The Legend of Sun Knight V5Prologue: The Sealed Sun

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 5: The Undying Lich, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Prologue: The Sealed Sun – translated by raylight


I stopped in my tracks. Although these people didn’t pose any threat to me at all, pausing to play with them seemed to be a pretty good way to pass the time.

“Look at us… Turn around, open your eyes and look at us!” I could hear that the person was trying hard to contain the aggravation in his voice, but he couldn’t quite manage to do so. In the end, he was practically roaring the rest of his words.

“Why?” I still chose not to do so, and merely smiled as I said, “I don’t need to do that. I can see all of you guys, and I can see everything clearly.”

Yes, I could see everything clearly. The temple at my back was originally an orderly and spectacular building. At the entrance, there were two giant stone doors. If the doors were closed, the center would form a large Sun crest. At each side, there stood long colonnades. Behind the stone pillars were enormous walls that spread out in a fan-shaped fashion to encompass an arced plaza.

However, regardless of whether it was the door, the pillars, or the walls, they were all engraved with meaningless decorations, causing me to have to spend more mental and physical effort to sense those useless things than usual!

Nevertheless, now it looked a lot better. All the pillars had fallen to the ground, the decorative designs had been worn smooth, and I had already destroyed the two giant stone doors with an explosion. The entire temple had been turned into a giant pile of stone rubble. This way, sensing it had become a lot more convenient. All I needed to sense was a rough shape to avoid tripping over the rocks while walking. As for what kind of decorative designs or carvings were on the rocks, they weren’t important anymore.

“Sun! Turn around and look at us!”

What a troublesome fellow!

I simply teleported in front of him, with a distance of roughly just ten centimeters left between us, and then opened my eyes. As I spoke, I spat my words onto his face with each breath. “As you wish. To dare to call me back, and to dare to order me to open my eyes, have you already prepared yourself for death?”

The other person’s breathing became rapid, and in a panic, he said, “Your eyes…”

“What about them?” I taunted. “Are they also black? Is this very uncommon? My eyes weren’t the only things that changed color.”

Instead, he flatly denied, “It’s not black, it’s…”

“I do not wish to hear!” After I gave a low growl, I ridiculed, “I’m unable to see the color that you would say anyway. So, the whole world only needs to have one color, and that will be enough. That is black, black, and black! Hahaha!”

I let out a sudden burst of dark element, and sent his whole body flying. He was originally already heavily injured, so he was completely unable to counter the attack. Immediately after being blasted, he rolled quite a few rounds on the floor, and then covered his mouth with his hand as he coughed violently. What he coughed up was mouthfuls of blood.

Among the knights who were all over the floor, only two of them were still able to stand up. Once the two of them saw the heavily injured person coughing up a lot of blood, they instantly revealed an anxious expression, and went to help him up. However, the injuries on their bodies weren’t light either. When they lifted him up, they swayed from side to side. If they had really fallen, then I guess the injuries of the three of them would become more serious; it would be dying simply because of stupidity!

Teasingly, I said, “What a bunch of fools. If you guys had stayed further away from this guy, you might have been able to keep your lives.”

The three of them lifted their heads, and the fool being supported roared at me, “Sun! Do you really think so?”

“I am Grisia.” I replied unhappily. What do I have to do to make this fellow remember my name? I had undoubtedly been calling his name all along. He is… Eh! What exactly was his name again… Right, it’s Lesus!

I remember now. With a smile, I said, “Lesus Judgment, if you kneel down and call me Grisia, maybe I can consider letting you off.”

Lesus looked at me, and his expression seemed to be one of… grief, I guess? Perhaps it is, or perhaps there’s the possibility that I am reading too much into it. He is merely upset. Who knows, he might actually be considering whether to kneel down and beg me? Hahaha!

At this point, one of the people holding up Lesus suddenly shouted, “You are not Sun, and you’re also not Grisia. You’re not anything!”

I abruptly stopped laughing, and coldly looked at the person who had spoken. That person was… Chikus. That’s right, it’s Chikus. He always seems to love saying stuff that I don’t like to hear.

“Kill them, Roland. All of them…” I paused for a while, and pointed at Lesus, saying, “Except for him. I want to personally kill this guy! You can start first, I want him to look on helplessly as everybody else dies!”

“Yes!” Roland walked past my side, and walked towards Lesus and the others. In his hand he was holding his family heirloom, the wicked sword.

