The Legend of Sun Knight V5C1: “Frightening Children into Being too Scared to Sleep at Night”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 5: The Undying Lich, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The First Misdeed of an Undying Lich: “Frightening Children into Being too Scared to Sleep at Night” — translated by bleachpanda

“Sun, Sun?”

Although I didn’t open my eyes, I could already sense a lot of dark element in the shape of a human beside me… It’s Roland!

I nearly jumped up, grabbed his shoulder, and agitatedly shouted, “Why did you do it? Even though it was on my orders, that kind of thing, that kind of thing… Even if I was the one who ordered you to do it, you definitely should not do it!”

Roland stood there in shock. The moment I stopped shaking him, he asked reflexively, “That kind of thing? What kind of thing?”

“It’s killing…” I’m not even able to say these words! Why did I relay such an order? And I even ordered it as if it were the most natural thing in the world! That is impossible!

“Sun, did you have a nightmare?” Roland said a bit perplexedly, “I kept hearing you moan so I decided to come in and check on you, but nothing had happened. You were only lying down and sleeping.”

A nightmare? This time, it was my turn to be in shock. After that, I decided to extend the range of my sensing ability.

I was lying inside a room. There weren’t many things inside the room, and I was sitting on top of a bed. Beside the bed was a table and chair set, and there were many documents placed on the table. The door wasn’t a normal wooden door, but rather an iron door and there was a small window on the wall.

This was the confinement chamber. That’s right! I had been confined by Judgment.

So, it really… really was only a nightmare?

“Sun, are you all right?” Roland asked worriedly.

But, the dream felt too real! I could even feel the emotions I had while giving the orders to kill… those feelings of killing others just because it felt fun. I felt like a child, a child who does things because he think it’s interesting and fun, who does malicious things without even caring one bit about how others felt!

It also felt really similar to that time when I was in the Valley of Trizer. After I had absorbed a large amount of the dark element, that feeling of wanting to do whatever I wanted, with no worries about consequences, with nothing restricting me, with nothing that should or shouldn’t be done… I had thrown everything away without a care. The only thing important had been whether I was happy or not… It felt so terrifying.

“Sun, I think you only had a nightmare,” Roland worriedly said. “I was guarding outside, and no one came in at all.”

Is that so? However, this confinement chamber actually has a hidden door. Although no one might have come in, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t go out! I’m afraid that… I couldn’t have done something while I was sleeping, could I?

I’ve heard that in this world, there is a sort of thing called sleepwalking that would allow those sleeping to get up and do many strange things and have no idea and no recollection of performing such things… Upon thinking this, I couldn’t feel at ease. “I have to go see them.”

“See who?” Roland said, astonished.

“Blaze, Leaf, Ice and Judgment.”

I stood up and grabbed my coat as I was talking. After I put it on, I immediately walked towards the door. However, Roland desperately rushed in front of me and said firmly, “Judgment said that, without his permission, you’re not allowed to leave the confinement chamber!”

“I have to leave!”

“No! Judgment said I can’t let you leave!” Roland replied, even more resolute than before.

A sudden flame of anger surged inside of me, and I couldn’t stop myself from roaring, “Roland Hell, you need to get this straight. I am the head of the Holy Temple!”

Roland froze, but I froze as well.

No matter what, I shouldn’t have yelled at Roland. He was only obeying his orders and following them. In addition, he had only recently taken upon the role of the Hell Knight. It was natural that he wouldn’t be as on the same page as the others.

The Twelve Holy Knights all know that when I seriously give an order, even Judgment wouldn’t refute me. That’s why they would usually listen to and follow my orders. However, the most mysterious thing is that all of the Twelve Holy Knights can tell when I am seriously giving an order or not. I’d wondered more than once. Just how are they determining whether I’m serious or not? If I can figure that out, then from here on, I can pretend to be serious…

“Fine!” After Roland furrowed his eyebrows and contemplated for a while, he finally nodded his head. However, after he agreed, he said even more unwaveringly, “But I must follow you, and this time you’re not allowed to get rid of me on purpose.”

“Deal!” I immediately concurred.

In order to set Roland’s mind at rest, I decided to just grab his hand, pull him along and run straight to the hallway with the rooms of the Twelve Holy Knights. The closest room happened to be Blaze’s. I let go of Roland’s hand and gently pushed Blaze’s door.

