Second Life Project

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Hello everyone! First off, thanks for your patience in concerns to updates. I’m afraid that the next ones will be delayed a bit longer, but PrinceRev! has not been disbanded and is still up and running.

In the mean time, there’s also another project that I myself am working on: The Second Life Project. The project is an RPG video game version of 1/2 Prince, made with RPG Maker VX. You can find more information, including more Continued

April: Notice!

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Hello all,

The updates for this month will be greatly delayed. I can’t explain the reasons in detail, but we probably will not be able to update LSK this month. I’ve been in and out of hospital among other things. My apologies to all who’ve been waiting for it. HP V4C1 will be uploaded around the end of the month. The next few months might be a bit tumultuous as well, so updates may face some delays.

Cheers, Eri

Update: March 2010

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Hi Hi Guys ^^! Slight change in plans, people. This month’s update post has been unceremoniously dumped on me, Nabs… (or EvlNabiki). Actually, no that’s a lie, I begged for this… It seemed easier than all the other jobs, and I hate work, plus this gives me a chance to blab. Continued

½ Prince Valentine’s Day Fanfic Contest Winners

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Congratulations to twilightheroine and and starwarrior1234 for winning the 1/2 Prince Valentine’s Day Fanfic Contest! Their stories will be featured in the Volume 2 PDF. In the meantime, if you haven’t already you can read their stories here. And for those of you who are interested, the forum also holds monthly fanart and fanfiction contests.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and voted!

Update: February 2010

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Iskeirka: Hi all! We have two lots of updates for you this month, with ½ Prince Volume 3 Chapter 3 and Sun Knight Volume 1 Chapter 2 on the 8th. Coming on the 11th will be ½ Prince V3C4 and Sun Knight V1C3, so knock yourselves out! (Eri: After or before reading? Because if it’s before, how will they read? *runs away*)

The Valentine’s Day Fanfic Contest has now closed, but an essential part of the competition has now made its way here; voting! Voting is open from the 8th to the 14th, so if you have a fanfic you like, go and say so! Those authors need your support, so head on over and vote. (Eri: In case you can’t see it, the poll is at the top of the thread – scroll sideways until you see it!) Continued