That’s strange, was he here just now? I was a little suspicious. Theoretically speaking, there shouldn’t be anything able to hide from my sensing abilities, especially Roland’s dark element that was this thick.

At that moment, Roland lunged in with his blade, and his speed was so fast that he was like a blur of shadow. It was only when he swung his sword at Chikus that I could see him clearly. Chikus was completely unable to react in time, and the sword hit his shoulder bone. The sword even went all the way through to his chest, perhaps even cutting his heart into two.

Without even having the time to shout, Chikus collapsed immediately.


The other person supporting Lesus was Elmairy. He yelled agitatedly, and was about to rush forward. However, Roland pulled out the sword from Blaze’s body, and with a back-hand slice, he actually managed to chop off Elmairy’s head.

I walked up in maniac laughter. Now, there is only Lesus left. This fellow… I want to personally deal with him!

All of a sudden, a shadow abruptly dashed out, and stood in front of Lesus. It was Ecilan. He spread both arms out wide, protecting Lesus, and then yelled at me, “Sun, hurry and stop it! Do you know what are you doing right now? The Twelve Holy Knights would never murder the other Twelve Holy Knights, this is what you said before!”

I gave a cold snort, and Roland instantly dashed forward. He brandished his sword, and with two swings drew a large X-shaped wound on Ice’s chest. The injury was so deep that bone could be seen.

After accomplishing his job, he pulled his blade out and backed away. Ecilan subsequently collapsed slowly. Of course, it was the kind of collapse which one can never climb up from ever again.

“Stop it! Stop it!”

Lesus looked as though he were in so much pain as to wish he were dead. He took out a sword that was radiating holy light… That’s strange. Was he holding this sword in his hand just now? I was a little suspicious again. However, what Lesus said afterwards immediately drew away my attention.

“Grisia, Grisia! I beg you, take the Divine Sun Sword! Take it!”

“Since you called my name… Fine, as you wish.”

I walked up to him, and extended a hand to grab hold of the Divine Sun Sword. The holy light that was brimming over the surface of the sword made me feel extremely uncomfortable. It was almost blinding. On my hands there was a hot feeling, but it didn’t hurt.

At this moment, Lesus revealed an expression of hope. He tried asking, “Sun?”

After I looked at him and gave him a smile, he too cracked a smile. However, following that, he lowered his head to look at the whole floor of corpses, and in great sorrow, he said, “Su-Sun… Don’t blame yourself too much; all of this had nothing to do with you. All of it should be blamed on the person who has caused this.”

“No, it has something to do with me.” I said with a smile, “Because I am the one who ordered Roland to kill them.”

Lesus stiffened.

At this point, I thrust the Divine Sun Sword forward, and even before Lesus had stopped moving, the blade of the sword had already entered his chest, leaving only the hilt to be seen.

He staggered, but he still managed to stand upright. He even lifted his head, and with a bitter smile, he said, “Grisia… No, you are not Grisia. Even if it had been Grisia, he would not kill us. Grisia is already dead. He’s long dead. You are only, only…”

I am…?

Lesus, Lesus! Don’t collapse, tell me…

What exactly am I?

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  1. Ace Mijares

    What the deuce happened to GRISIA!!!! He’s gone full blown dark man! I can’t wait for the next chapter of what really happened.

    BTW thanks for everything PR staff! I love you so much.

  2. me

    Maybe SUn’s got some dark aspect hidden edeep inside, almost like a split personailty! Hope not though

  3. MNeilG

    NOOOO!, what happened to you Grisia!!!

    i do hope this is all a dream. somebody pls tell me this is just a dream.

  4. yarizakura

    what a bad bad prologue :(
    im not waiting to see Grisia bullying other knights, even murdering them, but… this is…
    anyway thanks for the translation… *sob sob*

  5. EliSan

    Somehow I knew this was coming. I’m sure Scarlet has something to do with it too.
    What exactly are you Grisia?

  6. Xeraphina

    What? Please tell me this was dream! Please tell me that Grisia didn’t just murder some of my favourite memebers of the Twelve Nights in cold blood…
    I am so scared, but at the same time I want to know!

  7. SnowStorm

    What is this…? DX
    What happened? It’s a dream, right… It is…

  8. E

    I think it’s a dream, ’cause some things were mentioned to suddenly pop up out of nowhere. =|
    Still… I didn’t want to read something like this especially during this time. ;___;

  9. CrazyCat

    This is just way too interesting…… I can’t wait! I need to know how this came to be!

