Important Notice!

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Hello all! Sorry to those who thought that this was an update, but we’ve got a pretty important thing to say, so please give this some attention (this won’t take long).

First off, thank you everyone for always having such great suggestions and pointing out our errors and so on. We’re trying our best to incorporate most of your suggestions (so far there’s been the footnotes, Lolidragon’s name, countless grammar/punctuation amendments, as well as the transgendered/transvestite issue, etc) and I’m sure that as we go on, we’ll have more and more new suggestions. We’ve also noticed that it can get a bit hard to read sometimes (with the font being small, etc), so we will be coming up with a PDF version of our novel translations (this was also suggested by Deiopea, thanks!) soon.

What has been happening of late is that (and this has been keeping me somewhat busy) there have been a couple of sites and readers who have requested that we allow them to post our translations on their sites, forums, etc. We’re glad that there’s a lot of people reading and interested in our translations, and we know that if we allowed for our translations to be shared, it would probably increase the number of people reading our translations.

However, we would like to request that our translations (or any content created by us, such as wikis) are not shared, posted, or altered in any way – and at the very least, please request for our consent first.
We have spent long hours translating, proof-reading and double-checking with one another on the translations, and our translations come at considerable personal expense (well, time, mostly). We are worried that other sites, forums, individuals, etc may fail to give proper credit (intentionally or unintentionally) to the translators and proofreaders who have spent long hours to come up with this site and its translations of the 1/2 Prince novels.

We would like to point out that from the very first day of the site’s creation, we have put up a notice on the “Novel, Translated” page regarding the posting and sharing of our novel translations. Admittedly, that was not on our main page, so we are putting up this post in the hope that anyone who has yet to see that notice will see this post and note what we have to say on the issue…

We’re really not trying to scare people off or sound like we’re paranoid, but the existence of people like Tazmo (yeah, THAT Tazmo) shouldn’t be ignored, either. For those of you who have found your way here from mangafox and other manga communities, you’d probably recognize this as one of the headaches that most scanlators face… Unlike scanlations, however, it is even easier to spread, share, post our translations (it’s just words, after all, no .pngs, no .jpgs, no 14MB file size, bleh), so it will be even harder for us to keep track of where our translations end up at.

That said, we are always glad to receive your suggestions and come up with better ways to share our translations, or to improve on quality, etc. Also, if you really want to share our translations, then why not provide a link on your site/forum? We’ll be glad to see even more comments… XD

Keep your eyes peeled for Chapter 4! (Doll and Gui’s appearance…)



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Here we go!

With all the hype over ½ Prince, which fan could possibly resist the chance to create a page dedicated to the masochistic Gui, the devoted Wicked, the buxom Lolidragon, the bizarre Odd Squad, and (of course) our transvestite protagonist, Prince?

This site isn’t really a fanpage for the girls to go “squee” over the bishies, however. It’s actually a site meant for putting up free translations of the novel series for as long as there is no official, printed, bound and published English translation of the novels, as well as to provide spoilers for those of you people who are absolutely dying to find out what happens.

It’s all currently “under construction”, of course, so competent translators (Chinese to English) are always welcome. If you can’t understand a word of Chinese but is good at spotting grammatical errors (have you spotted it yet?) then you might just have a chance to be a proof-reader… More details will be put up on the recruitment page, anyway!

So let’s get this revolution started!