The door wasn’t locked, so when I gently pushed it, it opened. I quietly walked in and stood at the end of the bed, looking at the person on the bed.

The bed wasn’t small at all, but Blaze was only lying down on one side of the bed with all four limbs stretched out and half of his body hanging out of the bed. His sleeping position is really horribly terrible!

I remembered that Roland had chopped off Blaze’s entire shoulder in the dream… However, my sensing ability clearly told me that the shoulders of the person on the bed had no wound; they were perfectly fine and completely intact.

I let out a deep breath of relief. However, right afterwards, I still did not feel all that reassured, so I called out, “Blaze.”

The person on the bed shook a little and then practically jumped up, immediately shouting, “Who… Sun?”

After recognizing that it was me, Blaze looked at me in astonishment. Even though he had been woken up in the middle of the night, he was still evidently filled with energy. His actions were so exaggeratedly large and even his eyes opened up so wide they were like teacups.

I moved forward and patted his shoulder. He only looked back at me blankly; he didn’t shout that it hurt at all… Blaze is really fine! I breathed a sigh of relief.

Uncaring of whether Blaze had reacted any further to my actions, I quickly left the room to check on Leaf as well since his room was just beside Blaze’s. However, the moment I walked outside, I saw Leaf standing in the hallway. His face was filled with disbelief. He was wearing his pajamas, but he was showing his bare feet. He was also holding his bow.

The whole image was extremely mismatched.

“Sun?” He nervously said in a small voice, “Weren’t you confined by Judgment? Did you secretly escape? Hurry up and go back! Blaze screamed really loudly just now, he might have woken up Judgment as well!”

I didn’t answer him. I only walked forward and grabbed Leaf’s head and swung it left and right.

“Sun… Ah! My neck is going to break, can you use less force?” Leaf cried out in pain, but he still didn’t stop me from twisting his head. He probably didn’t have any idea what I was even doing… He really is such an extremely good person!

Great! Leaf’s neck and head aren’t separated and he can still scream in pain, so he should be all right.

After tossing Leaf’s head to the side, I ran straight for Ice’s room. Although the door wasn’t opened, I could already sense the situation behind the door.

It was already this late, yet Ice still hadn’t gone to sleep. His back was towards the door, and he was sitting in front of his table. On his table was an incomplete cake, and he was in the middle of carefully using cream to make flowers… I kicked the door open with one hit and burst inside.

Ice practically jumped up in fright, hands holding his cake, and turned around, freezing in place just like what Blaze had done.

I rushed forward and with one hand, smacked away the cake that was in the way. Then I ripped Ice’s clothes that were covering his chest area. After touching around, I realized that his chest was smooth and sleek. There was absolutely no large, deep, X-shaped wound that penetrated to his bones.

“That’s great!”

I breathed a big sigh of relief. Although I still haven’t seen Judgment, since Blaze, Leaf and Ice are all fine, then Judgment should definitely be fine too! Therefore, everything must have really been only a nightmare. All that never happened. I never ordered Roland to kill Blaze and the others, Roland didn’t kill any of them and I definitely didn’t kill Judgment! This is really wonderful…

“Did you see? Sun woke up in the middle of the night just to come and rip open Ice’s clothes! Tsk tsk!”

Many whispers from different voices drifted over from the area of the door.

“Could it be that after experiencing so many failures with princesses he decided to go play for the other team?”

“Then, from now on, when I go to sleep, I’ll definitely remember to lock the door…”

“What could one door do? Even a dragon can’t stop him!”

“Then what should we do?”

“Sleep in the same room as Judgment or Hell! The two of them are the strongest, so they should be able to hold out for a while…”

Where is this conversation going? I immediately turned around and shouted, trying to clear everything up, “What are you all talking about! I have no interest in men… Judgment?”

Besides the abominable bastards that were whispering by the door, there was also the person that I didn’t want to be found out by the most standing there — Knight-Captain Judgment.

I never thought that he would arrive so quickly. He has even put on his clothes neatly and tidily, although his clothes are just a piece of black cloth… No, a black robe. You only need to drape it over your body and you’re done.

Facing Judgment’s cold stare, I could only brace myself and explain, “I had a nightmare. I saw Blaze, Leaf, Ice and you being killed. So, I rushed over to confirm that everyone was all right.”