  10. d1r31

    Now I’m worried! Grisia would never be able to forgive himself for such heinous acts. Nor would he have enough Holy Light to heal them all & bring them back from death. He’d lose more than just eyesight…

  11. Jasae Bushae

    ooooooooh….DARN this is a twisted cliffhanger! XD
    I can honestly see a publisher releasing this chapter early just to make readers squirm and be forced to get the book to ind the context XD
    this is an EVIL cliffhanger!
    curse you monthly updates~

    Ahem. Now that I have that out of the way, im going to go out on a limb and predict that this is all a dream sequence caused magically by that Scarlet character to try further corrupting Grisla.
    because honestly, its not Yu Wo’s style to use the prelude to show future events in the book and it wouldn’t just open the to having the other knights all killed off. All of those wounds sound pretty fatal and unrecoverable. Add to that the fact that resurrection has a three hour time limit and takes all of Suns energy to perform and it becomes further unlikely that their all dead without any explanation.
    As icing on this cake of suspicion, Pink is a super duper extra powerful necromancer who could not control Roland so him suddenly following the orders of Grisla to go around killing everyone is a bit iffy since theres been no evidence that its even possible. ^^;
    So yaaah~ im going with evil dream theory

  12. shadowofzo

    And so the arc begins with some epic foreshadowing. Is this real folks or a dream? Or maybe author decided that she needs a reset of characters. Tune in soon to find out who dies next. The darkness is rising!

  13. Evita

    What just happening? Is Grisia lost his memory again?? I can’t wait for the next chapter!! :D

  14. MPToki

    What The Hell Just Happen?!!!!
    Did he just kill everyone?
    This must be a prank, right?
    Oh, whatever… This is the return of dark Grisia, who I now don’t like =C
    I guess I have to wait for the next chapter to find out what happen~
    Thanks for Uploading =D

  15. Anon000

    we have a very dark start here, are you sure this is the prologue because for a moment I thought this is one of those bad ends I usually saw in games.

  16. Sword

    thank you for the new chapter!!
    this is definitely a dream because this will never proceed to a point of no return, at least, when there’s still a lot of story to tell. anyway, im excited for the new chapter!


    Side effect of the dark dragon ritual.
    Maybe when Sun absorbed the darkness, whoever red is enter his body

  18. EliSan

    Guys. Do you remember the prologue of the third volume? There Neo mentions something about Grisia having too much power that the country does not need so he sealed him right? And Scarlet also sad “you are back” when he started acting violently right? Back to what? To the way he was or to the way he should be? It can’t be that she knew him as a kid. If I remember correctly he is an orphan. But that is just too strange so I don’t believe that.
    But I agree with everyone else that it must be a dream. It’s not like Yu Wo has a habit of making the plot obvious from the start. I hope the volume will be translated quickly cos I’m really curios ^.^ but I still can’t shake off the feeling that this prologue is a premonition to something bad that will happen to Grisia… Poor Grisia…

    There is also one part I don’t really understand:

    “Are they also black? Is this very uncommon? My eyes weren’t the only things that changed color.”

    Does that mean that something else changed it’s colour? It can’t be his hair right?

    • abersham

      in the last chapter of the last volume, Grisia’s hair color became black after absorbing the dark element in the valley. maybe this is a dream continuing from that event.

    • ahiko

      (spoiler removed – and yes, that’s a spoiler)
      Yay, I finally remember what this volume is about, it’s always great to read this proper translation, compare to google translate-what a pains… Always miss out so many important details.

  19. Kai Merah

    What the hell? No way. This has gotta be a nightmare. Something is influencing Sun’s dreams. If this was plain out of his subconscious, he wouldn’t be taking note of all the suspicious things like Roland or the Divine Sun Sword appearing out of nowhere. Maybe it’s Red! Red is trying to turn Sun dark again!

  20. Naema

    I don’t think this a dream !!! But am sure they will not die eather !!! Am not sure any more !! But ifeel bad that gresia is falling in to the dark more and more

  21. Kuran Nita

    It’s definitely a dream (Sun’s dream to be precise) and that’s it.. No more anything.
    There’s no way Yu Wo made Sun really kill his brother.
    Just like the other said, there are things that just popped out of nowhere.

