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Update 31Mar2011 from Amgine – With any luck, you can expect an update/release tomorrow!

Ahem…I’m pretty sure that readers have noticed that the site have been pretty quiet over the last few days ^^; we didn’t even write the March update post yet! SR and me have a really hectic real life lately, so the March update will be slightly delayed. It will still come out during March, but it probably will not come out tomorrow, which is the 7th of March.

I’m really sorry, and please stay tune! I will see if we can update 3 chapters for March and April as a sign of apology, but no promise here. Real life is evil after all @@.

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  1. Damien

    Don’t worry about us.. real life is important XD
    Good luck and thank you <3

  2. raae

    It’s okay! Haha it’s not like we readers contribute at all :) thanks for working so hard and rolling out all of those chapters even though it’s completely volunteer work!

  3. Dianae

    I thought that the tag under the header “[March] HP V5C1 and SK V2Prologue to be posted.” was the update and the blog post just got lost in the shuffle… I hope that RL doesn’t bog you down too badly, and will just sit still and wait for their arrival Soon™.

    Soon™ is as soon as it’s ready, and not a minute before ;)

  4. Sen

    Well, it’s not like we’re actually doing anything to help ya so don’t worry about it!
    Good luck and hope life get’s less hectic for you all~ :P
    BTW I’m pretty sure this is the busy time of the year, I’m dying cuz of real life right now >_<

  5. Hachi

    Don’t force it guys! Pace yourselves, real life comes first after all. We can wait for the releases, after all, you guys are doing us a big favor by updating them at all.

  6. meomeo

    It’s okay. Don’t worry, we are always support you! I’m Vietnamese, I love 1/2 prince so much, but I don’t understand Chinese…so, thank you very much!!!
    Good luck! Always waiting for your posts.

  7. E

    It’s okay. We still love you. <3

    Good luck with whatever you're doing. :3

  8. aracil

    Don’t worry about it!! Just do it when you can, I know how RL can get >.<

  9. chicaalterego

    dont worry about the little details, we all love you and really apreciate your hard work even if it were to be late. thanks for letteing us know, ill keep coming here everyday to wait for the updates, so i wont miss the chance to read the soper funny novels you allways publish here.

  10. Nedrika

    You can do it! *w*
    I know I’m not going anywhere and love you all anyway, so whenever you’re ready x

  11. Vyrvat

    Aww, it’s OK. It’s just nice to know reasons and things, that’s all, and yeah, I do agree that RL can be really evil, especially now *coughmysituationrightnowcough*.
    I’ll wait *fingers crossed*.

  12. Bim

    don’t push yourself to hard, and thanks for the chapters wich make it possible for me to read those wonderfull stories even here in sweden

  13. dollyfishe

    well it’s true that i cant wait for another time waiting … but i agree with most of the fan here … we didnt do anything to help you, so there’s no real reason why we should feel bad about the late posting.
    and so, do what u should do first … we still have a lot of patience here

  14. Unanimous

    While I am totally looking forward to the update, the waiting time is about to go from a day or two to a month and I am kind of sad about that.

  15. Voice

    No worries, hope everything’s gonna work out~ <3 That you supply this at all is too kind.

  16. arethousa

    Take as much time as needed. While I miss reading the novels I can deal with it. There is always manga, mangawha, ect. Good luck with RL.

  17. Bibi

    I always read this novels but thanks so far and we’ll keep supporting you guys n hope everythin works out in RL

  18. Alexa

    Here I am on the 20th of march waiting for an update…*sigh* i wish i could translate chinese I would help out but unfortunatly i cant…

  19. abersham

    YEHEY!! There will be lots of chapters on April.. hehehe..
    Thanks for all your hard work! Keep it up!

  20. Daywalker

    Hm, i’m supporting you and stuff, but i would at least like a status report, if we can expect it this week, next month or what ^^

  21. ime-ji shiro!

    Delaying releases is okay and all, but a status update is also very much so desirable, with these past 3 weeks of waiting :/ Really, just simple 3 words of “we’re still busy” is MUCH better than the silent treatment…

  22. bijan abrahim

    hope you guys are alright month is essentially over and there is no word from you guys.


    Thank you for providing the pages. I appreaciate it a lot. The real world is unfortunately really evil! I’ve been wondering though, are you guys sick or injured? At least leave us a message so that we know you guys didn’t get into a car accident or something.


      Well, it’s actually for the song…. But thanks. In any case I would be really not happy if this site stopped updating and releasing.

  24. chicaalterego

    im a bit worried too… i mean i have been so busy with my university the last two weeks that i can understand that things can become such a mess that leaves you no time for anything… but stilll, are you people ok? if nothing happened i think it could put some of us at ease (after all is the first time ever with this type of delay so i cant help but worry)

    • eilinel

      Cough I think you are quite a new reader of us then =p. No worries, we are still surviving uni…just ask the uni to stop throwing us so much work >_<

  25. Machi

    Thanks for the efforts, I really love what you guys do! I will be waiting with baited breathe for tomorrow!

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