Dominion’s End V1C8: The Sick Cat Retaliates

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Dominion’s End Volume 1: Raining Stars at World’s End

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 8: The Sick Cat Retaliates—translated by Elkin

I went from being trussed up on the bed to being dangled in mid-air above the balcony.

My situation was worsening by the second. Am I really getting a second life in another reality? Has there ever been a reincarnated protagonist who got hit on the head with a tile, got injured by an aberrant, withered into a stick, ate soil, nearly got raped, and was finally hung up on a balcony?

If anyone dared to accuse me of living a good life in the apocalypse in this life, what with plentiful food and shelter and all, I would tell them oh so pleasantly, “Stand here, and I’ll go up to the top floor of Taipei 101 and throw a tile at your head!”

One of the mercenaries in Dàgē’s troop had been discovered lurking nearby, which resulted in me being strung up on the balcony. Personally, I was pretty sure it was Cain intentionally giving himself away. Even if it wasn’t him, I was going to blame him anyway!

The only fortunate thing was that they hadn’t found my ice knife and ice staff. Probably because I was still young and looked absolutely dreadful and pathetic with my illness; not to mention the basement was positively bursting with supplies, that they couldn’t be bothered to do a search of my room. And good thing they hadn’t, otherwise things wouldn’t have been as simple as me getting hung up on this balcony.


39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C1: In-Training, Part 2—Judgment Knight

39—Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: In Training, Part 2—Judgment Knight– translated by dahlys

“Dili, take the work documents back for me first, and sort them out. If it’s something simple and indisputable, you can correct it yourself and stamp our seal on it, without showing it to me.”

“Alright.” Dili heaved a sigh of relief.

In the past, even if he corrected all the documents, Elaro would go through them again. Therefore, every time the Twelve Holy Knights left on a mission together, the work documents would pile up like a mountain, and Elaro would have to work late into the night before he could sleep. The next day, he would still wake up at the “sight of dawn.” It was impossible for him to get more than a little bit of sleep.

“Rhonelin, lead the other platoon members and begin practice. Make sure that they become proficient at the sword skills they learned last time. I will test them next week. If anyone fails…” Elaro frowned, but could not think of any punishment. He only said, “Everyone must pass.”


No Hero Side Stories 2: Never Change, Part Two

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No Hero Side Story: Never Change

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Never Change, Part Two—translated by lucathia

With no mental preparation whatsoever, Charles began his first official experience of being a butler. Furthermore, to his misfortune, X was a vampire. The lifestyles of humans and the methods of responding to them that he had learned in the past were largely useless. On top of that, X was definitely not an easy to serve employer. Thus, the days filled with fear and trepidation began unfolding…

“Come here!”

Charles was busy wiping stone sculptures covered with dust when X walked over and spat out those words. Charles could only quickly lower his cleaning rag and say, “As you wish,” and hurriedly leave with X. Along the way, whenever he saw places that were unclean, he would feel very terrible.

The ancient castle was so large, yet it only had two caretakers, his father and him. Even though X had said that they did not need to take care of the garden—that the wilder it grew, the better, so that people would not approach carelessly—just cleaning the inside of the castle was overwhelming enough. Even after a full week of cleaning, they only managed to finish cleaning a few of the more commonly used areas.

This place had three floors, a total of twenty-five rooms, three corridors, three large and small living rooms, and two studies. The decorations were, of course, of an unspeakable number. How could two individuals tidy everything up?


Romance RPG V1C16: Part Sixteen

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Sixteen— translated by clrfction

“Yue Lan, why did you come out?” Bai Xue Chen asked, slightly flustered.

Such a beautiful woman. Ye Meng Ling looked at herself and couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. No! I can’t even compare myself to her…

“Is this the Yue Lan you told me about? She’s such a beauty.” Lin Jian Yin let out a deep sigh and couldn’t help but add, “How can two people wearing the same clothes produce such different effects?”

Oh no… Lin Jian Yin suddenly realized what he had just said. His eyes widened, but he did not dare to turn to look at Ye Meng Ling. Bai Xue Chen looked like he wanted to smash Lin Jian Yin’s stupid mouth with his beer mug.

Ye Meng Ling smiled lightly and waved it off. “It’s okay, really!”

Even though she said so, Lin Jian Yin could still read a trace of bitterness in her smile and saw how forced it was in her eyes. Ever impulsive and straightforward, this made his temper rise even more. “What’s with that awful smile? Makes people mad just from seeing it. Yell at me if you want to! Slap me if you want to! If even you don’t like the way you are, why don’t you do something to change it?!”


No Hero V3C8: The Goal of Non-Humans and the Hope of Humans

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No Hero Volume 3: Non-Human Killer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Human, Non-Human Killer Chapter 8: The Goal of Non-Humans and the Hope of Humans—translated by ErodingPersona

May 6, 2110, Sunny

The little young master passed the university’s entrance exams and voiced his intention to move to a place close by his university.

Of course, he intended to live alone.

This time, it was the Sun Emperor who was having a cold war with the little young master. He refused to talk to the little young master, and naturally refused to accept the request.

The little young master kept on trying to explain to the Sun Emperor. He looked very upset and very exhausted.

Poor child…