  22. dollyfishe

    noooooooooooooo me dun wan 2 read anymore bad grisia ~><~ it's Christmas, why it's so bad to the point I can't wait for the next chapter to see a talking nonsense grisia that has to mention God of light every few words (I prefer that one after the bad thing that happen on the last chappie tho I will find it hard to understand)

  23. Srylanna

    A dream. It has to be a dream. A nightmare. Sun’s nightmare. Lesus Judgement cannot be dead. I refuse to believe it. I refuse it.

  24. that guy

    I’m confused enough to believe it’s a dream..
    Probably because of what he did to the holy knights during the dragon ritual phase…guilt…
    If it isn’t… He always has revive skill..right?

  25. immasweetslovinggirl


  26. Anonymous

    Yes, definitely a dream, as heavily implied since the moment that he commanded Roland and Roland abruptly had always been there despite not having been there when commanded (and him being confused that Roland was there, despite having commanded him). Likewise with the sword later on. (In any case, consistent with dreamstuff, in which both one’s expectations and the created world’s response to them are muddled.)

    Presumably he will now wake up, confined and with huge amounts of paperwork still remaining…

  27. monica

    I think it’s a dream, refer to the next chapter is LSK V5C1: “Frightening Children into being too Scared to Sleep at Night”
    But maybe, just maybe, I think someone in this dream will really died somewhere after this, dream can be scary sometimes o_O
    I just hope no one died cause it make Sun must sacrifice something again for the resurrection >.<
    Thanks for the translation ^0^

  28. The Man Behind the Curtain

    It is. Random things appearing illogically the moment your mind shifts to them is the hallmark of a dream.

  29. kanukka

    Please, tell me it’s not a dream. If this is a dream… it’d be going the easiest way. But it looks like a dream… Ech…
    Thanks for translation!

  30. Death2boredom

    I’m taking the title of the next chapter, “Frightening Children into being too Scared to Sleep at Night”, as a hint towards this being a dream. Plus, as others have mentioned, Sun mentioning two things that he definitely would have sensed appearing out of no where and Roland simply following such dark commands just make it too off to be reality.

  31. NeoWarrior

    We are being Trolled now?!
    Seriously, the tittles for the next few chapters are a given that we are in for some serious trolling:
    Misdeed #1: “Frightening Children into being too Scared to Sleep at Night”
    Misdeed #2: “Sending out Annoying Subordinates to Disrupt Peace”
    Misdeed #3: “Destroying Other People’s Wealth”
    Misdeed #4: “Creating Various Mysteries”
    Misdeed #5: “Stirring up all Sorts of Trouble and Making Everyone Run Around to Fix it”
    Misdeed #6: “Slaughtering the Innocent”
    Misdeed #7: “Dragging Others Down”
    Misdeed #8: “Adding Fatal Injury to Crimes”
    Misdeed #9: “Causing Panic”
    Misdeed #10: “Undead Creatures Should Not Intervene with the Living World”

    Either we end up with EvilSun is dreaming or we are about to change perspective to Pink or Roland while she/he tries to figure out a way to wake a sleeping Sun…

    • Ronale

      I can see the title of the 1st chapter gives a perfectly nice explanation for the prologue – although I don’t know if I could call Grisia a child. In that case the chapter titles would refer to someone else’s misdeeds, such as a certain undying lich from the novel title, be it Pink, Scarlet or someone else altogether. Looking forward to the story.

  32. Little Writer

    This has to be a dream.
    1) NOOOO! ICE!!! You promised cookies ;.;
    (spoiler removed. sorry, some people don’t like looking at the book synopses!)
    Also, this could be a future vision of some sort.
    Haha, they can’t die yet.

  33. The Book Girl

    What if this was a dream, but it wasn’t Sun’s? Like, if you’re in a dream and there is a first perspective, but that isn’t you? The thought’s you hear aren’t your own? I think this is someone else’s dream.
    I think, yes, in the dream the seal was removed, but in a different way.
    I think either Pink or Scarlett, or maybe them both acting as a team, removed it partially, or remove too much with it. I think this was a dream sent to someone else, my guess being Lesus, warning them of the worst-case scenario. This wouldn’t be Yu Wo if all possible scenarios weren’t explored. Maybe Sun had the dream, too, but he doesn’t know what it means. That much is certain. Or maybe he does, but doesn’t want to admit it because that would mean he’s dengerous.
    Maybe Pink sent him that dream to arise a feeling of panic, and with it a form of insanity and anger that only arise when one is deeply scared and resents themself for it. With Sun alert, he is manipulative, even if it is Sun.
    I think it was Neo, though. I think Neo sent Sun the dream so he could seek consolance with Lesus and figure out what to do. If Sun was really that dangerous, do you really think Neo would’ve trained him? And what about Roland? That was also uncharacteristical for him as well. Roland is an evil being, but he is not cruel. The final verdict: This did not happen. This was an alert, sent to use or warn Sun of what he could become. The real villain, regardless of whom, is yet to be found.