Although what I said was the truth, the words sounded so unbelievable that even I didn’t really believe them.

As I expected, not only Judgment but everyone there revealed an expression showing that they didn’t believe me at all. A bit dejectedly, I said, “However, you’re definitely thinking I’m speaking nonsense and that I actually secretly escaped and randomly made up an excuse to you.”

Judgment merely raised his eyebrow.

“In addition, I’m also inside Ice’s room, so I most likely came to get sweets.”

Judgment smiled faintly.

“And the reason I ripped Ice’s clothes was most likely because he tried to convince me to go back to the confinement chamber and that if I didn’t he’d go report it to you. So in order to stop him I grabbed him in a moment of desperation and accidentally ripped open his clothes…”

Judgment nodded his head. Even the others revealed expressions of sudden realization of what had really happened… Besides Earth! Just a moment ago, he was the one who was saying something like I didn’t sleep in the middle of the night in order to run here and rip off clothes! And right now, he still dared to reveal a suspicious look at me! Horrible! I’ll definitely remember you!

“Judgment,” I growled a bit angrily, “Just say something! Anything! After all, I already know that since I secretly escaped the confinement chamber, you’re going to confine me a few extra days, right?”

“You’re wrong. I won’t punish you this time, because it’s not necessary,” Judgment finally opened his mouth. He leisurely remarked, “Sun, you’re currently stepping on Ice’s cake.”


After he said that, I then suddenly realized… Why does my back feel so cold?

I quickly said, “Judgment, hurry up! Take me back to the confinement chamber! Didn’t you say I’m not allowed to leave? I’m willing to be incarcerated for an extra three days… Even one week is fine! Otherwise, two weeks! How is two weeks?”

With a bang, he used incomparable speed to close the door.


A… Achoo!

I sneezed heavily and then sniffled. This was quite unbelievable. Could this really be the legendary… Common cold?

As the Sun Knight that possesses the God of Light’s favor, I have never had a cold since I was ten. But right now, I’ve actually caught a cold! Seems like this time, Ice is really mad. Even the ice magic he threw at me was extremely powerful.

Ah… Ah… Achoo!

At the same time I was sneezing, the confinement chamber’s door opened, followed by a concerned voice asking, “Are you all right?”

Without raising my head, I snapped, “Not good at all. I’ve been confined, I have to do paperwork, Ice is angry at me and I’ve even caught a cold. I’m as miserable as I can get!”

The person that had come laughed. Even though he was laughing, his voice was still as deep as usual. Hearing it really couldn’t lift anyone’s spirits up… Even if you searched through the entirety of Leaf Bud City, besides Knight-Captain Judgment, you wouldn’t be able to find another person capable of such a low-spirited laugh that wouldn’t make anyone hearing it the least bit happy.

“Are you truly that miserable?” asked Judgment, laughing.

After sneezing once again, I snappily said, “Could I really be any more miserable than this?”

Judgment raised his hand and waved the documents held in them. As he placed the documents on the table, he said, “Ice said, in order to punish you for wasting food, he won’t make any sweets for you in the following month.”

“…I don’t want to live anymore! You might as well kill me!”

Judgment revealed an expression that was like a smile yet not a smile, “It’s not that serious, right? I can give you my sweets, and you would most likely also ask Leaf for his sweets.”

“That’s not the same!” I shouted in objection, “Ice would always make me super sweet sweets. I want to eat that type of super sweet sweets!”

“Ice hardened his heart and decided not to make any sweets for you to eat. Regarding this, I don’t have anything I could do that could possibly help you. You know Ice’s personality. He doesn’t get mad often, but once he gets mad, he will definitely not be easily pacified. In addition, this time you trampled the thing he treasures most to the point of tatters, so I’m afraid…”

Hearing everything up to this point, my face fell. If the usually good-tempered Ice had any feathers that could be ruffled, then you can be sure that it was trampling and wasting the sweets he makes for no reason.

Judgment sighed. He helplessly said, “I won’t be able to help you with Ice’s case, but if you were to tell me what kind of a nightmare you had, I will release you from the confinement chamber and call Adair back.”

Hearing Judgment’s terms, I seriously thought about it for a moment. I don’t mind being confined in the confinement chamber… Since, after all, I usually shut myself away inside my room, so right now it’s only changing the place I’m being closed in. But the most important term he spoke of is ‘calling Adair back’!

