone whom Sun became acquainted with before Sun started randomly giving nicknames.
    Ecilan Ice: Wastelan
    Laica Metal: Slime”
    Hahahaha…Ecilan’s nickname made me laugh. Also, Lesus and Roland didn’t get weird names, especially Lesus. Sun is actually scared of someone, huh?
    PR!, as always, thank you for translating. Enjoy your break…until all the fangirls/fanboys start to clamor for more.

  16. claire

    thnx for the translations
    and sry but i have some bones to pick with the knight’s appearances
    first, ceo’s coat should not be that ugly orange. orange is the opposite of blue- they contrast to much to be appealing. and that shade of orange is horrid. the color of ceo’s coat should be something complementary to blue
    with earth’s silhouette, its far to feminine. he wouldnt have such a small waist with the armor. the hourglass effect of the armor makes him look far to girly. also, his hairstyle isnt that great- its good, but not stellar. might want to choose something a bit less…dull. but i really like the impressionist look of the armor and the shield
    flame’s face looks much too childish. i would go for a more older, slightly more feral/ dangerous/fierce look. but good design of the sword
    judge’s clothes are far too billowy and robes, making him look like a male nun. they have this medieval quality…like they’re some itallian bishop’s robes dyed blue. its fine if judge’s clothes are billowy and long and church-like, but its over the top. i would like to take back some of that excessive cloth. (ok the clothes are not as bad as i make it sound, but this is not a good look for judge)
    hell knight’s face is a bit too girly. roland is a death lord in disguise, the guy who was supposed to be the sun knight. i thought he would be manlier. he looks a bit too soft for the image in the books. at least that is my opinion
    otherwise everyone else was okay/good
    these critics are my own opinions and thoughts on their appearance and visual design, and i hope yu wo may take these into account (though i dont she will see these)

    • claire

      a thnx
      i get it that an orange sunset accented with scarlet looks great on the blue ocean, but in this case, they dont go together. that my opinion, but thnx though

    • SnowStorm

      If you really don’t like it, (can’t say that I do much either), you should check out the manhua.
      It’s drawn by OS Rabbit Cat (I’m pretty sure that that’s her name…) and it’s really good.
      If you want to see beautiful characters, that is what you should read. ^^

    • H. Y.

      Haha this really is a matter of preference.. I found these pictures somewhere else many months ago and I fell in love with them instantly! I initially read the manhua first before the novel, but I could no longer associate the manhua illustrations to the characters because they look waaaay too girly for my tastes =p (Though one thing I have to agree with is that Blaze’s novel illustrations do not fit the impressions from the novel)

    • SnowStorm

      @H. Y.
      It is a matter of preference truly. If you don’t like it, it’s fine, really. ^^
      But you are right about one thing, Blaze does look about ten here. >.>”

    • claire

      a ya i really like the manhua…its probably y i was so critical- these designs have some flaws in comparison to what they’ve already done
      but yes, sun knight is especially sparkly
      though my fav is frost knight lol

  17. Brisingr

    I think there was once he(Storm) was referred to as Deatheo? Side story Chapter 8 : Owing a favour…
    1 “Deatheo”: This is Grisia’s nickname for Ceo. In the Chinese version, the nickname, Sĭwō (死喔), is pronounced very similarly to Ceo’s name, but the first character means “die” or “dead.”

  18. Sara

    Love the story….always get exited to find a new chapter…it’s always bring me to tears from laughter .
    BUT…!gush wish you reconsider the character designs
    I’m a Cg Artist so i dont know if they look ok to regular people or not but even though the anime style is somewhat independent and all but its really hard to watch!
    really wish you make changes mostly with Hell’s character!

    • [PR]dahlys

      There is nothing we can do about the character designs. This is the official artwork that came with the LSK books. But if you seriously don’t like it, you can try drawing some fanart yourself and sending them to PR? We’ll post them up on the fanart page =)

  19. NeoWarrior

    Either the sidestories were made after this volume was created, or YuWo forgot he had named Ceo Deatheo in the sidestories… Most likely the first event

  20. Duncan Idaho

    Now that i realize it, Judgement gave Sun the biggest welcome gift ever, i mean him spending a week on the dungeon means he wont have to talk like the sun knight, he wont have the sun knight duties ie everything that sun seriously hates to do now he doesnt has to!, in other words sun got away scot free while judgement made it look like a punishment

  21. Sunluvr

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    I think it was Deatheo i saw it on the previous volume hehehe

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