The Legend of Sun Knight V4Extra: “In Theory, Never Ruffle the Sun Knight’s Feathers. In Practice, it is Better to Ruffle the Sun Knight’s Feathers than to Ruffle the Judgment Knight’s Feathers”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: To Slay a Dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Fourth Shared Rule of the Twelve Holy Knights: “In Theory, Never Ruffle the Sun Knight’s Feathers. In Practice, it is Better to Ruffle the Sun Knight’s Feathers than to Ruffle the Judgment Knight’s Feathers” – translated by raylight

In the dark, the Twelve Holy Knights sat quietly around the conference table. Only the Sun Knight had yet to arrive, yet no one was chit-chatting like usual. Rather, everyone remained silent without uttering a single word. They didn’t even give each other as much as a sideways glance, fearing that they would accidentally attract the attention of Judgment Knight, who currently had a cold expression on his face.

Suddenly, the doors of the conference room swung open, momentarily filling the whole room with light, as well as a radiantly smiling face.

“My dear brothers, it has been a long time since we have mutually exchanged the God of Light’s…”

“Sit down,” interrupted Lesus Judgment coldly.

Sun Knight was stunned for a moment, and surveyed the people in the room. He realized that everyone’s sitting posture was extremely proper, and even their backs were perfectly straight… Then, he very obediently sat in his seat, his back as straight as everyone else’s.

Lesus Judgment said with indifference, “Since you have regained your memories now, do explain to everyone as to why you would travel from the Holy Temple to the Kingdom of Moon Orchid’s Valley of Trizer.”

Sun Knight gulped and then timidly opened his mouth to say, “A-Actually, I had first gone to the Kingdom of Kissinger. But, I really don’t remember how I managed to get there…”

Bam! Lesus Judgment severely slammed the table once. Everybody’s eyelids twitched vigorously and they became even more afraid to show any kind of expression, not daring to even let a single strand of hair move.

In a short moment, Sun Knight then confessed with his lips trembling, “Lesus, I really, really don’t remember. I can swear this by the God of Light a hundred times! I can only remember that I went to sleep the previous night. When I woke up the next day, I was already in Kissinger. It’s true, I’m not lying to you this time!”

So, in the past you lied to him pretty often? No one dared to move their gaze, and only retorted inside their hearts silently.

It was unknown whether Lesus Judgment believed it or not, for he only nonchalantly said, “Well then, since you don’t remember it, let me tell you.”

“Eh?” Sun Knight looked bewildered.

As though he was conducting an interrogation, Lesus Judgment said, “Usually, you don’t carry the Divine Sun Sword out, right?”

“Eh… Right.”

“The Divine Sun Sword is a treasure that recognizes you as its owner, so there’s no possibility that it could have been taken out of the Church by someone else without you realizing it, right?”

“… Yes.”

“Thus, on that day, as for the reason why the Divine Sun Sword was outside the Church, it must have been you who brought it out, right?

“Knight-Captain Hell has always been loyal to his duties. I set an order for him to follow you, but he did not do so. It must have been that you had intentionally shaken him off, right?”

Sun Knight secretly snuck a peek at Roland Hell, and he was forced to admit, “Uh-huh.”

Lesus Judgment didn’t raise any more questions. He only gave Sun Knight a cold look before he gave his verdict, “Thus, on that day, the reason as to why you brought out the Divine Sun Sword must have been because you were about to conduct something dangerous. Then, with your personality, you must not have wanted to get Knight-Captain Hell involved in it, and hence you intentionally shook him off before going off by yourself to do something dangerous. In the end, due to certain unknown matters happening, you were sent over to the Kingdom of Kissinger and lost your memories. What happened is as such.”

Hearing the verdict, everyone had an expression of realization on his face, while Sun Knight wore an expression of wanting to cry but not being able to.

In the future, if we were to lose our memories, we won’t have to worry; Knight-Captain Judgment would be responsible for judging what I have done or will do in that state, everyone silently thought in their hearts again.

Lesus Judgment slowly stood up, and then from his higher position, he looked down onto the still-seated Sun Knight. Using his extremely low voice, he said, “Last time you made yourself blind. This time you went off to do something dangerous by yourself, resulting in amnesia… If we don’t discipline your unruly self, next time I’m not sure what kind of things you’re going to do!”

“You want to discipline me?”

Sun Knight looked dumfounded. After seeing Lesus Judgment’s icy expression, he finally understood that this time, he meant it for real. He immediately shouted, “Wait a minute, my stomach suddenly hurts and I want to go to the toilet. If there’s anything, discuss it after I come back!”

When he finished speaking, he violently stood up and turned around to run toward the door. In this time frame, Lesus did not even move, but only stared at him with a cold gaze.

Sun Knight had only walked two steps when he realized that someone had already blocked the door of the conference room.


Leaf Knight stood at the door, showing a gentle smile as he said, “Sun, even when you became blind, you refused to tell me about it, and even deceived me for so long. If your lie had not been exposed this time, how much longer were you planning to deceive me? Hmm? Sun.”