If I had Adair, I could throw all the documents to him and then go out and buy sweets. Even if I didn’t have sweets made by Ice, I could still manage to survive for one month. If I had Adair and saw anyone I disliked, I could drop a hint and tell Adair to surround and beat the person up. If I had Adair, I could practically ignore all laws and do anything… Ahem! I mean “do as I pleased”!

Although I would utterly love to have Adair back, I purposely revealed a troubled expression and bargained, “But, you still have to give Leaf’s and your sweets to me!”

Judgment nodded his head and then said, “I can give mine to you but try not to take Leaf’s sweets as much as possible, especially when the Holy Temple’s kitchen is on vacation. Recently, he’s been writing letters to the princess of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid and thus has opened up another expense for paper and ink. If you take his sweets as well, I’m afraid he’ll starve during vacation time.”

“Okay,” I reluctantly agreed.

Judgment walked to my side and sat on the bedside along with me. He said, “Now, tell me! What kind of nightmare did you really have that could make you wake everyone up in the middle of the night?”

I hesitated for a moment. Although I didn’t really want to think about the nightmare, I had already agreed so I told him everything that had happened in it clearly and thoroughly… up to the point when I stabbed him to death. It felt quite awkward; I nearly couldn’t continue the rest.

However, Judgment’s expression didn’t change from beginning to end. It was as if I wasn’t talking about the frightful actions of massacring the Twelve Holy Knights, but rather only speaking of a very normal dream, so I was just able to barely finish telling him what the dream was about.

Judgment silently listened until the end. He stayed silent for a bit and then suddenly asked, “Do you know why the ones who died were Ice, Leaf and Blaze?”

I froze, not catching on to what he was trying to say. I asked in confusion, “Why them? It’s just a dream. It’s not like I chose them.”

“You chose them,” Judgment faintly said, “because Leaf died once before and Ice and Blaze were wounded in this latest incident. You feel a strong sense of guilt towards the three of them. For you, it’s as if you’ve killed them yourself.”

So… that’s why?

“Don’t blame yourself any further,” Judgment sighed, “Ice and Blaze understand your personality and that’s why they forgave you without the slightest hesitation. They were scared that you’d blame yourself too much. Don’t let them down. Forgive yourself!”

“I haven’t been blaming myself!” I retorted agitatedly. Hearing Judgment say the same kind of things as he had said in the dream, telling me to not blame myself, made me feel really uncomfortable. It made me feel like the things that had happened in the dream were real, only that they would take place in the future.

Hearing this response, Judgment looked straight at me, giving me the shivers. I hurriedly tried to defend myself, “It’s only natural for me to blame myself to a certain point. It was me who had taken Leaf out, and when he died, I wasn’t even beside him. Also, I even hurt Blaze and Ice using my own hands. They… The three of them were… Because of me… Because of me, the three of them were…”

Judgment robustly interrupted my words and thundered, “The three of them are sleeping fine in their own rooms! Their only worries are how you are blaming yourself so much! Sun, it isn’t only you who feels sad when you hurt your own brothers! Stone told me that when Leaf found out you had lied to him about not being blind, he felt so upset that he nearly wanted to dig out his own eyes and return them to you!”

“He… He didn’t…” I nearly jumped up in fright.

Judgment immediately answered, “Of course not, Stone successfully persuaded him out of it. Moreover, even if he did dig out his eyes, there wouldn’t be a way to make you see the light again. Only in keeping his eyes would he be able to help you. He should understand this.”

I relaxed. That really scared me to death.

Judgment, with a deep and heartfelt voice said, “Sun, when your brothers are hurt, you become deeply upset. But the opposite is also true; if you were hurt, we would be very worried as well. Therefore, if you don’t want this to happen again, the next time you do something dangerous, don’t do it by yourself!”

I was silent for a long time. Then, I glanced at Judgment with a strange look. I asked with disbelief, “You’re talking a lot today.”

“Can’t be helped,” Judgment said with a cold expression. In an even lower voice, he said, “If I don’t clearly say this to you right now, I don’t know what kind of dangerous things you would do next time by yourself, making all of us clean up after you!”