  34. Random Dood

    See, this is what happens when a guy who obviously likes women and wants sex is consistently barred from both for an extended period of time. I was kinda expecting this ever since Earth and Judge accidentally prevented Sun from getting what he wanted last volume. I mean seriously, a guy can only go so far :/. Stop thinking of Sun like this standard anime protagonist that doesn’t need women, you should’ve known from day one he’s entirely not like that….

  35. StarWarrior

    WHAT?! You have got to be kidding me! That can’t be Grisia! He messed with Lesus! Where’s the next chapter when you need it? This is the season for happiness yet it felt like the chapter took everyone back into Halloween. Grrrrr (>_<)

  36. Kazuki89

    Nooo, I don’t want this to happen! :'(
    I love Judgement, he can’t die?
    This is so unfit for Cristmas, give me back the mean, but still kind of sweet Sun. I prefer him instead of this evil killer. x_x

  37. Dúnadan

    Grisia, the Dark Knight Rises

    BTW isn’t “Misdeed #5: “Stirring up all Sorts of Trouble and Making Everyone Run Around to Fix it” ” Something Grisia do all the time?

  38. Zevm

    My bet is that its probably some kind of nightmare of Grisa’s and probably foreshadowing something about him becoming/dealing with the Demon King

    • RuneIce

      I couldn’t agree more :D

      [seeing the “LSKV5 Prologue have been published” status]
      –yes! yes! finally! The Sealed Sun! *mentally seeing Sun living in a confinement chamber. Ready to maul like a rabid wolverine <–pissed as he has to correct a month’s worth of documents! X)

      then after reading a couple of paragraphs.

      (0.0) huh. what the…
      scrolled up because I have this confused feelings that I may have skip a couple of unknown chapters.
      ………………………………………………………………………………………… great! another evil cliffhanger.
      *waiting patiently*

      #devilishSun <–if it turns out to be a nightmare.
      #twistedSeerSun <–if it turns out to be a vision…

      damn I can't wait..

  39. Puja Chan

    oh God, what happened to Sun?!! Lesus can’t be died, right?! n the other holy knights too…
    i hope this is just a dream…. hiks (=_=)

  40. jhzfbjahvkafjnbvajs– why can’t I read Chinese? ;~; *crais*

    Epic prologue. <3 I can't wait to read the rest of this book. <333

  41. Krystal

    … (Frozen stiff in shock) … Grisia actually sincerely promising to be a benevolent spokesperson of the god of light makes more sense than sun(Grisia) harming a single hair on “his” knights… This chapter is scarily unbelievable… If this really happened and its not a dream, I will… drop the book series that has gotten me hooked at school right now for two months.. And believe me, that is a drastic measure for me. And Roland working with him to kill the other knights without a single feeling of remorse… unreal. Roland, the kind and caring Roland even in death cannot do that to someone who has not harmed any of his friends or something. He seems to care more about his friends than about himself… What happened to my angelic Roland and mischievous Grisia who always made me laugh or scoff with his schemes that didn’t harm anyone who wasn’t deserving of it (at least in his own perspective)… Cry. Hope u hurry with the new chapter or I’m going to die due to restlessness and uneasiness…

  42. Dragonssing2emokid

    he killed Elmairy! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! If it was real life then Grisia wouldn’t have even thought about it! not because he likes him… because he would have to ressurect him again. then he’d be stuck with no colour perception and lack of balance or something. XD

  43. xehnri

    I think this is an awesome way to start the volume. LOL :D
    Thank you for translating!

  44. Mukuru

    i think he is going to become the demon king… i mean, all these story titles are like, demon king deeds… and yeah… i think scarlet was trying to i don’t know, awaken him?? Lol. i might be playing too many rpgs….

  45. Shiael

    okay, what? what, what, what? i knew stories like this generally turned dark toward the end, but never seen one do this quite so literally.

  46. Erenu

    i mean, this has to be a dream….

    Grisia winning over Lesus….at a Sword fight? Grisia picking the Divine Sun Sword Righ….and stabbing someone? I mean every time He picked up a sword it was bound to fall to the floor xDDDDD

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