Sun Knight gulped and instantly turned around, wanting to switch to jumping through the window to escape for his life. However, this time, it was Ice Knight who stood at the window.

“Ice…” Sun Knight looked very grieved as he said, “Didn’t you already say that you forgive me?”

Ice Knight nodded his head, and then he said, “I forgive you for throwing me to the dragon.” Afterwards, he silently rubbed Sun Knight’s head, and then returned to the window.

“… You are holding a grudge in this way?”

Ice Knight nodded his head again.

Since that method didn’t work, Sun Knight could only turn around. He aimed a glance at Knight-Captain Hell, who was still seated. In a hurry, he yelled, “Roland, hurry and take me out of here!”

Roland Hell said in a faint voice, “You purposely shook me off and made me fail to carry out my duties. I have always felt very upset that I actually didn’t manage to do my job, and caused everyone so much trouble…”


Sun Knight took a look to his left, and then to the right. All of the people whom his eyes landed on turned their heads, not even daring to look at him at all.

Upon the realization that there was no help within sight, he made a decision at this critical juncture without any hesitation. He instantly yelled, “Adair, help!”

The conference room’s door was knocked open, and Adair hastily rushed in, shouting, “Captain, what has happened?”

At this moment, Lesus Judgment finally made a move. With a sudden flicker of his shadow, he jumped in front of Adair. The latter only managed to blurt out in suspicion, “Knight-Captain Judg- Oof!” before a hit landed on his abdomen. Adair slowly collapsed with a stomach full of doubt.

“Vidar,” Lesus Judgment called lightly.

A holy knight, who was wearing the Judgment Knight Platoon’s uniform, walked in through the door and saluted Judgment Knight. In this time frame, although he had tried to keep calm, he could not help but sneak a peek at the unconscious Adair out of the corner of his eye.

Lesus Judgment instructed his vice-captain, “The Sun Knight Platoon’s vice-captain, Adair, is permitted a month’s worth of sick leave because he was ‘injured on duty.’ All of his work will be handled personally by Knight-Captain Sun. You will be responsible for bringing Adair back to his hometown to rest and, at the same time, inform him that during this period of his sick leave, if I see him around the Holy Temple even once, the Sun Knight will have to personally correct documents for another month!”

Sun Knight looked at Vidar dragging away his last savior. With an expression of despair, he looked back at Lesus Judgment, asking, “Lesus, are you for real?”

Lesus Judgment stoically said, “Deceiving others is something that you usually do, but have I done it before?”

Hearing that, Sun Knight was speechless for a while, but he still struggled desperately. Putting up a bold face, he said, “Your reasoning seems to be very rational when you first hear it, but there’s also a possibility that I was only bringing the Divine Sun Sword out to look for Pink to brew tea together, and afterwards for unknown reasons I was set up by her and was sent flying to Kissinger…”

“You’re talking about Pink?”

Roland abruptly started speaking, “She helped out quite a bit. When we received the news that Blaze had sent, we originally had no idea how to go over there in such a short period of time. At that time, she had coincidentally happened to come over and look for me. Once she heard about this matter, she prepared a teleportation circle, and sent all of us over.”

“… What?” He was flabbergasted. It was Pink who had sent them over? But, but I thought that…

Pink is Scarlet.

Hesitant, he asked, “Is Pink still a little girl?”

“No, she switched to another body.” Roland shook his head, and then explained in detail, “This time, she changed to a woman that looks like she was in her twenties. She is no longer a little girl.”

What? If you say that then… Pink is really not Scarlet?

“Grisia,” Lesus Judgment abruptly shouted.

“What?” Sun Knight turned around to look toward Lesus Judgment. Could it be that he too found Pink a little odd?

Lesus Judgment said indifferently, “Don’t think that changing the topic will be able to help you escape from this. Leaf, Hell, drag Sun to the confinement chamber. Knight-Captain Hell, starting from today, for the whole month, you will be responsible for looking after Sun. Without my permission, no one is allowed to enter that confinement chamber.”


The two of them supported Sun Knight, one on the left and the other on the right. They started dragging him toward the door of the conference room.

“Wait a minute! Lesus, I won’t dare to act unreasonably again! Help! I don’t want to be shut inside the confinement chamber correcting a month’s worth of documents! You might as well send me to meet the God of Light! Lesus Judgmeeeent!”

After Sun Knight was dragged out, the doors of the conference room closed with a loud bang. Lesus Judgment nonchalantly said the word “Dismissed,” and then neatly left the conference room.

After everyone sent Judgment Knight off with their eyes silently, only then at this time did someone dare to open his mouth to ask hesitantly, “In theory, it’s the Sun Knight who is the leader of the Holy Temple and the head of the Twelve Holy Knights, right?”


“So, in theory, the Judgment Knight shouldn’t be able to arrest and take away the Sun Knight to be shut away in confinement, right?”

“Even the Pope cannot shut him up in confinement.”

“Then… This doesn’t seem to be quite right?”

“It’s not quite right in theory, but in practice… If you have the guts, you can try to release Sun in front of Judgment’s face!”

“… Actually, I’m not a theory type of person.”

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