He really wasn’t holding anything back with his words. It’s not like I purposely want them to pick up after me. A bit depressed, I said, “Sorry, but I really don’t remember what happened and why I was sent to Kissinger, and why I had even lost my memories on top of that. I really don’t know!”

“Sooner or later, we’ll be able to find out the truth,” Judgment said with no hesitation. This was followed by him staring straight at me and saying, “If you want to personally investigate it, promise me that you will bring others along with you. Don’t shoulder everything by yourself.”

“Okay.” This time, I agreed right away. I didn’t want to lose my memory again, and I also didn’t want to ever hurt the Twelve Holy Knights with my hands again.

After speaking thus far, Judgment finally relaxed his expression. “Then, I’ll be going back to sleep. You should go back to your room as well! Before I came in, I already told Hell to go back to doing his own things.” After he finished speaking, he stood up, turned around and left.

I looked at him turn around, still feeling that something was strange. I couldn’t help but open my mouth and ask, “Judgment, you usually say one is one and two is two, so why is it that this time you said you would confine me for a month, yet you’re willing to let me out even though it’s only been a bit more than two weeks?”

Judgment stopped in his tracks and slowly turned his head. With a smile, he said, “The Cathedral of the Shadow God’s Silent Eagle has come to the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound. You are responsible for receiving him, so I have to release you.”

“…You tricked me again!”

Flustered and exasperated, I shouted, “Judgment! You… You have become really bad, I’m telling you!”

Judgment laughed and walked out. “It goes without saying that I’m a ‘bad’ person. You haven’t forgotten that my identity is that of the Knight-Captain Judgment whom everyone fears, right? Hm? Kind and merciful Knight-Captain Sun?”

“But I’m not kind at all, so you’re not allowed to become bad! If you’re bad, then won’t I be the biggest victim? No, Judgment, you have to be a good person, just like Leaf… Hey! Don’t ignore me!”

‘Grisia! You can never escape, you definitely can never escape so just…obediently allow me to kill you, okay?’

I abruptly opened my eyes. This time, I wasn’t panicked like before. Instead, I first used my sensing ability. As I expected, I was inside my room and I was the only one inside it. There was no one about to kill me.

Another dream?

Why have I been dreaming so frequently recently? Could this be an after-effect of memory loss? In addition, who is it that wants to kill me? Is it Scarlet? And what is the relation between Pink and Scarlet?

These questions were enough to make my head about to explode, and that was even before taking into consideration what Judgment had said. Silent Eagle has arrived in the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound… Why is he coming here out of the blue? As the real person in charge of the Cathedral of the Shadow God, him coming to the enemy religion’s headquarters, the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound is as weird as if I, as the Sun Knight, went off to the Kingdom of Kissinger… Uh!

Okay, I’ve been to the Kingdom of Kissinger before as well, so his coming to the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound doesn’t seem to be that strange.

Scarlet, Pink, dark elements and Silent Eagle… Everything seems to be related to the Cathedral of the Shadow God. Why don’t I just start investigating from the Cathedral of the Shadow God? Something should definitely come up!

However, I wasn’t familiar with the Cathedral of the Shadow God. I should find someone and ask them about it.

After getting up and dressing myself, I brushed my hair and then touched my faceAfter two weeks of confinement during which I was able to apply masks every day, my skin had become so nice that I would rather feel myself than feel women… However, if there really were women for me to touch, then I wouldn’t mind not having this face!

But I’ve gotten off track. Anyway, even Roland says that I’m even whiter than undead creatures now. The state of my outward appearance can’t be any better, and it definitely matches the image of the fair and handsome Sun Knight. Therefore, right now I can immediately go out and start questioning people!

“Cathedral of the Shadow God?”

Storm rolled his eyes. Brusquely, he said, “Do you really think that I know everything? I only know the gossip in our own country! If you want to ask about a country that far away, I don’t have that kind of remarkable ability!”

“I see,” I disappointingly replied.

Probably seeing that I was extremely disappointed, Storm shook his head and added, “You asked the wrong person. Try and ask Cloud! He might have read it in a book somewhere. That guy is the real walking encyclopedia!”

Hearing Cloud’s name, I suddenly realized that it really was the most appropriate to ask Cloud about these things! It seems that I really have been asking Storm so many questions recently that when anything happens, my automatic reaction is to go and ask him.

