Update: December 2010

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Happy Holidays everyone!

HP V4C8 is already up, so go check it out! In terms of news, our German and Spanish sister sites are in the process of getting set up and should have chapters up by next month. We’ll be sure to make an announcement as soon as they’re ready! There has also been some interest expressed in Italian and French translations, so if anyone is interested in translating and/or proof-reading for those languages, please send you application in now! (Translate a chapter and send it in to [email protected]) We are also considering getting our own domain. If we do so the site will be moved and will look slightly different–but hopefully all for the better =]

And finally, we have a couple of new members, so please welcome jonathan (translator) and zoNa (C/E editor)! Continued

Update: November 2010

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*Straightens papers* Hi everyone! Bridget here, bringing you your monthly PR! news and updates, followed by a segment of random tidbits by our very own Iskeirka! Not much to report this fine November’s day, but our top story is there has been some developments in the translation department!

All news casting aside, we have found some people willing to translate Half Prince and/or LSK into Spanish and German. We’ll are in the process of setting them up, as  we just received permission from Yu Wo. If you would like to translate it into your own language, don’t forget to submit a full chapter translation, and also that we’ll need at least three chapters to start a group, though the more the better! Continued

Update: October 2010 (and Fanart Contest details!)

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We had a few people volunteering their assistance in translating Half Prince into another language, and I would like to thank them here. However, I would also like to remind the translator volunteers to send in a FULLY TRANSLATED chapter to our email. We haven’t receive any chapters yet, so we will not start any groups for now. We will only start a group if we get 3 completed chapters at least—the more the better.

Next, Anglestagium has cooked up a survey =) Please answer it and thanks! Continued

Update: September 2010

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Hi everyone, I’m back!~ Here’s yet another update from the hardworking PR! staff, and happily there’s LSK this time! Wheeee! (Thankusforit*shot*) And as promised, you’ll be seeing more of me. (Check the update post, people!~)

Well, have fun and enjoy the chapters, guys!~ *waves* I’ll pass the mic over to Brie, who’ll talk about more important matters.


Hi everyone, Bridget here this time! …Or Brie, I guess! (Never thought I’d be getting used to that nickname! XD) I’ve come to bring you news and updates, which I’m sure you enjoy! Anyway, on to the important matters Ray mentioned! We have some more new members; three new probationary translators: Amgine, SilverLyre, and Enma. We also have one new probationary C/E editor, Rena. Welcome to the PR! family, guys! Be sure to give them a warm welcome~ Continued