“You have Sun’s gratitude, Brother Storm, for you have cleared the mist for Sun and allowed Sun to reunite with resplendent sunshine, allowing Sun to receive the joyous illumination of the light. Sun thanks the God of Light, and Sun thanks Brother Storm.”

Storm expressionlessly said, “If you really want to thank me, never say thank you to me again. How many times do I have to say it? Are you doing this on purpose? It’s exactly like when you say our names wrong… Shut up! Don’t say my name!”

I shut my mouth and obediently nodded my head. Then, I waved goodbye. After walking ten steps, I confirmed that I was at a distance that no matter how fast Storm was, he wouldn’t be able to rush toward me, punch me without others noticing, and return to his original position as if nothing had happened. It was then that I finally bid him farewell.

“Bye! ‘Deatheo’.”


From behind me came Storm’s retaliating voice, “Sun, Adair needs three more days until he can return. Therefore, for these three days, don’t forget to do your paperwork! Hey! You’re not allowed to pretend that you’re deaf!”

I can’t hear, I’m deaf, I can’t hear… I hurriedly left and went straight to the library.

Ever since the Pope had dismissed the librarian and had Cloud manage the library, Cloud was never able to free himself from his part-time job of being the librarian. Even though farmers had recently had a bountiful harvest and money offerings to the Church had increased, the Pope still didn’t allow him to leave the job.

Therefore, the Pope, that old man, definitely planned this all beforehand. In order for him to save on paying the librarian’s salary, he actually pushed Knight-Captain Cloud, who has a high position, into becoming a librarian. This was simply… Too great!

Because, now when I want to find Cloud, I don’t need to inelegantly walk around shouting for him. I only have to go to the library now to find him, which is much more convenient. Many holy knights, especially the Cloud Knight Platoon, actually clapped their hands at the plan that the Pope came up with to save money.

I walked into the library, and many knights raised their heads and greeted me. After smiling and nodding at each one of them, I walked to the library’s information desk and elegantly tapped the table’s service bell.

The bell only rang twice before Cloud quietly “rose” from the back of the table. He only revealed his head and then didn’t “rise” anymore.

I smiled as I looked at him, and he also silently looked at me. After staring for a while, Cloud quietly stood up and wordlessly followed me in leaving. Of course, only he was silent; I was smiling and greeting others the whole time we were walking. Although I have always hated smiling and greeting others, after being confined for two weeks and seeing no one but a few of the Twelve Holy Knights, I felt that smiling and greeting others right now wasn’t that detestable anymore.

While walking with a smile in the Holy Temple’s hallway, I told Cloud, “I want some information on the Cathedral of the Shadow God.”

Cloud tilted his head to one side, and then began with a flat voice, “Around seven hundred years ago, in the year 125 of the Sacred Calendar, in contrast to the Church of the God of Light that focuses on benevolence and the Monastery of the God of War that values strength the most, the word “shadows” began to appear among the people. The focus was the idea of doing whatever one wanted…”

“I don’t want to know how they came to be!” I said a bit helplessly. “My term of service as the Sun Knight would be done by the time I finished listening to you tell me the entire history. Tell me the connection between the Cathedral of the Shadow God’s representative, the shadowpriests, and Silent Eagle.”

Cloud froze for a bit, and then opened his mouth again to say, “The Cathedral of the Shadow God’s representative is the Demon King. Silent Eagle and the shadowpriests exist to serve him. Silent Eagle is the commander of the dark knights. On the other hand, the shadowpriests are few in number with that usually being around thirty. However, each shadowpriest is extremely powerful…”

Now he seemed to be at a loss, not knowing how to continue.

What Cloud had said was basically the parts I had already known. Besides the most basic information, I didn’t know much more about the Cathedral of the Shadow God.

I hesitated. Then, I took the initiative and said, “Tell me more about the representative. For example, how do they elect him?”

Cloud hesitated and then shook his head. He said, “It hasn’t been recorded officially in texts. There have only been rumors.”

“No problem, tell me about it!” I insisted. After all, rumors are sometimes more truthful than records!

“It has been said that the Shadow God personally chooses the Demon King.”

How could that be possible! I fell silent. Probably from seeing my expression, Cloud nodded his head, as if he agreed. However, he added, “It might not be the Shadow God, but rather some kind of holy artifact left by the God, similar to the Divine Sun Sword. There have also been rumors among the people that the God of Light chooses the Sun Knight through the Divine Sun Sword.”

Of course the Sun Knight isn’t chosen by the Divine Sun Sword or personally by the God of Light, but rather by the previous Sun Knight. No one understands this better than I do.

However, I have also once heard of this rumor before. Something about how only the real Sun Knight can pull the Divine Sun Sword out of a rock it’s been pierced into and how fakes won’t be able to pull it out. Or stuff like how when the real Sun Knight touches the Divine Sun Sword, the divine sword will shine or even start speaking, stories like that. These have always been favorite stories of a bard’s to sing.

But, in reality, if you were a holy knight or even a cleric of the God of Light, you could make the Divine Sun Sword shine, provided that you covered the sword with holy light.

Not to mention, if the Divine Sun Sword really was stabbed into a rock, among the Twelve Holy Knights, the person that would be least likely to pull it out would be me… Okay! Sometimes rumors are not very reliable either.

But, as we were saying, the so-called idea of the Shadow God personally choosing His representative may have also originated from a rumor about some holy artifact. I quickly told Cloud my thoughts, and then asked, “The dark knights wouldn’t have something like a Divine Shadow Sword, would they?”

Cloud shook his head. “The texts didn’t record that.”

“Is it possible that shadowpriests are little girls?” I tried asking.

“The texts didn’t record that.”

“Do the Demon King and Silent Eagle have a good relationship?”

“The texts didn’t record that.”

“…Is there anything you know that isn’t recorded on the texts?”

Cloud didn’t hesitate at all and used a monotonous voice to answer, “People need to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. I am the Cloud Knight. You are the Sun Knight. We shouldn’t provoke you or Knight-Captain Judgment…”

“I extremely thank you for your response but please shut up!”

Cloud closed his mouth extremely obediently.

It seems like I wouldn’t be able to obtain any useful information from Cloud either. So I really can only go and ask Pink? I originally didn’t want to look for her until I had clarified some things for myself.

However, if I must find Pink in order to figure out the truth, then I won’t avoid it. Since, after all, this needs to be solved. Otherwise, I won’t be able to be at ease… Something like amnesia definitely cannot happen again!

I turned around and faced Cloud. “Cloud, for now, follow me and handle some affairs with me.”

Since Judgment wanted me to find one of the Twelve Holy Knights to follow me to investigate and prevent any accidents from happening, then obviously, I’ll have to choose the most obedient and the most well behaved one!

Originally, Leaf was also a pretty good choice, since if I had him follow me, I could also borrow some of his seasonings during dinner time! However, after he found out that I lied to him, he’s recently been looking at me with eyes filled with great sadness, making me feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s best if I don’t ask him!

“The Pope told me to stay at the library,” Cloud said blankly.

Stupid old Pope! There are so many clerics under him that he could use, yet he always fights with me for my holy knights!

I immediately asked, “Well, do you listen to the Pope’s words or my words? Huh? Knight-Captain Cloud?”

Cloud thought for a moment. “Yours. The texts say that the Twelve Holy Knights have to listen to the Sun Knight.”

…So the reason you are so obedient is because the texts say that? Then, should I take that book and show it to all of the Twelve Holy Knights to read? No, not just the Twelve Holy Knights, the Pope should read it as well!


I didn’t need to turn around to see that Storm was jogging speedily towards me. After he reached me, he briefly and clearly said, “The Pope is looking for you.”

I looked to the left and right. There were no holy knights that were in close proximity, so I also straightforwardly lowered my voice and simply said, “What’s happening?”

“Silent Eagle has arrived.” After he finished, Storm quietly added, “The Pope and Judgment don’t seem too delighted. The Cathedral of the Shadow God leans more toward the dark element, so they’re not very welcomed in the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound.”

Silent Eagle… Awaitsun? He came at the right time. I might be able to coax some information about Pink from him.

However, I also had some doubts. Silent Eagle actually came here coincidently at such a time, could it be… He knows that I’ve been to the Kingdom of Kissinger?

Regardless, I’ll meet him first and then see!

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      He dispatched the darkness’ Death Knight back into the abyss and defeated the malevolent Undying Lich. Not to forget that he also slew a dragon, rescued a princess, and destroyed the Great Demon King…

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    • Jasae Bushae

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